May 2007

Coming together, dealing with injuries

In the last entry, we were talking about hovering around .500 and talking a little about knowing the kind of team we have and things like that. Since then, we’ve run off 11 out of 12 games we’ve won. That’s just a testament to what kind of team we have and what we’re capable of doing, and obviously not just talent, but guys coming together and playing the game the right way and believing in the system that we have here. As we touched on before, complacency doesn’t happen here. It doesn’t settle into places like this, but it can happen. We were hovering around .500, but not worrying about where we were and how we were playing at that time.

It’s such a long season, still a lot of games to play, but we’re playing pretty well and dealing with injuries. We talked before about losing Kenny and Vance, and now Joel. Having these guys around means a lot to us, especially the younger guys. Certainly for Rabelo to be around Vance, and obviously Kenny to the pitching staff. Having them around is good. Obviously it’s difficult on them to not be able to go out there and perform. It’s more about how this team has responded to that, dealing with it, and still running out there and coming together and picking up where those guys aren’t able to contribute. That’s big for this team.