Back again

Last time we talked it was right when the season was about to start. I’ve seen a lot of responses now that the season has started, and more than anything, it’s good to see that everybody’s excited about another year. Coming back home and getting a chance to play at home to start the season was exciting, but it went by really quick with all the ceremonies, the banner raising, the ring ceremony. And then when that was all said and done, we were right back on the plane on a 10-day road trip. That was kind of taxing. It was taxing to the guys.

So far this season, we’ve had so many close games, I know that we’re giving everybody a thrill ride so far. And really, that kind of defines who we are as a team, obviously, with a couple of those comeback wins — where there was some gum involved, just so the faithful know that I have been responding. Because on the road games, they don’t see us in the dugout so much. The cameras on the road don’t scan the dugout like they do here at home, because the cameramen on the road don’t usually know what we’ve done with our little thing. But we had some big rallies and came up with some huge wins, obviously KC and having a late win in Baltimore, then in Toronto and against KC again. Three wins on the road like that is tremendous, especially late in the game off a guy like that who’s supposed to be nailing the game down. That’s what kind of team we are. Yeah, we’d obviously like to pull games away like Bondo’s games, the pitching job he’s done, and Verlander. You’re talking about guys going out there and giving outstanding starts. But it’s early on, and we’re in good position right now as a team. Our offense is going to start scoring a lot of runs. That’s just going to happen. But it’s good to get going again. It’s good to see that people are following along, especially here, and I do read all of them.

It would be nice to get back into a routine. We have a weekend series with the White Sox, with the Friday night game and two day games and then we’re flying back out. We’re going all the way out to the west coast for two games, and that’s just really confusing. I know that I have to go out and do my job on the mound and I’ll let other people do their jobs, too, but that one confuses me a little bit. And then we come right back to Chicago for two and come right back home. It’ll be good to get in a nice, long home stretch. A 10-game homestand would be nice.

But for the most part, everybody’s having a really good time. We miss Kenny, miss having him around. He keeps in touch, just for all those who wonder how he’s doing. He calls guys on the staff like myself and Bondo pretty much every other day just to see how everything’s going. He watches every game from home, follows the team, and he’s excited to get back with us. It’ll be good to have him around the clubhouse again. It was good to see Jamie Walker when we were in Baltimore and listen to his little antics. He’s the same guy. We had a chance to put it on him in Baltimore when he came into the game and he put it on us. I guess it was the best of both worlds. We ended up winning the game and he pitched well, so that’s good. I saw him outside the bus after my start, and I know that he misses being around this clubhouse, I can say that much.

And the beard I’m growing? Normally I grow at least one beard per offseason. I didn’t really grow one this offseason. I don’t really like to shave anyway. Some say I have sensitive skin, I don’t know, I don’t like to claim that. But I’m growing one right now and it’ll be gone here one day. I’ll just walk in and decide it’ll be completely gone. There might be some remnants of a handlebar mustache or something. It’s just a thing I’m doing right now, I guess. You look at yourself in the mirror every day and you get tired of looking at it, so you switch it up and make you less tired. I don’t get too many good reviews on it. For the most part, people say I look like a mountain man. I don’t know if those are positive remarks, but I wear it anyway.



    Nate its nice to hear from you again. The team is doing really well, and it has been fun and a little frustrating to watch at times. I think that everyone is feeling a little bad for Bondo pitching his brains out and not a win to show for it. He has gone head to head against some pretty great pitching himself. I think as soon as the bats get going Tigers will be really hard to stop.

    We were there opening day and will be there on Friday night against the White Soxs, hopefully Durbin will start showing what I’ve seen him do in the past. But we really do miss Kenny, I mourn for his presence everyday.

    Just curious, I haven’t heard anything about Vance Wilson lately, whats going on there?

    By the way I like the beard, don’t let anyone tell you any different.

    Good luck this weekend.



    Great to read your post. Thanks for siging my son’s cap at Spring Training – he wears it everyday. I’m sure you remeber who he was – he was the 4676th signature you gave out during spring training. You know.. the kid with the tigers shirt on. 😉 Anyway, thanks for taking time out to do that – it means a lot to the kids.

    One last thing, let Jonsey know that he made it into a message at our church – Oakpointe. Our Tigers season ticket holder and nut, senior high youth pastor used him as an illustration (a good one) during a meassage recently. Link to the podcast:

    Ok, I’m done with my shameless plug for our church.

