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Finally, we wrapped up Spring Training. You want to say for the most part that everything went great. We had a good spring as a team. A large percentage came out of it healthy, and then of course at the very end here we had a couple setbacks. I think a lot of people would agree that all good teams, if you are a good team, go through difficult times like this and overcome them. Because regardless of what the results will be this year, if we overcome losing Kenny and even Vance, because of his important role on the squad and what he does for us, if we can get through the part of the season where we don’t have these guys and play it as good as we can, we’ve got enough talent that more guys can come in and step up and provide. We talked about that before the season began. You have to have everybody competing at the same level in order to get back to where we were. To have everbody compete at the same level they competed at last year, you have to stay healthy. Now, if you don’t stay healthy, then you have to have those guys that weren’t expected to come in and produce for you, they have to step in and produce. Those are the kind of factors that have to come together in order for you to be a successful team.

Anyway, reflecting on Spring Training, it was a good Spring Training. Obviously at the very end, that’s not exactly what you expect, but the great thing that we have is a manager who has been there before, understands to expect the unexpected. He always preaches about preparation. He’s prepared for things like this to happen, and if they do, he knows how to address us as a club, and he’s done that. Everybody’s mindset right now is pretty solid. It’s obviously tough for us to lose a leader like Kenny, but I think everybody’s pretty well grounded on this, and we’ll be just fine.

Other than that, we’re excited about a new year, new beginning. Excited about the ceremony on Wednesday. If there’s any way that Kenny can come out and be a part of that, that would be great. It’s time to get going, and everybody’s excited about it. For me, as the only one who lives here year round, it’s back home for me. I enjoy coming down for Spring Training, enjoy the weather, getting going again, but it’s good to be back home.

As far as interaction is concerned, I’ve had a couple people ask questions about a few things. I will follow up, and I do read the blogs. It’s just easier once the season starts.



    I skipped out on going to Florida with my friends this Spring Break to come and watch you pitch Wednesday. So you better make me proud!


    Hey Nate, it is great to have you guys back in town. I will be there on opening day and I can’t wait. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas.

    It is definately a real bummer about Kenny and Vance. I was reading an artical in the Free Press regarding Kenny, they interviewed his doctor. It sounds like there is every reason that he should come back from this just fine. He said that there is no reason that he should not be able to get back to form. So we just have to pray that things go as well as they possibly can.

    I am also worried about Vance Wilson. They really haven’t said much about what is wrong with him and or how serious it really is. I am sure they can’t or don’t want to. I really don’t know much about Rabelo only what I saw in the preseason games that were televised here.

    Anyway here is to what is going to be a great season. Can’t wait.

    GO TIGERS. Good luck on Wednesday, I am glad that you got moved up in the rotation, lets just hope that you get the run support this year.

    Thanks for everything and taking the time to keep us informed and giving us some insight.


    Listening to the opening ceremonies for the Cards / Mets game…. they are playing highlights of the St. Louis World Series — that is tough. I want to hear the Tigers World Series Highlights…so lets go

    lets go

    chew ’em up Tigers


    hey nate, pumped for the upcoming season! hopefully you get the run support you deserve. i think you are one of the best pitchers in baseball,and as long as our offense produces you will be among the league’s best. best of luck buddy!!!



    Welcome Back to OUR American League Champions. You and I met a the Tigers Fantasy Camp a couple of years ago. You were so great to talk to my grand-daughter on the phone and sign a ball to her that she cherishes. She hopes GUM TIME is up and running this year, she’s already got her bubble gum ready. I know this house is ready. GOOD LUCK TO OUR BOYS.


    Thanks for a great 2006 and a great 2007.

    Robert Howe

    Sheilagh Howe

    Keenah Howe



    Great post, I love your blog and am pumped for the first game today. I just wanted to share a little moment from last season with you:

    I grew up in Michigan but moved to Columbus, Ohio last year after graduating college for a writing job. In early July when you guys were visiting Cleveland, I decided with a friend from work to make the trip up to catch the game. We got good seats cheap because all the Indians’ fans had already given up, so we sat near the Tigers dugout and I was able to get my baseball signed by Granderson, Zach Miner and yourself. RIght after you signed my ball, I wished you good luck and turned to my friend and told him that the ball would be something special after you started Game 1 of the World Series that year. My friend sort of just laughed at me. Well 2 months later you made me look like a genius, and I wanted you to know that we are behind you guys and know that this will be the year we go all the way. Good luck, and thanks for restoring the Roar!


