Finishing with our heads held high

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the fans for supporting us this season. It was an exciting ride. It wasn’t the ride that we wanted to finish on, but it was exciting nonetheless. Really, through all the adversity, I think this team showed a lot of character. More than anything, it’s something to build on. I think that if we didn’t go out there and finish the year like we did, playing good baseball, that would be something that you’d have to maybe hang your head about after the kind of year that we had.

It’s a baseball town in Detroit, and it’s exciting to be able to entertain and give the fans something to watch. We feel like we’ve done that. We want to get back to where we were. We want to get back to the World Series. We want to win a world championship. We think we’ve got the team to do it with. Baseball’s a funny game. Sometimes you come up with injuries. Coming into the season, we were so strong. But obviously, you have to stay healthy to have guys perform like they can perform. Those are challenges that we had to deal with all year long, But we stood up to the challenge. We just didn’t achieve what we wanted to.

So on to the offseason, and a little break from the ball. We’ll get it going again in about a month. We have some well-deserved rest as soon as this finished up. Everybody will be excited to get home. It’s kind of funny to sit here talking about next year already, but that’s how exciting and fun it is for us as players and the community. Baseball is a rich tradition, and we understand that. We’re glad to be part of it.



    First off, good season, good job. Thanks for finally posting, I have been waiting a while. Good luck on your last start of the season. It’s my birthday today, so a finally win would make my birthday perfect. God Bless and enjoy your rest on the off season, you all deserve it. You all should finish with your heads held WAY high, you have a lot to be proud of….I realize it is hard to just walk away, but you all have done a fabulous job. Maybe we can break the attendance record next year too, and they’ll thank more than just the city of Detroit for making that happen. I am from Midland, and I have attended games too, and many other cities as well… it is ALL of Michigan that love our Tigers, but I realize Detroit is a major contributor. Love to you all……..see you in 2008 God bless and stay well……faithful and true…..TORI


    You did aweseome, YOU ALL DID! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication but most off all thanks for your love of baseball and love of the team and their fans. You guys make baseball fun to watch and support.

    ….a fan in Ohio (Waterville)


    Nate – Thanks for a great season. You are my favorite Tiger, and for me it’s been a great season. You’ve been pitching really well, and it’s been a lot of fun to watch. I hope you enjoy your time off, and I can’t wait to see you next year!




    You did awesome today! My friend Molly and I kind of developed a friendship with your brother Matt over the last couple of months. (Molly was the one who drew those pictures, Matt said he showed you) We just wanted to say that we love you, and will support you until the end. Even though we didn’t make it to the World Series this year, it was an amazing season. There is always next year to make it all the way. So heres to some relaxing time off to spend with family and friends. We’ll see you at Comerica next season!



    From someone who has been a tiger fan ever since I was kid-I now live in Utah, and still am faithful to the tigers. THANKS for another wonderful season. Our family plans to spend a few days in Lakeland next March watching the Tigers, hope to see you there. Have a great off-season.


    Great pitching today!!

    My mom and I are huge Tigers fans and we were so glad to see you guys end it with a win! The competition for the playoffs was pretty intense and it lasted right there until the end. You can’t ask for more than that.

    Thanks for another great season! Watching all of those games was so worth it! (Especially that one at 3:30 in the morning! My dad kept yelling at me because I was cheering so much!)

    Can’t wait for *08!


    It was a GREAT start for you today! I want to first say that I am SO PROUD of Magglio, Guillen, Polanco, and the rest of the guys that made such WONDERFUL strides in the game of baseball and their lives. Secondly, I want to say I love the Tigers and will be a “Tigers girl” until the end. You have kept a smile on my face all season…doing good or bad. Nate, you have been a great asset to this team, and I am SO HAPPY to hear you will be returning next season. I have made every attempt to see EVERY game that you pitch, and I believe I have done so…either by recording it, being there, or watching it live. I love you and hope next season brings happiness and great records to you boys again. It’s sad to see you guys go today, and your post brought tears to my eyes, but I know you boys will be back and ready to fight next year!!!!

    BTW, I got on tv with your sign during the post game show year in review snippet Mario and Rod did. I had that sign last Monday when you pitched at home! I was so exicted to see you on it…than me with the sign!!! Anyhow, we love you Nate and can’t wait for next year!


