Good pitching beats good hitting

Nate_2I’ll probably be able to think back to the thrill of pitching in a World Series game. I mean, let’s go win this thing and it won’t matter. But my moment was during the national anthem and the flyover, and then it was business.

When you’re pitching on long rest, some guys might be rusty, some guys not. For me tonight, I wasn’t rusty. I felt fine. I did what I could. We’re playing National League baseball right now, and our manager’s going to manage in National League style. I understand completely why I came out of the ballgame.

Good pitching beats good hitting. I know that. When I’m out there and I’ve got all my pitches working, I’m going to give my team a pretty good chance to win. I had three pitches I was throwing for a strike tonight. I lost a few because of grip reasons. Chris Carpenter made pitches. He had four pitches for a strike, and the way he was throwing tonight, it was going to be tough to score on him.

The inning they scored the two runs, the first-pitch single then Albert Pujols, that was a slider that slipped out of my hands. It wasn’t even a strike. It was off the plate. It slipped out of my hand and spun around out there. He slapped it down the first-base line. I would’ve rather walked him than give up the double. The walk with Scott Rolen, then I get a ground ball from Ronnie Belliard, then I get a ground ball from Jim Edmonds. I really felt like I had a pretty good chance of getting out of that inning.

I made the pitch I wanted to throw to Edmonds. I was watching what he was doing throughout the at-bat, watching his swing. Threw a fastball, ran it up and in on him, and I got the ground ball. When I saw it off his bat, I couldn’t tell whether it was going to stay fair or not. If it did stay fair, I didn’t know if we were positioned close to the line or not. We weren’t, and the ball got down the first-base line. If it goes right to Sean Casey there, I’d be out of the inning.

When you talk about playoff teams, there’s a reason why they’re in the postseason. Certainly there’s a reason why the Cardinals are in the postseason. They’re playing good baseball right now. They really are. Even in their loss two days ago, they played a good game. But we’ve got Jeremy Bonderman on the hill Wednesday, and this team bounces back good. If we win tomorrow, we’ll be in a good position. I think there’s just as much of a challenge clinching a series as there is turning the momentum. It’s a big game regardless, and he’ll be up for the challenge.



    We saw two good pitching performances tonight. Of course being a Cardinals fan, the game went the way I was hoping. But I wanted to say that you pitched great too. You didn’t let that one inning become a big inning and kept your team in the game.


    If you’re up for it, sometime in the coming months, I’d love to read what it was like to be there on the mound in the World Series. I imagine it must be one of those pinch-me moments. Or maybe just like any other game? What I wouldn’t give to have 10 minutes with you over a cup of coffee and a wad of gum!


    Hi Nate, You still pitched a good game!! You held them and didn’t cave-in. You fought good. Remember 1968!!

    Preston hit and then struck-out later in the 5th, Pujols hit a double that was a ball 8 to 10-inches off the plate as K. Rogers said, but Pujols is a good hitter so no big deal. Then Edmonds doubled. Still not a big deal because you were still pitching good. You know all this anyway since you were there!! I am just saying it’s no big deal, and remember the 1968 WS.

    You pitched good Nate, and so did Rodney and Grilli and Zoom was just rusty from not pitching for awhile and his injury, plus it was his first time in the WS. No big deal. You guys did OK.

    Carpenter’s pitching was very good and our hitting just wasn’t and hasn’t been there at the right times. No wonder he won a Cy Young Award. He ‘Black-Holed’ us!! He’s quite a Cosmonaut!!

    You Tigers will win tomorrow and do great. Don’t forget 1968!!



    Good game, Nate. You can be proud of your performance. It had to be exciting out there, pitching in the World Series — what a blessing! And you guys can come back from this … Go Tigers!



    Hey Nate,

    Great Job last night!!! Anyone who’s watched more than one of your games would understand that you did great. Obviously, the Cards were just rev’d up to be at home. Honestly, I’d love for you guys to win this thing at home. They also had their “guy” pitching last night and Carpenter has been steller in Busch Stadium.

