How sweet it is

Nate_1 This is something that not only we earned, but we deserved. What we’ve done this year, the position we got ourselves into, we needed to do this because how it ended in the regular season to where we’re at right now, this is what needed to happen. We needed the storybook to keep on rolling.

I’m so proud of Bondo. I told him before he even finished the game. I told him, "No matter what happens, brother, I love you to death and I’m as proud as can be." For him to go out there with the heart that he had and to follow up what Kenny’s done, it was incredible.

Really, the whole staff, the key to this series was that every pitcher that got on that mound attacked, and they left it on the field. If they were going to beat us, they were going to beat us with our best stuff. We attacked, went after them, and here we are.

The big thing people now understand is it’s the game of baseball. We played a Major League club last weekend. We played a Major League club this weekend. People said we were supposed to clinch it last weekend. We didn’t get it in. People gave us no chance this weekend, and we got it done. It’s the game.

This celebration’s a little bit sweeter. That was the one that got us here. This is the one that we’ve actually achieved something when we did get here.



    Congratulations on getting to the ALCS. It has been such a fun season for me. I was born in 1980, so I have vague memories of the great Tiger teams from the 80s, but have never experienced this. Thanks and good luck if you go on Tuesday.

  2. Trevor

    Congratulations. You beat us fair and square, and were by far the better team. Best of luck against Oakland in the ALCS!

  3. Emmelyn

    I’ve been through so much with this team this season-both on an off the field, as a fan and a friend, and after tonight, I can finally say that it’s all been worth it. Blood, sweat, and tears…literally. Thank you so much for everything! I can honestly say that I’ve waited my whole life for this.


    Congratulations! I’m still without words for all this. I love you guys. This has been an amazing ride. Thank you for everything so far.

    — Cathryn


    Congrats from another Yankee fan, your team can up quite big in the pitching department, and Zumaya is from the same place I am so it was hard (sorta) to root against a local guy. Good luck.


    What a great weekend for all Tiger fans.I was at Tiger stadium the night the Tigers clinched the 68 pennat and I will never forget the pure joy of the night as me and my buddies stormed onto the field.Watching the game today I was every bit as excited as I was back then.

  7. Felix

    As another Yankee fan, I have nothing but respect for you guys, as you guys played us hard the entire series, and you guys were hungrier. May this season bring happiness to the City of Detroit, and to all the fans the Detroit Tigers. The better team won this series, and I hope that you guys play hard against the A’s, as I really cannot pick a winner here.

    When do pitchers and catchers report?


    Nate, I’ve no idea if you read these comments, but I’d like to say “thank you.” I was 7 years old in 1984, but I remember the lean years very well. I never stopped wearing my jersey, and I never stopped cheering. You guys have already made us very happy and proud. I love baseball, but it has never been this much fun. I can’t explain how great it is to have the Roar restored. Go get the A’s!


    I can’t express how much I love this team. Thank you for the amazing season. Thank you for proving the doubters wrong. Thank you for the ALCS.

    Continue to shock the world, boys. We’re proud of you. We know you can go all the way.

    Felix, I think P&Cs report in February, sometime around Valentine’s day.

    Alexandra S.


    Nate, Awesome job, if I could attach a picture to this post it would be of my Tigers hat. It is 4-5 years old and I have always been proud to wear it but I am all the more proud to wear it now! My parents and friends have tried to buy me a new hat but I have refused to accept. Now I may just buy a new hat. Best wishes and Good Luck!!


    Wow! That game was awesome! I was just as emotional for this game as I was back in June for the Hurricanes’ two game sevens. My friends don’t understand why I love this team so much. They think b/c of the hockey team we have here in NC now they should be number one in my heart, but they never will be. The Tigers will always be #1 in my heart. You guys have made me so proud all year long. Tonight after the game I called my dad and we talked about the Tigers! It was awesome!
    Keep up the good work! We’ll keep cheering for you down here in NC. I’ve turned all of my friends into Tigers fans (even the ones that don’t really watch baseball) because they know how much you guys mean to me!

    Go get the A’s!!!


