How awesome is this?

Tigers_2You know that was Gum Time. Kenny started throwing out packs to the fans when we had bases loaded. Actually, my first pack that I had in was when we got the two runs. Threw a pack up to a fan. The next inning, we got one run, tied it up. We double-dipped tonight. We double-dipped. But we definitely had it in the bottom of the ninth when it went out.

It’s fitting that we went on a comeback. It’s just the way we’ve been doing it all year. It’s a bigger stage, obviously, but it was fitting. Very fitting.

Everybody works hard, but when it finally pays off, it’s a feeling you can’t describe. Coming from 2003, coming over in that trade and experiencing what we had with the 119 losses and then coming back, getting to this point, it’s rewarding. I think at this point last year, when I was watching the playoffs unfold, I think there were a lot of people who were still in disbelief that Chicago was doing this. It became such a story, and I think it’s the same way here.



    Congratulations from an A’s fan. It broke my heart to see the A’s lose today… But you guys played well this year! It is amazing to see a team turn around and have a great season! Good luck in the WS!


    Congrats! You guys all deserve it, the pennant AND the week off before you take on whoever comes out of the NLCS.

    Good luck in the Fall Classic. The way you guys are going, we’ll be throwing another party before the month is out.

    Go Tigers!



    I have literally been waitin my whole life for this. I am almost 14 so this is the best i have ever seen my Tigers do.

    You guys have to announce what day you are pitching because i want to make sure i come to the world series game you are playin in.


    you’re the best.

    Your #1 fan from Rockford, MI

    And dont listen to that first comment…like Kid Rock says: It aint cocky if you can baaack it up.

    Not that i think you are being cocky.


    Tigers win ALCS and AL Pennant, 6-3 vs. Oakland Athletics!!!

    Nate and the rest of you Tigers, El Tigres , be as ‘cocky’ as you want to because you earned it!!! Not any team has won 7-playoff games in a row I do believe. Congratulations!!!

    Matt, have a good Winter in the Arizona mountains or desert, take your pick, and have a chew of BLC Gum. Just watch out for hibernating rattlesnakes, and those maybe not so hibernating.

    It’s Gum Time!!!

    Jumpim’ Jiminny!!!

    Mr. Ordonez, you hit the chimeny!!!

    Even Todd Jones in the bullpen tried to catch that homer ball!!!

    Every game was a fight, and this last one was very tight!!!

    And now the American League Pennant hangs in our hall!!!

    You TIGERS brought tears to my eyes, and shouts of joy Detroit cries!!!

    Congratulations DETROIT TIGERS!!! You did indeed win the show!!!

    Go TIGERS go!!! Only four more to go!!!

    Chris, 1st Bn., 39th Infantry Regiment AAA-0 (Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. Bar None!), 2nd Brigade, 8th Infantry Division (Mechanized), V Corps, 7th Army, Central Army Group, USAEUR, 1970-73. Roll baby roll!!! It’s Gum Time!!! Old soldiers never die, they just chew away. ๐Ÿ˜‰ + %-)


    2 days in a row I have to sit up all night just to see the playoff. But it’s rewarding. Good luck on World Series Game one, Nete!!

    Your No.1 Fan In Taiwan

    JianCheng a.k.a. Elliott


    I was at a hockey game when I heard the news that you and the rest of the team had beat the A’s. It brought tears to my eyes. I have never seen a team with more heart than you guys.

    Play your hearts out Tigers in the World Series. Da U.P. is proud!


    Right now I am so proud to be a Tigers fan! Not so long ago when people would ask who I was for and I replied “The Tigers” they would say, “You must be a real fan.” Of course that was true. Great job team!


    I had just been pulled into a theatre by my Dad when the ushers announced you guys had won the pennant. I don’t know why, but I burst into tears. It was the happiest moment of my life (but hopefully, knock on wood, it’ll be topped in the World Series!). I cannot say it enough: THANK YOU for everything this season. The way you guys celebrate with the fans shows that you understand just how much this means to all of us. You are the best.

    Much love and best of luck,


    Your #1 Californian Fanatic


    “Dont be so cocky. The Tigers are still basically the Royals.

    Plus the gum.”

    One question for Matt…Did you ever experience anything like this before? I have, 1968, 1984 and now in 2006. Your comment is childish at best, I hope you’re not an adult!

    Congrats Nate and the Tigers! Your first start at Comerica in the World Series! Keep the Big League Chew coming BAAAAABY!


    Nate and the boys… That was so awesome… nothing explains it better AWESOME!!! I skipped 3+ hours of shopping at the Mall of America to sit in a Sports Bar with husbands sick of shopping to watch… And it was all worth it when I got to scream (with my Tigers T-shirt on)as that ball left the park with all of those Twins fans sitting around me!!! Oh it was Awesome!! Nate we are so excited for you and proud of you … no one deserves it more!! Love ya


    No words! I can’t explain this feeling, as I am sure you all can’t either.


    We got our pitching line up set right?

    World Series

    Game 1 Robertson

    Game 2 Verlander

    Game 3 Rogers

    Game 4 Bonderman

    Hope you are in charge in game 1, and finally you get to pitch at home!!!!


    Wow – Nate, I am completely impressed by not only what your team has accomplished but by how you all handle winning and share your pride and enthusiasm with the fans. My husband and I have had season tickets the last few years, and we’ve shared your sorrows and now this! Thanks for keeping a blog and sharing your thoughts. It’s been fun to read. I’ll be there to cheer you on next weekend and as much as I would love to see you guys win it all at home, if you decide to sweep the Series, that’s okay too!

    – Yvette ๐Ÿ™‚


    INCREDIBLE . . . How great it is to be a Tigers fan! I wasn’t at the game, but I was downtown and I tell you, it was as CRAZY outside the park as I’m sure it was inside . . . and rightfully so! Keep it up! Nate – Go Get ‘Em Tiger!

    Marshall, MI


    congrats TIGERS!!! you guys are the best. there must be something about detroit.. it seems we get the best ‘blue collar’ performances out of our sports teams (minus the lions, hehe)

    keep it goin, hope you can pitch at home in the WOOORLD SERIES BABY!!!

    ps. tell grilli to keep his head up, we still love him.