    Hey Nate. you guys had a terrific season. We all hate to see it end! But i cant wait until next year when we can watch another fanstatic season. You have pitched some amazing games and im glad to see that even though you guys havent made it to the post season, you all still have your heads held high. You all deserve it. Next year will be an even better year. I cant wait. Watching you pitch is fun also along with Verlander and the gang. Again congats on a great season enjoy the time off. Ill be missing you guys. Good Job next year will be the greatest.


    You did an awesome job pitching today. The whole team played so well and you guys still have your heads up high. The whole season was wonderful to watch you guys come back and win those tough games. I’ll miss watching baseball every night, but I can’t wait for a bigger year next year. All of the guys did a splendid job today against the White Sox. Congrats to the team for making it so far and enjoy the time off. See you guys next year


    You pitched a great game today, Nate, and ended the season on a high note. It was a great season and fun to watch right up til the end. Hate to see the season end in Sept and already looking forward to ’08. God Bless.


    I watched all the Tiger games that InDemand aired and loved watching Maggs, Placido, Carlos, Brandon and the guys. Curtis Granderson was teriffic. I’d love to see him dancing on the bases like Jackie Robinson did and get lots of steals.

    I live in Los Angeles and drove to Anaheim when the guys came out here twice and saw them in Detroit during Woodward Dream Cruise week.

    Have a good rest this off season and come back strong next Spring and win 20 plus games.


    Nate . . . Congrats to all the Tigers on the season. I know you guys didn’t end up where you wanted to be but I know you guys have the heart. I’m a transplanted Michigander living in Colorado and of course we have the Rox but my heart will ALWAYS, first and foremost be with the Tigers. I’m thrilled for all the milestones reached, especially for Maggs and the AL Batting Title so if you could pass on my congrats to him I’d appreciate it. (I lived in Venezuela for a time and watched Galarraga win the NL title out here so there’s an extra special sweetness for Maggs doing it too.)

    Enjoy the time off for some rest and lets go get ’em next season!

    P.S. I’d love to see the Tribe and the Rox in the WS this year tho. I know cheering for the Indians is against my Tiger religion but I met Eric Wedge when he was trying to make the team out here in Colorado so I have to give him a little support. But ONLY ‘cuz my favorite team isn’t there.


    I just wanted to say that you guys may not have won the title this year, but you are all still Champs in my eyes! You guys have the best attitude in all of baseball and carry yourselves with pride and dignity. Nate, you did an awesome job pitching this year, and I am so happy to see you win the final game. I will miss all of you over the off season, and will be counting the days till Opening Day 2008. I will be sad to not see Sean Casey there, but I wish him luck wherever he goes. He is a true gentleman and Champ.
    God Bless you all, and have a great off season.


    You guys are the best, you guys have done something most teams will never know. Many cannot say that they went from last to first ( almost). you guys now have the respect you deserve.These past two years have been exceptionaly great. I was and always will be proud to be a Tigers fan.


    Thanks for a GREAT season! We had a blast! Have a great winter and know that the true fans of Detroit support the team whether or not you make an appearance in the post season! God Bless!

    P.S. Thanks for the autographed pic for my son, Scotty! He LOVED it! Maybe we’ll see you at a Piston’s game this season…watch for us in the Club!


    The tigers once again had a great season. Even though I live in Hamilton Ontario I have watched the tigers for over 30 yrs. I knew I couldn’t get to a game in Detroit this year, so I went to enemy territory and watched you play in Toronto. You lost that night, but it was still great to be able to see you play. I know the team had some struggles this year with several injuries, but still you made it exciting and early on in September there was still that possibility of making the playoffs. You had a great run a year ago, this year was good too. The tigers have several good young ballplayers to build on. And Curtis Granderson and Magglio Ordonez had awesome seasons. I look forward to baseball season next year and my family and I hope to get down to a game in Detroit in 2008.

    Bless You Boys.


    I just wanted to thank all of the Tigers for a wonderful, exciting season. There were many amazing things that we as fans got to witness this year. I don’t have to list them all, we all know what they were. I would also like to say goodbye and good luck to “the Mayor” Sean Casey. I will keep an eye on him where ever he goes. I really hate to seem him go, but know he will do well with any team. So now that our Tigers are not in the post-season I say we all jump on the Cubbies bandwagon for the month of October and root for Craig Monroe. Go C-MO!. And rock on mid-michigan, TORI I’m a Tiger girl from Bay City. GO TIGERS


    Great job in that last game Nate! I have to give you a lot of credit for going out there each start and whether the runs were there on the offensive side or not, you still managed to pitch very good games and keep the team in a position to win.

