Coming together, dealing with injuries

In the last entry, we were talking about hovering around .500 and talking a little about knowing the kind of team we have and things like that. Since then, we’ve run off 11 out of 12 games we’ve won. That’s just a testament to what kind of team we have and what we’re capable of doing, and obviously not just talent, but guys coming together and playing the game the right way and believing in the system that we have here. As we touched on before, complacency doesn’t happen here. It doesn’t settle into places like this, but it can happen. We were hovering around .500, but not worrying about where we were and how we were playing at that time.

It’s such a long season, still a lot of games to play, but we’re playing pretty well and dealing with injuries. We talked before about losing Kenny and Vance, and now Joel. Having these guys around means a lot to us, especially the younger guys. Certainly for Rabelo to be around Vance, and obviously Kenny to the pitching staff. Having them around is good. Obviously it’s difficult on them to not be able to go out there and perform. It’s more about how this team has responded to that, dealing with it, and still running out there and coming together and picking up where those guys aren’t able to contribute. That’s big for this team.



    HEY NATE! So great to hear from you after so long. I think you all are overcomming the injuries very well. The whole team supports each other well and that makes it so much easier to keep it strong. I am enjoying watching you guys on a daily basis to find out just who is going to shine. Looking forward to seeing you pitch Monday … go get ’em. Looking great. >>> 🙂


    Thank you so much for doing this blog!!! You have no idea how much Tiger fans appreciate it. I just want to thank you and the team for doing what you do. I have been a Tiger faithful through good times and especially bad, when support from fans was needed most. So thank you for giving me what I’ve been waiting for so many years. Just knowing that you have the chance to go out and compete with any given team is enough for me. Thanks again. Good luck against the Red Sox.


    I think that you guys are doing great. I even thought when you where playing in April as soon as the guys could start hitting it was going to be hard to beat you with how the starting piching was going.

    It was a tough break last night The pitchers seemed to have a tough time last night. Not the norm. I felt really bad for Virgil Vasquez. I am sure that is not how he saw his first major league start going, and looking as his numbers in Toledo doesn’t seem to be the norm.

    I wanted to now what you guys thought about this Joe Morgen on ESPN seemed to ellude to the fact that our pitchers were having a hard time keeping the ball down and thought that there had to be something different with the mound than they were used to?? Does this make any sense?? I guess I want to come up with a reason that it was so darn bad?? If you can please address that question.

    Good Luck in Boston tonight and all week, playing them is going to be tuff, but I know that you can do it.



    hey nate, despite being very far from detroit (guatemala), i have followed the team pretty closely through the years. i watch most of the games on gamecast, since my cable *****. i just wanted to express my support for you, go kick some red sox ***!



    We got SPANKED! Thats a good reality check but I’m not complaining because we took the series. I’ll take 2 out of 3 any day. Tell Vasquez to put a little Gold Bond Medicated Powder in his jock strap his next outting. That should keep his mind off the stresses of the game. Lets just say it’s like Halls menthol on certain parts.

    Give that Dice-K kid a run for his yen tonight! He doesn’t look like much of a threat and it’s only more entertaining to think of all the money they spent on the little guy.

    Wow, this is the beginning of Gauntlet week. Besides St. Louis the schedule is pretty tough. Hopefully we have a winning percentage when all is said an done. Atleast you guys (pitchers) should feel a lot more confident knowing that the bats are working for offense.

    Can someone tell Rodney to twist the hat a little more and get angry? It looks like he’s trying to pin-point the ball rather than just throwing it. He totally throws the game in slow-motion when he’s on the mound. I guess he drives up beer sales at the stadium with those extended innings which Illitch can’t complain about.

    I’m tired of the whole A-Rod noise the MLB is making.. If you look at Maggs % and the fact he is 20 AB behind A-Rod, Maggs would be leading RBI’s in the league. I’m sure he’ll pass A-Rod in a week or two as long as our boys keep getting on base like they have.

    I’m glad I can vent on your blog.. :0 Not that you or anyone else is actually reading what I say.

    My son and I collected all of those PINS that were put out by Detroit Freep. Now we’ve got to figure out how we can get you guys to sign each spot on the album. I hate to bribe my son by telling him that if he gets a good report for the day at school we can grab a pin. But it works and it only cost me $66 for 22 days of good behavior. Still no reply on any suggestions I can throw out to his team… You know those little people that idolize you and enjoy the sport..


    You guys are playin top notch, I must say. The bats really couldn’t be any better. Sunday’s game shouldn’t be dissected. Good to see the bottom 1/3 of the lineup to finally find their groove. I would have never thought i’d see the day where just about everyone in the lineup seemed to talk walks like pros. i’m loving everything about how the season is going so far, minus the injuries, clearly. Out of everyone, though, I think you’re the most consistent, and you were last season as well. Keep on playing your style, and with this upgraded lineup, you’ll no doubt get the 17 or 18 wins you were robbed of last season.

    It’s going to be hilarious sweeping St. Louis in Interleague play this season. They aren’t looking to hot.