    THank you Mr. Robertson and the rest of the tigers. First off thank you for helping to bring this world series game to detroit. Good luck in the world series. And lastly Gooooooo Tigers


    Here’s to you Mr. Robertson…Thanks Nate and the rest of the team (Placido I love you!!! You’ve always been the MVP in my book.) for giving my 6 year old son memories that will last a lifetime. I was 12 when the “Boys” last one and I’m so happy my son can experience the joy that the Tigers create in Detroit. Bless you Boys doesn’t seem to express this fan’s gratitude. Best of luck to you Tigers.(Future World Series Champs!!) We Believe!


    Ive never seen the Tigers break .500 let alone get in the frickin World Series.
    My favorite baseball thing to watch was the slaughter of Game 3 against the Yankees. KKKKKKKK


    Oh my God Nate, I cannot even believe I was there last night, and I was there last Saturday too! How blessed have we fans have been to have an amazing team this summer to cheer on in the Postseason!? You boys are amazing and have done so much for the city and everything, we are all SO PROUD of you all! Live it up this week and get your rest, we’re so excited to cheer you all on in the WORLD SERIES 2006!

    – Stephanie

    Grosse Pointe, MI


    omg.. our boy Maggs did it!!! My mom and I were on the phone when it happened, I got the chills and she just yelled. It’s quite the feeling isn’t it?? Don’t worry about that Diamondback Dude’s comment, he’s been sitting around not cheering for anything most of the season! I’m rootin for the midwest once again! I’m a Sox fan, born and bred but you guys deserved it this year.. this is ‘almost’ as fun as last year! ๐Ÿ™‚ GO TIGERS!!!


    O M G !!!!!

    Who knew that this would be happening after the KC series? That was as low as I have been in many years. I still don’t know which was better, beating those hated Yankees or Mags’s walk-off to get to the series.

    What a glorious game! What a glorious season! What a way to win the pennant!

    Truly one of the greatest moments in Detroit sports history. Thanks for all of these great memories. I was around for ’84 and it was a great ride but nothing like this team. What a story, what a season. Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!! Now go get the ring baby!

    Love you guys!


    Toledo, Oh


    Dont be so cocky. The Tigers are still basically the Royals.

    Plus the gum.

    Posted by: Matt | October 14, 2006 11:45 PM

    And isn’t that what makes you tired of such fans? Being arrogant and cocky when they finally have some success. Makes you wonder why it only comes around every other decade for them! There is losing with dignity and there is winning with dignity. The players are upholding their end of the bargain (Leyland would have it no other way – he is a class act). Too bad the fans can’t take a cue from Jim as well!


    How is being excited and happy, cocky? These fans have a right to be thrilled to their bones. Little Yankmess need to sit down and go figure out what’s happening to their team.. you are not losing with dignity if you’re on here dissin the team that smoked you and your division all year!


    Nate ,
    I just wanted to say that I am proud of you guys . I remember when I was a little kid in 1984 and last night felt like 1984 again . I don’t cry often but last night the Tigers brought tears of joy to my eyes . Remember one thing , no matter what the outcome of all of this , you guys should be proud of the season that you have had , I have been watching Tiger baseball for alot of years and I can tell you guys are a great bunch .

    Play one game at a time & have a blast , you guys deserve it !!



    CONGRATS, buddy! I have been a Tigers fan through the hard times and have waited many years for this moment. I was only two when the ’84 team won it all, so I have not been able to experience the World Series as a true Tiger fan. I am SO proud of this team that no one gave a chance to, because you guys proved that you cannot buy a champion by knocking off the Yankees. You also proved you do not have to have any big superstars. You have a team that cares for each other, looks out for each other, fights for each other, and wins for each other. Now that you are American League champs, I wish you all the best in your hunt for a World Series title. I only wish I could be there to see the games. You guys have given me so much joy this season already though. Thank you so much for everything and GO TIGERS!


    To all the Tigers:
    you guys made me cry, and it was a happy cry.

    Thank you for that.

    the last time the tigers made it to the world series i missed it, because, well–i wasn’t born yet. thanks for making this ride truly amazing and inspirational. keep it up!



    Congratulations, Tigers! I was lucky enough to be at both clincher games and feel fortunate to have witnessed a moment in sports history I will never forget!World Series Here We Come! Let’s Do it Boys!! : )


    Nate, last night at good ole Hockeytown Cafe, I sold Big Leauge Chew like crazy. It was my co-worker who started that Rally to get us those couple of runs and then in the 9th, everyone was chewing it. It’s awesome! People buy that stuff left and right!

    Congrats and I can’t wait to see you pitch Game 1!!!! It’ll be amazing!!!!!!!!!!

    God Bless!!!!

    โค Erica

    P.S. We always have The Chew, stop in anytime to pick some up! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    Baseball is the only sport I watch and love – and I can honestly say it’s never made me cry before, even when I was 15 and watched the Tigers win the World Series in ’84 – like it did last night! My mom raised me as a Tigers fan (no choice in that matter! ;))she’s been a fan since her teens, going to the games until she moved too far north – she’s 75 now. So, to see her as happy as she was, crying right along with me was the best thing ever!! Thank you guys for the best memories a Tiger’s girl can have!!!!!!

    Hugs to all of you!


    Oscoda, MI


    Nate – congrats to you and all the guys… so well-deserved. You’ve given us die-hards an amazing run, and amazing gift. Back in ’84, I thought it would always be that easy, that we’d see this happen again and again. 22 years, it’s been, but what y’all have done wiped that time away in an instant. Thank you, and go get ’em in the World. Freakin’. Series.


    AHHHHHHHHHH what an amazing game, series, season! we were all sitting together in my dorm, and once magg’s shot went out the entire room exploded, and you could hear celebrations from down the hall. good luck in the series!


    Central Michigan University


    hey great job!!!
    im a mets fan so u better watch ur butts b/c they will be seein u thereโ™ฅ

    love ashley w


    What you guys do for the fans – they way you interact with them, that’s what makes you a special club.
    This game, and this world, has grown very impersonal.

    But this city, these people, they can connect to their tigers.

    I don’t know if you realize this, but we take care of our heros here. This team will ALWAYS be loved in Michigan. Just look at those guys from 68 and 84. They aren’t just athletes we watch, they are part of what makes us who we are.

    That’s you, now.


    Congratulations, you guys deserved it. Eventhough I’m a HUGE A’s fan, I have been rooting for you guys all year (as my second favorite team of course). You out played us, and I will be rooting for you in the WS!

