Biggest game of the year

RobertsonThat was exciting. The emotion I was showing, it’s pure adrenaline. This time of year, it’s get-it-done or go home, and no situation is as big as those situations could’ve been for them. It was just big for me to go out and get out of them.

I mentioned before that it’s not the first time this year that I’ve been in situations like that, so it’s almost like it was good training throughout the season to get out of big moments in big games. Obviously to date, this is the biggest game of the year for this team, getting Game 1 like that.

Really, the fourth inning was so big, just because of the momentum of the game. They could’ve got back on the board and got a little something going, like we did with the Yankees last week. We got right back in that game [last Tuesday] and we had them stirring a little bit. Not that we were comfortable the rest of way or anything like that, but it was just big to be able to get out of there with a zero.

That’s what it’s all about, man. I can’t really explain the feeling to be able to go out there in that situation and get the job done, and then going out there and getting through that fifth. They worked me hard. Those are five of the most taxing innings that I’ve pitched all year. I think I threw probably 25 pitches to Kendall alone. The guy, he just wouldn’t go away, and that’s the way some of their guys are. Now, there’s some of them that are a little bit more aggressive. They don’t have that whole team concept going of all being very patient, but I knew I had to attack them just like I attacked the Yankees. Even in my walks, the two to Kendall I went right at him; he just worked the count. I was going to be aggressive.

The funny thing is, I didn’t change a whole lot from my New York start. People are like, "Oh, gosh, what’s going on? Robertson’s starting. Look what happened in New York." It wasn’t about that. I went at them just like I went at New York. A few things could’ve gone differently — the ground ball that I should’ve fielded, maybe a pitch called my way, just a few things. And that’s baseball. You’ve got to accept it. I can’t sit there and pity-party about that. That’s just the way it went. But I still felt good about how I went at them. I didn’t shy away from them, and I didn’t shy away tonight. I went right at them.

For the team, and for Ingey to come out and have an offensive display. Not just Ingey, but Pudge, the guys that get big hits, and Polly and Grandy. Up and down the lineup, coming up with big hits, big at-bats, taking some pitches that we’re not necessarily known for doing, and we worked it. We worked the counts. Man, I’ll tell you what, it was just fun baseball tonight, all the way around, making defensive plays.

Craig’s catch was outstanding. I didn’t think he had a chance at it. I thought Bradley got on top of the ball a little bit. I saw some topspin. I saw it sinking hard. For Craig to get over and make a catch like that, he had to get his glove perfectly underneath before that ball hit the ground, because he got there at the exact same time. And that’s a big-time play. Those kind of situations in game, you never know what’ll happen. It gets by him and the guy gets a double out of it and a run scores. It’s huge. But I think the biggest moment of the game was second and third and no outs. That was huge.

When I’m yelling like that when I get out of those situations, more than anything, the moment’s big and all I’m trying to do is corral my emotions before I make a pitch. And then I get out of that situation, and then I let it all out. That’s basically what it is, because I don’t want to get too emotional before I make a pitch and then make a mistake. I’m trying to hold it back. The crowd was loud and people were throwing **** all over the place. It was a big moment, man. Once you get out of it, you’ve got to let it out. You can’t hold it in. There’s nothing better.

It’s almost as good to do it on the road as it is at home. At home, obviously, you get a different response. And there ain’t no way I can tip my cap to the people here. They might throw stuff at me. But it’s fun, man.



    Congratulations on a great game Nate. I’ve waited my whole life (20 years) to see the Tigers in the playoffs and I couldnt be happier. The best part about it is that it seems like you guys are having fun and that you really care about each other. Good Luck Tommorow!


    You were absolutely incredible tonight, Nate. That Strike-out pitch to Scuataro in the fourth got my whole family jumpin off their seats. Your pitches were starting to heat up according to the Gun on TV: 92, 94, 95, then the 96 mph heater for perhaps the biggest pitch of the series. Great job!