    I can’t wait for the game tonight. We are still firmly entrenched in your corner. Bondo has that nasty slider and I really want to see how the Cards deal with that. Let’s tie the series back up! GO TIGERS!!!!


    Back to their old tricks!

    Remember the regular season?

    If you do you will remember the when Nate Robertson piches, we don’t score runs!

    Its like the Astros with Clemens, you can pitch a great 1,2 or 3 run game, and lose, because the offense gets out done!

    Anyways, lets get back out there and score some runs, come on Bondo!


    Hey Nate you did a good job. You were tuff like you always the hitting is really struggling though right now.

    Our hitters have got to get things going. And lets face it Carpenter was practically unhittable.

    Good Luck in the rest of the games.


    Nate, you were the right guy on the mound last night against Carpenter. You were unflappable, steady and gritty. He wasn’t to be beaten last night but you gave them a run for their money. You did Detroit proud.


    nate, you did pretty good last night. like i said, i know its not easy to pitch a perfect game with pretty good batters. you stood strong out there and did your job. us fans are very proud of you. but chris carpetner messed us up. when you were up at bat,i thought it looked so cute. you were showed bunt and you hit then ball and its all that counts. you did well at bat. but bonderman needs to stay strong tonight and take a win for detroit,and the batters need to drive te points in.


    and also when zumaya pitched, i was happy about that. but he messed up when he tryed to throw the ball to inge at thrid, but inge wasnt ready. pudge looked so cute when he was catching the ball like always.


    well good luck tonight to you nate and also the other players i love you all so very much!!!! good luck!!!


    Great job last night. Still need to get you some run support, though everyone’s had trouble hitting Carpenter when he pitches at home. We’re all still rooting for you and looking forward to the next few games.Tigers in 6 sounds good to me!!


    Well Hello Nate,

    Id just like to say you pitched really good yesterday its so unfortunate that we couldnt get the win but its ok you guys know what you have to work on & I know you game 4 you guys will go out there & go to work

    So No Worries here in Detroit We love you guys πŸ™‚

    GO TIGERS <33


    Hi Nate,

    We had the gum going for you guys last night, but we threw it in too late. Great job on the bunt by the way! Carpenter just pitched a great game, and you couldn’t get any run support.

    I’ve figured out what the problem is though. Every time Placido wears the hood you guys win!! Clue him in. I love the look. I laugh every time.

    Good luck tonight and tomorrow. Just win one and bring it on home. Can’t wait to see you guys back in D-town.


    If you’re reading this note in the aftermath of the Tiger’s loss in game 3 and you’re in a poisonous mood, do NOT read the drivel posted at about the game today. Nothing but bandwagon-hopping garbage; those at ESPN blatantly overlooked the fact that Nate pitched a good game and what it took for the Tigers to get to this point. Conversely they all but threw out their backs kissing Carpenter’s hindquarters for pitching a ‘masterful game.’ Uh, yeah… didn’t someone named Rogers do something just last game – and get pilloried in the process because of ‘The Smudge?’ I’ve always believed those hacks at espn have viewed the Tigers as a fluke this season, and in the last two games it showed in spades. But when the Tigers bust out and prove their mettle, what will their headlines be then, “Plain Lucky Tigers Win Series?” “Cardinals Should Have Won, But Didn’t?” Get your resumes ready, espn writers, ’cause you’re in for an awakening. The Tigers, OUR team, will prevail. They didn’t get to The Show by a fluke. By the way, ‘Dirtgate’ is dead… the only dirt around here seems to be flowing all too freely from the mouths of espn’s writers.


    you pitch a good game Nate but the hitters picked the wrong time to go into a slump… with that being said something tells me Suppan might have a Estaban Loiaza performance tonight and i look for placido and pudge to each get a couple hits plus the cardinals never have an easy series they always get up 2 to 1 or 3-2 but end up playing a game 7


    You pitched a good game – there is a reason the Cardinals and the Tigers are in the post season and last night the Cardinals’ hitting was shining a little brighter than the Tigers’ – it happens.


