Back to business

It’s back to business. We’ve put closure to what we’ve done this past weekend. Guys are out there and they’re loose and they’re having a good time and they’re enjoying being here for the League Championship Series. But also beyond just enjoying being here, it’s going to be back to business come together. It’s just an exceptional feeling, especially not knowing coming into the season where we were actually going to be at this point.

Just like it was in the Division Series, there were scenarios for who would start Game 1 here. For the Division Series, if it was the Yankees, I was going to pitch Game 1, and if it was the A’s, I was going to have Game 3. This one here, obviously, I think it’s a situation where you don’t try to fix anything that’s not broken. The rotation that we threw out there before did very, very well. My results were obviously the least favorable out of the four outings, but it wasn’t for lack of approach. And I think that there’s a confidence going out there that any one of the four horses that have gone out there all year could start Game 1. We have potential No. 1 aces on this staff that aren’t quite that status yet, but we don’t consider us having a No. 1. If you ask us, we have four guys that can give us a chance to win.58auvq2b

Both times I’ve started here in my career, there’s a guy over there who had one swing of the bat that changed my whole outing. It’s going to be no different in a playoff game tomorrow. It could come down to one swing of the bat. It could come down to one defensive play. It could come to one pitch, as we saw in my first outing in New York. Those are the kind of moments that, before anything happens, there needs to be an evaluation of what I’m trying to do and understand who I’m facing and who I match up better with. I know that going into tomorrow. I know who I match up better with in their lineup. Whatever situations arise during the game, those the kind of things that I’ll evaluate while I’m out there and then go about my business.

These last-minute schedules are certainly something most of us haven’t experienced before, because it’s playoff baseball and things change in one day. I’m sitting there preparing mentally for the Yankees and then, bam, you’re on the plane the next day going to California going over A’s hitters. I’ve faced these guys four times in my career and I faced every single one of those guys in the lineup maybe except for the nine hole. I’ll go out there and make them beat me. I can’t beat myself.

The media coverage here is certainly something that we’re not used to, but we know it goes along with being one of the final four teams in baseball playing. You just have to deal with that. Whether we get the attention or not, all we want is what’s rightfully ours. When things are said about us and people remember us, we want to be remembered for the right reasons and not because somebody else didn’t play well. If you can’t play your best game this time of year, then you got beat. It’s not because you didn’t play good enough to win. That’s the biggest thing. We’ve earned what we got, and that’s why we’re here.



    Very well said Nate!! Im a 19 year kid from Allen Park MI, I havent missed a game all year and I got the gum time shirt. Well I just wanted to say everybody in Michigan is proud of what you guys have accomplished, and I wanted to say congrats and whatever happens the rest of the way is just bonus. You guys gave us alot of hope through the tough times with the car business and made Michigan real proud!

    Thanks for the great memories that will last a life time and that I will never forget!!!

    Good luck Nate and you have all of us in Michigan behind you and we can’t wait until you guys are back home Friday!


    No matter what happens in this series, this season has been nothing short of amazing. Still, I know you and the rest of the guys out there have the stuff to keep this party rolling through the LCS and beyond.

    Good luck tomorrow, Nate, and go Tigers!


    Nate: with the attitude you have right now…you and the boys will do fine. I think the team is prepared to give you the offensive support that lacked sooooo many times this year when you were on the mound. I can’t wait to see you hit again (when pitchers get to bat) in the WS. Have fun. Chew one piece of gum. Blow a bubble then “pop” those A’s.


    Watching this team play I am a child again and Lou Whitaker is at bat and Jack Morris is still pitching. You have crossed the boundaries of time and touched fans and non fans alike deeply. Baseball is one of those few things that connect people with memories, sounds and smells. We are children again chewing gum with our hats inside out. Baseball connects generations with memories that are irreplaceable. My mother and I have not been close in years, all we have ever had in common was our love for the Tigers, that love has closed the gap in our relationship. Thank you boys for the memories this season. Win or lose the rest of this post season, you have already given all of us your hearts and have put more passion into this game then I have ever seen.

    Much love and luck,




    Nate – Good luck buddy! We are going to take this one game at a time, and we all have confidence in you!

    This is a familiar position for Detroit sports fans, Underdogs! Nobody picked the Tigers to make it this far very much like the Pistons of the last few years and they have done well!

    Enjoy this, it doesn’t get any better!


    Hey Nate I’m an Oakland A’s fan. I just wanted to let you know that you are going to loose tomorrow. Zito is a better pitcher than you and we, including you Tiger fans, all know that.



    **** straight, brother. I’ve already heard “we choked,” from some local Yankee fans. I’ve followed that up with, “you choked on Tiger pitching,” every time. You can’t get lucky over the hundreds of pitches it takes to play three games. Unless the entire Yankee team contracted Salmonella before game 2, you guys earned every strike. Every hit. 8 more wins ought to shut everyone up.


    Nate! You probably have to be one of the game’s most underrated starters and I have no doubt you’ll prove that to be true tomorrow. Good luck and thank you and all the other Tigers for this fantastic season that has brought me so much enjoyment and pride.


