On to Game 2

Nateblog A new day, a new game.

The reason I still held my head high last night is I don’t know if my line justifies the way I pitched. I know that if a couple things changed, a whole lot of things could’ve changed. That’s what’s so intense about the playoffs. In a situation like the third inning, if I make a play, if I make a pitch, it just changes everything. It’s one little thing, and I think that’s the reason I didn’t feel crushed. I didn’t feel like there’s no way I can beat these guys. I feel like I have a chance, a great chance to go in there and do well against this team. Just a few little things could’ve gone a different way, and it’s a whole different ballgame.

When you have those kind of nights against the same club more than once, you’ve got to just keep on keeping on until you can chalk up one of those in the win column. You have to believe skip didn’t just give me the ball in Game 1 because he flipped a coin. They believe I can go out there and win. I believe I can go out there and win, and that’s the attitude you have to carry. You can’t carry the attitude that you’ll go out there, pitch well and lose. You have to believe that it can get done.

That’s what was so strange about last night. The way I felt out there, I went into the game feeling really, really good about how this thing could unfold, regardless of the atmosphere. That’s all a good team needs is just one little spark, you know, and we’re very hopeful of that tonight. We’re very hopeful to bring back a split to Detroit.

We’ve got a series to play. There ain’t no white-flagging it if we don’t win tonight, but if we go back to Detroit with a split, we have a chance to close it at home. I feel very strongly about how we match up with our pitching staff as opposed to theirs. I really feel very confident in that, not taking anything away from them. I mean, it’s pretty hard against the lineup they have, but I think it does come down to pitching.

That’s why it was such a crushing blow last night, that ground ball in the sixth. The third was a big inning, and you want to eliminate the big inning, but once we got to the sixth and we’re only down by two, if you can get into their bullpen before it gets to Rivera, they’ve got great arms down there, but I’ll take my chances with our bullpen matching up against their bullpen. It was a heart-breaker, that ground ball. What can you say? A couple guys got on when I made pitches. I went and watched it again today. The three pitches that ended up with two runs on the board, I made them and put them where I wanted. The results were not so good.

Last night, before the game started, I saw the cameras flashing, the jets flying over, people going crazy. If you can just get beyond that and get to your first pitch, then there’s a focus. You can rid yourself of the atmosphere and focus on the hitters. And I was at that point last night. I really didn’t feel the crowd rattling me. Even when they started kind of rolling me a little bit, I still was attacking, getting first-pitch strikes, getting ahead in the count, just going right at ’em. If Verlander can do that, it would be wonderful to see Verlander in his prime form. It would be awesome to see him be able to reach back and pop a triple digit if he had to and snap that curveball. If he can do that, there’s nobody that’s going to stand in there comfortable. I don’t care who you are. It would really be nice to see him have one of his special nights. He’s capable of having a very special night tonight. He’s had some rest and hopefully charged his battery a little bit. He’s got to control it and get it going at the same time.


ive been watching you guys since 2003 and even then i felt like you all were so capable of making it to october or atleast definately had the potential. this season has been amazing and so exciting to watch. anyways the point being… i know you guys can do it! and i think i speak for all tigers fans when i say… i would especially love to see you win at yankee stadium. 🙂 good luck… hopefully the rain stops soon.

Nate, all your fans in Detroit truly appreciate your dedication and hard work. Regardless of the offense backing you up on a given night, you go out and give it your all; and it shows. You pitched well last night, and sometimes the little things add up in your favor, and sometimes they add up against you like last night. Overall, it was an impressive showing and one to be proud of when looking back.

p.s. Considering you’re the only Tiger who lives in the area year-round, you are one of us, and we appreciate that too!

Hey Nate.

I got a lot of **** today for your guys loss. Those stupid Yankee fans. I thought you pitched a really good game, but all those people that didnt actually WATCH and just see the final score dont know what they are talking about. I really hope you boys get this win tonight. I wont be able to watch though because of this dang rain delay. I have to get my sleep because i have a basketball game tomorrow.

Good luck to you and the rest of the boys.

I will be in Detroit on Friday 30 rows up from home plate! IM PUMPED! I would really really really like to see you guys win that game. I would also really like to come back for a world series game =]

Your biggest fan ever out of Rockford Michigan



From a former Detroiter out here in LA, who’s been watching you guys all season a quick note to say I totally get your post and it was a split hair, ground ball away from what could of been and the **** with it and move on. You guys can still win and your attitude is very insipiring.

Keep on keeping on…

Mike Binder


Was in NY on business and decided to get over to the game. Sat in the first row at 3rd base and had a blast. Not counting you guys I think I was one of three people out of 50,000 with a Tigers hat on.

You seem to have the right attitude and I thought you pitched a pretty good game as you consistently had them working from the hole. Couple breaks here and there and it’s a different ball game. Stay with it and thanks for the show.