    I was only able to see the 1st half of the game, and you almost got completely out of that 4th inning jam (again!). One thing I do know about you and your teammates this year–you’ll never give up. So get ready–I think you could be pitching game 7 in front of the faithful on Sunday night.


    I dont hear any large female singing yet this is far from over! To any Cardinal fans still beating the dead horse of rogers “cheating” …I wrote you a lil poem……

    Cheater, Liar?

    Can you say McGuire



    Great job last night. I know that the final score did not work out to our favor, but today is a new day. You did a solid job, it is a shame our offense did not pick you up a bit. I will be hoping for a strong performance from our offense tonight, I would love nothing more than to see a Tiger Blow Out of the Cards! You guys know how to get it done, just go out there and do it! You guys are still the better team!

    All of Michigan is behind you!


    Justin (Southgate, MI)


    I thought you pitched a really good game last night. The team just didn’t give you any run support. Zumaya is young and was probably nervous. His mistake wouldn’t have meant much if we’d have scored some runs. Looking forward to a turn around in tonight’s game. See you in Game 7!! Go Tigers!!!


    Nate –

    You did a great job last night. I know the guys will bounce back for tonight. I’ve said all along that it will be the Tigers in six.

    As for the yoyos at ESPN – they can put a sock in it. All of their rants and rave just tell me that they don’t have anything else to talk about. Putzes.

    Go Tigers!! You’re the best.



    You are an incredible writer (not a bad pitcher either). Your imagery of the Edmonds at bat is fantastic. I may be a lifelong Cards fan, but through your blogs – I am definitely becoming a Nate Robertson fan! Good Luck!


    I think you did a great job on the mound. Unfortunately, so did Carpenter. I believe in the Tigers, and I think we will win tonight. I will be watching and cheering you guys on!!


    Hey Nate, You’re our Tiger
    Its been a hoot to watch you all year. Don’t let last night get you down! Good Luck and keep up the good work on the blog. Its always fun to read what you write.


    Hey Nate,
    Congratulations on a fine job last night – way to keep your cool. Right now you’re finishing up lunch with my wife Monica and her Nebraska clan – I’m so glad they were able to catch up with you. Wish I could’ve been there, but this pesky job…


    Nate, you did pitch good, there was just no “bat-swinging” on our part. Don’t let it discourage you, even though you don’t sound like you are!!

    Anyhow, Bondo will go out and continue the good pitching we have going. And hopefully the bats will find their way to the balls!!

    Good luck and God Bless! Maybe we’ll see you in a Game 7(if necessary!!!!!!!!)! Go Tigers!


    Coming from a devout Cards fan – Nate I think you did very well last night. Things could have gotten a lot messier, but you kept that from happening. My hat’s off to you!

    Just a note to the Tigers’ fans – the Cardinals have been the underdogs this entire time. ESPN very rarely says anything remotely positive about the Cardinals – so please don’t think that they’re doing that because we’re the Cardinals. We’re not precious in anyones’ eyes – except our own.

    We deserve any accolades they throw at us just as much as the Tigers do. The Tigers have been AMAZING this season and no one is denying that – especially the Cardinals and their fans. You can’t pay attention to the media – they distort everything and turn baseball into a spectacle.

    And a little something on “Staingate” – we’re over it. Anyone that isn’t over it is just a fairweather Cardinals fan anyway. Game 2 is over, Kenny Rogers shut us down and we lost. It’s plain and simple. That’s exactly why LaRussa didn’t make a big deal out of it. Regardless of how the Cardinals handled that situation, we were going to be ripped on. If LaRussa would have asked that he be ejected, the Cardinals would have been babies that just wanted your Ace out of the game. When LaRussa didn’t do anything, we were babies because we let a “cheater” get away with it. Now, just because the media and some fairweather fans are still talking about it a few days later, we’re sore losers. Come on…it’s Game 4 tonight, let’s just go out and play.

    With all of that said – Good Luck Tigers!

    GO CARDS!!! GO SUPP!!!


