On to the halfway point


Not sure where to begin other than, from a personal note, getting back in there, I’m feeling pretty good about things and going through the process of being on the DL and all I had to do, evaluating everything on and off the field. It was a good period. It was tough, but it was a good time to get a little peace of mind. Looks like it worked out pretty good. The results were good last start. More importantly, where we are as a team, what we’ve done as a team to this point, dealing with all the adversity, it’s funny.

This year, it doesn’t feel like things have come easy, and yet we’re still in a really good position as a team to make a run at this. I think it’s easy right now to focus on a lot of what’s negative just because the expectations are high, obviously, and it seemed like it was going so much smoother last year. But if you focus on what we’ve dealt with to this point, guys on and off the DL, key players on and off the DL all year long, our early-season slump at the plate, guys have just picked it up and been world-beaters now. Certain guys weren’t performing like we know we can, and then picking that part back up. This is a good club, bottom line, and that’s where the focus needs to be is that this is a good club. Stay positive and think about the good things, because you know, through all that we’ve been through, we’re still right there in first place and I think in a good situation to make a run at this thing.

The no-hitter, obviously, there’s been constant reminders around here. We’ve had encores on TV and stuff, but that’s something that you can’t forget, ust sitting over there and watching it and not knowing what to do. I mean, people think the pitcher’s out there and he’s nervous, and the fans think they’re nervous. We’re not playing, especially the pitchers sitting over there, and you can’t really fathom what we’re going through.

One thing people are asking questions about what we do on side over there during that. You don’t talk a whole lot about it. You just let the guy do his routine, stay out of his way and don’t mention what’s going on. We all know what’s going on. You don’t have to say it. And that’s just the superstition of it. Especially with a no-hitter going on, just let it play out. It just kind of seemed like it was a night, as it went on, it was just going to be a magical night. Fun to watch, and I’m as proud as heck of him. That’s a heck of an accomplishment.

Moving on, we have the All-Star break coming up and the first half coming to an end. It’s really been quite a ride, actually. It’s probably been more of a ride this year than it was last year for everybody. We come to the park and we know we’re a good team. We know about the expectations, obviously, for this team, but as long as we get the job done, it’s like: Would you rather lose pretty or win ugly? Winning games is what we’re trying to do here. It’s good fun to see some of these guys take off, especially offensively. We’ve had a couple pitchers that have been lights-out as well. It’ll be fun to see how many guys get on that All-Star club. Obviously Magglio and Gary and Curtis and Guillen and Polanco and the way Sean’s been hitting over the last two months, and Ingy and Pudge. It’s just like on and on and on here. You’ve got players who’ve just been playing really, really good baseball in all facets.

And then from the pitching staff, obviously, J.V. is coming into form, just being the kind of pitcher that everybody thought he could be. And Bondo’s unbeaten streak, that was pretty amazing. I don’t care how it got there. The guy’s obviously got to pitch well and good things have to happen. That was awesome, fun to watch. Getting Kenny back and watching Miller up here a year removed from college and having the success that he’s had, and having guys step up like Durbin in the many roles that he’s had. The guy’s come in and been a sparkplug for our whole staff, starting, relieving and being so versatile and having a great attitude.

It’s a good group to be around, and we’ll get everything right. Think about how scary that can be if we make everything click on all cylinders. We’re doing the kind of things like Tuesday night, where we turned the game over from the seventh inning on with a 3-1 lead. We won a lot of ballgames like that last year, and we will win a lot of games like that this year as well. These guys, we’re all going to get right. It’s too good of a team. We’ve been there. It’s just about going out there with the confidence and obviously with the health. We believe in each other. It’s been fun so far and we hope this ride continues.

One more note: The fans, with me, have been so positive and supportive throughout the time away. And I really appreciate it. I read several entries in there believing, and that was really pretty awesome.


  1. gkgruden1@comcast.net

    Let me be the first to welcome you back, it has been a long time?!!?? You did great the other night it is too bad that it didn’t work out in your or the Tiger’s way. I know that you can’t win every game, but I sure want you to. Anyway, I think the team is doing great considering that half of the team has been hurt and or on the disabled list. Hopefully the pen problems will work themselves out pretty quickly and you all can roll into the post season.

    Thanks for everything and coming back to the board.

    Go Tigers!!!

  2. rocky964@aol.com

    First off I want to welcome you back. I’ve missed you. The fans have missed you. Your teammates have missed you. I enjoy watching you pitch and am glad you’re back!I believed in you and beleived you would be back to your old self. Everybody has rough times, but you eventually learn and get passed them. It was better to have this experience now then later in the season. I always look forward to reading your blog. I appreciate your insight on the game and the team itself. As a fan we don’t know what its like to really be a part of the team and it’s cool to know from a player’s perspective what goes on on the bench during games and all that. You guys always look like you’re having so much fun (well most of the time). Give the team my best and have a good time relaxing with family and friends during the All Star Break.

    Holly Rhodes

    Ann Arbor, MI

  3. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    WELCOME BACK! I was glad to see you had added to your blog finally today, and as the others have said, it is good to know you are there and you show it. Bottom line, we, as your fans do believe in you and the whole Tigers’ team. I will be watching every game and hoping for a blow-out, but if it isn’t I will take the loss with you all and know that you all put your best into it and you will all go out there next game and give it 100%. That is what has attracted so many fans, and you are right, it has been intense and exciting from day one. Seeing that it is at the half way mark just makes us hype it up a lot more. I wish you well, as always, and thanks for writing, I was thinking I had to take over…ha ha…..glad to see you back. God Bless and love to you all……your faithful fan…….TORI

  4. gemboy27@yahoo.com


    thanks for posting. It is great to follow the season through your thoughts. I am displaced to NY, so I listen to the games on MLB audio and ready your posts to keep me in the loop.

    Hey, it’s your turn for a no hitter. I will be at the July 22 game, if you are pitching, that would the day to do it.

  5. jodes1121@aol.com

    Great having you back! Love the haircut and fu! Look forward to possibly meeting you at the on-field photo day…..
    Keep up the good pitching! The Tigers are doing great this is going to be a great summer—-!

  6. jumpinjeanne4@aol.com

    Hey Nate!
    So glad to see you back on the mound, period. . .and in sharp form was a bonus. Mostly because I was so worried about you. Not your pitching. .I always have ABSOLUTE faith in your skill and ability to adjust and ‘tweak’ what is necessary to pitch the way you want. But I was at the Devil Rays game (after the night you signed my picture of us in the golf cart here in Lakeland. . .THANK YOU!!), the night you pitched and had trouble. When you threw that one pitch . .and grabbed at your back.. .THAT is what had me worried!! The nuturing nurse in me..saw that grimmace, from second row behind the dugout, and knows a brief ‘grabbing twinge’ can be big. So anyway. . .I’ve been watching closely when hey showed you in the dugout, read the updates. followed rehab starts and just could not stop smiling on your outing against the Rangers. No, not even the ending loss could be a damper on you being okay! So carry on buddy,and have knowing there are fans who truly care! We’ll be watching and pulling for you. .and the team, on MLB Extra Innings Cable TV package that my hubby got me for my B’day!! Also went to Sat/Sun Atlanta games to cheer!! If we can get to a game. .we are there.

    Your Loyal Lakeland Lady fan,

    Jeanne. .aka ‘JJ’

  7. shannysgurl123@hotmail.com

    Nater! I was at your first game back! I wanted to make sure I had a ticket to see your first game at home when you finally came back! I knew that you would be ok! And I was very happy with the way you pitched!!!!!!!!! I’m sad that we lost though! But you can’t win them all!!!

    I, too, had the privledge of witnessing the Verlander game first hand! I’m so happy that I had the opportunity to see it, especially with my dad!! It was something I’ll never forget!

    Keep up the improvement and I’ll be on the lookout for your No-no! 😉

    God Bless!

    ❤ Erica

  8. brokenrockwall@hotmail.com

    I’m so happy you came back strong from the DL, I sent in a question about you to Woody and the Round Table on Fox news, and it just proved I wasn’t the only person rooting for you. This team is filled with amazing ball players, and I’m proud to say I’m a fan. I’ll see you Tuesday, equipped with my iron on Robertson shirt. haha.

    Faith Wright,

    Monroe Mi

  9. garner723a@aol.com

    Hi Nate I’m really really glad you’re pitching again. Me and all other tiger fans missed you. Keep up the good work. I look forward to watching you pitch next time.

  10. jodes1121@aol.com

    Great to see you at the on-field photo day yesterday. Thanks for posing for pictures with the kids….and with me too! I found it funny when my little guy told you, ‘you’re my mom’s Tiger’. Thanks for being such a good sport. (p.s. You’re a good inspiration to the little kids that have to wear glasses when they play sports. – like mine — thanks)

  11. seano32b@yahoo.com

    Good to see you back Nate. What you won’t do for a few days off! Just kidding. Glad to have you back to the fold. Look forward to seeing, or heaaring, your game tomorrow, against the Injuns.


  12. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Just wanted to wish you good luck on your game against the Indians tonight (Tues.). I know you wont need it, but good luck anyway. I know you all have it in you to “scalp” the tribe.Be strong and play hard.Keep up the good work………God Bless and love to you…..your faithful fan…TORI

  13. jodes1121@aol.com

    Good Luck tonite….You are going to have two tough pitching games coming up—-but I’m sure you will prove what you can really do.
    Good Luck!

  14. garner723a@aol.com

    Hi Nate great job tonight. You pitched a really good game. It turned out to be a super close game. I really didn’t want Leyland to pull you when he did, I thought you could pitch more, but I guess manager knows best?? Anyway, good job and good luck to the Tigers. I know you guys can beat the Tribe!!!