    Hi Nate,
    I am so glad the boys are back in town, you boys played really well today I thought. It isn’t always if you win or lose it is how you play the game. I was also thrilled too see that “Gum Time” will have a place in the 07 season.

    I am sooo happy you are starting on Wednesday. I know your not the selfish type and things like this are minute when the rest of the season is a head of you, but I would love for you to have the first win of the season. You really have earned it. I will be glued to the tv watching, and will have your back with gum on hand if it is necessary. But I am thinking you shut them out, so I shouldn’t need the gum right?

    P.S Loving your long hair!!! 🙂

    Your Loyal Red-Head in Midland,MI


    Hi! Nate,

    Today, Opening Day, was glorious. When that flag was raised, I got tears in my eyes and I was watching from my TV at home. Good luck, Wednesday, against the Jays. I know you’ll do well and the Tigers will be a winner. I hope they have heaters in the dugout cause it sounds like it’s going to be chilly. A few more weeks of this and things will warm up. Just dropped by to say hi and wish you luck. Love you Natedog!


    Hi Nate!
    Great to have you back in town and can’t wait to see you back in action on the mound. I think it’s awesome that you stay here year-round, and being a fellow Canton resident, makes it even more exciting! We’ve been longtime fans and now our 6-year-old son thinks he’ll be a Tiger pitcher someday. Good luck this season; we’ll be there cheering you on no matter what the outcome!!


    Spring is here at last and baseball is back in town. I was so excited about spring training this year I made a countdown calendar. Tough loss yesterday, but considering there’s a long way to go it’s just a blip on the screen. I’ll be at Wednesday’s game – in spite of the butt-freezing cold – to cheer you and the guys on to victory!!!!


  11. Derek

    Best of luck this season Nate!
    Mind you, I hope you don’t pitch too well on Wednesday as my Jays need the win.


    Hi Nate!
    I’m glad you are back with your blog again this new season. I was watching all the opening day action live on here in Switzerland! What an end of the game. But i really think you all played very well. I’m looking forward to a lot of great Tigers games this season!

    I was happy to bring Gum Time to Europe last season. You had this great funny picture of the alphorn-players chewing and making these huge bubbles in your blog when i sent you a message.

    And now is the time i will come to Detroit to see my first Tigers game live at Comerica Park. The last two times when i was in Motown there was no game. Bad luck… So this time i checked your schedule first and the booking. 😉

    I will be there on Monday April 16th when you will chew up the Royals! Got the tickets today. Maybe i will even see you on the mound.

    Best luck for all of you guys!

    Go Tigers!



    Hey Nate – My entire office heaved a collective sigh of relief when today’s game ended. We all pay closer attention when you pitch. I’m Dan’s step-mom in case you don’t recognize the e-mail address. Hope your season is a great one – and we will all be listening intently and cheering loudly.


    Hi Nate,
    I am so proud of you, you pitched great today. You really kept the ball on the outside of the plate(to avoid wind problems, I think?) and you were better today at getting first pitch strikes. Keep up the hard work. And Congrats on the 1st win of a season, may many many follow!!!

    Your Loyal Red-Head in Midland,MI


    Wow…what a game. I was on the edge of my seat,and jumping up and down through most of it. You were awesome on the mound today!!! I am so happy that you got the run support you needed to put a check in the win column. The entire Tiger team was AMAZING today. I wish I could come down and just give you all a big HUG!!! LOL.


    nate! greattt game on wednesday. you know how for some reason you never seem to get run support? i’m glad you finally got it yesterday with the 10 runs. it freaked me out when the jays started to come back because i wanted you to get that W so bad. so congrats on your first win of the season!! :):):):)


    Hi Nate – It’s such a great feeling to look forward to your games again this year. If a fan can dedicate a season, I’d like to dedicate this one to my brother, a fellow Hoosier lifelong Tiger fan, who lost a short but courageous battle with cancer at the end of the year. Your exciting journey through the playoffs and to the World Series gave him a pause from his illness and provided a window of hope. I wish you a very successful season and plan to get to Comerica for a game in July.