    Hey Nate! We were so proud of you last night! You seem very calm out there and we love being able to say that we know you. You definitely represent Wichita well!
    -Megan (your Mexican cuz)


    Nate –

    Great job pitching last night – way to pull out of that tough inning! I had faith you could do it and you did:) You have such a wonderful attitude – something truly admirable. Good luck to you and the team, we’re pulling for you! God Bless!!


    Excellent job last night, Nate. Your poise in that rough inning was amazing! Too bad you got bumped later for a pinch hitter, but I guess that is a chance your Skipper had to take. I would have left you in, but since we needed the runs, I guess it was understandable.

    My husband and I are still trying to figure out why Brandon was pulled after Zumaya’s mistake. Anyone other folks out there have any guesses??

    Let’s hope our bats start to get hot again. Our pitchers are doing their jobs, it is now time for the hitters to do the same. Go Tigers!!

    P.S. Thanks to Cards’ fan MMarty for the great post. I am very excited for this match-up, and you guys have an excellent team, also. Forget about the media!!!!



    last night i seen something ive never really seen in you before. i seen a more fierce competitive and strong nate. you did well and didnt let them bother you. you shuffled the deck and played them. well tell my little hunny bun “joel zumaya” he did well also and all the other pitchers that pitched last night they did well. well good luck tonight i love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!


    Thanks for giving your best effort last night! You deserved so much more, just like the rest of this season. I hope you get a chance to pitch game 7 and win this thing at home. Ain’t no party like a Detroit party!!!

    Go get ’em tonight.


    I think that you are a great pitcher and that you gave it your all and somebody had to win that game and I guess it wasn’t us, so maybe it will be us the next game. I love you guys so keep it up, one game doesn’t matter it is the whole series. You’ll win some you lose some right

    Bless you Boys!!!

    ~~Blair Kennedy~~


    Nate – Michigan is so proud of you and the whole team. You pitched well last night. I’ll bet it was kinda scary for you in the 4th, but you stopped the bleeding, it could have been a lot worse. Also, you did so well bunting, you looked like a real pro. That was fun to watch.

    Our bats are kinda cold right now, but all of Michigan is here to cheer you on. One pitch at a time, one play at time, one inning at a time, one game at a time. We are all keeping the faith that you can turn it around tonight. Get your gum going early and it will all work out the way it’s supposed to. The whole team has come so far and we are all so proud of you already!!!



    you were absolutely great last night! you gave your all like you always do and i’m so proud of you. you’ll always be my fave tiger. goodluck tonight and tomorrow. just get the gum goin’! take care.


    ruby ann


    I have to give it to the Detroit Tigers, you guys have a really good team. I have to confess though that I’m a Cardinals fan and that hopefully we will win especially considerin the sweep by Boston three years ago. I also don’t think Rogers should’ve been thrown out the other night; every pitcher in baseball has done or does something that doesnt follow the rules, especially considering the weather they were dealing with. Best of luck to the Tigers and hopefully these next few games will be as good as the first 3!


    I love you so much nate. tell the other players i love them to soooo much! well i love you all and i love jim leyland to! well good luck tonight and i love you all!!!!


    Another great performance by the Cardinal pitching .
    You even pitched a good game Nate , especially getting out of that mess when the bases were loaded .

    ZUMAYA , keep you head up cousin , the throwing error did not cost the Tigers the game . The Tigers lost because of lack of offense , and a great Cardinal pitcher . I felt bad for Joel , and during the game when a Tiger pitcher was warming up in the bullpen I could see Zumaya and I was hoping he would get in the game . Your one my favorite Tigers JZ and I think you were being too hard on yourself as referring the throw to 3rd base as being a retarded thing to do , I played organized baseball and I know when it’s a big game you try and do the right thing even though it might not be the best thing to do . I hope you are not blaming yourself OK man . Your just a young pup with a great future .

    Anyways , good luck tonight guys !!!!!


    Hey Nate.
    I’m not to big into sports especially baseball, but i love being able to see you on the front page of the sports section in our newspaper! You have been the main focus in that section for the past week. It has been so much fun to tell everyone that my cousin is the pitcher for the Detroit Tigers! Everyone else thinks its really cool too. We have all been rooting for you and have watched/checked the scores of all the games so far. Just remember that I am praying for you and that i love you very much.

