September 2007

Finishing with our heads held high

I just want to take this opportunity to thank all the fans for supporting us this season. It was an exciting ride. It wasn’t the ride that we wanted to finish on, but it was exciting nonetheless. Really, through all the adversity, I think this team showed a lot of character. More than anything, it’s something to build on. I think that if we didn’t go out there and finish the year like we did, playing good baseball, that would be something that you’d have to maybe hang your head about after the kind of year that we had.

It’s a baseball town in Detroit, and it’s exciting to be able to entertain and give the fans something to watch. We feel like we’ve done that. We want to get back to where we were. We want to get back to the World Series. We want to win a world championship. We think we’ve got the team to do it with. Baseball’s a funny game. Sometimes you come up with injuries. Coming into the season, we were so strong. But obviously, you have to stay healthy to have guys perform like they can perform. Those are challenges that we had to deal with all year long, But we stood up to the challenge. We just didn’t achieve what we wanted to.

So on to the offseason, and a little break from the ball. We’ll get it going again in about a month. We have some well-deserved rest as soon as this finished up. Everybody will be excited to get home. It’s kind of funny to sit here talking about next year already, but that’s how exciting and fun it is for us as players and the community. Baseball is a rich tradition, and we understand that. We’re glad to be part of it.