    PS: amen to Shuggard for the Dice-K comment. Boston is going to be an interesting team in 2008, with Manny reaching Free Agency and them just spending all that cash on Dice-K.


    Nate, have a great night! We are all behind you 1000%!!
    Think: bubble gum, Gold Bond, Joe Morgan, etc., whatever it takes. Go get em, Tiger!


    Nate Robertson has filled in well as the leader of the pitching staff. What makes Nate a great pitcher? Nothing seems to phase him. He just keeps coming at the batters with determination. Unlike Bonderman who tends to get down on himself, Robertson brings his best stuff and doesn’t let bad things affect him. I imagine that’s why Leyland started Robertson in the first playoff game at Yankee stadium last year.

    This is totally symbolic of the Tigers. The White Sox, Yankees, Red Sox are expected to dominate, and have a lot more pressure to win. Tigers show up and challenge these teams with very little pressure. I can tell you, Tiger fans are SOOOO happy just to be competitive again, and to have a team that brings it every game.

    The umpire in Boston had a very radical strike zone don’t you think Nate? It’s amazing how each umpire has a different perspective of what a strike zone is. DON’T ANSWER THAT, I don’t want you to get in trouble. –MrBest


    Hey Nate! I certainly hope that you are correct and that the team can pull together and overcome the injuries that are really taking it’s toll on the team. It is very difficult to watch a team that we know is capable of so much struggle so hard to stay with it. Tearsa


    HEY NATE…despite the loss yesterday, I must say it was a good game. You were consistant and persistant too bad the ump couldn’t decided what he wanted a strike to be. For how long you guys have been on the road and the sleep deprived bodies you all have been playing with I have to say HATS OFF! I know as soon as the game starts everyone plays with 100% of what they have and it shows. It is still early in the season so I know you all will overcome and I believe you have done a GREAT job. Stay the way you are, eventually the umps will figure out where that strike zone is. You are still hot and on fire………keep it up……love ya love the team….GO TIGERS!!!


    from one cub fan…
    great to see Maggs tearing it up. When this guy is healthy, he is unstoppable.


    Nate, you pitched a great game in Beantown, so nice effort tho you did not get a W. The last two to Boston were really hard to lose, when you figure we really should have blown it wide open, and our pitchers AGAIN did a fantastic job. It was fun to see Maggs and the big I hit it over (on) the GM at least. Best of luck to AM for his first major league start I believe? I like what Leyland said about how close he is to the plate! Funny!We will be out at the park tonite yelling our support. Go BigCats! The guy in the cubicle next to me is from Cleveland, so he is really annoying whenever they get back in first place for one minute. So please get back in first place as soon as possible so I can work in peace.


    GREAT game TIGERS!! Last night was a breath of fresh air, it was a well earned and a well deserved win. Everyone seems so refreshed and relaxed out there. I can only imagine how glad you all are to be home. Looking forward to seeing you on the mound tonight Nate, tear ’em up. I am so excited to see how far you all have come so far this season. I am excited for every game and I haven’t been like that since the 80’s. Glad to have the team back. Good luck tonight (not that you need it), I know you can “PERSEVERE”. Love to you………TORI


    Nate and fellow tigs,
    some of my best memories are sittin at home in CT when i was around 5, and watchin trammel, whitaker, lemon, etc play the sox while my mother ironed and dad had a beer next to me…thanks for bringin back fantastic memories…so proud to be from michigan and to be a tig fan.


    I have been following the Tiger’s all of my life, I am from Warren, but now in Oklahoma for over 15 years. I have been telling my kids that fans are fans win or loose. It’s is good to see our team be on the winning side of things. Thanks for doing the blog.


    nate well i just watched you and the tiges beat up st louis excellant pitching all weekend u and verlander- and the rest of the pitching should have some more help with rogers coming back soon and miller what a pitcher i just got his 07 topps rookie auto card all i can say is sweet, me and a coworker talk about this team every weekend and how great the team is doing u players make a hard working fan and others verry happy this team and leland are the best in the mlb ordonez sheffield polanco all u guy have a very special place in my heart – my dad was a huge fan he passed a way the year the mlb went on strike and now my dad would be very proud to be a tiger fan i remember he used to yell at the tv when sparky would put john hiller ( closer) in and would give a way the game and i would say to him that the tigers cant here u and he would say so and now i do the same thing -i watch the team 7 day a week and read about things in the paper will make a couple trips to park in july cant wait any way in michigan we love the tigers-do ur best and lets go tigers this is a top notch club and i feel sorry for the other team


    I must say WHAT A SWEEP! It was good to see some other faces on the field Sunday. I am impressed with the terrific job Sheffield did in RF. I’m glad Mag’s finally got a break from out there and it didn’t cost a thing. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead with LAA . Also, one more comment/compliment………I like the way you shave. Is this the sort of thing where you shave a little as you win a game? Nice to see your smiling face. Love to you………TORI


    Hey Nate!
    I first off want to tell you thanks for answering my question from when I wrote to you in your Back Again entry. That was very nice of you to take time out of your busy day to write that to me.