    Hey NATE! Everyone knows you are a bull dog out there, a great pitcher, and are going to kill the A’s in game 1!

    This is about respect for the Detroit Tigers, and here is my reply of the Bleeding Pinstripes blog…ENJOY!

    First of all the Yankee’s only won a couple more games then the Tigers in the regular season. To flat out state that they are a better team is just NY hype. History means nothing, and once you start expecting a ball club to win the World Series, thats usually when you need to take a step back and check yourself.

    Sure the lineup of the Yankee’s is probably one of the best MLB has ever seen in a long time. Also the most expensive. Clearly they can do some damage. There is no question about that.

    However, the starting rotation of the Yankee’s compared to the starting rotation of the Tigers…..there is no comparison. The numbers don’t lie. The bullpen of the Yankee’s isn’t even on the same page as the Tigers. If you wear down NY’s starting pitcher and force them to go to their bullpen…..they are in trouble. It’s the opposite of the Tigers. Pitching always dominates hitting because if you can’t hit the ball you cannot score runs. Thats plain and simple.

    The one good starting pitcher you have only won 2 more games then Kenny Rogers. To simply just give him credit is rediculous, because he came out on to that field with more effort, emotion, and determination then anyone has seen in a while. He tore that line up apart, bar-none.

    The Big difference is this….NY Yankee’s have a 200 million dollar line up, and the Tigers I believe are under a 90 million. However, lets not talk about money but respect. Sure we should have won the division, and probably could of had the best record in MLB. Yes Bonderman, the bullpen, and Rogers fate laid on the line. It didn’t happen, but you know what we still respect those players as fans because we know that they gave us everything on the field. It’s pretty bad when A-Rod is boo’d more at NY, then he is in Detroit! He is a great player, but oh not to NY standards.

    The big difference is respect and NY fans don’t respect there players unless they are perfect, and when someone out plays them, or has a better team it’s always someone’s elses fault. We here in Detroit respect are ball club, and thats the very reason the Yanks lost.

    You got Beat, straight up. No excuses, certainly none that money can buy. You had 2 23 year olds that pitched stellar performances, and a 41 year old that just simply had enough of you guys. Kenny Rogers tossed a gem, because you said he couldn’t! The man pitched a perfect game over 10 years ago, but that was his best game ever!

    The thing is Kenny Rogers didn’t have to worry going into that game that he had 50,000 people against him if he made a mistake the next morning when he read the paper. He went in knowing the Detroit Tiger Fans supported him, and you know what I don’t think I can say that about NY?


    Thank you Detroit Tigers!

    Thank you for winning a series at home and celebrating with the fans. I was standing in my house clapping and screaming for most of the game. For that fact, most of the last two games!

    I hope you all know what you mean to the city of Detroit. Thank you from the bottom of our Old English D hearts!


    Thanx Nate and all you fellows!! You guys were great to share the celebration with the fans after the Game 4 with those dastardly NY Yankees and their modern version of Murderer’s Row, ‘The NY Kalamazoo Jeeters Beaters’!! %-) + 😉

    Actually the Yankees are a great team and proved it throughout the season, and were hard to win against, even in the playoffs, but you all seem not to have noticed that in the playoffs too much anyway. ;-)))

    Tis good to remember Spaceman Lee’s famous adage that went something like this: ‘People think I am crazy, well, the world is just one big curveball haurtling through space.’ Apparently the Yankees forgot about Verlander’s blistering curve ball, and that at least one screwball type of pitch he threw. Zoom’s pitches must really sting to catch!!!Yow!!! Glad I wasn’t batting, I’d be batting from behind the Umpire maybe.

    You fellows have a great sense humor, and a lot of grit!! Take your professionalism and knowledge and experience to Oakland you all are blooded now in the Post Season Campaign. Watch those people from Oakland, they are sly and Atheletic. however, you fellows have the edge I do believe.

    I am 53 and remember the temas of the late 1950’s, the 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s, but this year of 2006 is very special!! Heck, I remember Rocky Colovito (or is it Colivito!!) and had a baseball card of his till 1989.

    BTW Nate, that is a GRRREEAATTT picture of you and your bubble gum. %-)) Ha ha ha!!! GRRREEAATTT!!!