    Oakland, CA


    Keep up the great work – this team is adored by Tigers fans and respected by true baseball fans everywhere.
    (No comment for those so loyal to a team they are now sour. Go rent “Field of Dreams”.)

    Who couldn’t love this story?

    The worst record in 2003 and pure magic in 2006.

    I can’t wait for the endorsement deals …. Big League Chew for Nate (and maybe the whole team); Suave or Redken for Maggs….


    As an A’s fan I had to let the tears dry before posting this. First off congratulations on the series win, we definitely ran into a buzz saw in this series. I was at the game on Friday night and have to say that the fans in Detroit are some of the best in baseball. Being decked out in A’s attire I was expecting to be feverishly harassed(I grew up in Cleveland, thats how it usually happens there), but was treated just like the rest. I am one of the only people that predicted the Tigers Season in March, just wish that i wasnt right. Good luck Motown, give the NL ‘The Business’!!!

    PS. To all the fans in section 325 on Friday thanks for a great time, NIXON I will be watching for you!


    Columbus, OH


    i have been going to tigers games since i was a little girl, and none of those games ever brought tears to my eyes like the game i was at last night!!! the feeling in the park was so exciting and you guys were amazing! congrats to everyone you deserve it more than anyone! we’ll see you next week at the world series! much thanks for all the great games. LETS GO TIGERS, LETS GO!




    Old Doors’ song:

    We (originally ‘I’) got our (originally ‘my’) hands on the road and our eyes upon the wheeeelll!!!

    Oops!!! I have it reversed. Should be:

    We got our eyes on the road and our hands upon the wheeeelll!!!

    Phew!!! That was a close one. Glad I am not the driver, nor the Skipper either!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ + %-)

    Go Tigers go!!!

    Thanx to all the fans of the other clubs for the sporting remarks and congratulations! That’s very nice!!!

    Roll bay roll!!! GO TIGERS GO!!!


    To all the non-believers and naysayers out there: HOW BOUT THEM TIGERS!?!?!?!? Just too bad for you sore crybaby losers out there that you can’t give Detroit any credit. AND YES I’M TALKING TO YOU Yankee coach! Everybody had the Tigers written off before the playoffs even began, and look what they have done! So… why not stop your crying and realize your team is a bunch of overpaid, overrated crybaby whiners who know how to do nothing but CHOKE under the pressure of the big games!

  39. Matt

    Dont be so cocky. The Tigers are still basically the Royals.

    Plus the gum.

    “And isn’t that what makes you tired of such fans? Being arrogant and cocky when they finally have some success. Makes you wonder why it only comes around every other decade for them!”

    Actually, Coach, my Royals/Gum thing was a “joke” – you know, like Sheffield trying to play first base?

    And a Yankee fan scolding Detroit about arrogance and dignity? Your joke even tops mine!

    I couldnt be happier for Tiger fans. Enjoy!


    I remember the 1984 ride, it was the year I moved from MI to WI. Still following the Tigers, and have been waiting ever since for a return trip to the WS. I guarantee these last 7 games made it worth the wait!

    Nate, I love those eye glasses, they rock! And thanks for blogging!

    Way to Restore the Roar, boys!!!!


    Nate and the rest of the bunch,

    You guys deserve that pennant more than any other team. It’s like Carlos Guillen said: “We play with this”. With heart. I’ve had an amazing time watching you guys all season. Go get that ring…after all, destiny IS spelled with an olde english “D”.

    p.s. I’ve been a huge Maggs fan all year long. Tell him that he’d better not cut his hair…It’s adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Good Luck in the World Series!


    Nate, I was at the game last night — totally unexpectedly. Someone from my church GAVE some of us tickets — what a blessing! To actually be there when my Tigers won the AL Championship — amazing!!! I’ve been a Tiger fan for more years than I want to admit, and you guys just blew me away last night. What a game, and what a celebration! Thanks for sharing your viewpoint on this blog and for being a team leader in your own quiet way. Now go get ’em in the World Series!



    Nate! You are the man! Good luck in the WS against whoever the NL has to offer.

    This has been a fun season and I hope it brings the city of Detroit a WS title. Bring it home!

    Mark –


    I was sitting 7 rows behind the dugout for game 4 – usually we are down the right field line. I saw gum coming over the top of the dugout, but was unable to snag any. So, we chewed on pretzels. It worked – along with your gum chewing! Anyway, the team is fantastic.

    We are big fans, and I have waited for this since my dad took me in 1984 – when I was 13 – and we saw Tram hit 2 home runs. Yesterday was Magg’s turn.

    1984 made me a Tiger fan, and I’ve never faltered. I met my husband when we sat next to each other at Tiger Stadium one night 10 years ago, and we’ve been season ticket holders together since our wedding in 1999. (I had a partial season before that and sat in the bleachers a lot.) This year is the best.

    We’ve brought our 2-year-old and new baby along to many, many games this summer because we just couldn’t miss this season and all you guys have done to make it memorable and fun. KEEP IT UP! We’ll be down the right field line in section 114 cheering you on. (The baby and 2-year-old have to forfeit their seats to friends for the playoffs.)

    Go TIGGS!


    And isn’t that what makes you tired of such fans? Being arrogant and cocky when they finally have some success. Makes you wonder why it only comes around every other decade for them! There is losing with dignity and there is winning with dignity. The players are upholding their end of the bargain (Leyland would have it no other way – he is a class act). Too bad the fans can’t take a cue from Jim as well!

    Posted by: | October 15, 2006 11:24 AM

    Take your own advice. Is that why some Yankee fans use such remarkable cursing at their games??

    In 1984, the Yo-yo’s in Detroit that did get out of hand were young suburbanite kids, and they were stupid.

    Seems that happens in NYC also.

    You’re still crying because the Yankees lost, plain and simple. You moaned about the Yankees losing to ‘a bunch of scrubs’ in one of your posts.

    You’re just jealous and a whiner. It’s too bad that there isn’t a team salary limit of about $110 million or so, then both you and George S. and ilk would always be whining.

    You’re also funny sonny.


    One more note – tell Jonesy he is loved. He is a great closer. He always seems to believe he’s disliked in Detroit media – complaining about negative press coverage. Everyone gets on a guy in the spotlight, and as the closer, he’s in the spotlight, but he’s NOT disliked by Detroit fans!!! We love all of you. You are the best pitching staff in MLB.