  15. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Great pitching!! I agree with the last entry, I think you could’ve went more, but it is what it is. But, none the less, it was great. A fantastic game by you all, too bad it didn’t work out, but you all have 2 more in the series, you can always take the rest. The bullpen came out strong and was on top of things, they just got one over, no big deal. Some of the calls at the plate however, if you look at it, you all should’ve won a lot earlier, but you can’t go back. Like I said GREAT pitching, looks like the “old” Nate is BACK and ready to attack. Take ’em next time, good luck with Boston….God Bless and love to you …….. TORI

  16. starkyshark@nerdslut.net

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: You’re my favorite pitcher, Nate. And I’m so glad you’re back.


  17. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Way to go on the win, great job by Kenny. But, the real reason I wanted to write, I wanted to send my congrats on being able to fly with the ANGELS!! That must be so exciting for you. I sure hope you will let us all know when it happens and give us some pics and inside information….again CONGRATS!! God Bless……TORI

  18. gemboy27@yahoo.com


    Daisuke Matsuzaka vrs. the Might Tigers and Nate Robertson

    they don’t stand a chance — show everyone Nate is Back.

  19. cdelpopo@sbcglobal.net

    Good to have you back, brother. Stay strong and focused. The rest will work itself out.

  20. hokeygurl019@yahoo.com

    Welcome back Nate! I would have wrote sooner but I have been so busy..I went to 3 games this week! 3! I just can’t get enough of you guys! It was great to see you on the mound again. I came to your first game back and your game July 3rd…great 6 strikeouts! I am so proud of you, as is everyone else on here I’m sure. You came back and showed everyone what the BULLDOG is about! Kepp rockin! Also, I want to say great wins against the Indians! We definitly needed those, and you guys proved to be the great team you are. Tell Jason Grilli, Bobby Seay, and Zack Minor I said thanks for the great laughs on July 4th. I say by the bullpen and they were some of the greatest guys! I had a huge sign…it was just fun! Anyhow Nate, great to have you back and have fun flying with the Blue Angels. Hopefully you’ll get us some pics! We love you!

    Your biggest fan

  21. jodes1121@aol.com

    Ok, I just read on a site that an A’s scout was checking you out last month. Please say that you will not be leaving the Tigers any time soon. I really enjoy watching you pitch here for us! I live in a house full of Tiger fan boys and we rarely miss a game…..yeah—sad but true!

  22. mamakissalotta@hotmail.com

    Hi Nate —

    So good to see you back — you’re definitely my Tiger! I wish I was able to get to more games, but the trip from Grand Rapids is a bit much except for special occasions. May have to organize a girls’ road trip to the ballpark … hope to see you pitch sometime soon. Keep the faith!


  23. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    PLEASE, say it isn’t so…….if what the past comment said…”the A’s”???? I am in a state of shock, I sure hope it isn’t true and it is just a rumor. I thought you were signed with the Tigers until at least ’09…..I sure hope it isn’t true and I am positive your other fans will be just as stunned. Settle this rumor and let us know the story. You are too valuable to lose and it will be a gray day in Detroit. Good luck on Sunday, we all know you can do it….take ’em down bulldog style…God Bless and love to you……..TORI

  24. christof139@hotmail.com

    Welcome back Nate. You pitched 2 good games. Grreeaattt!!!

    Thanx for all the fireworks Tigers!!! Great hitting and pitching!!!

    Told you that you would get Cleveland next time around and you sure did!!! (Pat myself on the back for being similar to Notredamus. Hmmm? Never mind. Forget it.)

    The Shef is great. Cracked me up with all those great walks, can’t keep the guy off base!!!

    Many sports columnists tick me off. Blab, blab blab, and blah, blah, blah. Talking about trades, a simple remark being misconstrued etc. We, the USA, need to take care of our people more as the Shef was implying. Gee, our healthcare system is rated number 37 in the world, right above Slovenia, returning veterans losing their jobs the same as in the Vietnam Era, 15% unemployment within Detroit proper, blah, blah blah. The truth sometimes is controversial and hurts too, but I guess some columnists etc. think everything is perfect or should be to their standards anyway. Phrrrt. As Ben Franklin said in his book ‘F-rt Proudly’. Yup, another controversial topic, 3 actually, Ben, his book, and Phrrrt. As Pudge said to some *Fifth Columnists*,

    ‘Leave the poor guy alone.’ Both Ben Franklin (what a character) and the Shef. Me too.

    Fifth Columnists = Bird-brained know-it-alls.

    Take 2 out of 3 from the Bosox. More to talk and be controversial about. 😉

    Banzai!!! Charge!!!

    Best of the best to you all, Chris

    Old soldiers never die, they just chew away. Gum time indeed!!!

  25. christof139@hotmail.com


    You all won 2 from the Bosox!!!

    You just won the Battle of Marathon!!!

    Great pitching, great defense, great team effort, tough game, and a grrreeaattt win!!!

    That should give the Fifth Columinists (to include some sports talk show nay sayers) something to talk about.

    Congrats to Pudge on the winning RBI and hats off to the Shef for that steal and that definitive touch of home plate. Ha ha ha!!! Grrreeaattt!!!

    BTW, that was the 7th time the Shef got hit this year. Took another one fro the team. Pitch must have been about 95mph give or take.

    Great pitching, great defense, great team effort, tough game, and a grrreeaattt win!!!

    Congrats to all of you fellows. Ggrrreeaattt!!!


  26. christof139@hotmail.com

    Good luck and the best out on the mound today Nate. Hopefully you’ll get some hitting support from the team. The Sheff is ready per his statement.

    Just slide on through those Bosox.

    Best of the best to you all, Chris

  27. christof139@hotmail.com

    Congrrraattulations on the sweep of the Bosox!!!

    Nate, finally you had some pure and simple luck, and of all people you deserved to win. Grreeaattt teamwork!!!

    Granderson’s amazing catch will be part of Baseball legend. Shefield doe sit again, Thames homers to deep, deep center, great defensive plays by Inge and everyone.

    Plus, you al hit against Mr. M., a god pitcher.

    You all deserve some luck period. Two tough and close games, brother!!!

    Those 2 back to back homers were sheer and simple luck. 1st homer hit by a guy just brought up from the minors where he had been hitting good, his first hit in the majors is a homerun and that is a bit of luck. 2nd homer by Lugo who was hitting .189 or .198, whatever it was, and that was luck.

    You all hung in there, made some great plays, had some great hits, got the outs when you needed them, and despite 5 errors you all won. Grreeaatt!!

    A humid and muggy day too boot.

    Lady Luck was smiling today, and you all deserved the win and the sweep.

    Thanx for the great games and wins.

    Best of the best, and Nate your next game should be good.

    Everyone has a rocky road to travel every now and then, such is life.

    I am very glad you fellows won, you all deserved it so much and earned it.

    Take care, and have a god All-Star Game and break, Chris

  28. wbrossard@yahoo.com

    Great game today. Your teammates finally gave you a few runs to work with and some great defense too. I always enjoy watching you pitch. You’re my Tiger! Enjoy your 3-day break. We’ll see you nice and rested next weekend. Wendy

  29. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    WAY TO GO NATE!!!! It was so good to see you pitch AND have good run support. Glad to have you back in good condition. I hope you have a wonderful rest and come out fighting against Seattle. SOOOO good to get that sweep, I must say as well. Way to go Tigers……..hope you all come back well rested and hope we take the all-star game as well. God Bless……and love to you…..your faithful fan……..TORI

  30. l1belle17@netzero.com

    Hey Natey
    Wonderful to have you back and healthy. Great Game today against a tough team, well done.

    We love you Nate, I love to watch you pitch.. you make me smile.

    Your Loyal Red-Head in Midland,MI

  31. christof139@hotmail.com

    An oldy, moldy, but goldy:

    Hey, who’s on 1st, what’s on 2nd, I don’t know’se on 3rd.

    A few moments later: No, the Shefs on 1st, what’s on 2nd, I don’t know’se on 3rd.

    A few more moments pass: Oh, who’s on 1st, Shef’s on 2nd, I don’t know’se on 3rd.

    In yet a few more moments: Shef’s at home, Casey’s (take your pick of players) on 1st, what’s on 2nd, I don’t know’se on 3rd.

    Etc. Etc. Etc.

    Ty Cobb: Keep the merry-go-round go’in.

    Thames and a few others do enjou those base clearing homers though.

    Cheers, Chris

  32. jodes1121@aol.com

    Great pitching yesterday! Loved watching ya!! Take this time to enjoy yourself and relax!

  33. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Let me be one of the firsts to say WELCOME BACK!!! I hope you all had a good and restful break. I hope everyone is well rested for the second half. I know you all will come out fighting and I can’t wait to see it. Good luck to you all in Seattle. We will all be behind you 110%!! Love to you and God Bless……….your faithful fan ….. TORI

  34. detoilet@hotmail.com

    Easy on the run-on sentences, Nate. My eyes actually began to bleed after reading your first “paragraph.” I couldn’t make it more than one sentence into the second. I am dumber for having visited this site. Thanks, Nate.

  35. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    I just had to comment today after seeing you last night….I LOOOOVE the newest look!!! You are a hottie that is for sure. I like the idea of you changing it up a bit here and there, is that just to see who’s watching……well, I love it, as I’ve already said. Can’t wait to see you pitch Tues……..love to you and God Bless…..TORI

  36. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Good luck on the Twins game tomorrow…….stay strong, we know you can do it. Looking forward to seeing you pitch. God Bless and love to you ………. TORI

  37. hollygolightly00@yahoo.com

    Just wanted to wish you luck tonight and for the rest of the season! Go, Nate and go, Tigers!!!!