    Keep up the good work and hope to read your next post soon. As for the beard – it takes guts to wear that. My wife would kill me. 🙂 We’ll be at the games this weekend – Go Tigers!


    Great to hear from you again. Glad Kenny is doing well. When will he be back traveling with the team? I think you guys would love having him on the bench cheering for you. You could make him help you with gum time and save your jaw!!

    My husband and I a huge fans of yours and the team. You have been fantastic in all your starts. Keep it up. We will be at the Saturday game-can’t wait, and the weather is supposed to be good.

    Tell Bondo to keep his chin up. He has been amazing. You had tough luck last year not getting as many wins as you should have. It will turn around for him as well.

    I like the beard Nate, makes you look like the warrior that you are. GO TIGERS!!!


    Hey Natey,
    Great to hear from you again, I though you might post on your day off which was very thoughtful of you! I was looking at the Tigers schedule today and I was also thinking it was quite incondsiderate of them to send you to LA them back to Chicago for only a two game set.

    I have however been thrilled with the publicty you have been getting all ready this season. Sports commentators have really been singing your praise this year and it is about time!! I think they must have slept thru last year or something. But it has been great to see you getting some recogniition and Polly too. He has been getting some high praise lately too. I always thought you the both of you were vastly underated when it came to the amount of team recognition you recieved.

    I am coming to the game tommrrow, unfourtenatly my planned fail. I thought maybe Leyland would push Durbin back a day and move you up in the rotation, but I was thrown for a loop by Leyland again. I will get him one of these times… maybe :-). But my monthly supply of gum arrived today, so I will be loaded and ready to go if the situation call for it. Hope to see you there!!!

    P.S. I thought maybe you grew the beard to look more intimidating on the mound, which is silly because you definetaly dont need the beard for that!!

    Your Loyal Red-Head in Midland,MI


    Its been great following you guys from Alaska. i’m a transplant from Grand Rapids.

    If they call you a mountain man, take it as a compliment, we do.


    Hey Nate. I have yet to comment on this, but I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now. I’m not going to insult anyone here by claiming i’m your biggest fan, but i can’t help it. I’ve been on your tail for a long time now. I know Bondo is going through the same type of thing you did last year as far as run protection, which i’m sure is pretty frustrating. Aside from that, you, him, and Justin have been incredible as expected thus far. I’ve been telling everyone all summer that this is the season you 3 absolutely blow everyone away. You personally did it last season, in my opinion, but the lack of run protection kind of held back any bigtime recognition throughout the MLB. The bats will come around. It’s inevitable, you’re right. The lineup is too versatile to not have at least a couple guys hot every day. My only real concerns, as its probably a lot of peoples, is Sheff and Rodney. I’m a tad confused about his lopsided amount of strikeouts thus far, and Rodney’s severe lack of control. I know it was a problem of his last year too, but it seems wayyyy out of whack so far this year. Is it mechanics? I’m REALLY liking that Jim’s been sending runners a little more than last year so far. That’s pretty much the only thing that was lacking from last season. Grandy is going to be a 20-20 guy this season, I think. Brandon, Placi and Pudge could all chip in 10-15. Add that to the mix, and this team is seriously flawless. MLB making Guillen put his pockets in is downright retarded also, in my opinion. Good luck this season, of course. I have that sensitive skin ****, too. I shave like once a week. I’m a fan of the beard bigtime hah.



    I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. I am a lifelong Tigers fan and I can never read enough about you guys.

    Once the guys step it up a bit in the offense department the Tigers are going to be unstoppable. The pitching is A-plus, like always!

    Keep up the FANTASTIC work! Tigers games give me a break from the stressful college life 🙂



    The whole pitching staff has been great this year. A couple rough spots here and there but overall a lot of quality starts. It really is great to see quality baseball back in Detroit and Brandon definitely deserved to raise that pennant after struggling for so many years. I can’t help but compare this years team to last. I mean the hitting hasn’t been there but with the lineup you guys have I can’t see how it won’t get better from here. Good luck and tell Vance and Kenny to get healthy soon. GO TIGERS!


    that is kind of weird that you guys go all the way to LA for only two games. they should have had you play oakland while you were down there or something.

    you’re doing great this season, nate!! you never look nervous when you go out there…keep up the awesome work.

    i’m excited for the sox series. im going to the opening game of that series.

    and do you think the beard thing is kind of like maggs’ hair? hah that’d be funny :p


    I would like to know how Kenny Rogers is doing and when he’ll start rehab. I don’t see any mention of him except in your blog. So tell us the news!