    It was your turn baby!! People shouldn’t doubt you… You’re obviously a stud. It was awesome to see you get outta that jam. You really showed control and foucs. Way to go!

    You and the rest of the team have been amazing!! Keep up the good work.



    That was an amazing game. That 96mph fastball got everyone in my family screaming. What a game! I loved the emotion you showed all night. It really fired us fans up for sure.

    Also: And there ain’t no way I can tip my cap to the people here. They might throw stuff at me.

    Haha. Good point.

    Go Tigs! 🙂

    Alexandra S.


    From a Michigan native who has lived in NorCal the past 20 years, thanks for a great evening. I sat near the right-field foul pole on pins and needles most of the game. The fourth inning strikeouts were a moment this 45-year Tiger fan will never forget. Thanks Nate.


    Hello Nate!!!

    You and the TIGERS did GGRRREAATTT!!!

    4th Inning, NR STRIKES OUT THE SIDE!!!

    That was Mr. Robertson’s Neighborhood!!!

    Tremendous defense TIGERS!!!

    We’ll keep sending more Detroit Cosmic Plasma/Ether and Vibes out there to the Oakland Void Nebula for you Tigers.

    Way to go Nate and the TIGERS!!! GRRREAATTT!!!


    Nate, they don’t call you “the bulldog” for nothing brother! your performance out there was as gutty as some of the best i have seen from you all season! just to think that your next start will more than likely be in game one of the 2006 world series! it must give you a lot of confidence to know that you have a good defense behind you when you have Guillen and Polanco turn four double plays behind you! and Craig has turned up his defense a notch as you guy’s just slice right through the postseason! im proud to be a tigers fan, and proud to go to work and brag to everyone about yours and the teams performance last night! confidence breeds confidence. GO TIGERS!!!!


    I’ve been a Tigers fan for as long as I can remember. I would have to say that this year has been the most exciting season to watch, not just because of the winning (which is a great bonus) but also because of the emotion you all show. When you threw that last strike in the 4th, I jumped off the couch I was so excited. You have all been so exciting, that my cousin has even started watching every game with me; and he hasnt watched a single sports anything in over 10 years.

    Great victory today! Keep up the great work!



    You pitched great! I am sure you heard this allready, but…..WAY TO STRIKE OUT THE SIDE! I am starting to think, and maybe its just me, but the Tigers Pitchers play better with that EMOTION that I have been seeing lately.

    Anyways Nate….It seems I became a hot item defending the Tigers on the Bleeding Pinstripes Blog (NY YANKEE’S), and get you and your boy, Kenny Rogers to take a look at the BLOG’S/COMMENTS if you have time. GO TIGERS!


    Nate, I always have faith in you or any of our starters…Keep up the great work you make us proud here in Detroit. Wife loves you too!!!


    Most poised pitching I have seen maybe ever! Way to keep your head in the game. Base runners mean nothing when they don’t cross the plate. You did your part, and now its Verlander’s turn.

    There were some A’s fans talking you down and Zito up the past couple of days, well Nate you handled yourself perfectly, and handed Zito an early exit and a huge home loss! Road wins in the playoffs are hard to come by and this one is very big!

    Nate I have thought this about you a lot this year. Dude you pitch awesome, but it seems like the Tiger’s bats come up short when you pitch, but not last night!! Great team effort all the way around.


    You did great tonight Nate! That 5th inning was awesome with those 3 ks. Keep it up man, we believe!


    Congratulations Nate! Your performance was solid and you handled yourself admirably. I couldn’t be prouder of you or the rest of the team.

    Be sure to tip your cap to all of us at Friday’s game in Detroit. We’ll give you the recognition that you deserve.




    I think we both let out our emotion at the same time during the 4th inning. My sons looked at me like I had grown a set of horns out of my head when I jumped up, pumped my fist, and let out a good old fashioned “war yell” (think “Full Metal Jacket”).

