One win away

RogersKenny was outstanding, bottom line. It’s so fun to watch, you feel like you’re going through every pitch with him, especially being a fellow pitcher on the staff. It’s fun to watch a guy go out there, know what he’s trying to do, executing pitches, doing it with confidence — especially Kenny, who has somehow added to a reputation of the successes that he’s had in his career. These are kind of chapters that are huge. Because these will be the ones that you’re remembered most for. Unfortunately, 200 wins, a perfect game, and all those things that he’s done and achieved, a lot of people don’t remember that he’s done a lot of stuff. But what he’s doing here in Detroit, he’s going to be eating a lot of free dinners here in town for a long time, I’ll tell you that much. He’s been an outstanding leader for the staff, especially the starters, but for the whole staff. Going out there and doing what he’s doing, it’s inspiring. You want so much to able to do that. The guy, in what people think is the back end of his career, looks like he’s right in the middle of it right now.

Everybody’s just following suit. You watch this team play, and we’re all playing with confidence. We’re all pitching with confidence. We’re all approaching the game with confidence, and it’s just all the way around. It’s not just the pitching, but pitching does set the tone, and Kenny was obviously the tone-setter tonight.

He’s intense, man. Sometimes he doesn’t show it as much as he has in the playoffs, but this is another season. We had our regular season, and this is where you win and go on or lose and go home. We’ve done so much this year to get into the position that we’re in, nobody wants it to end. You see that tonight with Kenny, and I can guarantee you tomorrow with Bondo, he’s going to let it all out there on the field tomorrow. Win or lose, he’s going to be out there following suit.

We’re not thinking about being one win away from the World Series. It’s funny, but it’s the way we’ve been all year long. It’s like you have a three-game series and you win the first two. Skip just doesn’t allow complacency to set in. You have a chance to go out and sweep tomorrow. We’re happy with where we’re at, obviously, but the things that he comes to us with is: "Hey, enjoy it tonight. Tomorrow you’ve got some work to do." There’s not going to be a letdown or overconfidence going into tomorrow. It’s business. Guys will be ready to play.



    What a season…what an incredible, amazing season. One win away from baseball’s biggest stage.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s game, and hopefully, there’ll be a little bit of champaign at the end for another October party in Motown.

    The second of three, God willing.


    Great game today. I’m watching the highlights because I was taking a nap when the game was on. My mom watched the game and she enjoyed it.


    Hey Nate.

    First i wanted to say, you had a AMAZING game Tuesday. I was sooo happy for you!

    Im so excited that Kenny had another sweet game like the one against the Yankees. I was at the one against the Yanks. Im thinkin it was the funnest game in any sport i have ever been to.

    Not to get ahead of myself but i cant wait for the world series! Im gonna come down to either game 1 or 2 so im hoping i guess right and go to the game you are pitching.

    Wow you guys are amazing.


    you’re the best.

    Your #1 fan outta Rockford, MI



    its inspiring, whats happening here. in the evening, taking a break from working on my masters degree up at northern michigan university to watch kenny throw a hall of fame performance during a post-season game. twice. absolutely inspiring. whatever you guys do from here on out, you’ve definitely made my year.




    This team is easily the best I’ve witnessed since 84. I’m still mulling over the way the season ended and where you are now and I’m scratching my head (with a huge grin on my face) I’m going to admit that I had doubts about the Yankees series…That team seemed **** scary at the time!! I was at the NLDS game 3-4 and just stood there wide eyed and jaw dropped. I was at the game tonight and the electricity and sense of purpose is amazing. I’ll be there tomorrow shouthing my lungs out again. I like to think us fans are doing right by you guys…At least I hope so!! Let’s Go BONDO!!!!!!!!



    Way to go TIGERS!!!

    Muy Bien!!!

    It’s Mr. Roger’s neighborhood once again!!!

    Two Shutouts in a row, and a smashing homer by Mr. Monroe, there’s only one more chilly game to go!!!

