Now we’re experienced

Mlbmedia1_31241513 We certainly showed some grit tonight. We played a pretty good game. We really did. There’s so many things that could’ve changed, little tiny moments, but this team will be all right. We played a tough ball game.

I think that the playoff atmosphere here, it is different. I know that after the announcement of the players and the F-18 jets flying over, there was an emotion there that I’ve obviously never felt before. It was exciting, man. I got a little weak in the knees. I was out there in the bullpen watching. And when all the pregame stuff was all said and done, I felt great about going out there. The guys were excited, too. It was certainly not just like a three- or four-game series that you would have in the regular season. It was special, and I’m glad we had a chance to see it.

The big thing was I’m just proud of the way the team went about their business today and played a good ballgame in this situation. We had a tough weekend. We could’ve just had a meltdown here, and we didn’t. There was no mental breakdown. There was just a bunch of guys playing hard-nosed baseball today. We didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot. They beat us, bottom line. They beat us.

But the atmosphere here in Yankee Stadium is probably second to none for playoff atmosphere, just the mystique of it all and the history. It sure would be nice to get Game No. 2 tomorrow and go home with a split. That would be really big coming home with a split.

I felt really good about the game after we scored three, and then me going out there and getting a little shutdown inning after we scored. I just felt like we were going to flip it around. That sixth inning, that wasn’t supposed to happen, in my mind. It just happened. It’s tough. You go out there your whole career, you go prepare yourself to make pitches and you know what you’re trying to do with guys and you make pitches and they still get you, it’s tough.

Fortunately, we turn around tomorrow and come right back here. The big thing is, the experience of the first game of the playoffs, for everybody that hadn’t been there before, it’s all said and done. We got our feet wet, so we can kind of shove all that aside, come back tomorrow. Now we’re experienced. Hopefully I’ll get another chance in Game 5. Actually, it would be better if I didn’t get another chance and we get the next three.


You guys hung in there and you never rolled over and died. That says a lot to me, and I am very much looking forward to the rest of this series.

— Cathryn

Good game and you showed heart Nate. Congrats.. from a yankees fan!

Great job Nate!
You showed the Jack Morris type grit our team was looking for. Like you said now you are experienced. It’s great that you played hard and you do belong on the same field as these guys.Now that the Game 1 jitters are over Go Get Em’ Tigers!

Well said, Nate…and good for you tonight for keeping it together when you could have really lost it. Well done!

Hope you guys win the next three!

It’s a pleasure to watch you and this team, even when things don’t roll our way. Thanks for giving it your all, and hanging tough. Congratulations on doing what y’all have done this year – you’re in the PLAYOFFS, dude! And you’ll get ’em tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing you again either in game 5 or beyond. 🙂

Great game last night. I enjoyed watching you last night. You kept it together well.

Good job nate. Sometimes the Yankees just find a way to hit you even if you’re doing everything right, and it seemed like both pitchers were working a pretty small strike zone last night.

I can’t begin to understand the overwhelming feeling you and the rest of the team had at Yankee Stadium last night. I was even getting chills myself just watching Detroit back in the playoffs.

This is the series I’ve been waiting to see my entire life, and I’m sure you guys will bounce back for game 2.

Until then, I’ll be watching with my best friend and our girlfriends…all with a whole pack of big league chew in our mouths like last night.

Beat those yankees!

Congratulations to the whole Tiger team! You are all amazing and have a lot of heart. Good luck in game two – lets bring it home guys!

Thanks for making the summer–and now the autumn–so much fun Nate! You were great last night. Let’s get tonight’s game and show them Yanks what a tough time we’ll serve up for ’em at Comerica Park. I hope you’re having a blast.

All my best,

Greg McIntosh

Hope you guys dont f it up the rest of the way. It’d be nice to see a postseason win for christ sake.

Please don’t listen to people like Buck. Personally, I wasn’t that impressed with the Yankees. I thought you guys played well against them; you could tell by the expressions of the fans in the stands that they were getting a little worried when you guys started scoring. I think even Regis and Donald Trump looked worried 🙂 Best of luck tonight, win this one!
See you guys on Fri night!!

As a Yankee fan, I thought you did a fine job with such a lineup to go against. Playing in New York, in October, with the celebrities in the stands, with the ghosts of Yankees past, it has to be tough.With free agency coming around, the Yanks do need a lefty. Can you say Cha-Ching.