    Good luck and Bless you Boys!!! And thanx so much again!! RRROOAARRRRRR!!!!

    PS: Next year I or a facsimile of me, might try-out as a Frank Tannana or Phil Nierko junkballer with you all. Fortunately, for you all and the world most probably, I am not seriously serious. Win in Oakland!!!


    Nate you made my family’s summer. At a game this summer you threw my 6 year old son some Big League Chew. You have no idea what impact that had on him. Congrats. You deserve it. Keep it going for years to come.


    I’ve supported the Tigers since 1983 when my cousin took me to Tiger Stadium to see my first game ever. The 2003 season was murder on this side of the Atlantic so I can only imagine what it was like in the US but I couldn’t give up the Tigs! To listen to the games this season (thanks to WXYT and the internet!)has been fantastic although at times a rollercoaster of emotion (last Sunday anybody??). Sat and listened last night (over here it was the late evening when you started) and couldn’t move from the computer. Even my wife (Cubs fan!) came and sat with me to listen to her ‘second’ team. Bonderman was sheer brilliance and a fabulous follow up to Kenny Rogers. My entire neighbourhood must have been roused from their sleep when the final out was made. Oh boy, anything is possible now! If I can borrow a call from the Yankees’ broadcasters…………

    Good luck against Oakland. Myself and the rest of the large Tigers support in the UK will be with you all the way. Hope there’s no need for chewin’ though Nate!




    After the KC series I was heartbroken. One of my students the next day came in and said, ‘Don’t worry, it’s easier to beat the Yanks in a 5 game series anyways’ and from then on I figured you guys knew what you were doing all along 🙂 Thank you for one of the most electric and satisfying series I will ever, ever remember. Stay hungry and go get them A’s.
    KennyMac in Toledo




    Nate and the rest of the boys —

    Congratulations! That seriously was the best night ever last night, being at that clinching game. Jeremy was AMAZING. It honestly was incredible to see him follow up with such an amazing pitching job as Kenny had done the night before. Live it up boys, the city is yours now. YOU’RE NEXT OAKLAND.


    You guys are AWESOME!! I can’t even begin to thank you all enough for a fun season of baseball.

    My husband is a lifelong Tiger fan and I have come to be a huge fan, too. We are SOOO excited to be able to see you guys move forward and we look forward to more great games.

    We sat last night and watched as you all went out to celebrate with the fans after your win. All we could do was just grin and wish we could be there, too. It was almost as fun to watch as the game.

    You all are amazing – CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


    Congratulations on your win. But after the team’s extravagant celebration and the classless Tiger fans who boo’d Michigan native Derek Jeter and to pile on A-Rod the way they did, I Can’t wait for you guys to go down!!!!!

    P.S. – You’ll all be watching the other teams in the postseason again next year.


    Congratulations on your playoff win, Nate. You really beat up on the Yanks; they weren’t playing with real fire or heart or soul. You deserve it. Hope you go all the way (yes, this is coming for a Yankee fan)


    Great win guys!

    I thought the celibration after beating the yanks was a bit over the top, because it’s just one series and not the whole ball of wax…. but then it was the yanks and it was sweet.

    Now take the A’s as serious as you did the Yanks and get to work!

    Go Get em Tigers! (I was 7)

    Bless you boys! (I was 22)

    Who’s your Tiger”S” (I’m 44)

  24. kerrya55@hotmail.ocm

    I was at there for the KC series and believe me I was heartbroken. But beating the Yankees in post season is incrediable!!! That kinda took the sting outta the rest.
    I can’t think of one Tiger that hasn’t worked his *** off this year..But all the work and hours paid off. All I can say is GO Get the A’s!!! ONE GAME AT TIME!!!


    NATE!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!

    I have nothing to say that someone hasn’t already said, so I just wanna say Good Luck on Tuesday and God Bless! What you guys are doing for this city, and for yourselves, it’s really amazing!

    KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!! GO TIGERS!!!!!!!