  38. libner047@gmail.com

    All right Nate! Kick it up tonight. Well written blog piece.

    Live Clean

    Mike Binder


  39. gkgruden1@comcast.net

    Nate GREAT job last night, it must of felt great to get out there and do what we and you know you are capable of. Back to your oldself it looks like. Thanks for that great performance.

  40. angelinebeth@aol.com

    Nate, you are awesome! What a performance last night againist the Twinkies! I am so excited for you! It was great to see you go out there and throw like we all know you can! The Tiger’s Bullpen is picking up speed again! Yah!

  41. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    GREAT JOB!! It was so good to see you step in there like you owned the place. Great start to a GREAT second half. Good to see you shut them out of their own park. Keep up the good work. God Bless and love to you…….TORI

    ps….Happy Birthday to your wife as well!!

  42. christof139@hotmail.com

    Congratulations Nate on you’re well pitched game and win. You are back!!!

    Congrats to the team for the great 1-0 win!!!

    Congrats to the Shef and all for the great previous game!!!

    Congrats for all the great defensive plays!!!

    Congrats for all the great offensive fireworks!!!



    Graci, Dzie kuje bardzo, Danke schone, Gracias, Thanx you very much, Ciao, Chris

    PS: I dislike those late west coast games. Must be a real drag with jet lag and etc. playing those. Zzzzzzz.

  43. l1belle17@netzero.com

    WOW Nate what an outstanding performance against the Twins, I could not stop smiling through the whole game. So good to see you pitching at your full potential. The win was a very nice gift to your wife. 😉

    P.S See you at home on Saturday I scored some tickets right by you boy’s dugout, was a little bum you would not be pitching but I think I will survive.

    Your Loyal Red-Head in Midland,MI

  44. smg3d@aol.com

    Finally got some time to post here. First, awesome job in Minnesota! That was a great series and the pitching staff did a great job. Second, happy belated birthday to your wife. Very cool that you got the win on her special day.

    Lastly, that was a great segment on Tigers live showing what you go through between starts. I will tell you one thing, during the your abs workouts, all I could think was “ouch!”

    Take care!

  45. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Congrats on the Twinkie SWEEP!! Way to go TIGERS!! Looking forward to seeing you all at home for this brief stop…keep it up. I must say it was great to actually see what happens in between those starts of yours, and we, as fans, would NEVER think all you do is set and eat seeds. We know you all work very hard on and off the field. The next step would be to let FSN do a “spotlight” show on you and let us all take a peek in and see what really makes you tick. Great pitching by you ALL in that series, keep it going…good luck and God Bless……love to you ………..TORI

  46. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    I just had to get on here and say WOW!!! You guys were amazing in the sweep of the Twins!!! You were absolutely AMAZING on the mound. I was pumping my fist right along with you when you struck out the Twins in the 7th inning!!!
    I am coming to the game tomorrow (Friday 7-20) and I can’t wait. I love all of you guys!!! One last thing…if you could..tell C-Mo that we love him, and we believe in him just as much as we believe in the rest of our beloved Tiger Team!!! GO TIGERS!

  47. gemboy27@yahoo.com

    I’m all set to see you play on Sunday. I am on my way from Upstate NY… I’m looking forward to seeing the Big Cats win on Sunday….Good luck

  48. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    That was a nail-biter for sure last night…but way to go Inge!! Don’t let Jonesy beat himself up over that 9th inning. It happens and he was just the one on the mound. And way to go C-Mo!! Not to mention Verlander, he did a good job, he had an off night, it happens, thats why you have a “team”, they pick up the slack and move on. Over all, it was another GREAT Tiger game and we won! Want to wish you ALL the luck on tomorrows (Sunday) game. Knock out those Royals…..hope you all have a great road trip and looking forward to seeing you when you all come home. Keep your heads up and pass along the well wishes to the team………God Bless and love to you all……your faithful fan……..TORI

  49. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Keep on keepin on, Nate. It just wasn’t happening, I thought you did a good job, the offense just couldn’t get those bats to purr. You’ll get ’em next time. I hope you just shake it off and all move on. Good luck in Chicago, we’ll be seeing you soon. God Bless and love to you all……TORI

  50. daleejrfan8@sbcglobal.net

    just wanted to say hello. it’s the 6th inning right now and the tigers aew on top 10 to 7. You guys rock!!
    See you soon.


  51. abbygaylemathews@hotmail.com

    I’m a huge fan, cheesy line yes, truth yes. You’re a phenomenal pitcher and a great asset to the team.

    I’m so happy to have had the season start. I love kicking back and watching u guys play, it’s awesome.

    Do the other team members blog? It would be cool to read what everyone has to offer up.

    I really think that you guys make an awesome team, and your new additions to the team this year seem to be proving beneficial.

    Keep up the good work guys, there’s always this year to try n win the world series, and if not, hey, you guys are still a solid team that we all love and play a wicked game of baseball!!

    I’m really hoping to get out to a game @ comerica this season.


  52. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Just wishing you good luck in Anaheim tonight, late game here for us, but I WILL be watching. Just give ’em that hot stuff you have been pitching. It was a rough series for some reason in Chicago, but, I think the guys did a heck-of-a job. No harm no foul………just keep your heads high and move on. Love to see you all play, and how about Ryan Rayburn….I am impressed, maybe you all should find him a spot to stay. Can’t wait until you all are back in Detroit, can’t wait to see you all again. Good luck on the west coast series and hang tough…God bless and love to you all……….TORI

  53. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    Good luck tonight Nate. I will have my eyes glued to the game!!
    I also wanted to say..I am happy to see Byrdak back. We missed him. He looked good on the mound, and pretty hot with his glasses. Of course he will never be as hot as you ( I have a weak spot for men with glasses). Go Tigers!

  54. steffros@aquinas.edu


    Love you and the whole Detroit Team. I have been dieing to know – what’s up with the hair? We have seen you go long, short, wild, bearded and bushy. Every other week it is a new look.

    Who is the clubhouse hairdresser?


  55. joehalstead@gmail.com

    Dear Nate Robertson Fans,

    It is finally time to admit what we’ve all known deep in our hearts about Nate: he is a pretender.

    As I write this, Nate is getting his *** kicked once again, already 2-8 in the 3rd inning.

    Nate Robertson does not have the consistent control in order to succeed in his chosen style of pitching (which is sort of like a cross between Bonderman and Rogers, nibbling corners but featuring a slider).

    Nate comes with some really good stuff for one or two outings in a row, but mostly flounders without hefty run support or lucky instances in which the batters are barely missing his pitches- perhaps hitting them off the end of the bat in their eagerness to drive Nate’s lame sliders and fastballs out of the park.

    Robertson will never be a 20 game winner; He will never be an All-start; he will never rise above the talent we once saw in, for instance, Walt Terrell.

    We got rid of one piece of dead weight in Mike Maroth (who is promptly on a major skid with the Cardinals), and we need to get rid of yet another.

    But, just as everyone rushed to raionalize why Maroth was traded- among the lies were lack of room on the roster- I am sure that you all will attack me in this blog over my assertion that Nate needs trading. You will speak of Nate’s potential. His bulldog toughness. His tendency to get out of jams and keep his team close.

    But I would ask this: are you not speaking of Nate’s virtues LAST year? The 2006 Nate Robertson was all of the things I described above, and more.

    But, last year’s performance isn’t going to help the Tigers win when Nate is on the hill.

    So many pitchers in Major League Baseball have magical seasons that are incongruent with the rest of their careers. It pains me to make Dan Petry an example. He had a 3.24 earned run average, 18 wins and 144 strikeouts in 1984. The next season, he posted a 3.36 era and 15 more wins.

    However, for the next seven seasons, Dan only won 36 more games and regularly posted an era of 5+.

    This is the track that Nate is headed down, and I really don’t want his spot in the rotation to take this road any further than necessary.

    Robertson is already as high as his talent will take him. He will continue to be the mediocre guy that everyone loves and about whom no one will speak ill.

    Even Rod Allen and Mario Impemba continue to sing his praises.

    It take courage to say that which is unpopular, but unlike a lot of fawning, blind fans, I have that courage, so I will say it:

    Trade Robertson while his stock in MLB is still high and we can get something for him.

    The trade deadline is approaching, and a whole lot of teams would consider Robertson a gold mine- so ignorant are they to Nate’s prentender-hood. We could finally get a credible left handed pinch hitter or some more middle relief- at which time, Chad Durbin could take his rightful spot in the starting rotation.

    Many who read this will no doubt be angry. But put aside your affection for Nate for a moment- an affection we all have for Nate the man- and look critically at Nate’s inconsistencies and struggles. He isn’t struggling because he was injured. Nate himself vehemently disagreed with the “tired arm” assessment, calling the conversation over the matter “very difficult”.

    He wasn’t injured. He’s not just “in a rut”.

    Dear fans, he just isn’t that good.

  56. joehalstead@gmail.com

    And please, don’t be tempted to point to his sudden recovery from the 3rd through 6th innings.

    This is exactly how we continue to perpetuate the lie that Nate is really good- by rushing to forgive what has been mostly mediocre pitching.

    He’s still dirt, and still needs to be traded.

  57. joehalstead@gmail.com

    Yup. Another double given up by Nate.