    That was some sweet pitching, Nate! You’re and Brandon Inge are my favorite Tigers!


    What hotel do you guys stay at in KC? My wife and I will be there for the series in late Aug.


    Mr. Robertson:

    You are turning another great game. Thanks, enjoy listening.

    Could you ask Mr. Granderson what is up with his blog.



    Dominating outing Nate, just dominating. Looks like you really have the Orioles’ number. Can’t ask for anything better, great job.


    Two fantastic games Nate! Absolutely beautiful pitching, a joy to watch.

    I can’t wait till you pitch again!


    Nice Pitching Nate!!! I’m waiting for the offense to catch fire but these early wins are crucial…you took the team on your back and got one last night…great stuff!

    Hey library monkey…here we go again eh? 🙂



    Hey Nate,
    What an outstanding performance last night, truly marvelous!!!! That was the best I have ever seen you pitch!! 🙂

    Your Loyal Red-Head in Midland,MI


    another great game for you nate. you really deserved that win. two awesome performances in a row. keep it up!


    Nate, You were amazing yet again the other night. I can’t wait for the offense to get as hot as you. If you don’t mine, please tell Brandon Inge that he is my son’s Tiger, and we think he is an amazing player. His bat will get working. We are rallying behind him!!!
    GO TIGERS!!!





    Ggrrrreeaaatt!!!! start Tigers!!! Tenmwork, all teamwork, and it is great!!!

    Congrats on your excellent pitching Nate, and good luck!!!

    GO TIGERS!!!


    Congrats on your great start, Nate! We were cheering here in West Michigan after Craig Monroe’s gand slam last night! Although it’s a few degrees cooler than last year (like 40) it’s sure starting to feel like another great season. Did you chew the gum we gave you at the car show in Grand Rapids in January? I’m sure you have a stock-pile for this year. Since meeting you then my son, Matt can’t decide if you or Pudge are “his Tiger”! We’re hoping to come back for a World Series game in October again – see what you can do about that, huh? Stay warm & we’ll be cheering for you!


    I just wanted you to know, that today in the 8th inning after Polly walked and Curty stepped up to bat, I put a huge wod of Big League Chew in my mouth and then passed the pack around to the rest of my family. And low and behold the magic gum is still working 🙂 What a great game!! I am sad though because I haven’t seen you chewing yet, but I suppose me and the family can hold it down for now. I just ordered a case of Gum. It is hard to find the Watermelon in the stores, which happens to by my favorite. Good Luck tommrrow!! Not that you need it.


    Hey Nate,
    Rough game yesterday, but ya can’t win ’em all. Just wanted to let ya know we will be there on Saturday to watch you guys play the White Sox. My son is such a huge fan of yours. He’s left handed and is taking pitching lessons at the time from Jeff Kaiser, an old tiger. He bats right though and is also taking lessons with that. My husband met you in Garden City and you were nice enough to acknowledge my boys. I am so happy you all restored the roar to Detroit. Explaining how it was to my kids brought tears to my eyes. We are just hoping for another winning season… and we know y’all got it in ya. You have given something positive for my kids to work for. We’ll see you Saturday!!!


    As a fan of Nate Robertson, for me it isn’t about his W/L record, the # of strikeouts, the ERA, its about how he goes out there each and every time and pitches his heart out with the grit and unyielding determination that makes him a champion in my mind.


    Mr. Robertson,
    I live in Kentucky and have been a Detroit Tigers fan way before Magnum P I. Theres no doubt that the tigers have a great pitching staff but no matter how great you and your fellow pitching team mates pitch without great hitting it’s going to be a long season. I’m still in shock that the front office gave up on Chris Shelton so quickly and to make the trades for Casey and Sheffield. Theres no doubt that the Pirates and Yankees are enjoying it this year. I would enjoy seeing Shelton come back and add to the Tigers offence and your great pitching would put the Tigers back on top and stay there. I wish you and the Tigers a great season and most of all that you stay healthy.

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