Readying for Game 5, hoping there isn’t

Nate It’s a good feeling today. It would certainly be a lot better feeling taking those suitcases back off the truck. Last week we had to do this same kind of deal — pack if necessary. It would just be nice to be able to do it here at home, you know? I don’t want to call it redemption, because what we’ve done to this point is what people didn’t expect of us. But it might be the very thing that we need to take this thing to the very end. That’s the biggest thing. Keep on keeping on and keep the believing going. It’s just been such a roller-coaster in one week. Our last six days this season have been crazy.

Did losing last weekend end up a blessing for us? It could be. Expectations here haven’t been so high for a long time. If you can get down to the end of the season having a chance to win the division, even if we would’ve won that, I don’t know what kind of expectations we would’ve had. Once we slipped out of that, we went to the Yankees series and expectations were that we should’ve been done by now. It’s like another opportunity to prove people wrong. The playoffs were an expectation nobody had. Certainly beating the Yankees is an expectation nobody has.

I prepare the same win or lose today. I prepare as if there will be a Game 5, and I hope that there isn’t.



    It looks like you guys won’t need a game 5 by the way you’re playing on TV…8-1 in the 8th inning!


    Hey.. good work vs. the Yankees. I’m a Twins fan, and now that we’re out of it, I’m rootin for you guys. Go show ’em what the AL central is all about.

    Good luck.


    Maybe you should be packing for the World Series?
    How’s the gum time working? Haven’t seen it in a while…..


    I’m so thrilled with the season and the post-season. “Everybody picked the Yankees in this series”. I can guarantee there isn’t a single Tigers fan who picked the Yankees.
    We believe.

    When every single starting pitcher that fills the fans with confidence of a win – topped with a stellar bull pen – you know the magic factor is on the rrrrright side.


    Bye-Bye Yankees!!!! Way to go Nate on your season’s efforts! Good luck in Oakland. You guys will beat them back worse than the Yanks!


    awesome game 4…i knew u guys could pull it off especially with the season u have had…plus it was great seeing u interact with the fans afterwards


    Way to go Guys!!!! it was great to watch. I wish I could have been there, but watching it on tv, and seeing you guys come back out and celebrate with the funs was …well… awesome! What a ride! California here we come!


    I’m a Tiger fan here in Wichita and a WSU Shocker. Way to go Tigers! Nate, you’re great, go get the A’s!


    GO GET THEM A’s Nate!!!! Enjoy the two days rest, get the champagne out of your eyes and know that everyone here in Detroit appreciates what you guys have done for all of us!!!


    Hey guys, Congrats from Venezuela. I enjoyed this game as if I was a Detroit Citizen. Great job, what a pitching staff and what about Guillen and Maggs?….Go guys, now for the AL Championship.

    Leo Osilia


    Congrats on going to the ALCS! I watched that entire game, and I wish I could’ve been there for that party.

    Best of luck against the A’s! I’m behind you all the way.


    My Cousin– We are so freakn pumped for you! Big Time Congrats to you and the team. This week has been super exciting watching you and now lucky us, we get to see more! Can’t wait. Love ya–kami


    Tears of joy after the game this afternoon. Last week I ordered an old English “D” flag for my car (you know, the kind that hooks onto the side window….and feel so proud driving around town (Battle Creek, MI) and people notice. Truthfully, last weekend against the Royals almost killed me, but I felt very calm and confident about the series with NY and all that stuff with the rain delay business…what confusion. You’re still my favorite pitcher, Nate. My matador! Go Tigers!!!!!!!!!!



    Congratulations to You and the Tigers!!! Can’t wait to watch more … Cheapo Matt might even spring for Cable in case it’s not on network!!!! Love ya!


    Nate-I would like to see you get the run support that Rogers and Bonderman got. You seem to be the staff ace that didn’t get the offensive backing. I’m hoping you brush off the first game and make the A’s pay. DON


    No game 5! No game 5! 🙂 We get to see you pitch on Tuesday instead.

    In a strange twist of fate, you and Zito were my best lefties on my fantasy baseball team this year – it’s going to be pretty crazy watching you face off in such an important game after following you both so much this season! Good luck, and congrats to the Tigers for knocking out the Yankees!


    I want there to be a game 6 because I want the celebration to be here in Detroit and not in St. Louis. I really think you are a great pitcher. On Wendesday my wear tigers stuff to school I am exited because I have a lot of it.Bless you Boys

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