    Allen: “It was a good pitch, low, blah blah blah…”


    Now Nate was just taken out.

    We need inning-eaters, not some guy whom we spend all our time “waiting for”.

    Nate is NOT that guy.

  58. hollygolightly00@yahoo.com

    Hi, Nate,

    I know last night was rough, but you’ve shown what you’re made of before and you can do it again. Hang in there and – practice, practice, practice (location, location, location)!!!

    Go Tigers!! Best…

  59. rvahanian2@aol.com

    ron v fom fort myers,fl im 33 and just moved her from the home town>been a tigs fan for 25 years .I have all the faith in the team and especially skip.Ikno wrosters form Tom Wakunfuss, Matt Nokes, Travis Fryman, Mickey Tettleton up to now and so on1980-now.I blead detroitand at times in the past it was my diease(lions). I read this stuff and some are so worng. Bandwagoon fans or just angry to be angry.where is your loyalty.I appreciate the professionalism and the way leyland calls his games I challenge anyone to talk tigers players or the srategies the staff make.Our line up and pitching staff is as good as anyone in baseball. the only weakness is middle relief (pray for Zumayas healthy return).But as far as Nate goes hes not our no.1 and we dont expect that but I dont forget what he has done and how he has shut down teams in games.Except for Inge and maybe Monroe who is still here but Nate.Jones was also here when we ******.Most everybody does what theyre expected and above.Clubhouse leaders( Pudge,Kenny,)Pros Sheff,Polanco,Guillen,Mags,Casey,Granderson(lets see leads league in tripples, speed, centerfield,put him against any other lead off.I know most of us feel passionate like me but if some of you dont support in bad games your not a true fan.We are tuely not weak except for middle reilef.Remember Yanand still Rodney, I would cringe when they would go out.Im new to the net world and this a speial time in tiger history.Unsung heroes (Infante, Inge, Thames)This is just the beginning intro for this fan.Much more to talk about.”Whos your Tiger?”

  60. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate! Sorry about that first inning, but you sure held it in there for the rest, way to go. As for prior comments, it sure is sad that others have to produce such garbage AND still call themselves “true” Tiger fans. Now that is where I have a BIG problem. I, for one, am a “true” fan…good or bad, you all are “my” team…whether you are #1 or #3, no matter. I am sure this particular “fan” has never experienced a “bad” day or a “hard” time. Baseball is, however a game, you win some you lose some, you can’t look back at the bad days and just move forward to the good. You ALL are still a GREAT team and you all have it to bring to the field. No other team I have seen play has as much passion and drive as MY TIGERS!! I think you all are doing a fantastic job it will all fall in together and those days will be behind you. So, I sure hope that when it comes down to the Tigers in the World Series (as we hope it will be) this “fellow fan” will NOT be in attendance. You are still my favorite Tiger and will always be, you were there for good AND bad and will remain true, we have seen that demonstrated countless times by you and many others. Good luck out there and take care as always..GOD BLESS and love to you all….your “true” fan, and faithful until the end……..TORI

  61. joehalstead@gmail.com

    I don’t have to swallow Nate Robertson’s **** to be a true Tiger fan. In fact, my idea to trade Robertson would greatly improve the Tigers’ chances of winning more ball games.

    Robertson isn’t just having a “bad day”. He’s inconsistent, and is no better than Maroth was-oh, I forgot, you chuckleheads miss him, too, right? Well, he’s already done nothing but pitch like dirt for the Cardinals. You miss that?

    The Tigers need to do what’s best in terms of putting a winning team on the field.

    Anyone that looks at Robertson’s performances (PLURAL) critically knows that even some of his wins are dubious.

    Folks, he just isn’t that good of a pitcher.

    Let Nate pitch for the Washington Nationals or someone that would appreciate the experience and perhaps be duped into believing that a change of scenery would turn Nate into a Cy Young candidate.

    Nate will have some great starts. Blind squirrels find acorns from time to time. But he is not 15 or 20 win per season material. Bottom line.

    No one raised an eyebrown when we all were saying “trade Neifi Perez”.

    What’s the difference? Although Perez helped preserve a no hitter this year, we were- at the time- talking about what he showed us throughout the year.

    No one had a problem with trading Neifi, because he played like a failure.

    What is the difference? Nate’s more well-known? He’s nice to reporters? What?

    It isn’t being a “fair weather fan” to want to scrap players that cannot do the job.

    Nate is the type of guy that will always be about 9-9, 4.80 era. That’s nine wins that we could just as easily get from Triple-A member spot starts or starts out of the bullpen.

    We don’t need a guy that has one brilliant outing, tricks everyone into believing “he’s back”, and then goes back to pitching like a high schooler.

    We need better.

    Trade Nate.

  62. jodes1121@aol.com

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Bonderman is having a good pitching night tonite. This is how pitching is…..good days and bad days. joehalstead, if you don’t want to say nice things on this site, please don’t comment. I, for one don’t really care what you think about Nate or any other player on the Tigers. This is a nice site, please don’t ruin it for us.
    Nate, I like your pitching…..I love the Tigers.

  63. abbygaylemathews@hotmail.com

    Personally, I think Nate is one of the best pitchers we have out there. They all have their bad nights, I mean, look at Rogers the other night, look at Bonderman tonight, you win some you lose some. I believe if we break up our team now, we’re doomed, we have a phenomenal group of men together here and they kick butt, they are awesome.
    I love the team we have now. Miller & Raburn are definitely nice additions to the team as well. We have a solid team.

    I think this many games on the road would wipe me out too.

    Don’t listen to the nay sayers guys, you’re a phenomenal team, keep up the awesome work. We can only grow stronger when we learn from our mistakes.

    We love you Tigers!!

  64. shannysgurl123@hotmail.com

    I have to agree with the last few comments. If you don’t have anything positive to say about NATE ROBERTSON then get off of NATE ROBERTSON’S fan site. There are plenty of other blogs to go to where you can BASH other players. Mostly everyone who reads this blog thinks pretty highly of Nate and mostly likely he’s everyone’s favorite player. As previously stated, I’m not gonna drop him b/c of a few bad starts. I still think he’s awesome and it doesn’t really matter what is said about him, no one is going to change my mind.

    Nate, don’t worry about it. I believe you start tomorrow! I believe in you and so do MANY people! Maybe I’ll pull out some chew if it’s necessary!!!!!

    God Bless!

    ❤ Erica

  65. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate! Wanted to wish you good luck on the game this afternoon. Glad to know you all are on your way back after this game, can’t wait to see you at home. It has been rough on us fans over here, staying up until 1:30am……….but I love my Tigers and have to know what’s happening. I know it hasn’t been a picnic for you all either. I know ALL of your fans will be glad to have you all home. Didn’t get a chance to see you last night with the camera span, I sure hope you are feeling alright and things are good…….looking forward to seeing you soon…God Bless and love to you …….. TORI

  66. kkaraba@att.net

    Love your haircut and shave, Nate. Like I said in an earlier post, you look a lot more business like out there on the mound. Good luck this afternoon. I have alot of faith in you, because, for one thing you’re a little more mature than some of our other starting pitchers. They’re not featuring gum time so much like they did last year and I think it’s a mistake. It really works. You’re a great pitcher, Nate. God Bless You!

  67. kkaraba@att.net

    Good game Nate. You kept us in there and then the offense left all those guys on base. But I thought you were great today and that’s something we can all take forward going back home to Detroit. Maybe the guys will do better at home this time round.

    Love you Nate and God Bless you

  68. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Good pitching Nate! Unfortunatly we didn’t end up with the win, but you held them off. Our offense just wasn’t getting the ball into play. But, we have to look at as a good game anyway, I mean, you all have traveled OVER 4,000 miles and you all are WELL deserving of Thursday off. Come back fresh and ready to knock it down. Glad you are FINALLY back here in Detroit and looking forward to seeing you soon. Take care and REST…God Bless and love to you all…..TORI

  69. polkadew@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate!
    You did a good job the other night. I was listening to the game on the radio and the thought of Curtis’s foul ball being only 3 feet foul! Sakes! Talk about game of inches.

    Well, I will be bringing my 7 month old son to his first Tigers game next Thursday (the 9th). While Bondo is set to go if things hold true, I know you will do well in your next outing.

    God bless!

  70. joehalstead@gmail.com

    Nate- your off-speed stuff was great. The offense didn’t do you justice.

    I hope we see more of the 2006 Nate. It was a great game.

  71. shuggard3466@charter.net

    Nate, last Sunday in L.A. you autographed a sign that said Bay City MI loves the tigers. I just wanted to say thank you, with that single autograph you turned a somewhat scary experience into a wonderful one for my 7 year old nephew. His family recently moved to the So Cal area from MI. They got to the park when it opened that day and got nothing but grief from Angels fans. Hollering and booing from grown adults directed at families just because they are Tiger fans.My nephew would not have enjoyed himself without your kindness. Thank You so much. You now have one more reason to continue being the Tiger you are, because my nephew definetly has a new role model. And im noticing joe halstead has changed his trade Nate tune. Nothing annoys me more than bandwagon fans. On or off Mr.Halstead!!!!

  72. joehalstead@gmail.com

    Shuggard3466 wrote:

    “Nothing annoys me more than bandwagon fans. On or off Mr.Halstead!!!!”

    I merely acknowledged a great performance and hoped for more of the same.

    The bandwagon part was your assumption.

    I’ve pumped more money into the city of Detroit through my toursim to Tigers’ games than half of you people on this forum combined, and I’m not done attending games this year.

    My wallet speaks volumes, and last I heard, that’s worth a whole lot more than cheerleading on a blog.