    Thanks for playing a great game.


    Hey Nate!
    I always love to read your blogs to see from a player’s perspective how the team is doing. I wish the team all the best this year. I’m looking forward to coming out to Comerica Park to support you guys sometime this summer. It’s so much fun! Please give Kenny and Vance all my best on speedy recoveries. I look forward to their returns as well. As for your new mountain man look as you call it I would think your wife would be sick of it and be trying to get you to shave. Hey if its working for you though to win some ball games and pitch well then I say leave it though. I’m a superstitious person sometimes. All the best to you and the team. I look forward to reading more from you in the near future.


    Hey Nate !

    Awesome start this season and it’s fun to see the whole team still having fun and winning games. Glad to see the team back home as it’s was such a big stretch between the home opener and the next series at home, but it was worth the wait. Was at the game on Tuesday night, what a game by Polanco ! Continue the great work ! Btw, love the long hair ! Your number 1 fan, Sandra


    hey nate!

    first time commenter. i enjoy reading the blog. it’s great to read up on the team through one of its own! xD

    my room mate and i were bored tonight because there was no tigers game on so we settled for watching “Major League” (a classic!), and we couldn’t help but think of you when Wild Thing put on his black glasses! =)

    keep up the stellar pitching!


    Hi Nate – great post. Looking forward to seeing the bats get going, but you guys are pitching really well, as usual! I think maybe the team needs one more really successful year before you guys get the level of publicity necessary to give you an all-star berth, but I think you deserve it. I can’t wait until the Tigs come here to Boston. Talk about a clash of dominant pitching staffs! I’ll take You, Bondo, & Verlander over Dice-K, Schilling, & Beckett, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the scores in those games end up being -3 to -2. Oh, it’s not possible to score negative runs?! Go Tigs, Scott


    Nate- It is truly amazing to have the perspective of an actual player. You have helped us all become superfans. Not only can we attend and watch games, we can understand what is going on in your head. You have helped raise baseball fandom to a new level. Now go out there and smoke the Sox this weekend. I’ll be there tomorrow cheering you guys on!


    Thanks for the “inside” scoop on the Tigers. Being all the way down here in Dallas, I don’t get much Tigers news except what I can read on the internet. I have twin boys that just turned two today. They are our little miracles, they were born 3mos early but are doing great now. In fact, Sam likes to sit on my lap and watch the Tigers games. He loves it when I make his Snoopy be the umpire to call balls and strikes (its a father-son thing).

    Looking forward to seeing you guys whoop up on the Rangers here in Texas!!!!!


    Nate;just want to let you know,my dad and I watch the
    Tigers every game,and we totally believe in all of you,

    and we just know the bats will

    finally wake up.Just remember,


    LOSE!!!!! GO TIGERS!!!!!!!


    Nate good to be reading your blog again from out here in LA. You’re the best man. You’re right, you guys are putting on a good show this season and it’s only going to get better. Love the blog. Say hello to Pete Savarino. Tell him he’s ‘Value added’.

    Mike Binder


    Nate – the beard is awesome. I wish I could grow one that bad*ss, but I just end up looking crazy. I’ll be in the stands for your start on the 21st. Can’t wait.


    Hey man i aint sayin you look like a mountain but **** you would be one **** of one, can you imagine being a mountain man with a arm like yours?!?. You would like go down in history as the best mountain man ever. You could like go hunting and spear things from like a mile away at 90 mph and dead on ha ha.

    You are doin great though Nate keep it up.


    Great to hear from you, too bad you can’t write all the time. I am looking forward to this season. I am finally going to get my chance to see my FIRST Tiger game, up close and personal. I have tried to calculate when you pitch so that I can see you on that mound. Hey! As for that beard….I must say it is a bit rustic, but you look good anyway, but if you do decide to shave, don’t forget a good haircut..:) Looking forward to seeing you all in June I am so excited I hope to get lots and lots of pictures, I would LOVE one with you of course, you are my favorite…GO TIGERS!!


