Give Reyes credit

I think getting back out there, it was just an overall pretty flat game for us. It certainly wasn’t the kind of baseball we had been playing. We don’t use any excuses whatsoever, but they just beat us in all facets of the game. They hit the ball, and they had good defense overall. Obviously Reyes pitched a really good game. Gotta give him credit, because for the most part, he made his pitches and did a really good job.

To be honest, we had a week off, but it’s like everything seemed like it happened so fast today. It was the first time for a lot of guys, certainly for me. You want to have a chance to sit back and enjoy it, so throughout the game you might take a moment to take it in. Of course, you’d rather take it in being up 7-1 than down 7-1. Driving in today, I realized what I was coming to the ballpark for. It was pretty awesome. We’ll be alright.

We thought we might have a rally going there in the seventh. We’ve obviously been capable of it in the past, and once one guy gets something going, we feel like others will follow along. Even in the ninth, we felt like we could put a few runs up. I mean, this offense and this team is confident enough to know we can go out and do that. Tonight, we just didn’t string enough hits together. We didn’t have that many in the first place. We still had some pretty good at-bats. There were some balls that were hit hard right at guys. But they beat us. They played a better game than us tonight, bottom line.

I think there’s urgency in every game. There’s urgency in every pitch, especially where we’re at. And I think that we understand what’s at stake. Guys aren’t going out there knowing that it would be a bad thing go down 0-2 heading to St. Louis. That’s not something throughout the season we’ve allowed to press us. We don’t do that. We’ve done pretty well being able to re-adjust, and I think we’ll go out and do that tomorrow.



    Its ok! We’ll still get em!
    I always said, Tigers in 5.

    They weren’t gonna go in a sweep.

    World Series!

    Let’s kick some birds!


    Hi Nate and the Tigers,

    Yeah, Reyes pitched good and so did Verlander with 8 K’s!!

    Pujol’s hitting had been in a slump and he was bound to wake up, and also Rolen etc., but overall Verlander did a good job against the Cards, as did the Tigers’ relievers, and now they know what it is like to pitch in the WS. Smart move by the Skipper to put all those relievers in like that to show and give confidence.

    You’re right, this one loss isn’t a biggie and you fellows do bounce back. As you say, look what happened in NY, and then Oakland.

    All we needed was a few hits and the game could have been won. We also lost the 1st game of the 1968 World Series and went on to win.


    Best of luck tommorrow!!!


    Hey Nate.

    I was at the game tonite.

    The rest of the croud was just so dead. It was terrible. Our section tried everything to get some people goin but nothing held through.

    I watched you guys sittin in the dugout and everything seemed so sad. No smiles, which hasnt happened in awhile.

    Even though you boys didnt win it was still a amazing to be there at the first world series game the Tigers have played in since 1984. It was the first world series game i have ever seen the Tigers play in (im almost 14) my life.

    I was sitting there watching you boys warm up and during bp and everything, and thats when it really hit me that i was getting the chance to watch my Detroit Tigers in the 2006 world series, something i have waited for my life.

    Well you boys will bounce back. Remember you lost game 1 to the Yankees. This aint over.

    Your #1 fan outta Rockford, MI


    P.s. you ran outta that dugout so fast for bp i didnt even get a picture 😦



    you mentioned the crowd was dead most of the night, especially in your section, granted, there was not much to cheer about, other than verlander dusting off his strike out pitches, but look at this too, you got scalpers asking anywhere from 500 dollars to 12,000 dollars for one ticket to the game, a lot of true baseball fans cannot afford these ridiculous prices, especially when they can see the game on tv, you wind up having people go to the game who might not have been to one game all season long, this is more of a social event, than a baseball game, so if a partcular group of fans needs to rely on the electronic signs located in comerica park on when to make noise, they are the ones who should be home or maybe at a five star restaurant in birmingham sipping the dom perigone (im so poor i dont even know how to spell it), but not at the game, its really too bad that having attended 5 or 6 games this year, plus a playoff game, i cannot even begin to entertain thoughts on attending this series due to the costs, but if i was there, i would be going like mad with my towel trying to get something started, even if the tigers turn in a lackluster performance like they did yesterday… eat em up nate, were gonna need ya buddy, go tigers!!!!


    y’all will bounce back. you guys seem to do better when you’re mad or the underdog and you never give up, which is the most important thing. keep playin nine and you’ll be fine. WE BELIEVE!

    go get em kenny, go get em nate and GO GET EM TIGERS!