    The Tigers are doing great! I’m so glad that you guys are doing so good; I’m real proud of you for making it so far in baseball (to the majors), then working as a team to make yourselves a winning ballclub. You should be so proud!!! That’s a goal I would love to accomplish in life and thanks to people like you, I know I can.

    Here’s the bad news: we just got our jerseys the other day in softball because our first game starts next week and to my dissapointment there was not a number 29…It was either already taken by the older girls who started playing before our team this season or it was too big for me. That was kind of a downer. Even though I don’t have #29, I’ll play like a #29:)!

    Good luck on your next start! You and the team are playing so well! When my friends or my parents ask me who my favorite player is on the team, it’s hard to answer, but I always say you are my favorite pitcher! I guess to narrow it down I would say you and then I also like Verlander for pitchers; Pudge, Inge, Maggs, and Granderson for players. My favorite player and pitcher of all time would be you for pitcher and then Derek Jeter of the NYY, even though he’s not a Tiger, he’s from Michigan and an amazing player that took his dreams and turned them into reality big time. Did you ever have a favorite player? I know your favorite pitcher was Tom Glavin because you said that at the Tigerfest that I said I went to eairler.

    Wow, this has been a long post—I guess their is a

    lot to say to a winning team’s all-around-cool-guy-super-great-pitcher!

    Thanks, Love Ya,

    Kaitlin #29 at heart


    You guys have a great clubhouse and you can tell everyone believes in each other so it’s kind of contagious I think when someone new has to step in and fill a position. It’s a joy to watch this team. Go Tigers!!!


    Stopping to show some love from the U.P. of Michigan. Our family watches all the Tigers games we can on TV during the season. Whenever you pitch, my 3 year old son says “Mama there’s your favorite Tiger Nate.” We are loving this season! (Especially the sweep of the Cardinals.)


    Hey Natey,
    Me and my sister are watching the game right now, the opening game versus Angel and we are losing 6 to 1 in the bottom the 6th, which brings me to my question. Me and my sister always wonder if there is a particular time to start ” gum-time”, are we supposed to be pitching or batting, and how many innings should we have played before we try to work the magic of “gum-time”?

    I also wanted to say that I was super excited when I found out my parents got me a Robertson jersey for my B-day. I cant wait to wear it to a game. Good luck on friday versus Cleveland, should be a great game!! 😉

    Your Loyal Red-Head in Midland,MI


    Great game last night. I have been on the edge of my seat both games with the Angels. You all are playing hard and furious. It gets my heart pumping and my adrenaline rush is as active as if I was really there. Good luck to the team tonight, to take the series and most of all good luck to you on Friday. I will be watching while you battle those Indians. I am also quite excited to see that KC has taken a whipping stick to them already. Good luck and I will DEFINITELY be watching. Love to you all………TORI


    Thanks for taking time for the fans both inside the park and out! The kids really look up to you guys whether you all realize that or not. It’s not just about the autograph. It’s about the time you take to get a picture snapped or talk to them for a second. I already thanked you in person the other night for taking a minute with my son at the Piston’s game. He hasn’t stopped talking about it. (He doesn’t usually offer cuts in line anywhere, especially the bathroom! Ha!) We’re heading up to Comerica Park for the afternoon game today (Section 136) then right up to the Palace for the Piston’s game…maybe we’ll see you there again! Should be a Blast of a day! Thanks again for your loyalty to the fans!

    P.S. Please thank Sean Casey for me too! He also took a few minutes for Scotty that same night at the Pistons game!

    Pam Theisen, Flat Rock


    Nate, just saying…once again, that it was truly an honor to meet you once again. I meant every word of what I said about making me laugh again after a very hard year. Both you and Brandon have done a lot for my family in a weird way. I’d explain it but I don’t want to take up too much time. However, all you guys deserve a big pat on the back from this state for bringing many back to baseball. The pic came out clear so hopefully I will get another chance to meet you and get it signed. Good luck against the Tribe tomorrow! We’ll be watching you and listening to Ernie. Now that is a double play! Take it easy!

    PS. You haven’t been to your myspace page in awhile have you? LOL…just teasing ya!


    HEY NATE! Just wanted to wish you a good game tonight, my children always get excited when it’s your turn to pitch, they count out every 5 days (so do I). With the way the bats have been flying I am sure the run support will be on your side. Now is the time to really come out on top. Good luck with the sweep. We are behind you all 100%! Love to you all….TORI


    Hey Nate-

    Hang in there. You’ll figure it out and come out next time stronger than ever. Don’t let yourself be in a funk. We believe in you…now you believe in yourself.

    Go Tigers!


    Hey Natey,
    I just wanted to say that you are an great pitcher I know that and you know that! I know these last few games have been rough but, I have no fear because the next time you go to the mound you will better than last time, and you will have learned something from your previous outing. You are a fierce competitor, dont forget it! Leyland belives in you and your ability and so do I and several other thousand people.