    -Your Cousin



    To grindline . . . get over McGwire, and please learn how to spell his name. You got it wrong in both blogs. The Cards fans had a couple of days of fun ribbing Kenny, and now it’s behind us. McGwire hasn’t played for a number of years, you are living in the past.

    The Tigers are a great team. The Cards are a great team. Neither team gets the respect they deserve from the national media because neither has a New York zip code. I am thrilled that it’s a midwest World Series, we know this part of the country has the best fans . . . as well as wonderful fans throughout the US and beyond. Both teams deserve to be where they are, may the best team win. Go Cards!


    I must say, as a Cards fan, I was happy we won. But I must say, you did a wonderful pitching game. You win some, you lose some, but you pitched wonderfully last night. Good luck with your career!


    kurt1287 . . . If you are a Cardinals fan, please find another team to root for. The Cardinals don’t need your kind of “support”. You remind me of the White Sox fans I heard in Chicago — drunk, with a very limited vocabulary.


    Good game last night. Great pitching on both sides.
    Just stay relaxed. Play ball the way you guys know you can, and you’ll come out on top. I’ll be rooting for you.


    We are very proud of you and the team for all of the great game play you have given Detroit. We know you are all giving your best.



    nate, you pitched a great game last night. my family and i sit in our living room last night enjoying watching a good friends son do an awesome job in the world series. (a dream for anyone who has ever played baseball.) you did yourself your team and your family a great job last night. keep your chin up. GO TIGERS!!! the davis family


    Hey there Nate, most true fans of the Tigers will still love the team regardless if you win or lose. So we lost one tonight, big deal. It isn’t the end of the world (series) – and even if it was, just being in contention for being the champions of the world is a huge honor. You did pitch good tonight, and you even laid down a great sac bunt! πŸ™‚ Keep on pluggin’ – we love you!

    – Tim


    It has been the best summer watching you all…I’m going to go through withdrawals when this is all over! I BELIEVE in the Tigers. You pitched grrrrrrrrreat!


    Hey Nate…you did a fine job on Tuesday night…nobody can say differently. Us true fans will always love the Tigers, no matter what…and the true fans of yours will always love you no matter what. And, we do! Keep your head high and just keep trying…We love you Nate!


    Hey Nate – Congrats on a good game pitched Tuesday night. It just happened to be a night we couldn’t get the bats going. Your performance was still amazing and it was fun watching you and the rest of the team. I know you all have the strength and heart to come back and win the next one. The Tigers deserve to be in the World Series, your performance has showed that the whole year. I love you guys and it has been a blast this summer watching you all. I am already looking forward to next year. Good luck in the rest of the games, stay strong, play ball like you guys all know how to and bring this home to Michigan. Much love in Midland!


    alright u ****, u r the gayest bunch of pu$$ie$ i know. first off, the dumba$$es think ur team is good when they suc ***. u guys suc up to everything. u know nothing of baseball. kurt is absolutely right. all u bums that suc up to ur team r the biggest bunch of losers. u know nothing of how good the cardinals are. im not saying im a cardinals fan, but i am now from wut u idiots blog to this piece of **** pitcher. did you not see the game? did u not see him lose 5-0? to me and the rest of mlb fans that is a terrible game. y dont u get ur heads out of ur a$$es and start realizing ur team ***. they will lose the w.s. and the sox will dominate them next year. u got the luckiest start and got lucky the rest of the season. u had a losing record after the all star break. i am a sox fan, and the sox are the best team ever. and whoever said that chicagoans vocabulary is limited, yea its only limited to saying how $hitty ur team is.


    hey formyvendors, the only reason u heard sox fans drunk and crazy was because we won the world series, and are still partying in preparation for next year. u bums will get killed and the cardinals will win the w.s. also, the sox didnt win off cheating either. kenny rogers is the biggest old **** ive ever seen. he has to cheat to be good. also, tell jim leyland i said hes a $hitty manager and tell him to stop telling his players to take steroids.