    I need to comment about “My Tiger” Maggs. During the final game with Oakland, Milton Bradley was such a wonderful sport to us Right Field people. He interacted with us and had fun. During game 1 last night, Magg’s did not even acknowledge his following with a tip of his hat. I know he had to have his game face on, but all the other Tiger’s did and still acknowledged their fans. Also at last saturday’s awesome win, I noticed all the players acknowledging their fans, ex. Granderson coming out and getting excited with Centerfielders, Monroe, left fielders, but Magg’s did not come out. I think the fans deserve at least an inkling of recognition, considering the price they pay to get into the park. If other team’s players can have fun with the opposing team’s fans, why can’t Magg’s. Sorry such a flimsy comment on such a subperb and wonderful team. GO TIGERS


    Please win!
    I lost a lot of slle last night worrying about the Tigers! I still have faith and know you’ll do it!


    This makes that game 3 that much more important. Good luck on the start.

    Anybody know of anything going on in St. Louis for fans that make the trip? Tailgate or anything?


    Nate, you’re right. Reyes was outstanding last night. I don’t know if Verlander was bothered by nerves, but hopefully people will be ready to go tonight.

    I can only imagine how you felt driving in to the game yesterday. It took awhile to sink in last night that I was at the World Series, but it was great to soak up the environment.

    My family will be there tonight – with our raingear. πŸ™‚ Go Tigers πŸ™‚



    I agree: last nights game was about pitching. Both men came to the mound with expected jitters. Reyes was able to put them in check, move through the game and not worry about the things he had no control over. Verlander was no slouch, but this is where the mental aspect of baseball merges with the physical.

    This was game one….tonights another game. Fresh start. Get back on track.

    Go Tigers!!


    I don’t know if you actually read these things but if you do whould you please do me a favor and pass this on to Brandon Inge.

    Brandon, a few years ago you were sent down to the minors to work on your hitting. When you returned it was as though you were a completely different hitter. You knocked the cover off of the ball and hit it to all fields. What were you taught down there?

    Since then you seem to have fallen back into your old ways. You attempt to pull everything, especially low outside pitches (which cause you to strike out more often than not).

    Last night Louis Pujols took an outside pitch and, instead of trying to pull it to left (which he has the power to do), he went with it and put it over the rightfield fence.

    You really need to think about driving the ball up the middle. You will still pull a good pitch but you will be far more productive getting the ball into play -especially those outside pitches.

    Thanks Nate! And good luck to you and the team. No matter what happens in the Series you guys’s have given Tiger Fan’s everywhere a season they will talk about for years to come.


    I mistakenly posted this in previous day’s entry, but it belongs here.

    Nate said:

    “We don’t use any excuses whatsoever, but they just beat us in all facets of the game. They hit the ball, and they had good defense overall.”

    I hate to point this out, but it’s almost exaclty what the Yankees and A’s said about the Tigers. Let’s hope we don’t see the same fate as those teams.

    I’ve not been one to say the Tigers will take the series, I’ve been one to say, I won’t be suprprised if they don’t. Of course I hope the Tigers win it all, but I’m keeping my expectations low.

    Bottom line is, this team is fantastic and what’s better is they’ll likely be a team for a few years to come, improving with each season. Getting to the post season next year seems very promising. I have my sights set on ’07.


    To edziuchap –

    Such great Baseball advice from a guy that doesnt even know Pujols first name. Leave Ingey alone – he hit more HRs than all but one guy on the team this year. Im sure he knows more about hitting than you – its Albert Pujols by the way.


    Best wishes to all the Tigers in the rest of the Series. We shelled out some big bucks to a ticket broker to be at last nights game. Even though we lost, and there wasn’t a great deal to cheer about, the place was electric! I think we should thank Dave D. & Mike I. for all they did in putting this team together. What a treat to have October baseball in Detroit again! Unlike after ’68 and ’84, I hope this team is just the beginning of an 8+ year run of good teams with frequent playoff appearances. Go Tigs.


    hey nate,

    i hope your reading this.

    well your an awesome pitcher and your play good games. im a big fan of you.i wish you good luck in game three vs. the cardinals. go out there and play your best and pithc the game of your life. it would be nice to see you and the rest of the tigers win the world series. jim leyland would be happy along with you and the other tigers. you guys came so far and played so well this year. you shouldent back down now. believe in yourselfs and do your best with the rest of the world series. youve had a wonderful year this year and i hope you make it better next year.

    well tell magglio he did a good job with that walk off home run that led us to the world series. we couldent have done it without him.

    and tell pudge he’s an awesome catcher and im one of his biggest fans,

    and tell joel zumaya he is the greatest and i love him so much and tell the rest of the team i said thank you. along with jim leyland.