  73. jodes1121@aol.com

    Some of us are die-hard fans, I’ve had tickets since the old Tiger Stadium days…doesn’t make me more of a fan because I’ve spent money there…(although, I am a real fan thru and thru –the season tickets just help me enjoy my Tigers)
    Nate….love to watch you pitch. You look good out there and are nice to watch. Keep up the good pitching….wins and losses are the result of a TEAM, not an individual player — you guys are a great team and it’s about time to jump ahead in the standings!!

  74. shuggard3466@charter.net

    I also have spent my fair share of dollars in the city of Detroit, especially when it comes to the Tigers. My point Mr. Halstead was no one is mistake free and when a player is having a hard time or has been injured you dont have to write them off. Stand by your team and the players on it, unless you’re a member of the Tiger staff you need not worry about those decisions (such as trades). Nate Robertson is an amazing pitcher and has more heart than most athletes out there, so i suggest the next he has a bad outing dont be so quick to ridicule, and then when he follows it with a good outing, be so quick to congratulate. And thank you jode1121 for making the point that all Tiger fans dont have to be season ticket holders to be true fans.

  75. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate! Tough night, but I, as many fans, still have your best interests in mind. I think maybe, just MAYBE it might be a good time to break out the gum! It worked before in late innings, I am sure it will work again. So, lets see that GUM-TIME work! I know you all have it in you, you just have to find the groove. Keep those heads held high and it will work itself out, there is plenty of time. As for Mr. Halstead, pay no attention Nate, some people think their dime is what makes the team, in fact they just need to realize it is the TEAM who keeps it going. I have also spent my money at the games and don’t regret it a bit. I think the no-trade was a compliment to our Tigers. It means they have faith in what we have just as WE as fans have faith in OUR team. Keep it going guys! God Bless and love to you all, as usual……..your faithful friend…..TORI

  76. grindline33@hotmail.com

    It’s been brutal to see the Tigers on this skid! They are such an overall great team and I know it can be turned around. If anything this will build some character. Remember the skid going into last years playoffs?? The Tigers are still well in the race and I am not taking off my tigers hat til the bitter end!!! At least these tough patches thin out some of the annoying bandwagoners I’ve seen over the past year. Where the **** where they from 87-2006?? C’mon Tigers!!

  77. jodes1121@aol.com

    I agree with other posters……bring back GUM TIME. If nothing else, it’s fun to watch!!
    Good luck to you guys today—we need a win!!

  78. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    WAY TO GO TIGERS!! So good to see those bats get rolling. Also good to see Rodney back. Good luck on your start tomorrow, we know you can do it, and with those bats fresh and still singin’ I am sure you will have that run support. God Bless and love to you all…TORI

  79. shannysgurl123@hotmail.com

    Nater! Good God’s Blessings today with your start! It’s kinda rainy right now, so hopefully we don’t have a rained-out ballgame!

    The boys pulled it together and won the game last night, so hopefully we’ll keep the ball rolling! I expect nothing less!!!!!!

    God Bless!

    ❤ Erica

  80. joehalstead@gmail.com

    You deserved a win last time, Nate. Bring more of the same, and maybe the bats will back you up this time.

  81. kkaraba@att.net

    Rod Allen reminds us every week how baseball is a humbling game. Hearing about Mike Maroth really brings that point home. I’m praying for him and his family. They are tremendous people. You were fine your last outing and you’ll be fine tonight. God bless ya, Nate.

  82. debbie.malone@sbcglobal.net

    I will admit I started watching the Tigers faithfully about June of 2006 when they had the best record in baseball. My husband and his dad have always been Tiger fans so I guess you would call me a “bandwagon jumper” The only difference is that I have grown to love this game especially now as I watch my 11 year old son in his first season playing little league and makeing the all-star team. If the Tigers go in a slump I will continue to watch them and cheer them on. Do I love to see them win and hate to see them lose? Yes, but probably not as much as the players themselves. My suggestion, watch the games and cheer your team on.

    GO TIGERS!!!!

  83. aking@gbcol.edu

    Hey Nate. My name is Aubrey King and I was at the game yesterday, Monday, August 6th. After my boyfriend got your attention during batting practice by holding up my pink Robertson jersey, you were so thoughtful to come over and sign it for me. I just wanted to thank you so much for coming over and talking to me. It really made my day. You are my Tiger and a hero of mine. I am very impressed with your athletic ability as well as your faith. Thank you for making my day very special.:) You rock Nate!! (oh, and by the way, Happy Birthday coming up, sorry I forgot to tell you in person) the big 3-0…:) Have a great day!!!

    Thanks again!

    A true fan-


  84. jodes1121@aol.com

    Great pitching tonite…0 walks and 9 K’s! You showed everyone what you’re made of. You looked good out there and very confident. Keep up the confidence and great pitching. Knew you could do it!

  85. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    Oh NATE!!! I am just sick to my stomach that you won’t get the win tonight. You deserve it. You pitched AWESOME. I don’t know what Leyland was thinking taking you out with only 1 out left to go.
    I think we both need a hug.

  86. jodes1121@aol.com

    I agree….that win was taken from you. I’m sure you’re not happy with that, but you gotta be happy with your pitching tonite…looked sweet! Can I join that hug?? ::)

  87. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    WAY TO GO NATE!! You were absolutely fantastic, it was just like you owned the field. Congrats on the season high of 9k’s, you game was one of the best. I do agree with the other comments, you should’ve gotten the win, but with that friendly pat to Grilli said it all, you are definitely the most humble person. I know the win was what was important, but it sure would’ve been nice to see that win in your favor. But, you have more games and I am sure it wont end here. Keep up that great work, and as for the rest of the team, way to go as well. Things are looking bright in the motor city. And as past comments….I’d love to join that hug group as well……God Bless and love to you all…….HUGGGSSSSSS……forever faithful…TORI

  88. gkgruden1@comcast.net

    Not sure if you look at this anymore Nate, but you pitched like the Nate I remember tonight. Absolutely dealing tonight. Great job and keep up the good work. To bad you didn’t get the win, but regardless I am glad the team still won. I am sure Grilli feels horrible. I hope that he can find his way consistently, he is having a hard time this year and needs to get better, but I am not sure why you were taken out anyway, but I am not a big league manager either. Again great job.

  89. jodes1121@aol.com

    Hey Nate–
    We could use another post from you – nothing long, just something to know what you’re thinking and feeling. You deserved the win tonite….Rest up—we want to see that same pitching at your next start. Peace-

  90. kaitlin_729@hotmail.com

    Hey Mr. Nate Robertson!

    You did really great tonight! 9 K’s and no walks! That’s just plain awesome! It really stinks that you got a no decision tonight, but you know you did great and that’s all that matters! Plus we got a win!

    I knew you were pitching today, so in our sandlot game, I was the picher. I walked one batter and struck out 19! It wasn’t a “career”

    high for me, but I knew since I did good, you would too. (You had way harder competition though: ig league players vs. sandlot kids).One day I’ll be as good as you…I’d love to face you if I was ever good enough to face you, but I pitch softball, so it doesn’t really work out :(…

    Thanks Nate for all you do!! You are truly THE BEST!!

    Luv Ya!

    -katie #29

  91. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate,
    I will be at the game tonight if you or any of the Tigers need that hug(I think Magglio needs one too). Tell Leyland and Grilli that I have a hug for them too. I think you are a wonderful humble man to let Grilli know it was ok. I know he gave it his best shot and you could see the disappointment on his face. Anyway, I will be up in the Sheff Kitchen with a bunch of kids if any of you need a hug. I will be at the game Friday too.

  92. jcr3747@aol.com

    You really did pitch an excellent game last night and were much deserving of a win. Unfortunately, life often deals us a trump card every now and then. The secret is to just go with it and be happy that the team got the win. Poor Grilli, he is the one I really feel empathy for. I am sure he was as heartbroken, if not moreso, than you were and to have hometown fans booing you, well, that is pretty sad.

  93. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    I just wanted to make a comment to the fans that booed Jason Grilli tonight. It was shameful and embarrassing. He is one of our TIGERS! He did not deserve that. HE is human and has bad days just like the rest of the Tigers. As fans we need to stand behind our players and NOT BOO THEM. Even my kids knew better and were embarrassed by the booing. If you feel the need to boo..jump off the band wagon and be a fan of a different team.

  94. jodes1121@aol.com

    I agree—it was embarassing and so wrong. Players have good days and bad days. It was sad that it messed up Nate’s win, but like Nate said, they still won the game. Keep your chin up Grilli — you’ll get your chance to show everyone what you can do.

  95. hokeygurl019@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate,
    I first off want to thank you for taking a few seconds out of your practice the other night to sign my tshirt (August 6th, when you were going into the dugout). You DEFINITLY made my night. You are, by far, my FAVORITE Tiger. However, I tell people when they ask who my tigers are that Casey, Grilli, and Seay are my tigers. I stand behind each and everyone of you, but those four have a special place within me. I was disappointed that you didn’t get the win after pitching that fanominal game, but Grilli probably feels worse than ANY of us! I was upset and mad at Detroit fans for booing him when Leyland pulled him. That is disrespectful and just plain wrong. We all have a good day and a bad day…and Tiger players are no different. Yeah, some of us were upset that you didn’t get the W for that night, but the Tigers in all did, and that is what counts. I will admit I was mad when it first happened, but after I took a step back, I realized that hey, the Tigers still pulled it off and you still did a great job…as for Grilli…he needs to keep his head off and know that he is human and things will happen. Give him a pat on the back for all of us and tell him it is ok!