    Randomly, can I say how much I LOVE the way you’ve got your rotation set up for this series? I love it.

    “If you can’t play your best game this time of year, then you got beat. It’s not because you didn’t play good enough to win. That’s the biggest thing. We’ve earned what we got, and that’s why we’re here.”


    Good luck in Oakland! Looking forward to Tuesday.


    Hi Nate,

    Just stay focused and pitch well. Hopefully the batters will get you some runs, and I think they may just do that. Think “It was Mr. Roger’s time. = It’s now Mr. Nate Robertson’s time. IT’S TIGERS TIME!!!

    Go with the flow of all of Detroit’s Cosmic Plasma Energy, the Detroit Tigers Cosmic Ether, that is permeating and taking over the Void of the Deep Space Oakland A’s Nefarious Nebula.

    Just ‘Black Hole’ them A’s. Tunnel vision on the plate: “Strike 1! Strike 2!! Strike 3!!! They’re out!!!! At the old ball game.”

    Best of luck, and even former Bosox Pitcher Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee is with you all!!!



    Let’s put this in perspective for all you guys who don’t think Zito is all that.

    In his last start, Zito creamed a certain Johan Santana–the same pitcher who has terrorize you and the rest of the AL Central. Zito used his mystical curve to hang a fat loss on the Cy Young-quality pitcher.

    No one plays more loose than Oakland and no one has more fun than out boys of summer do.

    Elephants crush tigers every time, and paraphrasing the immortal Hulk Hogan–Whatcha gonna do when the Green and Gold Stomper runs wild on you!?


    I am glad you guys are relaxed, I couldn’t sleep last night. Mostly because I am so excited the Tigers get to play at this level..
    Mr. Robertson, it’s your turn. You have had some amazing outings and didn’t come away with a win, I think tonight will be different.

    Good Luck


    hey nate! u have no idea how happy uve made me this season, with alot of my friends not liking the tigers at the begining of the season, theyve all suddenly become band wagon fans. Anyway ive noticed how it sorta ***** for u guys, media wise, cause its all like “yankees lose” “joe torre” this and that. not a shred of media about the tigers winning, its all about the yankees losing


    Great job Nate, Please keep this thing going for the Tiger fans and also so we have a reason to not follow the Lions yet!

    Mike Fleming

    Midland, Michigan


    I am really pleased you and Zito get to go head to head.

    As great as your season has been, you showed me the most in Game 1 ALDS when you came back after that 3rd inning and gutted it out.

    Go get em, Nate…it just might be “gum time”.


    Nate – Just want to thank you guys for making this a wonderful baseball season. Having been a fan in the more difficult times you guys are so deserving of this and I don’t want it to end for you or for us. Now go kick some Oakland A** and see you at the World Series!!!! Go Tigers!!!!!


    Although we live in Southern California, my boys and I have been die-hard Tiger fans. We catch every game with DirceTV Extra Innings. In 2003 we flew up to San Francisco to watch you play the Giants….even stayed in the same hotel. We have been waiting for this year for a long time.
    Good luck tonight.

    D. Anderson

    Orange, California


    Nate, today is your game. Let’s keep the momentum and have an AWESOME GAME!!!!

    We know you can do it!

    Good Luck and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Tigers!!!!

    ❤ Erica



    I was lucky enough to be at both games over last weekend. I cannot tell you how fortunate I felt to witness that. Thanks to you and all the Tigers!!!!!

    Looking forward to the Oakland Series and I know that you guys will make us proud of being Tigers Fans.

    My Grandma is 91 years old and has been a die hard Tigers fan since the late 1920’s as a young girl. She doesn’t miss a game no matter what. She lives in about 3 hours out of Detroit and asked to come to a game this year. (by the way she is blind) The game she came to was in July when you pitched and won against the Oakland A’s. Thanks for the great memory. She told me that you guys have made her summer. Good Luck and thanks for a great summer and an even better fall.


    Royal Oak


    Just wanted you to know that your blog is batting clean-up today on the main page of Baseball Nooz. It’s very special to have a real player write such an honest, genuine blog. You really are making history, both on and off the field.

    Best of luck in your start tonight and keep up the great work (both on and off the field).


    Walter Roark (editor)

    (All baseball, all the time—over

    220 blog feeds + news sources)


    Hey Nate,

    Even though you guys are 2500 miles away keep in mind you have

    EVERYONE behind you. Stay focused and go get those guys man. We’ll see you guys back here for the weekend. GO TIGERS!!!!


    Nate, I admired your ability to remain focused while chewing up a number of batters after that unfortunate inning in NY. To me that is the hallmark of a great player. I have no doubt that you’ll have many more post-season starts.


    So, Who on here has been doubting Zito? Nobody! We are all singing the praises of our Tiger’s pitching staff! In my opinion, there is no better starting rotation in baseball PERIOD! I understand Zito is finally what you wanted him to be and thats great! But I am pulling for Nate because he is our Tiger! But glad to see you are so worried about this series you started checking out a Tigers site!