    I was so excited watching the last two games of this series, especially with the performances of Kenny and Bondo. When I woke up this morning to watch the highlights however, I was heart broken. Nearly every sports broadcast on televeision was discussing the “collapse of the Yankees” and Joe Torre’s fate in New York. I am amazed at how many people still think this is a fluke. You guys truly were the better team in this series and you deserved to win. Keep rolling, and eventually you’ll have everyone on the bandwagon. God bless and go Tigers!


    Too much celebration? You’ve got to be kidding me. For those of us who watch the Tigers year in, year out, no matter what, the victory over the Yankees was as sweet as sweet can be. I only wish I had been able to be a Comerica to join in the fun. I was able to share the celebration with family members across the US via phone. I cheered with my daughter in Colorado, and listened as my nephew in Wisconsin played the Hallelujah Chorus after the game. Thanks for bringing so much joy to an old life-long Tiger fan all season long. Now, go get Oakland, and we’ll celebrate some more!


    Congradulations from a California transplant(born in Detroit in 1925..saw my first Tiger game in 1932..fell in love then and never left) Watch and listen on the Internet all year, every year. You’re a Bull Dog (a left handed Frank Lary)and I love to watch you pitch with men on base. You guys can handle the “A’s” Jim Reiss


    Thank You Tigers for the amazing season. I never gave up on you guys, although my husband can’t say the same. I told him you would come back and even if you didn’t what and GREAT season it was. I grew up watching and will always be a Tiger !!!!!


    Congrats!! It was a fun weekend!!

    p.s. BB6Coach-Yankees: Jeter-a Michigan native, but admittedly never a Tiger fan. As for A-Rod, I feel bad for the guy. However, I feel worse that he was booed by his OWN team all season long…


    I got to see both games this weekend Nate. Congratulations to you guys! I still can’t believe it happened. Good luck to you on Tuesday – kick their *****…


    From a native Southern Californian, and a die hard Tiger Fan for 27 years ~ I’ve always been proud to be a Tigers fan, througout the good and bad. People have given me a hard time for many years, and I always back my Team. You guys are MY team, and always will be. Trying hard to get back to Detroit for a game this month!! Congratulations, you guys rock! I Live for This!


    Congrats, the champagne victory with the fans is an eternal memory! My father was raised in Michigan and I’ve never seen him more psyched. Jim Leyland lived down my street in a suburb of Pittsburgh growing up, and he handed out baseballs on Halloween. Always a class act, amazing guy. What a year! Good luck Tuesday Nate! Thank for everything, and GO GET EM!!!


    Congrats! You all did well! I enjoyed seeing the Champagne celebration with the crowd. I bet that was a memory for you and your teammates. My mom says hi and congrats.


    I honestly thought the Tigers were going to be swept in this series. On paper the Yankees are a much better team. But the Tigers played with heart, something the Yankees can’t understand. The Tigers deserved this win. I wish them the best in the ALCS.


    Great to hear from you, Nate. You’re one of my favorite players, and it’s really nice to see that the Tigers are moving on to the ALCS with the Athletics. You guys deserve it. You’ve had a great season.


    Congrats you guys!! I’m glad to see you guys have gone this far and hopefully farther. You had a really great season. I’m a Twins fan so I want you guys to go on and kick the A’s butts and then go on to win the series!!

    Good Luck

    Jennifer from Rochester, MN


    It was such a treat watching the celebration last night. Being a Tigers fan for all my 52 years, last night had to be the sweetest as you all have come so far this season.

    Best of luck on the mound on Tuesday!


    Thank you Nate and the rest of the team. It’s been a great year. I’ve been a fan all my life. I live in Grand Rapids so I don’t always get to a game every year. I was lucky to make 5 this year. I was there in May when Todd Jones got the closing record. I was there on 8-5 when Pudge hit the walk off and I was also there the next day for Wil’s great shut out! I was there last Saturday through the 1 and 1/2 hour rain delay and I was there last night! Last night’s memory was the best:-)I look forward to more. Go get the A’s! What a great year. I thought it was wonderful how you guys carried Jim off the field. A class act all the way! And to come back on the field and share the celebration with the fans? Some say it was too much. Well I was there, and it was perfect. LET’S GO TIGERS!