    Great fielding and hitting, you all have those statistics splitting, not to mention unraveling the hardball’s stitching!!!

    Tommorrow is the time to put some Bondo on the Athletic’s condo, and hat’s off to the Skipper, Mr. J. Leyland

    ‘Hondo’, the El Supremo head honcho!!!

    Thanx again to ALL you TIGERS, Infante, Santiago, Shelton, Miner, Maroth, Colon, the Coaches, and everyone else I have previously missed in my babbling donnybrooks (or is it donniebrooks?). %-)

    Stay warm!!!


    NOOOOO not the rhyme guy!!!!
    my head hurts now…I wouldn’t lie

    as i lay me down to catch a lttle sleep,

    The poetry’s got me saying words you’d have to bleep!!!!

    (in my last post I meant game 3-4 of the ALDS of course)


    I love how you guys play with a sense of urgency, such determination and willful spirit.

    When the world was counting us out, we believed as fans and you believed as a team. They say “The road to the World Series goes through New York.” Well, we showed the world that we’d been there, done that, now as they were reeling in disbelief, they have changed their opinion of our Detroit Tigers and now they believe.

    I thank you for the celebration with the fans when you won the ALDS that was a beautiful thing. It showed how much you care about the fans who care so much about you.

    Looking forward to the ALCS Title tomorrow and the World Series Title to come.

    For those who still don’t believe…..

    Welcome to the “D”

    Where Champions are born and million dollar egos get crushed.

    To the Skipper, Thank you for giving em that “Swagger”


    Wow, what can I say! Such a great team effort-all around! The team as a whole are awesome! Thanks for proving me right when I told my husband-these Tigers are for REAL!! Take care Nate, love your posts-Bubble Up, and best wishes for tomorrow!!


    NOOOOO not the rhyme guy!!!!
    my head hurts now…I wouldn’t lie

    as i lay me down to catch a lttle sleep,

    The poetry’s got me saying words you’d have to bleep!!!!

    (in my last post I meant game 3-4 of the ALDS of course)

    Posted by: | October 14, 2006 01:53 AM

    Why?? You rhymer you too, it’s fun to try guy.

    I never read your previous post, as I was actually eating a piece of toast!!!

    It was good and warm and wasn’t chilly, even with all that strawberry jelly!!!

    Gooooooooo TIGERS!!!

    Very nice, runners cross homeplate thrice!!!


    I was fortunate to be at the increadable game Kenny pitched at against the yankees and again last night against the A’s. He has been great to watch in the post season.
    Only thing that would make my post season experience, would be to be able to watch “MY TIGER” NATE pitch in the world series.

    Go Tigers!!!!!!



    I’m a Tigers fan way down in Tennessee. Everyone used to laugh at the Old English D on my cap. Not anymore!!

    I’ve always worn my OED with pride (I’ve grown up here in Chattanooga, but I was born in Detroit). I see the grit and determination that you guys have night after night….I hear the naysayers, especially down here in the south where it’s all about the Braves and the Reds…..The long slump and the end of the season….the injuries and things during the season….and I am even prouder to be a Detroiter and wear that D on my cap.

    Nate you are the man, in my opinion. I hope you stay with the Tigers for a long time. Your gutty performances and your fire every game makes you of the guys that I’m the most proud to say is on my team….Detroit’s team.

    You guys are a tough bunch…and that’s one of the highest compliments anyone can get from me…I’m a rugby player…

    Bless you boys!!!


    Chattanooga, TN



    Don’t forget to take some credit for your pitching performance this week. You went up against Oakland’s Ace and got the job done. The three straight strikeouts with men on 2nd and 3rd was especially sweet!

    Thanks for a great season for Detroit fans who have waited a long time!

    This feels like a team of destiny that will win it all. See you at the hame today! Keep the gum going!



    OK the thought of the Tigers in the World Series is great, but how did we get there? Back when the Tigers lost 119, everyone thought that it would be a cold day in **** before the Tigers would be in the World Series. Game time temp in **** on Sat will be 39. I guess that is cold!!!