    I was there for the home playoff games last year, including the world series, and I can only imagine how much fun that was as a player, because it was definately amazing as a fan!!

    I already cant wait for 08…It was a little depressing leaving comerica for the last time this year, but leaving with a win was awsome…

    You said it right, Detroit is a baseball town!…but it shows because of what you guys have been able to accomplish!!!

    I heard you live in Canton…I have been there all my life…enjoy the offseason!

    Will you be lifting over at Powerhouse in Canton this winter??


    You and the other Tigers did great this year, I loved how you always seemed to be ok with not getting the victory yourself but the team ended up with it. Runs or not you tried to pitch a great game either way. I loved watching you pitch this year and am counting the days until the home opener when i can hopefully be there to watch and the Tigers win the title of 2008 World Series Champions


    Nate –

    You and all the other Tigers made us proud once again. I think that this was the learning year for the team. Learning how to win when not everyone was healthy, learning how to cope with injuries. But next year – I just know it will be the Year of the Tiger and we can celebrate not only the 40th anniversary of the 1968 Champs, but we’ll get to crown the new 2008 World Champions. What more could a die hard fan ask for? Thanks for a great ride.


    Nate –

    You and all the Tigers made us proud this year. Yes the World Series would have been great again but the way all of you ended the season strong sayS alot about you. I watched the last Tigers Live and when they played the song and showed the clips of the season I cried. I didn’t realize how much a part of my life you guys are. We watched every game and went to a few at Comerica – So now it’s looking forward to next year and I can’t wait for spring training. If I’m ever asked “who’s your tiger” my response is YOU ALL ARE MY TIGER!!!!



    I would like to take a moment and say thank you to the team for providing some of the most wonderful times we have had over this past summer coming to Detroit Tiger Ballgames. I live in Zeeland, Michigan, which is on the west side of the state. It is about a 3 hour drive, but well worth it. I have 3 sons and a daughter-in-law. The one son and daugher-in-law live in Fairfield, Ohio. They drive up from Fairfield, 5 1/2 hour drive to meet us at Commerica Park. My sons have gone to New York, Detroit, and Chicago to see you guys play this year. My husband and I joined them at Comerica and U.S. Cellular Field. We were there on the 29th of September watching you guys. It was so much fun, even though you lost. There were so many Tiger fans there, I hope you guys heard us. I too am joining the group that say they are going to miss Sean Casey. Thanks for the memories and may God bless you and your family in the off season…oh by the way, I hate to tell you this, but my Tiger is Branden Inge. Branden played in our next of the woods, West Michigan Whitecaps for a few years…

    Take care and we have already printed off the tentative home schedule for next year making our plans. Looking forward to a great 2008!!!!!


    Thanks for a great season, Nate. I followed the Tigers close all year. Hope to see you all next year. Hope to see you guys at TIGERFEST!!!. Good luck next season. You’re one of those pitchers who pitch good games consistently throughout the whole year. We were at your first home game ever at Comerica Park. It is always fun to watch a game down at Comerica. I hope to see more games next season, if the games aren’t already sold out.


    Nate, nice job this season. You had a lot of nicely pitched games that didn’t include the kind of run support you got in the last game. If that had happened, I think you would have been right along side Verlander with 17 or 18 wins. Glad you’ll be back next year. My daughter and I are looking forward to watching you guys again and hope you make it to the Big Series next year!! GO TIGERS!!!


    Nate, I just wanted to add my thanks to you and ALL of your Tigers teammates for yet another great season of Tigers baseball! It’s been a long time since Tigers fans had two seasons in a row where even the chance of making the playoffs was a possibility. So while you and your teammates may be a little down that you didn’t accomplish the goal of making it to the post-season again the personal and team records that were attained this year will always be remembered by us die-hard Tigers! In the end you’ve given us something we haven’t had in quite awhile either: HOPE, hope for yet another great season of Tigers baseball in 2008!


    Hi Nate!
    I have been a Tiger fan since 1968 (I was 7 years old). I have “lived for” the Tigers for the last 39 years of my life. Although I never thought anyone could ever top the team that we had in 1984-you proved me wrong!Although we didn’t finish where we would have liked to have, there was something “magical” about our team this year. I live in the southwest corner of Michigan and went to every game that I could get tickets to. I went to play-off games in ’84 but my goal is to attend a World Series game. So, I’m putting the pressure on you guys to get us there in 2008!I think my t-shirt sums it all up “The Roar is Back in Detroit”! Thanks for such a fun season.