    Coingrats Nate, and to the rest of the Tigers, too!
    I don’t like hearing that the Yankees lost because it is clear that you guys BEAT them.

    Big difference.

    The Tigers played excellent baseball – flawless and beautiful. Way to go!

    My broadcast got cut out and I couldn’t watch the celebtations on the field, but it looked amazing!

    Thank you all for this great year. Don’t stop now!

    floatykeith in taipei


    Nate and all the players; I lived through the ’84 season and came to love those guys and after it was over I told Milt Wilcox when I met him this: “Thank you for the most fun time I’ve ever had. Thank you.”

    I tell this team the same thing. You’re all our boys, our friends, guys we know. It’s kind of like having some buddies that happen to play baseball for a living.

    Thank you. Go Tigers!


    This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve had a righteous buzz on since the Tigers won game 2 against the Yankees. Rogers was phenomenal, Bonderman sensational. I had tears in my eyes when I saw you guys celebrating. I was born and raised in Michigan. I’m 44 tomorrow. I remember getting on a bus on October 11, 1968 the day after the Tigers won the World Series with the kids so excited and happy. I remember 1972 when the Tigers clinched the AL East; I remember watching Bert Campaneris throw his bat at Larrin Lagrow when he was hit in the ankle by a pitch. I remember a lousy call by an umpire in game 5 of that series when he said Tigers first baseman Norm Cash pulled his foot and the runner was safe. That runner scored and the Tigers lost out on going to the World Series. I remember 1984 and the fantastic playoffs and World Series as the Tigers dominated the KC Royals and Padres. And now I get to watch you guys steamroll the Yankees after so many losing seasons. I’ve watched about 110 games this year on MLB TV and it’s been great. You guys deserve this. Now, don’t let up. Play without fear, play with heart and beat the A’s and get to the World Series and win it all. God bless you guys.


    I was 4 years old when Mark FIdrych pitched that great year for the Tigers and have been a Die Hard Fan ever since. I even had his baseball card.
    I wear my jersey and my Tiger hat proudly- win or lose. Even during the lean years I still attended games and cheered. Congratulations to all you guys who worked so hard to get to where you are. You deserve it. Jim Leland is the best manager since Sparky Anderson. ( sorry Trammell , Love ya ). See- women love Tigers Baseball Too!


    “Congratulations on your win. But after the team’s extravagant celebration and the classless Tiger fans who boo’d Michigan native Derek Jeter and to pile on A-Rod the way they did, I Can’t wait for you guys to go down!!!!!

    P.S. – You’ll all be watching the other teams in the postseason again next year.”

    Posted by: | October 8, 2006 11:18 AM


    Well bb6coach-yankees, the Yankees’ fans I’ve seen on video are quite rude and foul-mouthed and bad-mouthed and booed the Tigers the 2-games of the Division Series in NYC this year, and you continue in the same manner as those Yankee fans and poor sports and lack a bit of class and sportsmanship yourself.

    However, ‘booing’ is part of the game and fans everywhere do it, just seems the Yankee fans boo with more cursing.

    I don’t agree with nor like A-Rod getting all the blame for the Yankees losing as it certainly isn’t his fault, it’s just that the Yankees bats went cold against good Tiger’s pitching and the Tiger’s bats heated-up.

    The Yankee players are fine fellows and good sportsman, A-Rod, Sheffield, Jeeters, etc., and so is Torres, and everyone of them acknowledged that they were beaten fair and square, they are a class act. You should emulate the great Yankee ball players, and not the crude Bleacher Creatures.

    The Yankee’s problem is George Steinbrenner, but even he acknowledged and congratulated the Tigers. He should be proud and satisfied that the Yankees have been playing great ball for the last 9 or so years and congratulate his team on a hard fought and played season and their Divisionsal Title!! If I were GS I wouldn’t release any of the Yankee players nor Mr. Torres.

    Seems your celebrations in NYC when the Yankees win something are every bit as ‘extravagant’ as ours when the Tigers win something.

    Have a nice Winter, and maybe both the Tigers and Yankees will be in the playoffs again next season.