    Portage MI


    I can’t believe I have to go to a wedding today when the Tigers are 1 win away from the World Series! ARGH! I guess Cubs fans, like my marrying friend, don’t ever have to factor the post season into their wedding plans. Then again, neither did we for 19 years. Good luck today, Tigers! I will be checking the score on my phone every 10 minutes.


    Man! I don’t know how many times I said, “Kenny is sooooo sick!!” How can he pitch like that against the A’s !?! They’re such a good group hitters… I still can’t get over it! He owned big Frank……Sooo Sick!



    Hey guys!! Bring home another to the Central Division!! Remember the days of old when this division was hounded by all…screw them! I’m proud of Detroit, Magglio, we still love you!

    Remember this feeling, the anticipation of every pitch, every moment.. the stress level is so intense, I still feel it from last year. It’s a feeling that never goes away and I wish you the best of luck this afternoon and in the WS!

  18. kerrya55@hotmail.ocm

    All I can say is Go get the A’s!!!! One game at times your doing great!! You guys are awesome all of YOU…GO TIGERS!!
    I wish all of you the best of luck…Kerry


    No pressure or anything, but I have a dinner date tomorrow, so could you sweep the A’s today?
    Great job on Tuesday. I like how the Detroit staff only has to pitch once a week!


    What a season!!! The Tigers are back with a roar…
    We were a host family for the West Michigan Whitecaps when Brandon Inge played for them. He was great then as a catcher and even better now as a third baseman….and a super nice guy to boot.

    Now Nate the gum chew is quite a sight…especially when the tv cameras give you a closeup shot….but hey, whatever works…

    There are no words to describe Kenny’s performance yesterday…I have watched him pitch over the years and he only gets better.

    So, to all of the Tiger players, thanks for all the great memories this year…looking forward to Bondo pitching this afternoon….and with a win..its on to the stage of all stages,THE WORLD SERIES.


    Jumpim’ Jimminny!!!
    Mr. Ordonez, you hit the chimeny!!!

    Even Todd Jones in the bullpen tried to catch that homer ball!!!

    Every game was a fight, and this last one was very tight!!!

    And now the American League Pennant hangs in our hall!!!

    You TIGERS brought tears to my eyes, and shouts of joy Detroit cries!!!

    Congratulations DETROIT TIGERS!!! You did indeed win the show!!!

    Go TIGERS go!!! Only four more to go!!!


    Wow! All I can say is WOW! You made me cry again, guys! My kids think I’m nuts—–and they’re right!

    Have fun tonight, and get ready to beat the Mets/Cards.

    Nate, I hope you get the game one start….you deserve it!

    Dan in Wichita


    We’re going to the world series. YAY!!!

    This is the greatest day of my life (since I wasn’t alive for 84)Congrats sooooo much. You all deserve it very much.

    P.S. Tell Mike Maroth not to worry, he will return next year and will most definitely be on the playoff roster when we repeat.


    We’re going to the World Series!! We’re going to the World Series!! Here we come! Go Tigers, Go!! I am soooo Happy for you guys and for us fans! What a TEAM! Love ya and best wishes in the World Series!


    To all of you Tigers fans.
    CONGRATULATIONS FROM DEEP IN THE HEART OF A DIE HARD RED SOX FAN. Your team and your city has shown the rest of the league true championship style and sportsmanship!! Y’all deserve to go to the Series!!! Being that I am a died in the wool sox fan, I just loved watching your Tigers beat the poop out of the Yankees. I wish you all the luck in the world in the series. Stop by the Redsox blog when you can.



    How sweet, how very sweet it is! WE’RE IN THE WORLD SERIES!!!! Good job with the BLC, Nate! I understand you guys were throwing gum to the crowd, too!

    Congrats to the entire team, and Happy Birthday, Magglio!


    hay nate, i think you rock love the energy keep it up hope u have a good season thanks fur signing my baseball lookin forward to gum time this year !!!! love to all my tigers

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