    P.S Thanks for shaving! 😉

    Your LoyalRed-Head in Midland,MI


    Hey Nate….tough break out there, but as the other comments have posted….don’t give up. We believe in you and we know you can do it. It’s only May…you’d get it down and in that zone and you’ll figure out just what spark you need to complete it. Look at it this way you made it over 5 innings and you look GOOD. Things just weren’t lining up last night. Tonight is a new night and I am sure your teammates will overcome as well. Looking forward to seeing you in 5 days on that mound. Rematch and overcome……Love to you all…..TORI


    yeah nate, you just got to have faith in yourself, i still havent kicked you out of my fantasy baseball team hahaha Go Tigers! june will be nate time i know it


    COME ON NATE!!! I don’t know if your are hurt or Tired or what, But I don’t see the velocity there! If you are hurt, don’t be a tuff guy! If your not, let’s get it going!


    u the tigers have to get the **** together and beat these dam indians i was married to one and well the key word is was now it is going to be a tough series but lets scalp em


    How does the team pick itself up after being swept by a team like the Indians? This could have given the Tigers a 3 game lead in first, instead we are 3 games back.

    Does everyone just go about their business? Does Leyland have a talk with everyone? Does someone else on the team say something? Just curious. Thanks, Sharon


    That was a rough series. However, it really could have been a lot worse. Like everyone says, best thing is to learn from it and take it to them in the next series. You guys have the talent, even with the current slew of injuries, to overcome this short slump. Just have faith in yourselves and your abilities. Best of luck to you and the guys on the next outting and take it to them!


    Hey Nate! Tough series, yes that is true, but now you all have had time to figure out just what plan you all can take to overcome. That first game against the Rays was a good one, and now you all know how to play them too. It’s good to see that you all can capitalize on your mistakes and make them better. We are STILL and ALWAYS behind our Tigers so just keep up the hard work. I wish you’d write a little more often, but I realize you are a bit busy. I will definitley be watching and waiting to see just what things you, yourself have figured out for Wednesday. God bless you all….love to you all……..TORI


    Teams are interesting, living systems. Leadership is so key. As long as Leyland is the manager I feel confident that the Tigers can overcome the adversity of injuries, blown saves, and slow starts. And, its a long season. This is a good team, with good leadership and excellent players.


    i think you gys are doing pretty good just that the bullpen hasnt doin its job and the offense is leaving runs in scoring position still luv yeah! and what happened to your beard?


    Nate, maybe shave your beard to a Go-T! That might remind your subconscience of last year.


    Go get ’em!! I also agree that the Tigers are doing pretty well and can hang in there through the season. kPeople will come beck from the DL….see ya in October!!


    You were looking good tonight at the beginning Nate…don’t let the little things throw you off….I know you have it in you!! 😛 Texas…here you come!
    PS…the goat loooks awesome! 🙂


    Hey Nate! Glad you weren’t hurt out there when you pulled @ your back. The last thing the tigers need is yet another serious injury. But, I think you did a good job out there, I’ll be honest, not your best, but better than before. You will get it, we all know it will happen, you just have to stay strong within yourself. I believe you are a strong and persistant player, a bulldog at heart. Texas will be a different story, I can feel it! However, I do have one burning question I hope you will be able to answer (or at least attempt), “why is it that the tiger bats slam hard on a lot of nights, but when you are pitching nothing seems to work out for the offense?” I know I am not the only one who is noticing that……just curious as to if it is an omen or just the way the dice falls. Good luck in Cleveland and looking forward to seeing what you have been working on when you come against Texas. Love to you all…….God bless…….TORI


    Hey Nate! I hate to say it but i think you should go back to the clean cut look of last season. It just might get you out of your funk. The shorter hair and cleaned up facial hair is always a winner! :o)



    Your last 4 losses were: 1.Seattle 2.@Boston 3.Cleveland 4.@Tampa

    Seattle Rates: 2nd in Batting AVG., 12th in SLG., 15th in OBP., 13th in Hits

    Boston Rates: 3rd in Batting AVG., 2nd in SLG., 1st in OBP., 4th in Hits

    Cleveland: 7th in Batting AVG., 3rd in SLG., 2nd in OBP., 11th in Hits

    Tampa: 15th in Batting AVG., 14th in SLG., 17th in OBP., 19th in Hits

    The only outing I’d be concerned about was Tampa Bay, who rates 2nd in strikeouts!

    You only had three strikeouts! Stop Psycho-analyzing yourself; you’re a solid starting pitcher in the majors. During the Boston game Rod Allen mentioned that the Red Sox were waiting on certain pitches, but that doesn’t mean you change the way you pitch.

    You have five full days to relax and get away from the pressure of baseball. Go out there in Texas and have fun! Stop pressing.