    Hi Nate! I don’t know if you read these, but it has been great to see you pitch in the post season. Kind of reminds me of the WSU days only on a much grander scale. When I saw you pitch on Tues. I was wondering what you must have been thinking being the starting pitcher at the WS. Only a select few get to realize that dream. I am really proud of you for your accomplishment and you have pitched well. Good luck in the rest of the series. I’m becoming a Tigers fan πŸ™‚

    Wanted to tell you I was watching,

    Trish Linder


    Robertson, I cannot believe I was ******** in YET AGAIN by you losers. After years of disappointment, you guys had me believing. And yet again, the Old English D proves to symbolize failure. Winning ONE GAME against the Cardinals- the CARDINALS- is not good enough. I am not “just happy to be here”. You pitchers cannot field and throw the ball. Our high-priced hitters are swining at first pitches and either popping up or hitting into a double play. You personally pitched badly last time out- you had nothing to create strikeouts on 2-strike counts. You walked people. You got hit HARD. You just plain ******. The way the Tigers played in Game 4 ripped my heart straight out of my chest. Rodney can’t throw strikes. Rodney can’t throw to first. Granderson can’t keep his feet. Monroe can’t “cut the pie” on Eckstein’s hit. Ordonez can’t hit. Polanco can’t hit. CAN’T CAN’T CAN’T. At this point, I don’t care if you guys win tomorrow. I don’t care if you also win Game 6 and 7. If that happens, it will feel more like LUCK than anything else. Thanks for ripping my heart out just when I believed, you little league bums. I just cannot put up with substandard play anymore. Sorry.


    I just cannot emphasize how embarrassed I am to have had a Tigers flag flying from my car. No more. Not when you pitchers have more errors than our hitters have in runs. Not when the only thing higher than our error count is our runs given up. I mean, what is wrong with you guys? I just don’t get how you let a tepid Cardinals team rough you up. Unlike Atlanta Braves fans, I don’t get all starry-eyed by post season appearances alone. I fell for that **** with the Red Wings, and look at their performance year after year. Trust me, Nate, you can shove ten packs of gum in, and it won’t stop Zumaya, Rodney, Verlander, Inge, Monroe and Granderson from mucking it up. I hope to God that since Weaver will start, we follow suit and start Kenny and just skip all you nervous rookies. Win a game, for God’s sake.


    Robertson, you got no out pitch. All you’ve got are fast balls that find the plate once every three attempts, a changeup that doesn’t fool hitters… otherwise, where’s a straight curve now and then? How many fastballs in a row do you think you can give to Pujols? Go to the Kansas City Royals and take Mike Maroth with you. We don’t need any left over mojo from 2003.


    I almost forgot to ask, what is the excuse going to be tomorrow? Wet bases? Bad umpires? I still don’t understand why we are suddenly the Toledo Mud Hens! For God’s sake, quit stranding runners on 3rd base, quit with the throwing errors, and QUIT GETTNG BEHIND BATTERS 3 AND 0! See you bums next year, when Dombrowski has his next bit of snake oil concocted, the sting has lessened and I am primed to get fooled again.



    I think that I speak for all Tigers Fans get the **** off of this blog. You are the worst kind of disgusting person who is hiding behind the anonymous forum. (those are awefully big words do you understand them??)

    We are all disappointed, but lets remember in the scheme of things, baseball is a game. If you react like this to a ballgame what the heck would you do if you had a real problem in your life.

    You are obviously and drunk and a fool go to bed.

    On a positive note GO TIGERS.