    It is good to have baseball back, and great to see you posting messages, and out pitching. You are definetly my favorite tiger!! My husband is a huge baseball fan, and he watches every game, we go to about 10 games or so a year. But when you pitch I am glued to the tv!!

    Go Tigers!!! I hope you have a great season!


    Get the goatee back, so we can be twins again! My friends tell me we look a lot alike, so if you need a stunt double (i throw right though), gimme a holler. I wanted to thank you again for coming to Grand Rapids early this year, it was sweet getting to meet you in person. Keep up the awesome work! We’ll see you guys tomorrow in the D, GO TIGERS!


    Nate, what a great start to the season for you, as well as the team. Bullpen is looking a little shaky but it’s early and I think everyone will settle down. This is a really great way to keep in touch with your fans, keep up the great pitching. GO NATE and GO TIGERS


    Beards rule. I was hoping you were going to keep growing it and your hair until you look like a hairy freak. 🙂

    Great job so far this season, keep it up.



    We enjoyed the new blog. By the way…We love the beard, the mustache, whatever! Keep changing it up! You have quite the following of fans that keep track of your facial hair. Thanks for letting everyone know how things are going with Kenny and the rest of the team. It’s hard to hear updates when you live all the way down in Cape Coral, FL.

    My husband and I are looking forward to seeing you in Florida when you play the Devil Rays. We spend every one of our wedding anniversaries watching a Tigers game. It’s a little tricky getting to games since we moved to Florida, but we take what we can get.

    Have a good game tonight!


    Hey Nate, great blog. Thanks for the update on Kenny and good luck the rest of the season. You are my favorite player and hopefully on Friday, June 22 at the Tigers/Braves game I can finally meet you. It is really hard to catch games down here since I moved 2 years ago to South Carolina from Ohio but I can wait to see you guys live again in Atlanta.
    Love the beard. Check out my mypace at

    God Bless


    StJimmywmu posted “Hey Nate. I have yet to comment on this, but I’ve been reading your posts for quite some time now. I’m not going to insult anyone here by claiming i’m your biggest fan, but i can’t help it. I’ve been on your tail for a long time now.”
    I can tell you that as a member of Nate’s high school class, we all followed his baseball career from the very beginning. We are proud that one of our own Maize Eagles made it to the big leagues. I follow all your progress. People around here are Twins fans but not me. I am Tigers all the way! Congrats on your sucessful season last year and here’s to another great season this year!


    Nate: I’m 82 years young and have a beard for one reason. IT KINDA HIDES MY DOUBLE CHIN (or “gobble” as my wife of 53 years calls it). I know you guys are not looking forward to the upcoming “jet lag” to Anaheim, but I’m in seventh heaven. I got a seat around the 1st base lower stands (scalper deluxe pricing) so I’ll be there cheering for you guys. JIM REISS



    My boyfriend said he was going to copy your facial hair trends throughout the season. If you could do me a favor and sport a goatee, I’d really appreciate it. The beard is pretty itchy and I think the both of you look better with trimmed facial hair.

    I didn’t discover your blog until late last season and I’m looking forward to your posts for the rest of the year. Thanks for the insight!



    I live in Charlotte, NC but grew up in Michigan. There is a good amount of Tiger fans here always sporting their caps. Just to let you know I’d be lieing if I told you I don’t partake in gum time myself. You’ve started something special, the whole team really started something special with last season and all. What is the hunger for the series like in the clubhouse? Is it the same or greater than last year because you came so close to winning it all? Thanks making all of us Michiganders in foreign lands so proud of home. Keep up the good work Mountain Man. I’ll see you in Atlanta in June.


    Hey Nate, Keep doing your thing this year. I’m glad Kenny keeps in contact with you and Bondo. I miss seeing him pitch. I like your facial hair, it’s cool. Keep up the good Work!


    Wonderful start to the season. Living in Sox territory, everybody here feels a little uneasy in the division with you guys around! Keep on goin’, and here’s hoping the recent cut on American Idol makes everyone in the clubhouse happy! His time had definitely come, I’m with you all 🙂


    Hey Nate,
    So, no more Sanjaya huh? Make me pretty **** happy; hopefully it does to the guys in the clubhouse.