    Nate i know u can pitch. But cut the hair and shave some u look like a BUMB. Your arm is great u have the skill and talent but u loos like a left over. Please for the fans clean up and your pitching will clean up. A fan for life John Jensen


    Hey Nate!! I am glad to see that your razor does work and that you clean up WELL!! Maybe the team ought to play with some bubble wrap on them or something…must be scary for you all. Good luck with those Indians…..don’t worry you’ll get ’em in the end. Keep a positive attitude and all will resolve itself, I think you all are the most optimistic team in baseball today, and it is great to see that, no matter what you all smile and have a good time which, in reality, is what it is all about. Keep those heads high and move forward. I know it may seem I write a lot, but I guess maybe I am hoping for a little return message > Good luck and God be with you all……love to you all…..TORI


    Hey Nate! Okay so sitting in front of the TV I found myself wishing i could write letters to you guys like i can write or email other people in the public eye! so while looking for contact info i found this site!sooo maybe you can pass a message to some of the guys for me? tell all of the guys on the DL to get well soon we need them! After watching almost every game ive gotten real protective of all you guy’s injuries! (btw hows ur back?) Well i think its time to bring back the trail of tears on those indians… cmon grady sizemore… joke lets go boys ill see you for the mets series! Love yah Nate send my love to the boys!


    Nate, THE OPPONENTS ARE STEALING THE SIGNALS FROM THE DUGOUT! Please! Just bring the question up to the team.



    Whats up Nate, I just wanted to say good luck to you guys, I know its been a long couple of days the last few days with all the injuries, but you guys are going to make a run, I know it. I don’t ever miss a game, we watch every one we can. Best of luck to you guys tonight against the tribe.


    I’m no kid (56 yrs old) and have been watching my beloved Tigers since I was 5. You guys are great…I laugh at some of the people here giving you, or anyone else on the team, advice. Thank you for making summer so much fun again….win or lose, you guys play hard all the time. That’s a testimony to your character…and I, for one, appreciate it. Good luck, and God bless.



    Natey…. Trail of tears time on those Indians… god Grady Sizemore is getting annoying… les go get em!! always much love

    Scalp em!


    Nate-I stoo d by you guys when you lost against the Yanks in the ALCS last year. Come on buddy; we need you to put together a game and start a string of wins NOW. Don’t get too cocky with last year’s stuff. We got to the WCS because of wins in May and June. Beat some *** Nate NOW. We need you, and we trust you.


    WAY TO GO TIGERS!! A much deserved win. I must say it has been a heck of a series and too bad about that second game. But, everyone tore it up that’s for sure. I was on the edge of my seat until the last out on all 3 games so far. Just trying to catch my bearings for game 4. We all knew you could do it and I think you all did too. Looks like you all are overcoming the injuries just fine. The infield is strong and possitive, we’d love to have Inge and Guillien back in the game but Infante and Perez have really stepped up their ranks and it’s GREAT to see that. For a while there I was afraid you all would have to pull fans out of the stadium to finish off a game since everyone was getting hurt or thrown out of the games. But glad to see that’s all behind you. It is a refreshing sight and an encouragement to the younger generation to see you all out there smiling and playing harder and harder no matter what the circumstances. If you all are down, you don’t show it, you shrug off the night before and move on. My son is just now getting heavy into baseball because of you all and I am so glad it has given him that winning attitude and drive that you all have. He has had a MUCH more possitive attitude toward playing and not just a focus on winning, for that I say THANK YOU ALL!! Good luck, as I say on game 4. Take it back. God bless you all and love to you………TORI


    Hey there Nate! Great win last night..much needed and deserved, that is for sure! Thanks for coming out to fanatic U last week and taking your time to sign for some of us. I got to come see you there…I was the one with the BIG picture and gave you the pack of gum 🙂 🙂 🙂 Other than that, can’t wait to see you pitch Tuesday. I was so glad to see you weren’t hurt the other night when you pulled your back. I was nervous…Tuesday will be so much better! Well, good luck than and I love you!



    Speaking of injuries Nate, I have a question. I’ve been watching since Inge has been sidelined and that leads me to wonder, why isn’t Infante just our regular starting third baseman? Inge has some more power, but Infante has some as well. I would rather have a guy who gets on base occassionally when he doesn’t hit homeruns rather than a guy who either goes deep or strikes out. Infante is probably the more consistent defender. He is also an excellent fastball hitter with great speed. If Infante is our regular third baseman, he can be our leadoff hitter, moving Granderson down in the order where a player with his power would fit better. Any thoughts? Maybe you can put in a word to Jimmy for me? Thanks, Kyle


    Looking for a great nite 6/5-as a grandma”fan”-sure miss that clean cut style Mr. Nate,whatever works-be yourself. Our family enjoys the “Tiger” in you and wish you the very best always.


    What size Mud Hens jersey do you wear? After I PAID to watch you stink it up against Cleveland two Fridays ago, and then watch you not even make it past the first inning of the Rangers game tonight, I think its time to give someone else the start. Maybe you and Jonesy oughtta try not to throw meatballs above the belt.


    Hey Nate. Don’t beat yourself up man. Every great athlete goes through slumps. You still have good stuff. It was just some bad luck. They just guessed the right pitches. It’s baseball, weird things happen. You’ll knock em dead next time.