    We need to demand more, Tigers fans. These excuses being floated by the Fox crew about lack of experience is ****. How many hundreds of times has Fernando Rodney fielded a bunt and thrown to first? How many times has Zumaya fielded a come-backer and correctly went to 2nd base and not third? How many times has Craig Monroe properly cut the pie before inexplicably stepping toward center and allowing Eckstein to burn him? YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT ROOKIES! THESE ARE THINGS THAT EVEN RAMON SANTIAGO DOES IN HIS SLEEP JUST TO MAKE THE TEAM! WAKE UP and QUIT EMBARRASSING ME! And yes, after buying a total of six tickets (including Game 2 of the W.S.), it IS all about me, because I was a paying customer this year. Screw you, losers. You barely deserved to win Game 2.


    dont you have some fries to cook or burgers to flip? I’d like to see nate plant a 95 mile an hour fastball in your temple….shuddap and go golfing with the rest of your loser sox…’d the playoff work out for them this year?? oh yeah thats right they choked!! Go join that loser uribe in prison!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

    Joelhalstead….man what a typical fair weather fan…this team went from 90+ losses to the world series but it isnt enough for ya? I am unbelievably dissapointed too but god…grow a sack, be a man and stop whining like a schoolgirl….stand by your team…come back and talk to me if the tigs win tomorrow….and c’mon real tigers fans…back me up on this one will ya!!!!



    Make sure you sit on the edge of your seat during game 5 and get your palms good and sweaty while Verlander throws the ball into center field. You’re right- it is a ballgame- which prompts me to ask why these bums get paid millions to embarrass the State of Michigan. Remember watching Zumaya throw six straight balls? Give me ten dollars- forget ten million- and I BET I will throw a strike in six attempts.


    Fair weather? I watched the Tigers back when their winningest pitcher was Mike Henneman. I was there, and until tonight, I was still there. I just cannot brook the b.s. Granderson, well, tough luck. The rest played like a sack of sh!t.


    one other thing…I hope win or lose they keep as many of these guys they can….this group of guys is easily one of the best I’ve seen in Detroit. I enjoyed every game and the Yankees and A’s series I was lucky enough to be at were like a dream come true! This group stands to have a good run over the next few years..By the way, this series is not over…I still dont hear the large female singing…CMON TIGERS get off the matt and keep fighting!!!!


    allright joelhalstead you stew with your angst…. I’ve been watching them for a looong time as well I guess I just have a different take on things…My heart was broken and I’m sick to my stomach tonight too but I just cant look over what this team has accomplished this year…


    we are down 3-1

    and let me tell you, the tigs have so not played up to their potential. I don’t care what you want to say about good pitching beating good hitting.

    The Tigers have had a great season, and I could say we have had enough greatness at this point.

    but I can also say, you guys are better than this, you guys need to get your head in the game and win three of the next three games and quit thinking you are the best team of 2006 and show everyone you ARE the best team of 2006.

    chew ’em up


    Listen I’m not just trying to be a rah rah guy….I have to agree on thing about this team that puzzles me is they look unstoppable first half of the season and then subpar second half…..they look unbelievable against the yankees and A’s then brutal against the Cardinals….may be that like Leyland says…that is baseball he would know better than I…. maybe it is inexperience and a young team….maybe its schizophrenia…either way they have to find an answer and quick for this series and when this is all over one way or another more long term for next season……


    grindline, you are right. just plain right. It ISN’T over. But I put off everything I have to do in this blue collar life, ya know? Just to sit in that worn chair and watch. Just because I have the same superstitions all sports fans have. I feel like a sports team might benefit from every last person in every household collectively willing that weak liner to drop in for us. And with every errant throw to the fence, these guys rip my guts out, and then nonchalantly stroll to the clubhouse. The Cardinals, meanwhile, are punching the timeclock, and calmly handling their business. It isn’t the Yankees we need to emulate- it’s the Cards, probably.


    and ya know I will probably be first in line for tickets next season, after this cow I had doesn’t hurt anymore πŸ™‚


    relax halstead , the 68 Tigers were down 3 games to 1 . A year ago if someone said the Tiger’s were going to have the best road record in baseball and go to the World Series , you would not think that would be possible .

    Yeah I was mad at the outcome of the game but it’s not over , and if they loose game 5 , 6 , or 7 , they had a good year and I believe with the young pitching staff that the Tigers have they will be like the Atlanta Braves were in the 1990’s with Glavine , Maddux , Smoltz ect ..