    Hi Nate!
    Thanks to you and all of your teammates for another fun season! We have 3 young boys, and we have all enjoyed watching every game this year. A special congratulations to Magglio, Curtis, Placido and Justin on their superb accomplishments this season. And a teary good luck to Sean Casey…we will be cheering for him from afar in 2008. Enjoy the offseason — we can’t wait to see you pitching again next year!!!


    Hi Nate —

    Great to read your comments here and to have a chance to say Thanks! What a great season! No, it didn’t end up like we would have wished, but you guys played your hearts out and that’s what counts. I watched more baseball this year than I have in quite a while, and loved every minute of it. Thanks to you and all the Tigers for giving us so much fun. And you did a great job all season; you’re my Tiger, and I’m proud to say so! Have a great off-season; get some rest, do something fun, and enjoy your friends and family. We’ll be waiting on pins and needles for the 2008 season to start. Give Sean Casey a good-bye hug for me and let him know how much he will be missed in Detroit. Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the team back in action next spring!




    What a great season you guys gave us. As a long time Tiger fan good seasons are always a bonus. Personally, you are one of our favorite pitchers – you live locally – and you contribute so much to this team. Although you may not of always had the support in runs needed for the win, you helped make this season and last memorable. May 2008 be your best yet, get lots of rest on your off season and I’m looking forward to a championship year to come.

    Best of everything-


    P.S. Please let Sean Casey know he will be missed by many fans, this one in particular!


    The very first tigers game I ever attended or watched was last October when you guys won the AL championship and let me tell you I was hooked. I’ve attended several games this season including Verlander’s no-hitter, as a matter of fact the Tigers have never lost a game I’ve attended (hmmm is there a connection)LOL. You guys are great and Nate I was so happy to see you get that win for the final game. I can’t wait until 2008, you guys will be back and ready to roar. My only sadness comes with the fact that Sean Casey won’t be with you, he seems like a great guy and I’ve enjoyed watching him play. Get some rest Nate and fellow tigers and I’ll be seeing you at Comerica Park in 08.


    P.S. By the way Nate, your my tiger 🙂


    Hey Nate you guys have nothing to be ashamed about this season!! Everyone stepped up with all the injuries and your right the character of this team really showed itself and will make you guys even stronger next year. I hope you have a great offseason!! Thanks for another great season!!! Go Tigers!!!


    I will remember 2007 as a great Tiger season. I am looking forward to your CY Young and World Series MVP run in 2008.


    PS Your blogs are always very interesting, I am hoping you blog more in 2008.


    On his death bed he wanted to know if the Tigers won the day before & if they were playing today (July 18 2007) My former husband & father of our children made all of us Tiger Fans at 59 years old he died of cancer as a gift to both the boys 22 & 23 they got to come watch you guys play. We love you guys even on our death beds.


    Nate – It has been so much fun watching the Tigers last year and this year!!!! You all played your hearts out every game and the fans appreciate it. I know I certainly do. My wife is telling me what the scores are and where the other teams stand before I even ask. She would go to the games before last year and enjoy herself but she was not what I would call a fan. She is now!!! Good luck with next year and have lots of quality family time in the off season. God Bless


    Dear Nate,,I wanted to say thanks to you and the rest of our beloved tiger team,,for a sucessful season. For the 2nd time in as many years, the tigs have given us a winning team. Although you didn’t reach the post season,,this yr was just as exciting. This is why I believe next yr will be all the sweeter. Kansas city is definately a team on the rise, as many teams this yr found out that when playing the royals, you’d better bring your a-game. Cleveland after possibly going deep into this yrs post season, will again post a 95+ winning season. Everyone knows that chicago’s misfortunes this season was just that. They are a dangerous team in 08′ The minnasotta twins,,as recent history has shown, will finish stronger next season, and has the capabilities of going all the way. Next yrs american league central, in my eyes is going to prove, next season not only being the toughest division in baseball,,but It could possibly be a 5 team race for the central going into the final weekend of next season. (my pick,,tigs take the division w/101 wins, kansas city wins the wildcard w/100 wins!!) I want to personally thank you nate for your contributions to our team the past several yrs,,The tiger fans here in south central tennessee, look forward to your return,,and look forward to the 08 tigers!!God bless you and your family this off-season,,,will see ya in lakeland in march!! Sincerely,,Kevin P pulaski, tn


    Dear Nate,
    There are so many things I’d like to say. Nice job on the last game is certainly on the list.