    We will see tonight win or lose we will stand by Nate as a great starting pitcher!


    Dear Nate,

    You’ll do a great job tonight. We love your winning attitude that you have brought to Detroit.


    Give em **** Nate! I was 14 when the Tigers won it all in 84 and have been a die hard since. You guys have brought back something real special to Tiger town….Respect!!!

    I was at game 3 and 4 last week and am still stunned at how incredible that experience was!! My ears are still ringing! ITS GUM TIME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!



    learn to spell…. the Tigers are going to “loose” today…they are going to let loose all **** on Oakland!!!!!

    The Big Hurt Ain’t gonna be Frank Thomas it’s gonna be what the Tigers will lay on the A’s!


    You guys have restored my youth!

    Best of luck Nate, keep your focus and your cool!

    Take it one pitch at at a time.


    Hey, Nate, I live in Dallas, TX and a friend of mine and I drove up for games 3 and 4 of the ALDS. What you guys have done is awesome. I’ve been a Tigers fan since I was 5 years old and please know how much we all love and appreciate you and all the guys. The celebration after game 4 was the greatest celebration in the history of sports and I hope the whole team knows how special it was for you to share it with us. Let ‘er rip tonight, we’re all behind you. Wish I could afford to come see you again this weekend. GO TIGERS!!!


    It’s getting close to the zero hour and I’m hoping all is well with you Nate. An earlier post stated how baseball spans the generations and fuels memories for a lifetime. How true. My memories go back to 1959 as an impressionable 8 year old attending his first Tiger game. Late nights under the covers listening to Ernie on a transistor radio, and driving from Michigan’s UP to stand outside the stadium in 1968. This year I’m in Kansas hanging on every pitch while watching at a local pub.
    You and the rest of the team may not fully understand the impact you are having on our lives until you are Kaline’s age, but these memories will shine forever in my heart.

    God bless and good luck


    I am so tired of press and people alluding their opinions that somehow the Tig’s don’t deserve to be where they are.

    Numbers don’t lie. Stats don’t lie. K’s, BB’s, R’s, ‘s, RBI’s and HR’s do not lie.

    The Tig’s deserve this more than any other team in the majors given the nature of their stats a few years ago.

    People ask me, “Who is your favorite Tiger?”. My answer is always the same:

    Jim Leyland.

    It’s all yours for the taking Nate. Get ‘er done!


    Nate, good luck tonight get out there and win, I am a cardinal fan but always follow you guys, i hope to see a repeat of 1967 tigers – cardinals world series. You guys have been nothing short of amazing this year, keep it up. best of luck from Lady Lake, Florida, let me tell you it is little Michigan here, big Tiger contingent!!!!


    Nate: You are awesome, man. You’re way better than Zito, the Tigers are great against lefties, they’ll pound some runs out for you, hopefully. Tigers have been an awesome road team, and you’re going to mow them down tonight! Have fun!


    Go get em Nate. You said it best in that artical about what needs to be done against Oakland and how thier lineup can change the outlook of the game in one swing. Good Luck and GO TIGERS!


    Kick those stupid A’s as*ses. We are the best team in the Majors and its about time we show them. Sweep these freakin A’s and get to the World Series ASAP.
    GO TIGERS!!!!!!!


    Hey Nate,
    Met you at Tiger Fest and you’re a great guy! Good luck tonight, I know you can do it! I’ve taken a lot of grief over the years for being a Tiger fan but this year I can fly my flag with pride! Except I’ve had to curtail my “gum time”. Last week I was going full blast and one of my crowns popped right off my tooth! Somebody chew extra for me!


    Nate –

    You and the rest of the Tigers made my weekend. I’ve been a fan for almost 50 years and will bleed orange and blue from February to the end of the season. You’ve helped make this team a joy to watch. A giant mazel tov to you and the rest of the Tigers.


    The fifth just started, and you just got out of the fourth. I just wanted to say this unless I forgot.*****, Nate! **** yeah. They had 2nd and 3rd jacked, no outs. So what do you do? Strike out the side! What did the skipper say to you?!?! Just bring the heat, and throw strikes. Way to go! Not over yet though.


    Hi Nate

    Twins fan here, just want to say good luck, you guys ALMOST had us, who ever would have known that it’d come down to KC, heh? We played TERRIBLY in the ALDS, absolutely ****! I’d rather see you guys get to the World Series than Oakland though way to go. And hey, if you guys do get to the World Series, it just makes the Twins look better for beating you! Looking forward to Twins vs. Tigers match ups next year.


    Wow, 96mph? I didn’t know you could get it up that hard! Impressive game!

    Go Tigers!

    Alexandra S.


    NIIIIIICE! As I said earlier today the only big hurt today would come from the Tigers. Way to work out of the 4th Nate!! You showed the heart of a lion! errr tiger!!! Who’s the better pitcher


    Hey Nate! You are the best picher ever! I go to Maize High School like you used to! You are my role model!

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