    PS: For Kenny Rogers, thanx for bringing some sunshine to Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood, it is GGRRRREEAAATTTTT!!! Unbelievable pitching!!! Wonderful!!! Win in Oakland!!!

    Go get ’em Tigers!!!!!!!!!!


    Just wanted to say Congratulations on winning the Division, this has truly been a magical season for you the players and us the fans. Best of luck the rest of the Playoffs, and getting ready for the huge parade the city will throw you when you all win the World Series.


    YES GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!! We did it I knew we could and we’re going futher. I noticed while I watched the games how Kenny and Bonderman both pumped themselves up with each pitch. It sure worked for them. I hope we don’t need your gum that you’ll just go out there and leave Oakland wondering what happened. I am 59 yrs old and I”m a true Tiger fan winning or losing if it’s on TV I’m there to watch it.I remember when the only game televised was Sunday afternoon the other games were on the radio. I have my Fathers tiger radio (as he called it). By the way I’m a grandma and my kids & grandkids are tiger fans too. Congratulatios. Your 1st game
    with Oakland is on my birthday. We are all behind you. Go out there and win!!!!!!!


    I am so proud to say that I have been a Tigers fan for the past several years even before this amazing season. I have worn my Tigers apparel faithfully through thick and thin, ridicules and harassment and finally I can say to everyone “told you so”!
    Good luck tomorrow night even though I know it isn’t luck out there, it’s 100% heart.

    Go Tigers!!


    Congratulations to all the team ! I live in Quebec, Canada, but Detroit is my favorite baseball team. I went to Comerika Park this summer with my friend. We made 23 hours of road just to see the Tigers beat Minnesota, on August 7th. We loved our trip, for sure. People this town are so sweet, like their team !! I’am an old fan of Montreal Expos, but i can assure you that im now a TIGER !! Go to World Series guy, province of Quebec is behind you !

    PS: Excuse my English =D


    Another NC fan here. I have been a military brat my whole life as well as a devout Tiger fan. I was born in 82 so haven’t been able to fully enjoy the experience I am enjoying now. Keep up the great work I am loving the season and proving everyone wrong, and I am even more proud to show my love for the team than ever!!!


    Way to go guys!! As a fan who wasn’t old enough to really remember the 84 championship. And a fan who has had a season ticket package since 2000 this is awesome. Through all the years I’ve never given up on the tigers. I’ve been frustrated but I never gave up. It’s great after all this time of supporting the tigers to see something like what’s going on right now. Congrats on the season so far. Good the rest of the way. And last but certainly not least THANK YOU.


    Way to go Boys!
    We were away from our tv on Saturday. We fought to get it in on our car radio on AM. FM carried Hockey. We tuned in and heard that the Mighty Tigers were ahead by 7 runs….I actually had tears well up in my eyes. And still watching the rerun of the celebration after the game, I still get teary eyed. Way to go! We are so proud! Karla in Northern Michigan


    What an unbelievable weekend, hanging out at Cheli’s all day Saturday, partying in the streets Saturday night. It is something I will remember for the rest of my life. This series shows us one thing: all the money in the world cannot buy heart and determination…….now go kick some A’s A**


    October 1st,2006 I was fortnate enough to attend the last game of the season.As I left after the final out hoarse from chanting LetsGoTigersLetsGo even after it was apparent that we lost.No way would I let my team think I loved them any less.Saturday October7th,2006 Having the tremendous good fortune to see Bondermen pitch the historic game,I would not have changed a stroke.The satisfaction of beating the NewYork Yankees far outshadowed any upset over losing the division title.Nate you’l be pitching tomorrow and, I’ll be watching and wishing you the best.Give the guys my love.Tigerswinloseordraw


    Hey Nate: Lifelong Tiger fan chick from Ohio. I was a little girl in 1968…(but I remember.) I watched and listened to this team from Spring Training on…I knew in April that this was “magic”. I forgave you guys for the “collapse” last Thursday after the 4-3 comeback. You guys amazed me Friday & Saturday. Thank You! Just play your best the next couple of weeks and we’ll “ice the cake” of the 2006 season.
    PS. I can’t help but wonder why the very bitter “bb6coach-yankee” has nothing better to do then visit a Detroit Tiger website. Oh, My Bad….the Yanks are done! LOL