    I’ve noticed something interesting, and I think you even hit on it earlier in this blog. When one of the starters comes up big, the rest follow suit and it becomes a game of one-up-man-ship, and everyone gets better. You may have not got a win in New York, but the attitude and grit had to have fired up Big “V” and carried over to Kenny’s and Bondo’s starts.

    After last night, I can see you guys sweeping Oakland, and rolling off four more against the Mets/Cards.

    If it is the Cards you play, can you spare a ticket for the guy that sold you that big TV?

    Dan in Wichita


    Wow!! I knew you could do it if you got a few runs to work with! I have heard the broadcasters comment that your record does not reflect the true way you have pitched this year but most Tigers fans already knew that if they watched you all summer. Finally some offense behind you. That was great to see the guys come through for you and to see your determination and concentration on the pitches that you really needed. All the pieces came together last night and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. So here’s to you Mr. Robertson!


    Nate the Great!

    Good lord that was some tight pitching. You even had my wife screaming out your name!!! (hey…what gives man?!)

    ALL THE WAY!!!

    Thanks for a great show!


    Congrats Nate! And we love the emotion from you and all of the team members. You make us proud. My husband and I were yelling throughout the game; we love our Tigers. Been living in Austin, Texas for years but always faithful to the Tigers. Keep up the great work, GO Tigers!


    There I was, a 32 year old man with a pack of Big League Chew on my TV waiting, just in case. My wife and friends laugh but they don’t understand…

    And there you were, clutch as ever, RISP. DENIED!!!!

    We love you in Chattanooga, TN.

    Bless You Boys!


    I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a Tigers fan, because I bleed Minnesota (unfortunately, I’m still bleeding). I do want to say congrats and I wish you well in the rest of the post season. I have no doubt you are better than the A’s. I pick D to take it in 5. Good Luck in the W.S.
    Give the A’s the beating of thiers lives for Minnesota. Don’t think ill of me at the start of the new season next year when the gloves are off again and Detroit and Minnesota start to battle for supremecy. 🙂

    AL Central Forever!!!


    My fiance and Chicago, and I in Mexico had our BLC in the 2nd – watching the game together via Skype on the computer. It was a great game to watch – totally fun! Also, if you guys take this series – I’m totally taking a plane home to be a part of it – come on man – make me spend the $1000! It will be so worth it!

    Cheering from South of The Border in Mexico,



    First – thank you for your blog. It’s such a treat to read your postings.
    Second – excellent job last night, Nate! You handle the intensity brilliantly.

    Third – The 2006 post-season has been downright heartwarming for my family and I. We are three generations of Tigers fans and it’s wonderful to be witnesses of such a talented team with skill, heart and team spirit embodying the perfect Tigers baseball team for Tigers fans everywhere.


    INCREDIBLE, in every way. It was sure happy here in Lady Lake Florida…keep up the good work. This is so much fun, especially for die hard Tigers fans who have been through so much over the years, you guys are great!


    Nice Job last night Nate and the whole TIGER team. You guys are giving your fans what they have been waiting years for! Best of luck with tonight’s game. Keep up the great work, and we will see you guys when you get home this weekend! GO TIGERS!!!


    NIIIIIICE!!!!!! great work Nate! Man my guts were churning in the 4th….great recovery and lockdown. I had a mouthfull of gum…..musta helped! Amazing catch by Monroe. He’s proving to be a **** of a fielder to go with his bash. Good to see Inge break out, he was due. My prayers for Casey’s quick recovery. KEEP ROLLING TIGERS!!!!!


    Awesome Game Nate, I think you did great! And last night it showed that you have a World Series caliber team. Inge, Pudge and Monroe all stepped up. KEEP ON GOING WE BELIEVE IN YOU BOYS!


    Nate, I’m proud of you man. You were really focused last night. Five scoreless innings! I love how how you pray before the game too! You and your colleagues are pitching like Champs. Go Tigers!


    It was a real thrill to watch you work last night man. We’re all watching closely and we’re proud of you Nate.