Hey Nate

Tonight was one of the greatest sights in my life. mostly because this is the first time I have ever seen the tigers in the playoffs, and im 18 years old. so hey…how about you guys go out and make it the first time i’ve seen the tigers win a world series.

just play your butt’s off like you have all season, you guys have already made us all proud

Well pitched game. I love seeing the olde English D in the Postseason for the first time since I was a year old! Best of luck this year and in the years to come. And about that free agency comment we love you in Motown and throughout the state stay if you can!

Just pick up ground balls ******! It’s playoffs!!! -not time to talk about anything but how to WIN-

We traveled from Naples, Florida last weekend to see you guys play. Although it all turned out quite differently then what we had hoped,it was SO great to be able to see so many of you in person and to watch you play live as opposed to seeing you on TV.

It’s been five loooong years since we attended a game at Comerica Park. We were engaged there in 2001 on the carousel. My husband is originally from the Kalamazoo area and has worshipped the Tigers his whole life. He traveled to many Tigers games as a kid. He was born with a terminal lung disease and wasn’t expected to live past the age of 16, he is now 40 year’s old!! I attribute a whole lot of this to his passion about many things in life, especially the Tigers!!The Tigers give him something to keep going even when you are not winning. He has so much Tigers memorbilia it practically takes up an entire room in our house 🙂 He is such a die-hard fan!

I just wanted you and the rest of the team to know that there is so much you do for so many people that you are probably not even aware of. You bring countless smiles to so many faces. You all are such an inspiration and great role models and you all display such class.

Nate, you are a wonderful pitcher and athlete. The entire Tigers organization has given us lots of great memories over the years and we can’t wait until next year. We hope to see you all in Lakeland during Spring Training.

Keep your heads HIGH!! You guys have plenty to be proud of. You have tons of proud FANS!!


As Rod Allen from FSN would say, “GET YOUR PRAY ON”, and believe in your minds and bodies that you can do this. “Creemos” is Spanish for “We Believe”, and proud Tiger fans across the State of Michigan and the country do believe. Whether in English or Spanish, pass those words on to the rest of our Boys!!!

Good Job Nater!!!! We are so proud of you =) I called Kristen and let her know we were and still are praying for you guys! You did PHENOMINAL last night (yes, I’m a little prejudice=) I can’t wait till tonights game!! See you when you get home!!!


It was a tough start but you and your team didn’t collapse and gave the Yankees a harder time than the score looked.

If you can get the lead tonight and get into thje Yankees’ bullpen, things can even out in a hurry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Nate, you have been the most consistent pitcher throughout the season and you did a fine job overall last night. Don’t let the pricks on Detroit and New York sports-talk radio tell you otherwise. I’m only 30 years old so my memories of playoff baseball in Detroit are rather vague and it is a pleasure to see the Tigers still playing ball while 22 other teams are done for the season! (And after seeing what the A’s have done to the Twins so far perhaps you are better off playing the Yankees)

NATE! Don’t worry about yesterday!!!!!!!! I know that you guys will be able to turn it around…tonight is the night…I have faith! Hopefully there will be no game 5 and we’ll see you game 1 of the next round!!!!!!!!

Good God’s Blessings!!!!!!


❤ Erica!!!!!

Hey Nate,
I just want to congratulate you and your team. You guys did a lot of good things in the game last night. I believe in my heart that things are only going to get better. This is the year of the Tigers!!! I love you guys!

-Holly Rhodes

Nate! We are soooo proud of you and the rest of the team. Thank you for a great year, You are all winners, regardless of what could happen in the playoffs, its not easy to play against a $200.00 million dollar line-up. Good Luck, and Bless You Boys. carrie ann

All of Belleville is rooting for you guys! Good luck tonight!
Go Tigers!


Belleville, Michigan

You guys showed great poise in the first playoff game for most of the team. I was proud to be a Tiger fan last night. Hang in there and we look foward to seeing you guys play in the World Series this year. I also want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on this important day in your life. Scott the “Stadium Guy”

Hey, Nate, I sure enjoyed watching you the other night. You guys gave them a taste of what you can do. Keep the faith, and God bless!


So I just finished listening to our Tigers first of many playoff victories today, but I had to listen to Yankee announcers (XM Radio), Do me a favor…win both of the games at home so those two will SHUT UP !!!!

P.S. My 5 year old daughter has a crush on you.

Hey Nate,
I just wanted to tell you that you are doing a great job and I am so proud to say that you were my college study partner. Keep it up and hopefully we will see you at the next class reunion! 🙂

Amy Snyder

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