    Nate- Unbelievable!!!! We were up in Sec 213, Row B, and the whole area was chanting “Walk-off, Walk-off”. Then Maggs just hits it on the screws and drives it out. Biggest event of my life…only by topping last Friday’s victory over the Yanks! The City’s behind you, the Fans are behind you, and keep up the great play. Outstanding stuff. Bring on the Cardinals!!!!!!!


    Nate you guys are so awesome. Great job, we’re all pulling for you and the rest of the team. You have some fans here in Kansas City. God Bless and may God continue to shine on the Tigers.
    Quinn and Mariah Cravens


    BEST! Congrats, Nate. And a special shout to all Tigers/Tigers fans who stuck with the club through 2003.

    Los Angeles 90027 was blowing up for the Tigs last night. Everyone hates the Yanks and the Bay. America’s team?

    Northwest flight LAX to DTW booked. 10 days. Magical Season 2006. Los Tigres!


    Nate – AWESOME! My family and friends where at a wedding listening to the game on a portable walkman (trying to be discrete). When Maggs’ homer cleared the fence in the nineth inning we all shouted and screamed at the top of our lungs, what a great moment. I was only 11 years old in 1984 and I still remember that moment. It feels so good to “relive” it. Thanks, and good luck in the World Series. “LETS GO TIGERS!”



    I was at those two games this weekend…absolutely incredible!! I’ve been rooting for you guys since I can remember (about 30 years) Loved 84 I was around 12-13 and this year is just as sweet!!!!! GOTTA LOVE THEM TIGERS….LETS TAKE THIS THING TO THE HOUSE! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


    Nate and all the Tiger boys–WHOOAAA BABY!! You guys are AWESOME!! And Placido–You ARE ALWAYS my MVP! Now that you guys are headed to the World Series, isn’t a THEME SONG in order?! Not some easy-listening, worn out old tune. Something that will get people rockin’ in their seats, dancing in their living rooms and will FOREVER make us all remember this unbelievable season every time we hear it. Nate-if anyone can get people hooked on something, you can. Look what you did the gum chewing!! Maybe some brilliant fan can come up with the perfect song. GO TIGERS!!!!


    we’ve been singing that cheesy tigers song from the 80s all weekend at my house! thank you all for an amazing season, and an amazing game 4 this weekend. we’re flying home from DC just to stand outside the stadium this weekend. and chew gum, of course.



    congradulations once again… my girlfriend and i were across the street at hockeytown for the game and rushed down to the stadium to be part of the celebration. we were dishing out high-fives for what seemed like an hour to the fans exiting the game. it was amazing how pumped everyone was, even the police officers gave us high-fives. i cant wait to watch the world series kickoff next weekend and im hoping to head to an away game too, to support the best team in baseball.


    Eat ’em up Tigers, eat ’em up!

    I’ll be downtown (again) this weekend to revel in your successes.

    All the best guys!

    And before I even know the result of the World Series, I say, Let’s do it again next year!


    Congrats to you and all the Tigers! I was there Saturday and had so much fun.

    Please win the World Series! These tickets are taking a big chunk out of my meager social worker’s pay, and I want them to be worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰


    New BLC gum: orange with black stripes, guarnteed to blow big bubbles, named ‘LOS TIGRES! Nate’s Good Luck Chew.’, or NGLC or LT for short.

    I’ll get on this right away with the BLC and/or Bazooka Gum people.

  58. kerrya55@hotmail.ocm

    It was awesome…I knew you guys would get the job done!!!
    Go to the World Series and take it a game at a time!!!

    Have been sick so can’t be there but I problay will need the tv removed surgically when this over or have Tiger withdrawls.

    Go Get Em Tigers!!!! You Rule!!


    Not only am I proud to be a Tiger fan, I just want to make another comment and have been wanting to do so for a while.

    Rod Allen is the man! I was listening to a sports radio talk show the day the Tigers had just won their 5th game in a row to start the season.

    They interviewed Rod that day and Rod surprised everybody by stating the Tigers would be in the playoffs this year. The radio hosts chuckled a bit until they realized Rod was serious.

    Been a Tiger fan all my life. Was at game 5 in 1984 and watched the ’68 Tigers while at school.

    Thanks to a great team and thanks to all the local broadcasters for calling such exciting games. Nothing wrong with a ‘homer’.


    Hi Nate! Thanks for sharing your point of view on this blog and for being a team leader in your own quiet way. I was totally impressed the way you play great games. In fact, itโ€™s my honor if I could do some visual effects on one of your pitches which you might use for this blog! Of course itโ€™s for free. I work with a visual effects company; and you are welcome to check the website at and see what I mean by clicking on the “rotoscoping” example. Please contact me if you’re interested.

    Go Tigers!

    Michelle Arcenal


    Hey Nate! I’d like to thank you and all the Tigers for bringing some joy to my life in a time of pain.
    I’ve had a lot of upsetting doctors appointments to go to, and watching Tigers games have made me forget that stuff for awhile.

    I love you guys!

    World Series here we come!!!



    Congratulations I am a huge Tiger fan. I moved from Michigan to Tennessee about 4 years ago and it’s hard to find the Tigers on the local channels here. I’ve been able to see alot of games this year due to the teams record. THANK YOU. I do have one question though, I know Jim Leyland has been great for the team but how much can Alan Trammell be credited for the “rebuilding” of the team? I know he was there when you weren’t winning but the team was improving and a few more players were added after he left. Would they not have helped him just as much as Mr. Leyland? I used to watch Alan when I was a kid and respect him greatly as a player but wasn’t sure what type of manger he was.

    Again congrats and keep up the great work. I’ll be here supporting you 100%.


    Great Job Guys!!! Nate, where do you get those glasses you wear? I need a pair for eye protection. Let us know? Thanks.


    Hey Nate. Sarah N (now P) from Nebraska here. You are living your dream and I’m just sitting here saying, “Mmhm. I always knew he’d do it!” Hoping you come to St. Louis and play our Cardinals real soon. I’ll be cheering for the Tigers though. All the way! I can’t describe how proud I am of you!! Gary, Ruby, Darcey, Monica, Alice and I all say HEYYYY!