    Surely it was gratifying for the offense as well to provide you the run support.

    The series in Chicago didn’t mean as much as that one game in my opinion,

    It bodes well and I think we are gonna have a great 2008.

    Me and some fans are making plans to see the Tigers in Lakeland in March. Sure hope to get some autographs.

    13 games this year standing by the dugout coming early usually and not one sig yet. Thats okay though I know you guys are busy.

    Respectfully Yours


    Nater Potater…thanks for finally getting back to us! I thought we’d lost you! You posted on my birthday, I wish I would’ve read it then!

    I think you guys had a good season, injuries were key, just like you said!

    There is always next year and I’m looking forward to it!

    Enjoy the off season and go out and do some autograph signings so I can finally meet you in person!!!!!!!!!!

    ❤ Erica


    Nate Dogg!!!!!

    You had a great year, regardless of what anyone says. Enjoy that month of rest and the snow in Canton this winter. With the global warming we currently have, it should stay in the 60’s until January. Great to see you in Chicago and New York this year. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in ’08. Hope you’re ready to hear it…

    Nate Dogg!!!!!


    win or lose, i love you guys. i never stopped believing and i never will. go get ’em tigers!!!!!!


    Hey Nate,
    Just wanted to pass on the congrats on another fine season. I was able to see one game in person this season (against Tampa), but watched as much as I could on television. All you guys played very well and did not quit once. As others have mentioned, I will miss Sean Casey as well. I trust you have a great off season to rest and spend time with family.

    See ya next season!


    Thanks for another great season,granted you guys had a bit of a tough road with injuries but that can’t take away from the fact you still won 88 games and cleveland had a magical season. my family looks forward to the trip from battle creek 3 or 4 times a year to enjoy the entertainment you guys provide. enjoy your down time with your families and indeed hold your head high as everyone of did a great job.


    I love, absolutely love, everyone of our Tigers!! I cannon wait to see all of you in the spring….enjoy your time off.


    Thanks for a great year,as someone old enough to remember the”68″ season,it is nice to have Tiger ball back!! Good luck, stay healthy, and go “Cats” !!!


    Nate—just heard that you’re going to be the Grand Marshall for the Thanksgiving Parade in Detroit! That is great—now I need to try to get down there!
    Please do some autograph signings soon. March is a long way away!!!!


    Congratulations on the Wingnuts!!! Here’s hoping you have a very successful season. Just heard the Tigers signed 8 arb elgible players. Is one of them you? Hope so. God Bless, Nate.


    Nate, Dude!
    Great season! A lot of heart and dedication, with a few bad breaks with the injuries. With some healing time, I know you’ll be back in form next season.

    Give ’em ****!!

    Nothing less than World Series in 2008!!




    Congrats on the off season so far. Grand marshall AND the Wingnuts…..fantastic!! Can’t wait until the ’08 season starts, I sure do miss my baseball! Have fun and be safe looking forward to seeing you soon. LOVE TO YOU ALWAYS>>>TORI


    CONGRATS!! Eventhough, you didn’t mention it on here….I’d like to say best wishes on the baby in Feb. Just in time to start your spring training….that’ll keep you on your toes. Good luck and most of all best wishes. See you soon….God Bless….love to you and your family…..TORI


    Would you consider a move to the bullpen? I think this would be a perfect fit for you and for our ballclub. I think that you are such a bulldog and competitor that you would love to go out there and shut the other teamdown for an inning 2 or 3 times a week? I think it all makes sense. I cannot find the exact stat, but your run support has to be one of the lowest in the league? If you were closing, you’d already have the runs!