    Kevan in KC


    What an amazing game Mr. Robertson!!!! When you got those important strikeouts…I just was blown away. Congratulations for that game. Im not an expert, only a big fan, but congratulations. Hoping you and the team, the very best. Here in Puerto Rico would love to see the World Series between Tigers and Mets…what a game that would be, because of all the Puerto Ricans playing in both teams…
    Here in Puerto Rico are watching closely.


    Nate: that was one of the most courageous performances this year. Striking out the side that one inning had me shouting with joy for you. My wife past away earlier this year with cancer and to have the tigers winning this year has made life so much more bearable. Can’t tell you how much the Tigers have meant to me this year. Thanks Nate for taking the time to write your blog. Bless you boys!


    Hi Nate,

    There are so many people here in Michigan and around the world that are just thrilled to see you and the Tigers doing so well this year. I loved seeing you whip the A’s in game one and hope for more of the same in the future. Congratulations on a great season!


    Greenville, MI


    Those fourth inning strikeouts were huge! I yelled so loud on the third strike for the third out that I woke up my kids. To get down with two runners in scoring position and no outs, then dig out of the hole one pitch at a time, is one more example of the guts on this team. And then for Inge to have the night he had: one more example of you guys carrying each other, everyone doing their part, taking this thing through to the end. Keep having fun and the results will continue to come. Go Tigers!!!!!


    Great outing Nate, you knew what you needed to do and you got it done. You have been great all year, but last night you were nothing short of outstanding. Congradulations Bulldog


    I saw the Tigers take it all in ’68’ and ’84’ but when I witnessed you guys blowing a 10 game lead in your division I figured you just didn’t have the guts to make it through the playoff’s. Boy was I wrong. Thanks for setting me straight.

    Outstanding performance by you yesterday. Keep that fire lit and bring it on home.

    Tigers rule!!!


    My oldest son, Nate, was born in 1984 and we’ve been waiting a long time for our Tigers to be great again. What a great night Nate Robertson had! When asked “who’s your tiger?” my answer is , “who’s not?” The whole team is outstanding – not one “star” but a whole team of greats. Thanks for an outstanding 2006!


    Nate, Great job last night – I am so glad you finally got some run support. I was at a one game where you pitched a 2 hitter, and still didn’t get the win – so glad you got the win last night. It sure is nice to see the Tigers playing so well. You all really gel together too and it shows.


    Great game last night man! What an impressive and gutsy performance by you and the rest of the guys. Loved the 4th! My dad called me (and he’s not a huge baseball fan, but he’s getting better) and begged me to talk to my mom and tell her to calm down. Your performance had EVERYONE cheering . . . Tigers fan or not! I was thinking a 6 game series and now I’m pretty sure it will be quicker. Keep playing with this great amount of passion! Let’s party in D-town again THIS WEEKEND!

    Marshall, MI


    Look at all these Tigers fans!!! We FINALLY have something to get excited about! Maybe not as angst ridden as the Cubs fans are or the Red Sox fans were but MAN IS THIS FUN!!!!!!! YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!


    Another very fun game to watch Nate. Thanks. I am feeling sleep deprived today, but it is worth it. I have a feeling I will be staying up late a lot in the next few weeks.

    I hope you guys can stay humble and on task and not let this go to your heads. One play at a time, one at-bat at a time, one inning at a time, one game at a time, one series at a time!

    Thanks for the whole season, it really has been an excellent ride for us fans! We are so proud of you guys! I find it very interesting that each person I ask “Who’s Your Tiger” has a different answer. That is so cool. What great teamwork and sportsmanship you all have shown, pretty much all year!

    I’m ordering a case of gum and hopefully I’ll be able to get tickets, so keep it rolling. I can’t tell you how excited EVERYONE is!!!



    Battle Creek, Michigan


    Nate when you stuck out the side to get out of that jam it was like poetry. I think I cried a little, just kidding but seriously.

    crazy stuff keep it up

    John D.