    HOLY ****!!! WE’RE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!! DETROIT AND MICHIGAN REALLY NEED THIS!!! THANKS! I’VE BEEN A FAN IN THE LEAN YEARS AND NOW IT’S ALL PAYING OFF! What an excellent team! My husband turned to me during Maggs’ first at bat and said “I think it’s Maggs’ turn today” and then he hit a dinger and then the walk off dinger in the 9th! I think he earned his keep on Saturday! It’s so great that you all keep taking turns on having the glory moments. SUCH A TEAM, NO INDIVIDUAL SHOWBOATS! That is why we like to watch so much, you guys are so humble and seem to want to work together toward the same goal!!! THANKS AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING YOU’VE ALREADY GIVEN THIS SEASON!!!!

    Stacy Hassett

    Battle Creek, Michigan


    Way to go Tigers!!!!!!

    We are very proud of you guys. I didn’t think that it could of been anymore appropriate than to win on a walk off homerun in the bottom of the ninth. How many times did that happen this year (7) It couldn’t have been more perfect if it were scripted. (it wasn’t was it?? ha ha)

    I tell you I have been down right giddy and everytime I hear that call of Magglio’s homerun smile and giggle like a little kid.

    And even if there are a few sour grapes out there that equate sheer joy and talent with being cocky and wanting to celebrate a great accomplishment well tough. Tigers fans for the first time in a long time have a reason to celebrate and we are going to do just that.



    Congratulations Nate and the whole Tiger team! Placido – Welcome back, it’s a rush to see you back out there! You were missed! Good luck in the next series , you have come a long way and you have played your hearts out. I was so excited to see the last game played and to see the walk off home run. What a sweet ending. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the place. I still get giddy thinking about it and what you have accomplished. I love you guys! Keep it up and bring it home guys!


    Some of my earliest memories are my great-grandfather, my father and I listening to Ernie on the raido and rooting the tigers on. I have always had a passion for the Tigers and watching the team especially last year, I knew the Tigers had a special team in the making. However, not even my grandfather could have predicted this turn around. Congratulatons on the ALCS sweep, thank you for the wonderful season and good luck in the Fall Classic. -Tigers for life


    For Nate and all the Tigers –

    This has been one wonderful year after so many years of woe. I wasn’t too sure what would happen with a new manager. Then, when you beat the Yankees in May (I was there to boo at them) my heart started to beat a bit harder. While I was in Seattle in June I’d practically grab the sports page from my girlfriend’s husband to see how the Tiger were doing. Now, after so many years you’ve given us all a wonderful ride. Now, go and chew up who might be next. Tigers eat Cardinals, and what sort of animal is a Met? (I do know it is short for the Metropolitans, but, gee, I’ll bet Tigers can eat them as well!!! On to Saturday and a couple of big W’s!!!


    Hey Nater,

    Congrats to you and all the Tigers. This season has just been amazing to me and the boys here in Derby. You have made baseball fans out of my whole family… including Bruce!!!! HE actually watches the ENTIRE ball game!!! Anyway.. I am so proud of you. Your determination through all of the years has paid off!!! I remember a young man telling my students that everything happens for a reason and the man above is guiding all. Thanks for that lesson. Enjoy everything!!!!

    Love you and God Bless.

    The boys wish Uncle Nater the best of luck!!!

    Chew that gum and we will be watching!!!!!


    I am a Die-hard A’s fan, but I wanted to take the time to congratulate you, your team, and the fans. You all played so well, and made the series exciting. If we had to be beat, I can honestly say that I am happy it was to the Tigers and not the Yankees, Angels, Rangers, or Twins. Haha! At least there is no one on your team that I can say, “I cannot stand!” LOL!

    I am just so happy that I did not “gloat” when we swept the Twins. I know how it hurts to be beat so badly, and little did I know that we were going to experience the same sense of loss when the A’s were swept by your team.

    I wish you the best during the series, but only during the series. Next year, it will be pay back! Haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, by the way, I love how you all included the fans in your victory too. That was awesome to watch.


    I am a Die-hard A’s fan, but I wanted to take the time to congratulate you, your team, and the fans. You all played so well, and made the series exciting. If we had to be beat, I can honestly say that I am happy it was to the Tigers and not the Yankees, Angels, Rangers, or Twins. Haha! At least there is no one on your team that I can say, “I cannot stand!” LOL!

    I am just so happy that I did not “gloat” when we swept the Twins. I know how it hurts to be beat so badly, and little did I know that we were going to experience the same sense of loss when the A’s were swept by your team.

    I wish you the best during the series, but only during the series. Next year, it will be pay back! Haha! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, by the way, I love how you all included the fans in your victory too. That was awesome to watch.

    Posted by: | October 17, 2006 05:14 PM

    I am sorry to hear that Ken Macha was released!??! He is a good Manager!!! I don’t like that.


    Nate & all the Tigers

    Congratulations!!! I am so proud of all of you. I wish Mike could pitch also since he has come so far.

    I started listening to the Tigers in 1954 when I was 8 years old after my cousin told me about a guy named “AL” who was now playing for his favorite team, the tigers. Growing up on a farm in Michigan, I saw ‘Alkaline’ on our fertilizer bags all the time. When George Kell and Ernie were on the air, I was there also.

    My toughest time was when the Tigers traded my favorite pitcher, Jim Bunning, to Philadelphia for Don Demeter in between the 63 and 64 seasons.

    Since moving to Florida in 1996, I have had to settle for the Computer to keep watching you guys. 2003 was very very sad, but you guys have really worked hard and I am so proud of all of you.

    Bless You Boys all over again!


    Was at the game Nate. Greatest sports experience of my life, bar-none. I was in Sec. 151 behind the visiting bullpen. Just to think about that amazing walk off gives me the greatest joy. This is the first time the Tigers have done anything, since i was born in ’87. It’s great to finally have just a winning team back in Detroit, let alone AL CHAMPS! Thanks again Nate, my hat’s off to you.


    Greetings Nate from Toronto and Canada–although my home and native land, I’m no Jays fan; I’ve been a Tigers fan since I was a kid growing up in Windsor across the border from Detroit.

    I can’t tell you the excitement I have been feeling since my 2006 Tigers have in-your-faced non-believers.

    At a Jays game against the Tigers at Rogers Centre this summer, I sat cheering for the Bengals while Jays fans were flocked around me. I made the four-hour drive from Toronto a couple of weeks ago to see my Tigers again at Comerica on that momentous night when they whipped the Yankees in their amazing ALDS championship victory.