    Anyhow, I was at the game today to see you pitch. I yelled to you from the side as you exited the dugout and walked to the bullpen to practice…you smiled and waved at me and made my day! So, thanks for that.

    You guys are putting smiles on a lotof peoples’ faces right now…keep it up.

    Also, the beard looks pretty good 🙂 Although, I do like the look from last year a bit better.

    Hey,you should bring back your myspace page…we miss you


    Hey Nate!
    Wow, this is pretty cool-I’m writing to one of the coolest guys and pitchers around!

    I had the best day today. I got to go to a Tiger game vs. the Sox and you pitched! Unfortenly, we lost in extra innings, but I’ll never forget it because my parents decided it would be nice to go to one Tiger game sitting up close to the field, so I was so close to C-Mo and Brandon Inge! You did an awesome job at pitching, as usual!

    After the game, I got to go to a softball clinic and I was on your field – Comerica Park! I had so much fun just being on the field and then learning from pro softball players, so maybe one day I’ll be just like you.

    Also, during the off season I had the pleasure to go to the Tiger Fest and I met many great players, but before I even got there, I was reading a paper and it said you would be at a pitching clinic and I knew I was going to your clinic no matter where I went at the Tiger Fest! I wouldn’t miss it for any other event. Luckily, I got to go and I got there early enough to get a front row seat! It was so amazing being so close to you. I even got your autograph and it’s on a special desk in my room!

    Of all this talking, I have a question for you, do pitchers have their own songs picked out for games or practices? If they do, what do you have or like to listen to?

    Thanks for all you do on and off the field! You rock!!!

    #1 Fan,

    Kaitlin #29


    Hey Nate,

    I am a lifelong Tiger fan, (which is a long 24 years for me) and I just want to say that you are one of my favorites. You, Maroth, and Polanco are all tied for #1 in my book, which became really sweet when I found out that you are a Christian, because I am too. I think you have a great witness, and I just want to say thanks for being bold about your faith, and for being such a good example. I really like finding other guys that I can look up to, and even though you only have 5 years on me in age, I look up to you for what I have read about you, and seen you do. Keep up the good work, and thanks!

    Go Tigers,



    Hey Nate,
    Love your post, It’s nice hearing from someone on the inside.

    I feel kinda guilty posting a reply, I’m nowhere near worthy enough to. I only got into baseball towards the end of last season. I started going out with a massive yankees fan(didn’t last long) so i started watching with him( I’m from Scotland so i only get to see 2 games a week at 2 in the morning). but the tigers stuck out to me as something really special, I loved watching you, Maroth, and Verlander pitch. I’m really looking forward to the next tigers game shown over here, I think it’s in a week or 2.

    The mlb show over here is currently doing “Granderson watch” because they loved him when he came to london, and he has not dissapointed the fans here.

    I wish you guys were on more over here! I love the tigers and since I’m a baseball newby i’m looking forward to learning more about the game as the season goes on and I know the tigers are best team to follow.

    You guys rock!

    keep it up and keep the beard, it’s sexy




    Hey Nate-

    Great pitching this series against Chicago. They have one of the best offensive lineups in the league – not to mention the incredible pen they are showing right now. I like the beard. Who cares if anyone else likes it? As long as it’s something you like for the moment.

    Listen, let’s take a few series from the White Sox this year. I’m pleading with you. I know I’m speaking to the choir, but for the love of all things Detroit, let’s beat these guys. I don’t know what’s happening with our bullpen, but our starters are doing their job. Why did Leland pull Jones after one inning yesterday? Doesn’t make sense. Anyway… we love you guys. Thank you for being a part of this magical stuff happening in Detroit baseball right now! Ryan in Las Vegas


    hey nate

    i like the beard, it is pretty cool anyways keep up the good work in pitching. Have a good road trip!


    Hello, sitting in a hotel room in China following the Tigers and read your blog to try and keep current on the Tigers. I wanted to thank you for taking the time this spring in Lakeland to pose for a picture with my kids. I belive it was the first day pictures reported and I could tell you were busy, regardless you took the time for the picture and my kids still talk about it and ask me everyday when you will pitch again. I appreciate your professionalism. Have a great season. Jim



    Some people think you look like a mountain man, eh? More like the guy on the “Brawny” paper towels ad to me. (I’m just kidding, but you do kinda resemble him). I think everyone misses seeing Kenny and will be so glad when he can rejoin the team.