    I hear ya joel I’m right there with ya I was clutching a couple of tiger towels that I thought were my good luck mojos…..:-)
    I think the nochalant stroll you talk about though may be part of what put the tigers here…the ability to not overblow things…listen I had the tigers day the moment they lost the division. I said “here we go again” another tease for tigers fans…did they ever prove me wrong!!!!! Now do I really think they will win this…I dont think probability is on our side! but we still gotta hope and sit in that chair and clutch those towels…at least for one more game..and if thats all we get is one more put those superstitions away until opening day and start over!!!!! God knows we dont have a football team to get behind hahaha maybe the wings but they look a bit shaky now too…anyway long story short keep the faith…..


    If they do loose , I am sure they can take this experience (rookies & younger players) and just go out there and kick *** next year .
    Believe me joehalstead , I about had a cow tonight also , but I was impressed with Pudge’s effort at the plate and his base running tonight , and Casey had a good game as well .


    thanks cleveland…you know during the tigers A’s series I checked out the A’s blog and was unbelievably impressed that to a fan they all praised and thanked the A’s even after being swept!! now you can say well they dont care as much or take it as seriously but I don’t know I think they were right in the way they reacted…anyhow..just another stupid thought maybe?


    BTW , I don’t even think Zumaya makes a million a year : )

    Monroe only makes $300,000 .

    That is only $200,000 more thank I make !!


    god are you right cleveland you know its reeeeal easy in a loss to overlook those things. Pudge played his *** off!!! and I hope and prey they bring him and Casey back next year..casey needs to be the everyday first baseman next year no question!


    is that all you make cleveland? sorry to hear that! πŸ™‚ wanna buy me and joelhalstead a game 7 ticket!!!!


    It was really cool to see Pudge get his groove back tonight. The game was heartbreakingly close and I thought we had it. Ah well. On to game 5. Bring your best game, guys. We’ll all be cheering you on!


    I dunno gridline , I look at it like this .

    I remember when I was a little kid in 1984 and the record start they got off too . I remeber watching Jack Morris pitch a no hitter on the Saturday game of the week .

    I also remember losing to Minnesota in 1987 . I have watched the Detroit Tigers loose alot of games in the 90’s and thru 2005 , these guys are not bums .

    yes I think the week off hurt the momentum that they had . yes they have gotten some bad breaks , thats baseball , or any sport for that matter .

    If they lost this thing , yeah I would be bummed out , but these guys have been fun to watch all season long and I am proud of them , and I would also thank them for a great year if the still lost . I am not a rah rah guy either but I still believe they are a better team than St. Louis but they are not getting any good breaks .


    When I was a little kid I used to think I was Steve Kemp , former Tiger left fielder , does anyone remember him ??


    yeah cosmovan , I was feeling bad for Pudge , and all of a sudden he was hitting like a man on a mission tonight and he ran the bases like Kirk Gibson!!


    Cleveland…I’m assuming your responding to my rah rah comment…I’m wound up and have made too many blogs tonight!!!!! I was about 12 in 84 and remember 87 well….I also lived the 20 years of mediocre and bad teams till now as well….I’ve been saying the entire series that the Tigers are a better team too..unfortunately it’s not showing up that way in the boxscore!!!!!! I’m also still saying this…win tomorrow and you go home with rogers pitching and a real good chance of forcing game 7 then…whooo knows.. πŸ™‚


    cleveland I found a set of 3 game 7 tickets on ebay for for $2500…you buyin for you, joelhalstead and I? I’ll buy beers if you buy tix!!!!!


    where did joehalstead go ?
    I was feeling his frustration , he just needs to be alittle more optomistic about this situation πŸ™‚


    yeah maybe he went to bed might help him get a little perspective…I’m going out on a limb…I have this overwhelming feeling that the tigers are gonna get to weaver and win by quite a bit tomorrow…check back with me tomorrow cause you’re my witness!! πŸ™‚


    well, looks like everyone went to be….sleep well tiger fans.. we still have at least one more to cheer for. and win or lose nate and the rest of the tigers…I still love ya!!


    im with ya u guys played one heck of a season and ill still be proud of u cause u made it to the world series
    lookin forwars to bloggin on u next season

    ~~~blair kennedy~~~

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