Here’s to you Mr. Robinson… Your stats from the entire season don’t reflect the job you’ve done! You’ve done a heck of a job, so just keep doing what you’ve been doing. It was nice to see the Yankee fans biting their nails in the latter part of the game. I’ve been waiting for this game for 19 years! I’m watching the Tigers in October! You guys can knock off the Yankees. Just play and hopefully you can keep that gum in the back pocket….no rallys needed from here on out. The Tigers are gonna bust up the Yanks! And I live in Connecticut; how sweet it would be to wear that D hat for the next year! I will anyway, but just be sure to win your next start in the ALCS!

Great Job yesterday, even though you lost. Keep doing your thing…I’ve got my Rally Thundersticks and towel that I got at Rally Monday and cheering you guys on

From the sole Old English “D” in an ocean of Wang Chien Ming jerseys – I live in Taipei, Taiwan these days – I just want to send my encouragement to you and the team.

I’ve been a Tigers fan since I first knew there was this game called baseball, riding with Detroit through the good and bad times, and now watching every game from over here via the internet.

I know the Tigers can take on anyone. It’s tiring to hear you guys dismissed so readily.

Tell the team they’ve got big love from this side of the Pacific.

I believe in Detroit!

Go go go!


I felt the same way about that game. A few little adjustments, and we have quite a game there. Guillen doesn’t cover second, and that liner doesn’t shoot by him. Get the nubber to the mound, and that’s an out. And of course that homer barely makes it out. New York are ridiculous. A little small ball, and the arms are raised and the howling starts. Deck em tomorrow.

Root for the Tigers. They can still pull a Red Sox vs. New York Yanks “Break the Curse” Series (or as I like to call them “New York Fakes”). Even if the Tigers don’t they can still pull it off next season. After all Mike Ilich, Dave Dombrowski, and Jim Leyland all thought the turn around in the team’s performance was going to happen in 2007. It was a big surprise for everyone in charge of the team that they turned the team around so quickly. So don’t worry about a loss this season because if the Red Sox can “Break a 80+ year curse”. Nobody thought the Tigers would be playing in the post-season nor the ALDS playoffs. Next year the Tigers will be able to have Mike Stairs (if they want him and he wants to sign a contract in 2007). They tried to get him before the Playoff cut-off deadline but weren’t able to do that. Stairs is a good hitter against teams in that he is very patient and doesn’t swing at pitches just to try and hit a pitch. Stairs is willng to wait for a pitch which he can hit. I know that everyone loves the fact that if the Tigers win this year’s ALDS and ALCS that they can get to the World Series and with them in the World Series it means Home advantage since the All-Star game win by the AL gives the AL team in the World Series Home advantage. Home advantage would mean a lot for Michigan and Detroit and its economy. I’ve been a life long Tigers fan and always root for them no matter what. What happened to Kenny Rogers is somebody trying to get him in trouble by saying he attacked a fan. People take advantage of people’s past to try and get them in trouble. Yanks get the word from MLB that the Game 2 is post-poned until Thursday at 1 pm. But the MLB officials didn’t bother notifying Tigers until Verlander started his warm-up. Are they, the MLB, trying to throw the game in favor of the Yanks? After all there have been more times during Game 1 that the Home Umpire called balls strikes in favor of the Yanks. If you watch the ESPN broadcasts of past matchups of these two teams they would tell you is only natural that the Umps will give calls in favor of the home team. Isn’t that illegal? During the Game 1, the ESPN announcers were complaining about the home ump doing delayed calls. As far as I could tell I didn’t see it. I payed very close attention. It’s a habit I picked up when I was in Ferris State University’s TV Production Program. But in the end with everything wrong in baseball I’m still rooting for my home team. So show those Yanks a thing or two. Lets go Tigers! Lets go Tigers!

Hi Mr. Robertson,

I’m from Tokyo, Japan and everybody here is cheering for Hideki Matsui and the Yankees. I can’t stand them because I’m in love with the Detroit Tigers. What your team has done all this year is really special and phenomenal! It’s been very inspiring and exciting to see Tigers keep on winning. If it’s so exciting for me to see you beat all the others teams, those moments must have been better than anything in life for you and stimulated all your energy. When this team is focused and chemistry of all the players are there, you are unbeatable. I witnessed it throughout the season. I really believe in this team because of what you have accomplished this season. You have all the talent and power to become the champion of the whole series. I just can’t wait to see the smiles of all the players celebrating — You deserve it! I only started to watch baseball games since 2001 when Ichiro made a debut in the Major League. But when I saw how Tigers played magnificent games and emerged as the powerful team this year, I became obsessed. Your team has something really special and I can feel it even when I’m million miles away from Detroit. I send all my cheers from Japan to the best team of the year 2006, Detroit Tigers!

Go Tigers!!!


No, I don’t think Leyland chose you to pitch the opener by a flip of a coin either. He believed, as we all do, that you could get the job done. A few things didn’t go your way though. That’s life. You did your best and that is all you can do. I am happy to see that you are not beating yourself up over the loss because you certainly don’t deserve that. We love you and respect you and there isn’t anyone who watched that game who can criticize the job you did. The Yankees are, well, the Yankees. The best money can buy. But the Tigers, ah, this is a team with a heart. A team that never rolls over and plays dead. A team that believes in itself. A team the has defied all odds this season. The Tigers have given us more than we could have ever expected or asked for. Nate Robertson, you are one heck of a pitcher and more importantly, one heck of a guy. Go get ’em Tigers!!