    I bet you were doin some major Gum Time today. 12 innings of biting my fingernails. Good luck to you guys out in California and knock em out.


    Maybe my post ignited something in the Pen. jk. I’m so glad you guys didn’t allow Chicago to sweep you in Detroit. I’ll be cheering you guys on in LA this week.

    Ryan in Las Vegas




























    Wow, it was a wild week for Detroit with JoeVision and Motorcross, not to mention them Pistions aaannnnd there was a nice lil home stand at Comerica! KC was a blast, last Monday’s game was a total joy to see from the stands! The first Friday game of our season with Chitown gave us fans a chance to receive a replica ALCS ring, most people I know could not cash in (Including myself)….However, we still enjoyed the game…Now Saturday afternoon!!! WOW, if I never make it to another game all season, I will REMAIN in Tiger Bliss! Nate you were awesome, you looked fabulous…I had the most amazing seats EVER…and the weather was picturesk, all the makings for a magical afternoon! Thank you for all the memories past and future, you are the best!

    Don’t belive the hype, you can wear any facial hair style well!


    Thanks for bringing baseball back to Detroit. We’re season ticket holders and we’ve been watching the games from section 104 (behind Maggs) and it’s been a blast. This year I’ve noticed that you are bringing more confidence to the mound over last year. It’s great watching you, Bondo, and Big V pitch this season. Hopefully Durbin and Maroth will get into their own groove soon and the offense will pick up to give you guys some support.

    I’m definitely going to bring my sign on Sunday (vs. Minn) “Gary hit the ball”. I’ll be the guy to say what everyone really wants to say. I really want to be the armchair quarterback and say he should stop wiggling the bat around but I’m sure there is a lot more to it.

    BTW, the beard thing… If you keep playing HOT like you have, you could dye it orange with polka-dots and set a trend. It’s only when you start to flop and people will start to say, “Maybe his beard is getting in the way of his pitching”. I learned my freshmen year in high school football that you don’t want to stand out or draw attention to yourself if you’re only going to fall flat on your face. Long story short, I was a defensive back lined up wide with a receiver and I was barking (trying to intimidate him). The play was in motion and I turned to run with him down the field and I slipped. He caught the ball and I was left dealing with my coach yelling at me. Barked and got beat. Needless to say, I ended up with 4 interceptions and countless open-field tackles the remainder of the season and learned to let my playing speak for its self rather than barking.

    In other words, worry less about the beard or what people think and keep up the great pitching.


    Say Nate, it irks me when I hear poop like “Tigers have been struggling thus far”. Horse poop!! Except for the 3 run loss in Baltimore we haven’t lost a game by more than 2 runs. We have 4 guys in the line up whose combined bat. avg. is under .150. and yet we are playing well over .500 ball. The Yankees don’t have a guy whose life time avg. is UNDER .300 and yet their rec. is well under .500 WHO’S STRUGGLING!? If those guys were hitting .200 we’d be 16-1. Those bats ain’t gonna stay cold much longer and then this team will be statistically in the upper elite again. I will be seeing you at Comerica


    Congrats on a fine start to the new season. I’m kicking myself for not getting some type of season package. I don’t think the 8 games that I have are going to be enough of a Tigers fill for me! Been enjoying the games, but could you get the bull pen guys to hold some leads for you guys (Bondo especially). Keep the gum going! Saw you pitch once already and hope to again. Go Tigers!

    Erika in Marshall


    Nate – enjoying the posts so far this season. You really help me and my wife keep up with what’s going on. Living in Birmingham, AL, we pretty much get all our Tiger news from the site and your posts. Congrats on the great start to the season and best of luck against the White Sox this week. Bless Them Boys!!


    Hey Nate!
    First time blogging on your site. Just want to drop a note to let you and the guys know that you are doing great! Also, I was at Homeplate last year and it was great to hear your testimony. You are a great role model for kids too. I hope to be able to see you guys some time this season up in Detroit and would really love to see you in the playoffs again!

    Thanks for the blog site and to weight in on the whole beard thing…it looks good on you.

    God bless!


    A handlebar mustache would be wicked! Do it up, Rollie Fingers style, that would be sweet.