    Congratulations on beating the Yankees! It was so fun watching you celebrate after Saturday’s game. I’m a Twins fan but went to your series with the Twins at the Dome in September and had the chance to talk to Marcus Thames at the motel in Minneapolis. Was amazed at how down to earth and nice he was. He took time to take a pic with me and a friend of mine and autographed our tickets at Sunday’s game. He really made the trip special. Now that the Twins are out of it, I’ll definately be cheering the Tigers on. Good luck and tell Marcus ‘hi’!


    Hey Nate.

    Wow Kenny was amazing Friday. I came down to Detroit and watched. I might come down this Friday again so make that game be the clincher! Pitch strong tomorrow the Tigers would be nothing without you Detroit Tiger pitchers.

    Your #1 fan from Rockford, MI


    P.s. it was really fun rubbing it in all the Yankee fans face today!


    Nate . . . Congrats to you and the rest of the Tigers’ organization. I have to admit that after the Royals series I was a little concerned, but not anymore. I have always been a Tigers fan and don’t really remember the ’84 World Series as I was only seven. Being at the game on Saturday was one of the best experiences of my life. This was a game I will definitely never forget. I went to the Easter game against Cleveland, Memorial Day game against the Yanks, a game against Oakland, the Cleveland game where Pudge hit the walk-off home run (which was pretty cool), a game in Chicago against the Sox, a game against Seattle (I think I’m missing one or two) and then Saturday’s game, and nothing compares to Saturday. The feeling in the stadium was ELECTRIC from the moment the gates opened. Absolutely incredible! The way the team wanted to celebrate and thank it’s fans was INSANE! I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT! Thanks for showing the city of Detroit, state of Michigan, and the rest of the country and the world that the Tigers were not a fluke this year, that hard work pays off (as the Pistons would say) and that the roar has been restored in D-town! Best of Luck to you and the rest of the team in Oakland. Go get ’em Tigers!


    Marshall, MI


    please pass along a message to your teammates and coaches: THANK YOU TIGERS!

    thank you for everything this year and thank you for sharing the celebration with us.. it means a lot that you let us be a part of it. hopefully it’s not our last celebration! good luck against the A’s! love ya!


    That series with the Yankees was incredible! At the end while I was watching Kenny spraying the crowd with champaign, tears were running down my eyes because I was so happy! Defeating the Yanks was almost better than winning the World Series. The Tigers have been my team since the 70’s, and I’ve loved them in the good and bad times. Thanks for defying the odds and bringing baseball back to Detroit.


    The last line of this blog made absolutely no grammatical or intellectual sense. That being said, the Tigers are the best thing to watch this year since my Red Sox weren’t even a stone’s throw near the playoffs.

  61., there is nothing extravagant or classless about a team coming back onto the field to share the celebration of their first ALCS appearance in nineteen years with the fans.

    lol, Can you blame him? He might’ve still been a little tipsy when he posted this. 😛 J/K.


    I was intrigued by the comments above, so I reread that last line of the blog, and it made sense to me. Here’s my take:

    THIS CELEBRATION’S A LITTLE BIT SWEETER [than the one when they’d first clinched a playoff berth, but without yet knowing whether they’d win the division, or go as the wild card].

    THAT [first celebration] WAS THE ONE THAT GOT US HERE [into the postseason].

    THIS [last Saturday’s party] IS THE ONE [where] WE’VE ACTUALLY ACHIEVED SOMETHING [i.e., reaching the ALCS; and doing so by sending the heavily favored Bronx Bombers home for a long, bitter winter] WHEN WE DID GET HERE [as opposed to strolling off the field a week ago Sunday with heads hung after getting swept by the Royals and losing the division crown; yeah, they were still in the playoffs, but without any real satisfaction that they’d yet accomplished anything].

    Well, now they have, by God! (And speaking of God — I’ve long been convinced that, when He speaks, God probably sounds a lot like Ernie Harwell!)

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