    Hey Nate….tough break. I still believe in you no matter what. Everyone has some bad times, just shake it off and put your head on tight for Sunday.I can understand you “pride” issues, but just as it is in life, baseball can have it’s trying times. I will definitely be watching on Sunday to see just what you’ve overcome. Good luck to you all and take the rest of the games in the series and you all will be fine. It’s still early and we ALL need to remember that. Keep on keepin on…….love to you all God Bless!!………TORI


    Even though your last few outings have been rough, you are still my favorit pitcher! I don’t know what has been happening to you, but I KNOW you have great stuff. We have seen it time and time again. TIGER FANS BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!

    P.s. Love the back to Nate look. Sorry, I wasn’t a fan of the beard.



    We still believe in you- keep your chin up and things will get better.



    It will get better, it has to. Take a couple of days to rest and relax and you’ll be right back there racking up wins and k’s for the team.



    Hey, Nate, I just read that you’re on the DL for now. Maybe that’s just what you need, some time to rest and regroup. I know you’ll come back better than ever. Keep the faith!



    Come on Bud.

    Pulling for you, you got of get back on track we need you.

    and you are my favorite blogger when you are putting up the words


    I hope you are feeling well enough to pitch good soon!!! I’m rooting for you all the way. I’m really sorry you can’t pitch until June 22, but just hang in there. Miller will get the job done when he’s needed.

    God Bless You,

    Love You Always,

    Kaitlin #29 (at heart)


    Hang in there Nate and take that break for a short bit. It has been a hectic season, but you’ll be back!!!!

    The Tigers’ offense is unbelievable now!!!

    Thanx to all you Tigers Players for the fireworks!!!

    Cleveland got lucky, period. KC just beat them. 😉

    You all beat them 13 game wins to 6 game losses last year, and this year isn’t over, so you’ll get them later this season.

    Best wishes, Chris in Detroit


    Tough break, Nate. I could tell by the look on your face at last nights game that you weren’t real happy being put on the DL, but, maybe it’s just what you need a good rest and a little time.Sometimes 5 days just isn’t enough to get ready for the next game. Relax and give it to yourself to better your team and your pitching. Your fans stand behind you and we will be waiting for you to return and knock the socks off your opponents. We will be watching and waiting for your safe and healthy return. It’s early and you can always make that dramatic comeback we know you have in you. I know I am speaking just for myself, but I am sure your fans will agree…..maybe you should write a bit more often so we know what is really happening with you. It just may help us get a clue as to you……love to you GOD BLESS….Get back soon!!!…….TORI


    Nate, I’m sorry to hear that you’re on the DL. I was going to the game next week and was hoping to see you!

    However, I think this time off will be good for you b/c you can now focus on your style and review what may have been going wrong! It’ll be 15 days well spent, I say!

    It looks like losing the beard didn’t help your game either, so I think it’s safe to say you can grow some of it back! 😉 I miss it already! Haha!

    Hang in there and I’ll be looking forward to your next start!

    ❤ Erica



    I have been pretty disturbed by some of your comments lately! “I’m not Hurt” in defiance of being put on the DL. “I have had bad streaks in the minors and have come back every time with an extended win streak.”

    I was at that game Tuesday in Texas sitting right behind your dugout. It was the most disturbing pitching performance I have ever witnessed. I know this is a “I love Nate board”, and I would love to see you dominate again! But facts are facts. You haven’t had a quality start in 6 starts. This isn’t the minors. It has been a long miserable time in Detroit since we had a winning team. Love you or not, this is bigger than just you Nate! Check my previous comments on May 26, after your 4th poor start in a row. I personally believe you are a great person, awesome pitcher, and great teamate! But realize that this is bigger than you! Get yourself right and please don’t step on that mound again until you are sure you got it right! We definately need you right Nate!! Hope to see you soon!


    i agree with a few previous statement…facial hair is your strong point…i’d go with your AL Champ fu man chu, good times with the Fu.


    Hey Nate…I am glad to hear that there isn’t actual damage to your arm, that gives us a relief, as well as you I imagine. But, probably just as frustrating. Still “true” fans are still behind you and I am sure just as glad as I am that there isn’t a permanent problem. Just keep on keepin’ on and things will progress and return to normal, if not better. I am looking forward to seeing your next start. Good luck to Miller today, I am sure he will do you proud. By the way, that was a good example of hard Tiger play yesterday….a game full of action. I am convinced that it isn’t the beard nor the hair that has you down and out as some may think, I think you just need to concentrate on YOU…return to us 100%….good luck for this series and we’ll be looking for you…love to you all…God bless…TORI


    Hi Nate…I am soooo glad to hear that their isn’t any great damage to your arm, as are you I’m sure. I am behind you 100% and cannot wait to see you back. I was at the game yesterday (Saturdsay 6/9) and was holding a huge sign saying “Get Well Nate…I still love you” I hope you saw it. I was right by the dugout. I also had all my Nate gear on. Just keep concentrating on yourself and you will come back..I have faith. When you step back on that mound know that you have true fans behind you and we love you no matter what. Keep resting and can’t wait to see you back.