    I love the beard! But I also love the Hulk Hogan stache…so I am torn. Ummm…nope, keep the beard! 🙂


    I just want to say the game against the Angels yesterday was MIND BLOWING. Even though you guys lost, it was an amazing effort. I nearly sprained my ankle jumping and screaming when Magg’s (my Tiger) hit that home run. I just want to say how happy I was to see Rodney do such a great job pitching. I knew he had it in him still. Yup, there was some errors at the end, but it was still an amazing effort. Tell Jonesy he is my big Teddy bear and he is an amazing guy!!


    My husband is a LIFE long Tigers fan. He used to take major gruff for it but since you guys have done some serious rocking recently, it seems as though everyone is now a Tigers fan! I was never a big baseball fan until last season when my husband (ever faithful to his team) watched every single game he could…therefore, I had to watch every single game available from our t.v. antenna here in hick town. I fell in LOVE with the game & in LOVE with every single one of you! I do have to say that you played a big role in that. You play the game with such passion & focus, that it is hard to take my eyes off the screen! Hopefully we’ll be able to make the trip to Detroit to see a few games this year. Needless to say, my husband is very thankful to you & the rest of the team for making me nearly as big of fan of the Tigers as he is! He’s hoping our 2 young boys will grow up to be fans as well. 🙂

    As for the beard, I adore it! Keep up the good work!


    Hey Nate, doubt you remember me, we went to grade school together. Just wanted you to know I’m totally proud of you for pursuing your dreams! Never been into sports, so I was shocked to see your pic on the cover of a mag. Way to go!!!



    Nate, you got robbed tonight. You pitched one heck of a game! Well, I look forward to your signing at Fanatic U.


    Hey Natey
    I watched the Tigers Live tonight after the game, and your really shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You pitched a great game, need I remind you of the 6 shut-out innings? All the fans are so proud of your performance thus far this year and I hope you are too. The whole team have really been sticking it out in some tuff situations. I am proud of all my Tigers for playing 9 FULL INNINGS. I love that slogan so much I wrote it on the back of my fav pants in big letters. I also wrote NATE on the seat of the pants. So if you see some crazy red-head wandering around Comerica with writing all over her pants it’s me, Kelsey.

    I would also like to remind fellow fans that the vote for All-Stars Game has opened and the Tigers have a lot of guys on the ballot that need your vote!!

    Your Loyal Red-Head in Midland, MI


    Well, I blame Leyland for making a bad decision by leaving you in long enough to have the tying run on base. I felt you should have come out after the first batter got on so at least there was a chance to preserve the win for you. The fact that you were left with only a no-decision was totally unfair for the hard work you had put in for all of the previous innings. Zumaya and Jones cannot always be counted on. I think Leyland needs to give the other guys in the bullpen more opportunities to prove themselves. Hold your head high my friend, you pitched a great game. Your skipper let you down.


    Nate! Glad your back! It’s too bad about last night’s game. You guys will get into a routine soon, give it some time! It’s still early!!!! 😀

    I read the last part about your beard and I don’t think you should shave it, it’s totally hot! Haha! But that’s just me!

    Keep up the good work!


    My name is Stephen Johnston. I was very appreciative of your testimony that you gave today at HomePlate. I am thankful that the Lord has worked in your heart and has put you in a place where you can share your faith with others. Your testimony was very encouraging to me.

    Thank you for taking the time.


    p.s. I will keep you in my prayers.


    Hi Nate,

    Like the preceding poster, I very much appreciated your testimony at Home Plate 2007. You are a very well-spoken representative of Jesus Christ, and I’m proud to call you brother. Please tell the other guys thanks as well. It’s great to know that there are so many believers on my favorite ball club. Keep the faith!



    Hey Nate,

    Hope to see the Fu Manchu against the Twins. ****, I hope to see any of the games. Hopefully on ESPN, as in the L.A. area games are few a far between. I saw you guys 04/24, in that nail biter of a game. It was one of the best games I have seen live in my life. Tough loss though, but man you sure did silence that stadium when you went ahead. I know that must have been a hard road trip for you guys, but you ended up splitting with the Halos. I was hoping for an interleague series this year, but it’s not to be. That’s what I get for not going last year.

    Anyway, keep fighting the good fight, keep shaving the handlebars, and keep on chewing.

    Hey, you can take the boy out of Tigertown, but you can’t take the Tigertown out of the boy.

    Late. . .


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