  96. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Just wanted to wish you well with the Oakland series coming up. I know you all can do it. As for some of those “so called” fans booing Grilli….that’s just too bad they can’t see just what hard work you all do every time you enter the field. Yes, it is too bad that you didn’t get the win, but if it wasn’t him, it may have been someone else. It happens, it is a long season. For some of us who don’t jump on and off the bandwagon….we still believe in OUR Tigers!! We ALL just need to keep the faith and watch you all play your hardest everytime you get out on that field. Please, send a BIG….CONGRATS…to Durbin and his wife on their new baby, and also to the Inge’s on their new son….Keep those spirits HIGH and we’ll be watching those who LOVE to eat crow…..God Bless and love to you all……faithful forever……….TORI

  97. debbie.malone@sbcglobal.net

    Good luck this weekend Nate and all Tigers. I will be there cheering you on. I know it has been a ruff go the last few weeks but I believe in you and I know you will come back and hit a winning streak. For all the Tiger fans that feel it is neccessary to boo any player, stay home so we can’t hear you. That does nothing to help our team. GO TIGERS!!!!!

  98. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate, It is my 10th wedding anniversary, and guess where I am choosing to spend it?! Yup you guessed it, AT THE TIGERS GAME!! So you guys have to win tonight! (no pressure). I also wanted to say how much I appreciated Curtis Granderson coming over and signing my son’s hat on the 8th. That really made his day. I don’t know if the other Tigers read this, but I also wanted to say to Grilli, you made my and my daughter’s heart skip a beat when I said hi to you and you said hi and winked back!!! You are just tooooo cute in person!! GO TIGERS!! You are all my Tigers!

  99. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    Tough loss tonight. The offense did an amazing job fighting back. Thames Grand Slam was amazing. It was definately a hard loss to swallow. Hopefully Verlander can right the ship and the offense has a hot bat tonight. We need a win.
    Oh and to the drunk guy that sat behind us in the stands, when an 11 year old has to give you a lesson on manners and why it is wrong to boo your own team, THEN YOU KNOW YOU ARE OUT OF LINE! Hopefully you took my sons advice and didn’t drive home last night.

  100. shannysgurl123@hotmail.com

    Nater! I am in agreement with everyone else! I was SO IMPRESSED with your game the other night! When I left work, you had just struck out the seventh guy…then I get home only to see that poor Grilli had given up that GS. Tough break! You and Grilli are my favorites, BY FAR! So it was a hard game to watch! But you guys need to keep your heads up! We all knew the season wasn’t going to be PERFECT, but it’s definitely going to be interesting right up until the end!

    Anyhow, I also think you should post something here to let us know you are there!

    Keep your head in the game! God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!

    ❤ Erica

  101. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    WAY TO GO TIGERS!!! The win tonight was well deserved and very well played. We all knew you could do it. Good luck on your start tomorrow (sunday). You are much OVER due for that win. It looks as if the offense will be banging yet again. Good to see Brandon back in the game and to know that all is well with his wife and new baby. Bring that “A” game back, Nate and I am sure you will get the win, looks like the bullpen is fresh and ready as well. Also, so good to see that enthusiasm in the stands and in the dug out as well….it’s been a while. I must agree with the last posting….hopefully you write to let us all know you are out there and reading all of these good words and encouragement. God Bless and love to you ….faithful forever……TORI

  102. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    GOOD JOB NATE!!! You definitely deserved that win………awsome!Too bad that ump behind the plate didn’t give you all the strikes you were pitching. But, I know you all don’t comment on the umps too much. We all know how hard the next road trip is going to be on the team, but have as much confidence in yourselves as we, as your fans, have in you and you can definitely come out on top. Congrats on going back into #1….God Bless and love to you all…………TORI

  103. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    GREAT JOB NATE!!! I do think the UMP needs to use your glasses or maybe Byrdak could share his. He was definately being stingy with his calls. Funny thing…this morning I got up and dressed in my Magglio Jersey…I don’t wear my jersey unless I am going to a game. I just had a feeling he was going to have a good day. You all did a wonderful job. Great to see you guys all clicking together.

  104. jodes1121@aol.com

    Nice job today Nate. It’s nice to see you get the win that you deserve. You threw some great pitches. (loved it when you flipped the Ump your mitt):o)
    Great hitting today—-Maggs….great day! It was a nice day to watch baseball…Congrats on taking first back!

  105. gkgruden1@comcast.net

    Not sure if you read this Nate, but great job not only today, but this week. Too bad the umpires vision is impaired. He probably should get some sort of corrective device for his eyes, may lasik. He was way off base, by my estimation he cost you at least two runs. Way to fight through it.

  106. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Way to go Tigers on the opening win in New York! At least you all got the split in the brief stand in Clevland. With that said, I want to wish you good luck on your start tomorrow. Pitch it like you have been, and you definitely wont have a problem. You know how to tame those Yankees. Sorry to see the team not feeling well, hope they all make a quick recovery. Justin did pitch quite well despite being sick, so hats off to him! Good job, that’s for sure. Can’t wait to see you out there on the mound, knock ’em dead………..God Bless and good luck…love to you …….TORI

  107. gemboy27@yahoo.com

    I miss these regular posts. Part of the greatness of last year was reading gum time

    Curtis is cool

    but Nate is Great and should continue to throw up the words

  108. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    I just wanted to get on here and say that I am really sad to see Craig Monroe go. I hoped and prayed all season that his bat would start working. I really like Monroe. I know we are in a playoff race here..but I really liked him. He was such a big part of our team and will always be a Tiger in my heart.

  109. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    oops..I was a bit broken hearted in my last post..I forgot to mention, NATE!! Nate, you really did pitch great last night. I really wish the offense would have been clicking for you. That weird jump on the ground ball to Guillan was unfortunate. Anyway..you did a great job. It is a tough line-up, and you didn’t quit. Good luck to you guys on today’s game. Spank those Yankees!!!!

  110. jodes1121@aol.com

    Good luck today—we need a win, gotta split this up in NY. Made the trip down to Cleveland to see you guys pull off a great win. The Cleveland fans gave us a hard time until we won it—then they left the stands with their tails between their legs! The Detroit fans at the stadium were nothing but classy — makes Detroit look good! Good luck to you all today–. My favorite team is the Tigers. My second favorite team is whoever is playing the Yankees!!

  111. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Good pitching Friday, you were sure laying it down, too bad it didn’t show in the result, but they sure didn’t take it from you! Also sorry to hear about Monroe, he was in a rut, but we all still believed in him, as well as the Tiger administration still does and is giving him a chance to succeed. I wish him all the best and we hope the team he goes to knows just what kind of player they have aquired. Too bad on the loss today, but I know you all will come out tough tomorrow and we’ll hopefully walk away with a split, that would shut those Yankees up. Watching the last three games in New York makes me SO GLAD I am a Tiger fan. For the whole stadium to boo for Sheffield, and for the plays they didn’t agree with, just goes to show you just how RUDE that NY can be. I think most of them on that team have too big a head to fit in those helmets at times and it is truely sad. I am honored to say I am a Detroit fan, and to be classified as a “classy” fan base, so to those nasty NY fans, I am truely sorry your team doesn’t give you more things to cheer at and you have to cover it by booing other teams. I do agree with the past entry….PLEASE Nate write and let us know a little more on what is happening, I mean if you watch the games regularly, we KNOW you are still kickin’ it, but give us a little more…….THANKS!! God Bless and good luck tomorrow with a MUCH deserved Monday off….see you at home soon…….love to you all…….TORI
    ps….way to go Maybin, congrats on the big league debut!!

  112. ronvahanian@aol.com

    This a tough thing to handle why is Infante sent down? Brandon had one of the worst games u can have. We are the tigers and Zumaya and Kenny has killed the stability its hard to admit but roll playing is everything in baseball .Santiago ***** and Infante has done nothing but deliver above and beyond his whole tenure. This is a tough time but Cleveland is screwing uo almost as bad.I moved out of state and i am a bartender and the lashings i go through is rediclous. Our line up and our skip is top notch.I hold back alot of what i want to say but i know Nate U know and so do the fans when i say…

  113. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Just wanted to say WELCOME HOME!! Good luck on this tough home stand, give ’em all you have. Glad to hear that Zumya will be back to lend a hand…arm. Hopefully Kenny will return soon and be as good as new. Tough break in NY, but it is somewhat understandable due to all of the nastiness you all had to put up with. Go get ’em TIGERS! Good luck and God Bless……love to you all…….TORI

  114. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Wishing you GOOD luck on this afternoons game…go get ’em TIGERS!! God Bless and love to you…….TORI

  115. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    YOU PITCHED SPECTACULAR!!!! I knew you could do it. Too bad we couldn’t get the win, but at least the pitching was quite a match-up. Good luck with the Yankees…..show them how to act in “our” house. Looking forward to your next start in KC…again, WAY TO GO NATE!!! God Bless and love to all……faithful fan forever….TORI

  116. kkaraba@tds.net

    Sorry, Nate. You won this game. God bless you for giving us one of the best pitched games this year. Keep the faith.

  117. wbrossard@yahoo.com

    Great game Nate. I was glued to the TV, hoping and praying that your offense would score you some runs today (even one!) but it wasn’t to be. It still was exciting to watch, a 0-0 game going into extra innings (the first time in Comerica Park’s history) and you were the man on the mound. Be proud Nate; you still have it, both on the mound and off. You’re a class act. Wendy
    p.s. Can you post just a brief hello to all of us faithful fans? We miss you.