    Hey Nate I think that you guys are terrific. I was able to go to the New York games but unfortunately was unable to get tickets for any of the World Series games no matter how hard I tried. Oh well I will cheer you guys on at home.

    I was so excited and nervous all Saturday I cannot even imagine how you all felt. I am certian that we will see the Tigers of the New York and A’s series back tonight. Good Luck, you all deserve it.


    So much for “Tigers win in three.”
    Yeah, that comment really wasnt necessary. Everyone thinks that the Tigers are an unstoppable force. Well the fact remains that they’re not. They’re only baseball players. And so are the Cardinals. What really matters is that this series will be played with the tenacity and intensity that the players possess. Stats are just stats, it’s a new season. Everythings on an even kiel now.

    I am a die hard Cardinals fan but I have respect for all players and their teams and for the their fans. This will be the most exciting series played to date. You can bet on it. Good luck to all involved.


    Nate and the Tigers-
    Keep your eyes on the prize and make every pitch and every at bat count – you’ll be fine.

    We love our Tigers!!


    One loss no big deal. I figured you Tigers would take it in five.

    I know a few people who would like to see a game 7.

    I would love to see the WS won at home!

    I just wish I could have got some tickets!

    I was only one year old when the Tigers won in 1984. This year… my son is one year old. We win, and I’m gonna tell the wife it’s time for another kid!


    Hey Nate! Everyone I know here in Toronto is pulling for the Tigers. You guys had a rough debut and i think it’s safe to attribute that to a long week off, and the cardinals coming off a great series that ended just a couple days prior. I’m sure you guys will get back into the rhythm..pitching will definitely be the difference in this series. You’ve got really good stuff and are capable of shutting them down. I luv this team too. Go tigers go!!


    This season has been amazing – we have enjoyed watching the city come alive with the magic. A wet game two tonight but we know you and the team have it in you to win – Go Get ‘Em, Tigers! and thank you for such an amazing year so far – we can’t wait to celebrate at the end!


    You guys will get them, all of us loyal fans are thankful for what you guys have done this year. I remember sitting by my grandpa during the 84 series (I was 8). I wish he was here to see this!!! I was born and raised on tiger baseball. And as one of the people who can’t afford tickets to the postseason, we’re trying to yell loud enough so you can hear us (doesn’t make us popular with the neighbors). Good luck to all of you, we are proud, and GO GET EM’


    Dear Nate. I love you. When are we getting married? Im wearing an “Its gum time” Shirt right now, and it would appear that you have signed my left breast. Come do so again. Good job being a pitcher and all that, too.


    Hey there Tigers,

    After winning 7 straight post-season games, it almost seemed wierd to lose one. But we have to remember that was only game one. I have every confidence you guys will bounce back.

    At the same time, I know the Cards are a great team and also deserve to be here. Everyone is calling them the underdogs, which I don’t really understand since they have been to the WS a few times in recent years. Of course, they haven’t won it all since 82. Whoever wins, it is a great matchup.

    Go Tigers! Your number one fan in Hawaii!

    – Tim


    Hey Nate!!!
    I’m not much of a Detroit fan but i agree you guys are awesome. well now that the Mets are out I’m rooting for you…

    please beat the Cards!!!i know you could hold the cards down. just for the Mets, and San diego padres….

    please win!!!!!Go Tigers!!


    Part of recovery is accepting things and moving on. You guys are champions–there’s no obstacle you can’t overcome.
    I was in the stands cheering you on during Game 1, coming all the way from Toronto to see my Tigers. And will have faith in your winning outcome when I’m watching the series from up north.

    Wow ’em on the mound Nate!



    Hey Nate:

    Boy, I agree with you about the lousy scheduling. Whoever heard of going to the West Coast for two games? The people who scheduled this year must have been looped! I hope all the hitters are starting to get on track and that the pitchers who have been struggling will pick up the pace soon. YOU have been pitching really well. It’s about time the guys got some runs for you after the way last year went for you! I think all Tigers fans are excited about the new season. I KNOW you guys are capable of going all the way this year. You should have been World Champs last year, but that is water under the bridge now. I want to wish all of you another great and fun season. I’ll be watching and rooting you guys on no matter what and no matter where you are. PLAY BALL


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