    I wonder if you would welcome a move to the pen? 08′ can start off with Rodney in the 7th, you in the 8th, and Jonesy in the 9th. As the season goes forward and you get acustomed to the change in workload and routine from starting to closing maybe there is an opportunity to move into the closer role? If Jones is perfroming well. that would be awesome, and you canuse the season as experience in the pen ( this would be the best scenario). If Jones faulters for any reason, you move into the closer role! Think about the numbers you would put up, not too metion how it would help the team. You would be a 45+ saves guy. When you become a FA, now instead of 3-4 starter money you are getting top closer money. Looking forward to 09′ you are penciled in as the closer, period. I predict in 09′ with Zumaya back pitching the 8th, you would lead the league in saves. Going back to 2008 the move would allow the Tigers to sign not only Kenny, but also Livan Hernandez. This sets up the staff as JV, Bondo, Kenny, Livan and Andrew. A perfect combination of age and experience to go with the youth and talent. Face it, I think an innings eater like Livan is a better pitching opportunity for the Tigers than anyone available as a FA to pitch the 7th or 8th. We cannot go through a season where the starters turn over leads to the bullpen in the 7-8th and watch them give them away. If Nate Robertson was at the back end of the bullpen I know it would not happen. I think your competitiveness and skill level would prevent it from happening and gives us a better shot to win than any other scenario.


    Hey Nate, it’s been a couple of years since Portland,ME and just wanted to say hi and also congrat’s you on your time in the show. Still the same phone number or shoot me an E at my fca address. God bless you and stay healthy, your bro in Sox country.



    Sorry for the late posting of this….
    It was a PLEASURE to see you at the parade, my kids and I drove down to Detroit for the first time to see the Thanksgiving parade and it was FANTASTIC!! It was good to see that same smile off the field as we see all season long on the field and in “regular” situations..hope your Thanksgiving was as great as ours was seeing “our” Tiger out and about, can not wait until the season starts just counting down…..Hope you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! God bless you and yours…love to you, as always……..TORI


    Wow – quite a big trade today! Hopefully this will help us get to the World Series! We already had a good team, let’s see what these guys can do. Sorry to see the guys leaving…best of luck to them!


    Your fans in Wichita think you’re a model ball player and we are very proud of you and the Tigers. The trade for Willis and M. Cabrera will be interesting to watch. Pass our praise to Rod Allen – the best MLB commentator in my view.


    Nate, It looks like you’re going to be the fifth starter next year. Your run support in the past has not been great. I truly beleive that’s about to change dramatically. What an incredible line up the Tigers will send out there in 2008. Be patient and continue to work hard. Your determination and knowledge on the mound this coming year looks like 17 wins for you to me. Can you imagine that, 17 wins from a fifth starter. It’s very possible Nate. Good luck to you and all of the Detroit Tiger’s organization this next year and many years to come.


    Merry Christmas, Nate. Hoping you get all your wishes this new year: a healthy baby (congrats, btw) and a nice long-term contract. Also, good luck at Grandy’s fundraiser. Sounds like a blast.


    I don’t know about anybody else, but I am sooo ready for the Season to start! Nate — good luck with the little one, I’m sure you will be overjoyed!! You’re ready to have a great season—!!


    Hi, Nate. The picture of you and the young man, who was so overwhelmed with emotion because you’re his favorite player was so special. He’ll probably hate himself when he gets older but I found myself with tears in my eyes just looking at all the feelings he showed when sitting next to you. Can’t wait til spring! God Bless.


    Oh, my. Just read about the contract. Congrats, Nate, you’re the best!!! Come on Spring Training!!! God Bless!


    Nate Dogg! You’ve got to be git-git-gitty about being here and in our community for 3 more years. I’m happy for you bro. You’ve got me yelling your name until ’10! See ya on Opening Day!


    Way to go Nate! Glad you will be around another 3 years and with that kind of money you better be buying drinks at DB when we see you 🙂
    Shannon & Tim


    I recently read something about Nate buying a homeless guy a dinner after TigerFest this year and just thought everyone ought to know what we are lucky to have a class act like this sign for the next few years (and many more after that I hope). Thanks Nate I look forward to watching you and all the success a person like you deserves!!


    I also read the same story, and that is amazing. My family has always thought I was crazy when I told them that Nate was “My Tiger”, but in being a sports fan watching someone like Nate is simply refreshing. He loves what he does and appreciates his fans. Thats very rare in todays sports. GOOD LUCK to Nate and all the Tigers, I cant wait til the season starts. It is going to be great!


    Congratulations on the birth of your child- life will never be the same, in the best way ever! Can’t wait to hear the all the details!


    CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby boy……best wishes from your TIGER family and many many blessings to you ALL…….can’t wait to see you …. love to you ……TORI


    Just wanted to swing by and say good luck with the upcoming season. You did awesome in yesterday’s game! Most importantly, congrats on the newest addition to your family! Sincerely, Dawn


    Opening Day is in 19 days. Are you ready for some snow?! Looking forward to rootin’ you and the boys on! …Marques…

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