  118. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Great series with NY….way to go TIGERS!! Last nights win was fabulous! I hope they saved some offense for you, Nate. Good luck on your start in KC today, I will definitely be watching. You are all looking like the Tigers we know and love. Good luck and God Bless…love to you all…………TORI…
    and PLEASE Nate….give us a little HOWDY!!

  119. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    Wow…you guys did an AWESOME job spanking those Yankees last night!!!! Verlander was AMAZING. It was nice to see Inge get in on the spanking. I can’t wait to see you on the mound tonight. You have been absolutely brilliant and showing some nasty stuff. Good luck tonight. GO TIGERS!!

  120. gemboy27@yahoo.com

    Com’on Nate

    Let’s show your hometown Homies how it is done — keep that Tiger streak going and chew ’em up

  121. jacklhplo@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate,

    Way to go! Tigers are on a roll after taking 3/4 from the Yanks. You come in and give up 6 to the lowly Royals. How pathetic.

  122. jsbreckenridge@mac.com

    Dear Nate:

    Greetings! My husband, Doug, is a baseball fan. So when last Thursday morning, he looked sad as the Tigers had lost the game the night before (we live in India, so we have different time zones…), I decided to help him!

    I am an energy healer. I do sports healing and I love energising and picking winners and see if they win if I energise them. That Thursday, I decided to heal and get into your mind and body. So Thursday morning, I realised that your right knee and ankles were hurting and that you were having troubles sleeping. I did what I know, general sweeping, to relax the pain and the anxiety you felt, and all day, kept you safe.

    At 10 pm our time, the game was to start at 10:30 pm our time, I realised you were in the bullpen, warming up. And though you had rested and your body felt healed, you were anxious and felt a little queasy. I calmed your solar plexus chakra and head and got you to get “in the zone”.

    Through the entire game from 1030 pm our time to about 1 am our time, I stood near the TV, smelled the smells of a ballpark, and I was in your body. When your knee or ankle felt weak, I absorbed the pain. By the end of the game you were tired, and the pain was in your left armpit and elbow, and I kept soothing the pain.

    I believe you had a great game that day! Even though the Tigers lost that day, no one got a run against you!

    If you believe me, and believe you had an “angel” helping you the other day, please contact me.

    I’m right here, just waiting to heal you. And today, as I hear you play, and I am not 100% engaged with you, I can sense your right ankle hurting and your head a little stressed, and I feel sad, as I am otherwise engaged right now and cannot give you 100% of my energy…


    Jhilmil Breckenridge



  123. isaiar@mi.gov

    Nate, it is your tough luck that your WORTHY teammates do not seem to score when you are pitching. It is not fair and life is not fair, eh? It was kind of a strange year with all the injuries, all the losses and yet staying in the race until the bitter end (we hope). But all of us out here still LOVE watching you pitch, and love watching all the Tigers going to bat for us everyday. You can only do what you can do (Leyland-ism), and though this may not be a repeat of last year’s win, we did stay very close. We have such a great team,so many fantastic players, a great manager,and such an inspiring comraderie among you all. Sometimes I think we just have that Tiger’s curse! Did you ever hear the song that Jeff Daniels wrote about that?
    Anyway, we are tru blu fans and we will never desert the Stripes, you, and Leyland.

    Best of luck in your last weeks!

    Please blog us if your charka is up to it!

  124. mcpepk@yahoo.com

    I just want to say that I think your attitude is the best. I don’t know of any pitcher with more heart than you have Nate. Keep your spirit up and you will get the Tigers to the playoffs.

  125. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    First, GOOD LUCK on todays game against the A’s…..YOU CAN DO IT!! Can’t wait ’til you all are back home to see you all in action. Hope to see a little more smile on your face in the next few days….recently I seen you were chewing the gum in the dug out…not NEARLY as much as before, is that a “sign” it’s getting to the “gum time” tradition??? Andrew Miller was attempting it, but it didn’t work quite as well for him, no offense…:)
    Next I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! It must be nice to have a holiday and a day off to celebrate!! Don’t let the big 3-0 scare you and make you feel old now….:) again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY…that would be a great present to give to yourself a BIG win before you depart Oakland. Good luck and most of all God Bless and love to you all………….TORI

  126. angelnkids@yahoo.com

    First YOU pitched a great game. Second, YOU DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!!! I can’t believe that you don’t get the win again due to poor pitching by the bullpen. Yes, Rodney has been good lately, but COME ON….this is ridiculous. And don’t even get me started on Jones. He does NOT get a hug from me after that one. Ok..I am going to go take a nap, and when I wake up maybe it will have all been a bad dream.

  127. jodes1121@aol.com

    Nate you pitched a great game….not sure why every time you have a good pitching day, the bullpen can’t save your win. Well, regardless-you should be proud of your pitching today! Please post a blog soon—-we’re getting antsy here to hear from you again!

  128. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    UNBELIEVABLE!! I think that is the only word used to describe Sundays game. I am so proud of you and your pitching it was fantastic, a no hitter until 4 1/3, SO impressive!! Well, we all know the rest, as it has happened a time or three before…..anyway, here is a suggestion…..maybe your next start…..if your pitching is going well, tell Chuck Hernadez and Jim Leyland you will finish out your own game, see where it goes…I mean if he let Justin Verlander pitch 128 pitches…why couldn’t you just finish out your own game, give you a complete game and a chance at getting a win for yourself. Why they took you out is beyond me, since your count was only at 90 or so…you had some more good stuff in you…like I said, it is a suggestion and if they ask were that came from, go ahead give ’em my e-mail address…I’ll explain it to them. Yes…I must say I was REAL disappointed at Sundays’ outcome, as are many fans I imagine. Well, at least the bullpen could do is buy you a REALLY REALLY expensive birthday present…and a good one too!!! They owe you more than they have given you. It doesn’t mean I don’t have faith in them as relievers, but keeping them in there so long after not throwing a strike……come on…even I could see it was time for a change and noticed Rodney wasn’t having a good day, but instead they left him for whatever reason. I know you all can bounce back and you will….but just put it all in there!! Again, I am so sorry about the ND…you deserved the WIN! See you soon big guy…..God Bless and good luck, love to you all…..TORI
    and again I must say…




  129. ronvahanian@aol.com

    My heart is sinking after the U of M tragedy I thought thank god for our tigs.Jones blew it and we gave that game in a disgusting way.You guys have hung in there and people like miller and a couple of the other rooks that have pitched have done good and beyond what u can expect.The window is closing 25 or so games to go and Seattle and the Yankees have thier series so we could be in the right position and Kenny coming back.God bless and happy birthday.Your perfrmance on Sun was what a true pro is.
    RV from Fort Myers,Fl

  130. hokeygurl019@yahoo.com

    Hey Nate! First and foremost I want to say Happy Birthday!!!! Next, I would like to say awsome pitching yesterday! You kept my spirits up all day yesterday…now a couple of guys in the bullpen??? That was a different story! But, I still love all of you…you especially! I don’t know if you are a U of M fan or a MSU fan, but I gotta say GO STATE! I am an avid MSU fan! Just had to add that! Happy Birthday sweetie…from your biggest fan, Stephanie

  131. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    I must say, it has been quite a ride the last couple of games with Chicago…..glad to see you all come out on the winning side….for all of those fans who read these postings and this blog, I’d like to put an idea out there for you all…..lets jump on the NATE bandwagon and officially declare it GUM TIME!!!!! We can’t leave it up to just Nate to produce the gum-time tradition…so lets go fans it’s GUM TIME!!! Love ya Nate, I hope we can help and get some positive reactions…..God Bless……..TORI

  132. shuggard3466@charter.net

    I agree, its definetly GUM TIME!!!! This is the important part for all the fans, its been strenuous but we cant bail on them now. So lets get our gum out. GUM TIME, GUM TIME, GUM TIME. And with that, kick some Mariner butt!!!!!!!

  133. sostby0427@aol.com

    Hi Nate,
    Thanks for coming to the diaondback saloon last night. It was great to see you and Sean out relaxing. You deserve a little down time. If you and your family ever want to hang out on Belleville lake drop me a line. You guys would make my grandfather proud if he was still here. Go tigers!

    Shannon 🙂

    aka renee zellweger look alike with the tim mcgraw look alike…lol

  134. music2bmade@yahoo.com

    Please know how much this Tiger fan appreciates your contribution to the line-up. You have been a steady force on the pitching team.

    Spank ’em on your next outing!

  135. joehalstead@gmail.com

    The offense hasn’t been abundant on your starts, but you’ve been sharp. Stick it to the Mariners tomorrow and keep the heat on the Yankees!

  136. christof139@hotmail.com

    Let’s go TIGERS!!!!!!

    You swept the Cards, swept Boston, swept the Twins, took 3 out of 4 from NY, 2 out of 3 from Cleveland, etc., so do it again!!!

    Think Ty Cobb: single, single, walk, double, keep the Merry-Ro-Round turning. Don’t need to hit homers.

    Good game the other day Nate and all. The way I see it Nate you should have 4 more wins this year but didn’t get the hitting and the bullpen slid, so you can pitch and anyone that says different is wrong. To heck with the naysayers. You fellows had a lot of injuries both major and minor, I know, it’s a real drag. Slumps happen to everyone.

    Congrats to Granderson, Polanco, and Shef (did I miss anyone?) for setting and tieing those records.

    Go man go!!! (sounds like a relative of a Mango tree doesn’t it??) %-)

    Or Gum tree. It’s Gum-Time!!!

    Banzai!!! Banzai!!! Banzai!!!