Irish Tigers fan all the way from Belfast..will be watching you today on gameplay and hoping for a Tigers win! Visited Comerica last March and wished it the luck of the Irish..it seems to have worked so far…sending some more Irish luck today….Go Tigers!!!!!

Hi Nate, I’ve been a Tigers fan since I was seven years old back in 1968 when my dad got me hooked on major league baseball. I have many fond memories of the nights we listened to the radio as Ernie Harwell announced the game (I can still hear his voice and I miss it). I’ve been a die-hard fan through the good times and the lean times but I am even more of a fan now because of this team. You guys have made a lot happen this year and it’s exciting to see the team play. I can’t think of anyone on this team who should hang his head in shame. The talent is phenomenal and everyone works together like a well-oiled machine. It is a joy to watch you guys in action! I feel the player’s frustration when someone makes a mistake and I also feel disappointed when you loose but it does not change my opinion of the team. I don’t think I have ever seen a moment when someone wasn’t trying to play to the best of his ability. You guys have made some extraordinary plays (including some plays that should be documented in the Hall of Fame) and occasionally, something goes unexpectedly wrong.

You guys can take this thing. Hit the field running and rock the Yankees world. They will never know what hit them.

Go Tigers!!


Nate, I for one know you pitched a very good game. A play here like JD’s infield single, Guillen not moving to cover second on a Jeter hit, etc.. and that was a completely different game. Keep up the good work Bulldog. In my circle of baseball friends you are know as Bulldog because of your pitching attitude and style. On a personal note, do you use anything on your glasses to help eliminate them fogging up? I have tried a few things but still have a tough time with my glasses on the softball field.

We going to see some gum time today? Remember it all started against the Yankees! What a great night that was. Lets make it happen all over again. I’ll be chewing mine if we get down.

Good Luck from a Tigers fan in Redbird country!

New York Yankees payroll-200 million dollars

Good seat at Yankees Stadium-$208

Detroit Tigers winning game 2-Priceless!!

Hey Nate, I’ve got a whole box of Chew sitting on my counter, ready for a long playoff run. Today’s game was a huge win. You were right on the money about a little spark going along way, and Verlander keeping the Yankee hitters off-balance. The funny thing is, I never felt you guys were out of it in Game 1, even with their big lead. Now we’ve got home field advantage and 2 more work horses hitting the mound. I can’t wait! Comerica’s going to be rockin’!


You pitched a good game the other night!

We are 100% behind you guys! We know you can do it! See you on Friday! Keep working hard!

Hey dude,

I thought you pitched pretty decent, but you had a few bad bounces. Maybe those bad bounces will go your way next time. I’m not gonna lie, I think this is pretty cool “blogging” on this web site. I’ve just got an e-mail account and a good internet service. Maybe I’ll do it again.

Nate, you pitched much better than your stat sheet would indicate. A couple different bounces and the game could have gone in a completely different direction.

**** of a game by the Tigers today. I was 7 years old the last time the Tigers were in the playoffs, I don’t remember it at all. Today (and yesterday) are days I’ll never forget. Keep up the great work!

well i guess u eleminated the oakland. congrats!!!u pitched great and i ‘m not joking.
lets just hope the cards win because the mets are better than any team. besides tigers.see u and keep ur arm ready for any challlenge that walks up to u.

I’ve been watching the Tigers ever since I was in elementary school, and during the “Roar of ’84” I was rewarded with the phenomenal pitching of Jack Morris, Milt Wilcox, Dan Petry, and Willie Hernandez that made the Tigers the World Series Champs. Awesome. As we all know, the Tigers have struggled ever since, culminating in 119 lost games three years ago. I can’t tell you how GOOD this feels to see the Tigers dominate again – it’s almost like it was always meant to be this way. Altho I’m almost on the other side of the world here in Taiwan, I’ll be there in spirit when the Tigers are the world champs once again.

After all, it’s just meant to be. GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!

The first game I ever watched was game 5 of the 84 series. I was 6 years old and my dad said, “son sit down, your watching this one”. I will never forget the fans that day. It was nothing short of magic. 4 more wins and we’ll all see how magical this city and our fans can be once again. I love this team like nothing else, and I can’t wait to lose my voice again this Sunday from the standing room. I had to take out a second mortage for the tickets, but its so worth it. My best friend flew home from Northern Alberta, Canada to see this. We are so geeked. Can’t even talk about anything else. Good Luck and go get ’em Tigers.

From Windsor, every last one of my prayers go to the tigers.

Mark Tessier

nate should have got the nod to start game 1 . why change now ? ROBERTSON is as solid as a rock.with some run support nate would have won 20 games . but since i think the tigers will win the series in 5 games ; but if it did go 7 atleast ROBERTSON would start game 7 . i trust him to have the STUFF when the game is on the line !! good luck nate .

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