    WAY TO GO TIGERS!! I am sure you all are very proud of Miller for stepping it up a knotch. It was a GREAT game and very exciting until the end. It was also good to see you smile, Nate, after a few days. Hope you are doing well, and things are going better for you and your pitching, as I know they will. Good luck to you all with the Brewers, with this day off, it should give you all a good rest and be ready to come out swinging. Love to you and God Bless…TORI


    Oh yeah Nate…Congrats to your brother Matt for being drafted by the Tigers. I forgot to post that last time. Also, great game for Miller yesterday…Glad he could step up and help out team out. Good to see you smiling with the team again as well. Keep that smile!


    Hey Nate! Just got back from visiting you at Meijer’s in Southfield…I am the one who traveled 106 miles just to say “HOWDY!” It was so good to see you in a great mood and spirits high. Can’t wait to see you on June 25th at the game and not to mention to see you get back out there on the mound. Hope all is going well and your arm is getting the rest it needs. I did forget about your brother making the draft .. “congrats to him”… hope he can keep up with you .. looking forward to hearing from you SOON I’s been a while since your last posting. Good luck with the next series and out there on that road….love to you all and God Bless….TORI


    WAY TO GO TIGERS!!!! A NO-HITTER!!!! That was a fantastic game, I am so proud to be a Tiger fan…..I am sure you all are just as proud. Looking forward to seeing more, much, much more….love to you ALL…..God Bless…TORI


    Hey Nate–
    I am a big fan of yours….I miss seeing you pitch—I hope you are getting healthy and will be back very soon!

    p.s. thanks for shaving—-:) like the other poster’s comment—bring back the fu man chu.

    Get healthy! Hope to meet you on June 30th!


    HEY NATE>>>Just a quick re-entry here……a question that was circling around in my head….on Verlanders no-hitter were you chewing gum?????? Haven’t seen you bring out the big GUM yet, just curious as to what was going on in respects to that one….hope to see you have written soon….love to you all……..TORI


    Tough break…….shake it off and get ’em in Philly……I just HAD to comment on the “gum time” tradition….WAY TO GO NATE!!! Making Miller chew that whole wad was quite funny to watch. Not quite as effective as when you do it, but I think he’ll get the hang of it. I did enjoy that wonderful smile of yours and to see you are in good spirits. Tell Miller he’ll get it down soon enough (the gum I mean). GO TIGERS!! God bless…TORI…your faithful fan, and apparently faithful blog writer!! 🙂


    Hey are ya? We haven’t heard from ya in awhile. Hope you’re doing well with everything. I gotta tell ya…It was GREAT seeing you smile and joke around with Andrew yesterday! It was wonderful seeing you in high spirits again. I missed that smile of yours! I think Andrew was having a tough time chewing it, but he’ll get it…it’ll take a few years! Why aren’t you brining it out lately??? I have’t seen you chew it! Anyhow, can’t wait to hear from you agian…Your beloved fan, Steph


    Good job on that Phillies run….for not batting, your pitching staff did pretty well. Looking forward to seeing you pitch soon. I hope all goes well with your bullpen session today, I know your fans, myself included, are looking forward to your return. Also looking forward to Kenny’s return soon. Good luck in Washington for this series. Looking forward to watching those bats keep swinging. Love to you all……..God Bless………TORI


    Good, but close game with Washington…glad to see you in the pre-game show and to know that things are going so well for your pitching, since you don’t write much here….(hint hint). Also, PLEASE PLEASE don’t quit pitching to be a magician…ha ha ha you’re good, but lets face it…but seriously it is GREAT to see you smile, laugh, and have a good outlook. See you soon, and most important keep the faith… love to you and God bless…TORI


    Hey Nate good to see you playing a little catch. Hope to see you pitching for real soon. Also glad to hear Kenny Rogers will be back soon. Good luck to all the Tigers at Washington.


    Nate I hope you get better fast. I am rooting for you and send you my prayers and support. I am so happy to see the Tigers doing well.Keep up the great work guys! Rest well and get better quickly Nate.


    Hey Nate, I am going to be at the game Saturday in Atlanta. Looking forward to seeing you guys play. Hope your back pitching soon. From your high school buddy KUK.


    Word is you are going to pitch in PA on Thursday….wish I could see that one, but regardless…GOOD LUCK, GO GET ‘EM!! I will definitely be waiting to hear the results of that one. Looking forward to your return and best of luck, as you wont need it anyway, just believe as we, your fans do. God Bless, good luck and love to you…TORI


    GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR START WITH THE SEAWOLVES!! Wish I could see it, but I know you will do well. Have faith and overcome. By the way, if you are handing out hats………..I’d like one, complete with autograph….e-mail me and I’ll give you the address….your FAITHFUL fans are all about YOU…..God bless love to you … TORI


    WAY TO GO NATE!!!I was able to listen to the game and you were great! A no hitter until your 75 pitches!Sounds like you are ready to roll, and I couldn’t be more excited. I knew you could do it, as did all of your other fans. Love to you, can’t wait to see you back with Detroit……God Bless……..TORI


    Today is such a happy day. My husband came home and said he had a surprise for me. IT was an autographed ball from YOU!!!! He got it at a game he went to. Then I get on here and see that you had an awesome start at your rehab assignment. YEAH!!!! I can’t wait till you are back. WE HAVE ALL MISSED YOU!!!