    The Tigers aren’t just the class of the MLB, but they’re an inspiration to those chasing a dream–and waking up and realizing it can truly happen.

    You guys are so fan-friendly, and this is one fan who is no bandwagon-jumper! I have faith you’ll bring home the WS and make us Canadians Tiger devotees proud!

    A hearty Tiger tail up to you and your team during the run for the Series!

    Marlene H. from Toronto


    Hip, hip, hurray!!! Finally. It made me get all cry-ee all over again reading everyone’s sweet (almost everybody’s) comments and elation and unmitigated joy!! It feels great to be a Michigander, high on the Tigs. I like the global response, too, it’s fantastic.
    High five, Tigers, high freaking five!!!




    Nate –

    I was out in Kalamazoo this weekend for WMU’s homecoming. I got to see Game 3 in person and Kenny shut the A’s down.

    Anyways in game 4, during the 7th innning stretch my buddies and I ran to the local shop. We got some more beers and all got a pack of big league chew. I pop’d the whole pack of strawberry in my mouth and said I wasn’t spitting it out until the Tiger’s were going to the World Series.

    Who knew 1 1/2 innings later Magglio would sock a 3 run shot!!!! Good thing too… that is A LOT OF GUM to have in your mouth. It would have been kinda rough chewing it for another day or two until the next game ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best of luck to you and the rest of the boys in the World Series. The whole city of Detroit is behind you, I only hope our cheers and support help you as much as I hope.



    First, I just want to congratulate you and the rest of the Tigers on getting to the World Series. Every time I say that it gives me Goosebumps. You guys have done an excellent job and I believe you guys are hands down the best team. I have been a fan all my life. I grew up right outside Detroit, and would make frequent trips to see you guys play. Well as we know times change and we all move on. Now I live in Boone, NC and only get to come to one game if that a year. But it hasnโ€™t changed me being a fan, wherever Iโ€™m at I am always rooting for โ€œmyโ€ team, the Detroit Tigers. You guys have proven everyone wrong, and I believe you will continue to show the world how good you guys are. Good luck, and bring it home for all of us crazy Tigers fans!


    Wow, what an incredible 2 weeks this has been. I just got back from 2 1/2 weeks in Asia, where I was constantly scrambling to get Tiger’s scores. I managed to catch a few innings of live action here and there, but not nearly enough to satisfy my addiction.

    So, I basically have missed all of the playoffs and won’t be able to attend game 1 of the WS because my niece is getting married that day. However, I will be at game 2 and will be unleashing 3 weeks of pent up frustration as I cheer on our boys.

    I can’t wait…I am already having trouble falling asleep at night and the game is 4 days away!!

    Good luck Nate and the rest of the team. Thanks for all that you have done to make this such a magical season.


    In 1967 as a teen I fell in love with baseball and the Tigers. Born and still living in Toronto Canada the Tigers were the closest major league team to Toronto and they became my team and remain so. 1968 and 1984 were terrific but 2006 has been the most special yet. Good luck and you’re goin all the way. During the 119 loss season I bet the guys at work that the Tigers would win the World Series before the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Stanley Cup. Money in the bag baby.


    great job tiges, what a incredibly rewarding season so far. it was awesome to read the article about international fans, every day after a game i wake up and run to a computer to check the score. its been hard to not be back home in michigan to experience it, especially since i havent been able to find a tv to watch the games, but i cant wait for the series. keep up the domination!!


    Congrats Tigers!!!!!! Please tell Maggs, C. Mo, Sean, and Marcus that they are adorable! Thanks for making my Summer and Fall so great!


    I have been a loyal fan through the good and bad years. I was a fan in 1984 when I was 13. I moved back to Detroit in August 1994 after 6 years away and got season tickets the next spring. Upon my return, I was anxious to go see LOTS of Tiger games. I attended about 72 games in Detroit in 2003 (119 losses) and several games on the road. Dragging along my husband of 4 years was not easy to do at the time. He is a baseball fan, but that was not very good baseball. It was, however, better than 2001 when Garner couldn’t even keep players in the dugout to watch the game while their team was batting. In 2001, the Tigers didn’t even watch their teammates bat. In that sense, 2003 was an improvement. We liked the players in 2003. There was a “team”. And it’s great to see the “team” doing so well together now. With some reinforcements, this has been a great season to see. Unfortunate timing though . . . after many years of having full season tickets, we cut back to a half-season this year due to the birth of our second daughter the week before the season began. In 2004, when our first daughter was born, we didn’t cut back – we actually added a seat for her – before she was born. We had 3 seats all year in 2004 and didn’t bring her until August – she wasn’t born until June. This year, we added a 4th seat for our newest baby, but cut to a half season since it’s tough to come with a 2-year-old and a newborn. Anyway, I love the Tigers for making this year fun. My girls have been to many games – both of them season ticket holders before birth – so it’s good they enjoy going with us. Anyway, I have to air one gripe. The ticket office booted us from the 3rd row of section 114 to the very back of section 149 in deep center field for the playoffs. Even though we had told them we would go back to a full season next year, we were booted so they could use sections 117, 116 and 114 to get new season ticket holders good playoff seats if they put down a deposit for next year. They didn’t ask us for a deposit to stay in section 114. So, people who have never ever had a season ticket ever, were given better seats by the season ticket office. People who did not sit through 2001, 2002 (another badly managed team) and 2003, got better seats than me because they were new blood, and I had to partially cut back one year as my daughter was born – even though I also added another seat. Honestly, I love the Tigers team. Thank you Tigers players. Thank you Dave Dombrowski. NO THANK YOU TICKET OFFICE. (Who did move me somewhat closer after I payed them an extra large sum of money for next year’s full season tickets in advance.) I hope the Tigers win it all this year – and again next year, so I can see it happen from my regular seats next year!!!