    Blacksburg VA (By way of Lansing MI)


    I’m so proud of you Nate! I hope you remember me, I’m Gary and Amanda’s friend, Cynthia, from Alabama. We all lived in the same apt complex in Detroit in 2003. I’ve been watching all the games cheering y’all on. I wish we could have kept in touch, but I lost Kristin’s cell when I moved. Keep up the good work – I’m praying for you my friend.


    More and more like 84…Nate you were great – just like 68…You boys are keeping hope alive – just like in 35 and 45!!!



    Awesome job (throughout the post-season so far). I am so thankful your pitching for us.

    A little advice…don’t ever be clean shaven again, you pitch better with the facial hair. HaHa!


    You and I have one thing in common, Nate, we both have black plastic eyeglasses frames. Got mine at Wal*Mart for $18. How about you, bud? By the way, nice game.


    Clearly you have gotten an EXTREMELY positive response from the fans and the people of Detroit, I’m post 55 for crying out loud! But you deserve it, especially after that 4th inning you got yourself out of! AWESOME!

    I’m so happy that you did so well!!!!!! You’re my Tiger and I like to see you succeed! It’s awesome for the whole team!

    Keep up the good work Nate, and the rest of the boys too!

    God Bless Tonight!

    Go Get ‘Em Boys!

    ❤ Erica



    Were spending our time… makin things rhyme…. and it’s so sublime ….


    ITS GUM TIME!!!!!!!!


    I thought for a while
    and it made me smile

    they’ve been through some trials



    maybe it’s time to listen to my wife, stop all this blogging, go jogging….and get a life!!!!


    Hey Nate.

    Wow. All i have to say this time is…you were absolutely amazing.

    #1 fan outta Rockford, MI



    Wow, that game was amazing. You had everybody in my house up on their feet. That 4th inning was AWESOME!!! Striking out the side with the bases loaded… WHOOO!!!!!!! TEAM OF DESTINY!!!!!


    Great Job last night Nate, that’s why you are my family’s favorite Tiger. Good luck to you guys tonight. I’ll be watching with 4 generations of Tiger fans tonight and this weekend, lets give my 87 year old Grandpa and my 2 year old son something to smile about. GO TIGERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I’m really digging it Nate!
    Talked to my brother down in Florida and he says all the talk is on the Tigers, especially the pitching.

    It was good to see Inge get some good pokes, he’s one of my favorite players and I was getting frustrated for him during the Yank series.

    Nate, that was a good performance (how many times did they fail to bring them ducks home?)

    Okay, second game is starting soon,



    Nate – Thanks for a great game. You are cracking me up with the giant wad of gum in your mouth in Game 2!


    TIGERS WIN Game 2 vs. Athletics, 8-5


    Go Tigers Go!!!

    6-Strikeouts in a row!!!

    Verlander, Ledezma, Grilli, Rodney, and Jones, set the major strikeout tones!!!

    Gomez, Granderson, Guillen, Inge, and Monroe, you’re making all the critics eat some crow!!!

    Ordonez, Perez, Polanco, and Rodriguez, you made them listen to what you all sez!!!

    GO TIGERS GO!!! Thanx a lot for bringing home the show!!!

    PS: Thanx again Nate for your GGRRREAATTT!!! performance in Game 1. And keep the Magic Gum Mojo going!!! Gee, I have some tears in my eyes.


    NOOOO Not another poet HAHAHAHA…ok theres room for more I guess…good night and god bless……GOOOOO TIGERS!!! 2 in Oakland aint a bad way to start I’ll keep on a rhyming straight from the heart


    What a Man! No “tap-dancing” around your pitches when facing 2 on and no outs. You did what most other pitchers wouldn’t think of doing, going right after the next 3 batters. Keep it up!


    Nate, Wow what a performance. I turned 18 in september I had never seen my Beloved Tigers in the playoffs I live and die with my Father watching this team every year, and in recent years mostly dyeing. even throughout the years we still have the time of our lives every year at Spring Training. I am more than proud you guys have restored the pride to the English D!!!!!!






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