    (not a Bonsai tree)


    Go TIGERS!!!!


  137. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Good luck on tonights game Nate, not that I think you need it, but maybe, just maybe the bullpen does when they come in to “close” the deal. Your pitching has been outstanding, just keep it there, don’t worry about fixing anything it has been right on target. Like I said before, maybe you could talk them (Chuck and Jim) into letting you go for a CG. You all are on FIRE….I am sure to be seeing you all in the play-offs. A BIG congrats to Granderson for his 20-20-20 run…just one more steal, and I have no doubt he’ll have it soon. WAY TO GO!! I will definitely have the big league chew ready to roll, as I have for the past 3 games…it is definitely GUM TIME in every sense of the word…keep up the good work Nate and we’ll be seeing you soon….God bless and Good luck…love to you all…..GO TIGERS!!…..faithful
    ’til the end and beyond………….TORI

  138. douglindathomas@aol.com

    Hi Nate,

    I don’t know if you remember me, I used to be T.B. secretary at EBC in Toledo. It is great when we get a chance to watch the Tigers on TV – even though we are here in Columbus. We are still Tiger fans through and through. We have gone to the games in Columbus and root for the Mud Hens. It is good to see you pitching again. We are praying for you!

    Doug & Linda

  139. joehalstead@gmail.com

    Nate- you kept us in the game. That’s all that matters. We knew the bats had to wake up for you eventually. Thanks! 🙂

  140. jodes1121@aol.com

    Love the charity baskets that your wife and other wives have put together. Unfortunately, I cannot bid on it – I tried to get my kids to save their money to buy it for me, but they’re only 8 and 5. Oh well, maybe next year! If I hadn’t lost my job-(wonderful automotive business)–I’d be definitely bidding—some good stuff in there! Good luck!!

  141. waxgirl33@yahoo.com

    Nate ~
    I was elated when I found out you would be pitching the 9/8 game against Seattle! My love for baseball is indescribable as I have been a Tigers fan all of my life ….. as my Grandma was. I remember the static on the am radio as she listened to Ernie & Al. I remember the Roar of ’84 and all the clippings I had saved. My baseball card collection and my love for Lance Parrish back in that day. I am now a single mom, soon to be 36 and have two boys of my own (7 & 5), who also share my love for baseball and the Tigers. My love for baseball and the Tigers is still very strong and my love for baseball boys is even stronger! 😉 Nothin’ hotter than a good looking man in a baseball uniform and cap! I LOVE the sideburns! It’s guys like you that make baseball look good! 🙂

    I took my youngest to the Whitecaps game last week against the Loons (as we are G-Rapidians) and had an experience I will be forever grateful for ….. I met Lance Parrish, talked to him and got an autographed baseball. Wishing my grandma was still here to share that moment. I was hoping to meet you on Saturday, but didn’t make it on time. Next time! I’ll be the one with the huge head of auburn hair! Which, btw, is a strinkingly similar color to yours (at times)…. check it out if you have time at myspace.com/waxgirl33

    Anyhow ~ great game Saturday! I saw the disappointment as you walked off the mound and read your lips. I pitched in softball …. I remember that frustration. You are a great player and I will continue to support the team, no matter what! I’m not here for the bandwagon …. I’m a lifer!!!! Thanks for being one of my favorite baseball boys! You rock! Gum on! Love the bulge – cheek and pants 😉

    For love of the game

    ~ xo ~

    Jennifer Wax, Grand Rapids MI

  142. croberts7191@wowway.com

    It is nice to have meaningful baseball in September here in Detroit for the second straight year. I really believe you guys can make the post season. Play nine innings hard and the rest will take care of itself.

  143. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Only one way to say it….you ALL are HOT HOT HOT!!! Good luck on tonights start in Minn. Knock ’em down. I still beleive and I hope you do too…..give them the Nate that shut them OUT! Be seeing you soon, God Bless and love to you all……TORI

  144. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    WAY TO GO NATE!! I knew you could do it. That was an amazing game…good luck to you all in the rest of the series. You looked GREAT!! I know you had some control issues at one point, but you recovered very very well. At last you got the win you deserved and the offense you needed….congrats!! God Bless and good luck…love to you TORI

  145. jodes1121@aol.com

    Hey Nate-
    Finally got the win that you worked so hard to achieve. Thanks to the all the pitchers that helped you retain your win. Good Luck in the upcoming games…you have fans that will always support you guys! Keep giving us something to be proud of.


  146. tudaami@aol.com

    FINALLY!!! The offense and the defense working in the same game — Congratulations on the win, Nate. We’re all cheering for you.

  147. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    I know you aren’t scheduled to pitch until Wednesday, but I wanted to send out my well wishes to ALL of you during these next 3 games! I know it’s going to be a heck-of-a series and I will be glued to the TV, bitting my nails and all. I, as well as my family believe in you, and the Tigers as a whole. So, GOOD LUCK wishes to especially ROGERS $ YOU! GO TIGERS…teach those Indians what your’re made of. GOD BLESS AND BE WITH YOU!! Faithful to the end………TORI

  148. donkerbrook@comcast.net

    Nate. I think we are pretty well past the half way point. I know you are busy and all but you could give us a quick hi!! 🙂
    Good Luck with the Indians and everyone else out there. See ya in October!

  149. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Good luck today with those pesky Indians. Tough couple of games we’ve seen, but the offense has played well. (pitching too). Today you need to put them in their place! God bless and Good luck…..go get ’em big guy!! Love to you….TORI

  150. ty_schwamberger@yahoo.com

    Good Luck today Nate. Let’s get a win here. Only 4.5 back from the Yanks. We need to win some ballgames, cause the Yanks have a cake schedule from this point out.

  151. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Good job Nate. Sorry about the loss, but over all it was a good game and you pitched well. Believe in yourselves, as your fans do, you can still make it….it isn’t over until it’s over….remember. Even if it does happen you don’t make it to the post-season….we’ll all be back next season to cheer you on in 08!! Your fans love you so hold it high and take pride in all that you have accomplished with all those hurdles the team had to climb. Love to you ALL and God bless………..TORI

  152. annie2u59@aol.com

    Go nate! dont think we`ll be see you guys in oct. but i`ll be whatching next season, but who knows never give up hope. win or lose true fans will be back!

  153. donkerbrook@comcast.net

    Well, I will get one more game in this season..but at least it is Monday’s game and I get to see you pitch!! 🙂 Watch for me, I will be the one on the Robertson jersey. Well…OK….the OTHER one in the Robertson jersey! :)Good Luck, do good!

  154. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Good luck today with your final start against the Twins. It has been a good year that is for sure. As a fan, I am truely proud of “MY” TIGERS!! It may not have been a play off year (although anything can happen)…but it has been a ride worth taking and definitely worth returning. In the offseason I think you all ought to just wrap yourselves in bubble wrap and make sure everyone stays 100%….everyone knows you all are a top team, and the way you all are playing to the end shows just how TOPS you all are. CONGRATS on the season, a lot of awards will be coming for a spectacular team. Keep up the good work. Enjoy your offseason and stay healthy and in March we will be watching for that penant run….God Bless and Good luck…..love to you all………TORI

  155. tori7748640@yahoo.com

    Those **** Yankees!!
    You guy sure made a dog-gone good run at it these last few games, I am very proud to call myself a Tiger fan. Remember there is 2008 and we, as fans will be there to cheer you all on. I like the fact that despite it all, you all go out there in these last of the season and play like it is still on the line, and that is just too impressive. It is too bad on your last start that you didn’t get the win, but you pitched fantastic, and your last game will, no doubt be just as fantastic. As a matter of fact….it is my birthday Sept.30…and I have gotten one of the greatest gifts…my loved ones are taking me to Chicago to see you pitch. Talk about a happy birthday!! That is just beyond words for me….so good luck there…I am not sure if you will be posting too much in the off season (wish you would) but I sure hope you give us some closing comments. I am truely amazed at how far you, as a team, have made it despite all those injuries and set back you faced and still you held it all together and came in strong and took it right down to the wire. That is a special and well put together team and as I have said many many times, it makes me PROUD to be a TIGER fan!! No bandwagon jumping going on here and never will be. I will be seeing you in Chicago, and if it’s not too much to ask, I’d like a win for my b-day…for you and for me…GOD BLESS and good luck on and off the field. WAY TO GO TIGERS!! You are still number one in my book!!

    Love to you all…faithful forever…………TORI

  156. hokeygurl019@yahoo.com

    Hello Nate,
    Well, I got to come see you boys play all 3 of your last games this season…including you on Monday! I even got on tv showing my Nate pride with a Nate poster! Anyhow, I will love you boys all the way until my old days. I am sad you guys didn’t make it, but hey, you ALL gave your best and that’s all we ever ask for out of you. I will ALWAYS be a Tiger fan, and ALWAYS be a Nate fan…whatever shall happen. I am so very proud of you guys and know that next year you will all come back fresh and with smiles on 🙂 There is NO REASON to be down on yourselves and NO REASON to reflect on the bad. Let’s stay happy and healthy and try again next year. And, oh yeah, I heard from someone that Kristen is pregnant…if so, good luck and congrats on the baby. If not, than my mistake! I love you Nate and after Sunday I can’t WAIT to see you next year!

  157. tffmss@comcast.net

    Nate – I think you have pitched really well this year, even though things haven’t gone your way. Great pitching – just some really bad luck sometimes. It would have been nice to hear more from you, though. Hopefully all is well. Good luck tomorrow, and I can’t wait to see you out there for the Tigers next year!


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