    Hopefully you guys will bring it home in fewer than 6 games but if not, I have tickets to game 6. If Leyland starts you again in game 1 as he’s been doing for the ALDS & ALCS then we’ll get to see you pitch live if it goes 6 games. You guys have made this year so special for me and my friends, all Tigers fans. We’re also Mud Hens season ticket holders so to see all our former champions from last year come up and goto the big dance this year & to have the Mud Hens win another championship again this year, it’s just been amazing. We’ll have our Big League chew and a framed copy of the Detroit Free Press from the 1984 championship (signed by Kirt Gibson) with us for good luck. Bring it home guys, I wanna hang up another newspaper front page right next to this one!



    well the whole team is really, I’ve been waiting all my life for this year for the Tigers to come back

    It’s gum time! =]

    only 4 more i know you can do it…be it the mets or cardinals….you’ll do it…i know it.

    first game saturday…hopefully im going !!!


    I was 2 years old when the Tigers won the last World Series. I have been a die-hard fan my whole life. I am recently teaching at a missionary boarding school in Dakar, Senegal West Africa but I have been following you guys the whole way. I got to see games 3 and 4 against the A’s and it gave me chills dude. Thank you so much for what you guys have done. It was brought my entire family closer together as we share the common bond of baseball in October. Good luck in the World Series, I’ll be pulling for ya in Africa!! GO TIGERS!


    Congratulations Tigers on a great season! I lived in Ann Arbor for about 15 years but moved to Philadelphia 3 years ago. Philly thinks they have the best fans, but nobody tops Detroit sports fans! They stick by their teams through the highs and lows (and lord knows there have been alot of lows)…my girlfriends and I used to go to lots of Tigers games both at Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park (man, do I miss that daquiri bar!), we’ve celebrated our birthdays there, we were even invited to join Jose Mesa’s birthday party at Hockeytown after a game a few years back! Lot’s of good memories! I will be watching along with all of my new found Philly friends (who I have convinced to root for you in the Series) and no matter what happens, know that your fans are all very proud of what you have accomplished! Good luck and be sure to enjoy every moment, you all deserve it!


    Like many of the comments already posted, I also have to add my “congratulations” to the Tigers and Mr. Leyland on a great season! We (my husband and two teenage children) had the privilege of going to both “clinchers” and I cannot remember such a thrilling and emotional moment in my life. We want to thank you so much for these memories. I remember ’68 and ’84, but this is the ultimate, mainly because I was “there” sharing these memories with my family. My kids will never forget this moment in history and we want to thank you!!

    The bummer is that when we attempted to get tickets for the World Series, the system failed us and probably the majority of the middle class population in that it is literally impossible to get tickets on-line and we are forced to pay scalpers’ prices in order to attend the World Series. I was fortunate enough to get two tickets from a friend at just a little over face value, however, I was unable to get tickets for my kids. That’s business I guess, but I was a little disheartened in the system. There has to be a better and more fair way.


    See you in Game 6 (the last “clincher”)!!


    My God, I never thought I would ever see a beter team than that one in 84. Morris, Hernandez, Parrish, Tramell, Whitaker, Brookens, Lemon, Gibson and on and on. I was only 8 years old back then. It actually happened on my birthday, october 14th. This time Im sure this Tiger team is even better (with or without gum time) Be proud, Because millions of us are proud thanx to you! I will never forget this year, this season, the feelings and the emotions. Tears of joy, pride and exitement flourished that night. I cant imagine what I will feel when you guys win it all. Your number 1 fan in Mexico City. Joel M. (thanx for the best birthday present ever)


    P.S. Oct 21st- Nate Robertson: Next MLB Superstar!! I know youยดll have the night of your life. Trust me on that one.


    You guys are great! I’ve been a Tigers fan for ever and being that has really paid off. Do good in the World Series!


    Nate, you are godlike. Good luck next week, thanks to you and your fellow Tigers for the pure JOY you brought to my cold black heart.

    xxx Leslie in Albuquerque



    Incredible season! Thanks already – and the WS hasn’t even started. Want you to know you’ve got some huge fans in Europe, this one being your biggest one in Spain (formerly your biggest fan in Sweden). Got my start (as a kid in Belleville MI) with the franchise in the days of Rocky Colavito, Frank Lary, Jim Bunning and my personal favorite, Chico Fernandez (precursor of Carlos Guillen). Don’t those guys wish they’d done what you guys did to the Yankees this year…

    Keep up the Leyland-esque work ethic and you’ll do yourselves – and all of us supporters worldwide – proud!

    Curt in southern Spain


    1998 I bought a Tigers jersey and people laughed and asked why? This season I wore my jersey all over and only got positive replies. The one good thing about tough seasons is that it make this good one all the better! GO TIGERS!


    I was 5 years old in the summer of ’68, and my earliest baseball memory is of watching Jim Northrup hit 2 grand slams on his son’s birthday. The rally chew reminds me of a ritual I used as a child that undoubtably led to many Tiger runs. I would sit on the floor in front of th black-and-white TV and rub the head of “Jimmy”, a small toy tiger that my dad bought for me after a game at Tiger Stadium. Nate, I pledge to chew as much and as hard as I can to support the ’06 Tigers in the World Series, and I hope that you and your rally chewing teammates will adopt a small friend and join me in the Tiger Rub in recognition of your team’s heritage and the continued devotion of your fans.


    I grew up in Detroit going to Tigers and Redwings games as a kid. While watching a game, i said to myself that i never wanted to be the fan, i wanted to make the play. I’ve always wanted to be a professional athlete and am currently striving to make it so

    And although i’ve never stopped rooting for the Tigers, i want to thank you guys for making me remember what its like to believe! Always a proud fan

    – Rafi


    Great job this season. I have been a tigers fan my whole life. Thank you for an exciting season. I hope some day that i can experience what you guys are going through. I play baseball at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Check us out sometime..Anyways thank you for everything, keep up the hard work and good luck in the World Series…Bring it home for DETROIT….
    -Aaron D.


    Hey Nate just wanted to say thanks. I appreciate the job you’ve done and have admired you for your abilities and your competitiveness. Alot of guys never would have made it. I think you’re one of the most underated guys out there. I also appreciate you taking the time to do this blog. Wish I’d known it was out there before now. Class act. “Go Get Em Tiger”…Rich


    Congrats Nate! My oldest son was born in in 1984 – so it’s been 22 years since I’ve been able to celebrate like this. Been and continue to be a Tiger fan all my life. My 13 yo son and I were at last Fridays game when Kenny piched his gem – great memories! Thanks again.


  101. ,
    In ’84 I was 15 years old and had mapped the entire Tiger’s schedule out on poster board in my room to track the season. Many a night was spent listening to the play by play on the radio, since only a few games were televised.