    Hi Nate —

    Good to see what a great job you did today in your rehab start. Can’t wait to see you back with the Tigers — your fans have missed you! And I’ll echo some of the previous posts in asking for a post from you here … pretty please? LOL



    Great game yesterday! All of us down in Arkansas are pulling for you! (there are TIGER fans in cardinal country)


    o baybeeee
    that SeaWolves No-Hitter hat is priceless, I asked for it first.

    Tie your shoes down, Nate is back!!


    Compliments on the hair style Nate!!!! Best of Luck rest of way!

    Your the greatest!!



    Good to see Kenny come back strong, now we are ALL just waiting for you..and we know it will be just as great! Sorry to hear about Mike, he was a great Tiger on the field and off, but we all know he will do fine and St.Louis is truely lucky. Also, good to see your spirits high and it looks like the “fight” is back in your stride. I hope to see you back in the line-up soon, very,very,soon. I, personally, am hoping for a Monday start, since I will be down in Detroit for that game. Can’t wait to see you and good luck! Keep that first place status, it looks GREAT up in lights……God Bless…….love to you….forever faithful…TORI


    Hey Nate! GREAT start yeterday in Erie! I am so proud of you and the quote that you made about this whole thing being a characther builder for you and that the Tigers have a surplus of starters and it isn’t your decision. I am proud that you are keeping your head up and just going out there and doing your best time and time again. You are a wonderful guy on and off the field and that just shows it! Can’t wait to see you back at Comerica…it’ll be a wonderful day when you take that mound again
    BTW, nice hair cut and shave! You look good! Keep it up!

    Your beloved Fan



    GREAT SWEEP!! We, as your fans, are proud. Glad to see you are back on the line-up, too bad it’s Tues. NOT Mon…..I will be there. None the less, can’t wait to see you all. And I must comment on the newest installment of facial hair, seen it yesterday (on camera) in Atlanta…the foo-man-choo is looking FINE and DANDY…Good luck on your re-start on Tues. Love to you all…God Bless.
    your forever faithful fan……….TORI the way…I am sure your other fans are tired of reading my comments, that’s for sure, I might just have to take over for you if you don’t write soon…love ya


    Nate and all the boys,
    Thank-you! You have all given every fan a wonderful year already. Not only are you playing well, but we appreciate the way you are respectfull and good sports. You are a pleasure to watch. I pray for all your health and happiness both on and off the field. GO TIGERS!!!


    Hey Nate-
    Glad to see you’re pitching tonite. Love watching the Tiger games, but I especially like to watch when you pitch. Good luck tonite — pitch well — and get a win!


    Good luck tonight!! Tough break for Bondo..but we still love him! I am glad I had the opportunity to see you at the game Monday (my first) and it was great. I must say, out of all the Tigers’ autographs that I recieved you and Zum were the most kind and down to earth people. You didn’t look at it as a “job” just a chance to get out there and meet the fans, and for that and anyone else that has seen it too…..THANK YOU!! You truely make your fans feel that “special” connection. I am definitely waiting for my return to Comerica, and this time it will be when you are on the mound………and much closer seats…GOOD LUCK, bulldog…..glad to see you back. God Bless and love to you……faithful fan…..TORI


    Great start!! Too bad the relief couldn’t pull it all together for you. Next time, there’s still two games left. I am sure you all will overcome. I, personally, thought you should’ve stayed a little longer, you still had some powerful stuff left, it showed, but you can’t go back once the decision is made, I know. Keep your heads up you’ll all recover. Stay strong….love to you all and God Bless……TORI (once again)


    Great game tonight to you and the rest of the team, but I’m wondering if there is something wrong with Jonesy? We all know he is better than what he has been showing. He is just not himself. But any way great start tonght way to comeback strong. I knew you would. You’ll get’em next time. GO TIGERS


    You looked like a serious businessman out there last night, Nate. It’s unfortunate it turned out like it did. BTW, love your haircut. I miss Maroth so much. Go Tigers!!!


    Nate I was so mad when Mr.Leyland took you out and put in Grilli. Thinking that dang he just walked one batter whats the big deal. Now I realize he’d rather risk losing a game than overwork you .


    Mr. Robertson

    Really miss your posts here. As the Tigers head toward another World Series visit, it would be fun to hear your take on what is ogin gon day to day.

    Take care,



    Nate –

    Totally random request…How has your brother, Luke, been? Is he still playing? If so where. We went to high school and middle school together at Maize and just wanted to get back in touch with him.




    Hi Nate,
    Thanks for coming to the diaondback saloon last night. It was great to see you and Sean out relaxing. You deserve a little down time. If you and your family ever want to hang out on Belleville lake drop me a line. You guys would make my grandfather proud if he was still here. Go tigers!

    Shannon 🙂

    (aka renee zellweger look alike who was with the Tim Mcgraw look alike) lol

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