    I live in Indiana now and everyone follows National League teams. It’s just great to see the Tigers back on top…and with class! That’s why we’re fans!

    Thanks, Tigers!



    COngrats Nate and the rest of the Tigers, I am in the Navy and have been deployed several times in the last two years, about right around the season begins or ends, everybody asking me who I was going for would laugh when I sternly said the Tigers, I would just reply things are gonna turn around and they will turn some heads this year.After the uncharacteristic performance in 2003 I knew that things would turn around, but not this great.To see you all celebrate with the fans they way that you guys have it speaks alot about everybody’s character, you all are truely amazing, and even though I might not be able to watch the games live in person like I have for many years before joining, TV is how I celebrate with you all, good luck and god bless.


    Definitely gum time, enjoy it, couldn’t happen to a better team or a better bunch of guys. Good luck in the Series, we’re proud of you!

    Dave in KC


    It doesn’t get any better than this! I’ve been a Tigers fan since I was 6. My dad and I watched all the time when we lived in Florida, back in ’87. I was there in June for the games against the Astros’s, it was a dream come true! You all have so much love for this game and appreciate all it has given you, and it shows in the emotion you have out on the field. Your fans up here in da U.P. are backin’ ya all the way!!!!


    This is so great isn’t it? It is hard to believe that I was a senior in HS 22 years ago, watching the “Bless you Boys!” win it all. I have followed the Tigs through all these lean years, and this is awesome. When Maggs hit that homer, couldn’t you just hear Ernie saying, Loooooooooong gone. We lived in Chicago in 84, and my Dad’s company had season tix to the Sox. We always brought our K Gibson has power sign. He hit a mammoth homer one night that I will never forget. The sound, the crack of that bat. It went over the roof and onto the highway. A memmorable shot for a memmorable year. This years Tigers remond me so much of those Tigers. Here’e to this years Tigers. Bless you Boys!!


    Oh, I forgot one thing. After Gibby hit that shot, he crossed home plate, and pointed over to us and our sign, like “yeah, that one is for you guys” He was awesome to watch. These Tigers are like those guys, doing it for the fans. Watching Casy pour champagne on the fans made me get so excited. The fans are with you guys all the way. Can’t wait to see you hoist the trophy.


    The tigers are the best. Everybody on them is awesome. Nate your the best.

    you first commentor your just mad because the diamonbacks ****


    Hi to the Tigers’ nation. Leave London in the UK in the morning to head to D-Town for the big show. Keep an eye out for my Detroit & London flag in and around Comerica as I shout myself horse for the boys!!! Lets all really get behind Nate and all the lads and bring this thing home!!


    I saw the Tigers in 1984 in old Tiger Stadium. Rupert Jones hit a ball over the right field roof. Since moving from Saginaw to Florida, I have been made fun of for rooting for the Tigers. I have bought the baseball package every year, and watched about every one of the 119 loses. I even bet on the Tigers to win while in Reno and was taunted by the bookie, questioning if I was serious. Now my sons are 4 and 2 and we not only saw the Tigers in Spring Training, but watched every game this year on Direct TV. It has all been worth it.


    Me, my family, my friends, my coworkers… we’re all wishing you and your team the best this coming week. Play your heart out and have fun. You’ve already made us proud and given us reason to feel good about Michigan again. Anything more is gravy =) I’m thrilled you for what you’re about to do. Have the time of your life!


    This message is sent from Skรถvde, Sweden. Jepp you have got some fans here aswell. My father is from the U.S so we usually go and visit our family in muskegon, michigan every other year. In July, this year, we also went to a Tigers game and (ovecures)you won. I got some autografs but i didn’t get yours…but anyways before we went back home to Sweden I bought some of that Big League Chew and now I only have one left and I’m saving it for the day when you will pitching in the WS!!! Now in the postsason I have been getting up every night at like 2am and watched games and then gone to bed again for a nother hour or so before I have gone to school.So bring on the heat Nate I’ll be watching ;D!!! GO TIGERS

    sorry if my spelling isn’t all that great..:D


    It isn’t too surprising to hear that there are Tigers’ fans all over the globe, but their posts are so cool to read.

    First of all, cry me a river season-ticket holder who is unhappy with her WS tickets. Many of us are just happy if we can get to a regular season game, and have to be content to cheer from our own homes as we watch the game, because we don’t stand a chance of getting WS tickets!

    Secondly – how cool that someone mentioned those 2 grand slams by Jim Northrop back in ’68 on his son’s birthday because listening to that game is also burned in my memory.

    I’m wearing my Tigers’ colors at work today in anticipation for tomorrow’s game. Nate, you and all your team mates have given so much joy to all the fans during this phenomenal season. We’re behind you all the way in the WS, and know you boys are going to win the Fall Classic.

    Go get ’em, Tigers!


    Tiger fan currently living in Alabama here. I’ve had Tiger fever since 1968 and celebrated like it was 1999 in 1984. I’m wearing my Tiger togs today (even though everyone down here confuses my display of Tiger paraphenalia with the Auburn Tigers (same colors)I stand strong and proud of the olde English D. Plan on driving up to Detroit next week to celebrate with my homeboys! Love yall’


    Hey Detroit,

    I just wanted to congrats you guys on making it to the WS. i hope you guys win it in 4 against the cards. they really think they can beat you guys but the truth is, not with the pitching you guys have. even though i am a diehard mets fan, im rootin for detroit now!!! my team may be out but i still can go against our rivalry. dont let the cards beat you, they cant possibly win…they’re supposed to be “hurt” but non of them are, they are just playing mind games, wait and you’ll see…if some little thing happens you’ll see la russa and their trainer come out and stall the game…its all in their heads…just dont let it beat you guys…they like to play those games but it honestly doesnt work…okay good luck to you, detroit!!!

    ♥ jacquelin


    I agree Molina is a freak! Great job Tigers! I was at the game and it was one of the greatest moments in baseball playoffs. Coming from behind, trailing the entire game, two outs in the bottom of the ninth!!! I’m still in shock that we won it!



    Wow! This game was INSANE!!!!!! I was sitting on my couch with my dad, putting some Big League Chew into my mouth as my dad cracked open a beer and Magg’s was up to bat. Then, I see the swing of the bat and knew RIGHT away that it was gone….

    I was SOOOOO happy!

    Thanks for a great season Nate.

    โค Erin

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