Gum Time goes global!


Just to let you know, we’ve had two international entries to the blog — one from Switzerland. They said Gum Time’s made it all the way to Switzerland, and the guy said he’s ordered his Big League Chew to be shipped overseas. And there’s another guy from Glasgow, Scotland, who wrote in. And there’s a lot of Canadians who wrote in. So we’re international now. I love it, man. The Internet’s amazing. We’ve got people from all over the place. Now there’s a push-pin GuestMap (the "ChewMap") right at the top of this blog so you can add yourself there and post a message about where you’re throwing in chew.

Here’s another funny little story: A server at Hockeytown Café says Hockeytown now sells Big League Chew. A girl named Erica wrote in and told the story that the night Pudge hit the walkoff homer in the ninth inning, they started passing it out at Hockeytown. She said they sell it and they all threw it in, and when Pudge hit the home run they all went nuts. I guess they must have been chewing it at the bar. You can chalk one up for Hockeytown. That’s hilarious.

Also, this guy writes in and said his wife was taking the Michigan bar exam. He said she called up and she’s got a lot on her mind trying to pass it, and so he threw in a pack of Big League Chew either right when she was taking the test or right before she was taking the test. He said they won’t know in November if she gets in, but we’re not just using it now for baseball and racing. We’re beyond that now.

TigershighfiveOther than that, talking about the team, it’s been really big the past week or two, obviously going into a tough series against Minnesota, losing a couple real tough games at home, especially that one late. We went into Chicago, another huge series, team right behind us, just the psychology of the game and how this team’s been dealing with things. A lot of people on the outside looking in kind of see the point where maybe we panic, a point of uncertainty.

For us to respond like we did in Boston — in a hostile environment, where we haven’t played well in the past, where it’s very tough to win — the wonderful thing about this team is the resiliency because of what people think is going to happen. I mean, it was in everybody’s head. I don’t care who you are, how much of a fan you are or how much you believe in us as a team, you thought about it: We’re not in a good situation. That’s going to be the general thought. For us to win here Monday and to come back and win a grinder Tuesday, the way all the guys have chipped in and performed in some way or another, defensively, or a key hit, or obviously pitching. Just coming in, making plays and making throws and just believing we can do it and getting it done, it’s huge. That right there says a lot about where we are as a team and how we continue to be able to win, especially when you’ve got Schilling on the mound having a great year Seanand he’s got a one-run lead late in the game. People are still waiting to see what Sean Casey is going to do for us, but we know what he can do, and he comes up again big. This series has been huge.

By the way, the inning when we scored two runs Tuesday, the top of the seventh, Kenny said, "Let’s throw it in." Again, the only time we put it in was the top of the seventh. Sean Casey comes up, and I said, "We’re going to hit a gap shot right here." We all got it in. Gap shot. Right before he hit it, I called the shot and where it was going to go. Verlander and Miner were standing right there. Sure enough, right in the gap, we take the lead and it’s almost like guys are looking over in your dugout and thinking you’re getting some kind of psychological advantage on when they see all these idiots with gum in their mouth. Well, the Red Sox have had their share of characters, too, but it’s unbelievable. Gum aside, it’s like you believe it’s going to happen. Now, when it’s going to happen, you don’t really know, but it always seems to happen once you start throwing this gum in. It’s great. And again, winning game one and obviously getting off the streak was probably to that point the biggest game of that road trip.

Then being able to go into game two, and a tough game for us because it means taking a series, in this environment, for the team to do it, it just adds to that level of confidence what this team can do, what we’re
capable of doing. It’s great, man. It’s doiMeng a lot for us for down the road. What we’re doing now is like an investment of what’s to come. Each game it seems like a moment’s going to happen. Even if it doesn’t happen, it seems like it’s going to happen. And we’ve got not only the team, but the fans write in. Each story revolves around a pack of gum and throwing a big wad in and all that, but it’s just a fact that they believe it’s going to happen. That’s what makes it special. We didn’t have a pack in for the ninth inning Tuesday, but I’m pretty sure it was in somewhere. I think I got an entry just the other day saying somebody in the left field seats at Fenway said they’re going to have their chew in. People have their gum in, maybe at Hockeytown, maybe in Glasgow. Somebody’s going to claim that run. We have fun with it, but we do it one time. Kenny was wearing his bib again, because he has to wipe off all his drool, all his spit, because he can’t take all that gum.

People are following along, and they’re really having fun with it. I get new entries all the time, people who just found out we have the blog and people who continue to follow along. Don’t forget to push your pin in the GuestMap and show where you’re throwing it in.

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    Nate, just made it back to Arlington, VA for law school (George Mason), and had to get so I could get all the Tiger’s games. It is great. I’m from West Michigan, and was able to get to 7 games this summer including a road trip to Minnesota last month, good stuff. We found some Big League Chew at the gas station and the rest is history. Keep up the good work, love the blog. On the night of your 10th win in Minnesota, we through in some Chew (my little brother’s nickname by the way…unrelated) in the 8th with a 6-5 lead and DY want yard for a little insurance, not bad. The next night, my brother barely pulls out his bag, stuffs some in and Monroe doubles down the line, I see him, put some in and Mags delivers him home with another double. Keep up the good work.


    The world’s getting ready for Gum Time! I was at the store the other day to get some stuff for my mom and I, and they had Big League Chew there with the Tiger T-shirts, hats, etc.


    Hey Nate!

    Tuesday night top of the 7th (vs the Red Sox) my little brother Brendan and I also put the chew in!

    Every night when I have to work I tell the little brothers they have to watch the game and do the chew! So far it’s working out pretty well!

    You guys keep up the great work!!

    Tell Polanco we hope he’s feeling better and hope the shoulder heals up soon!

    -Stephanie, Phillip, and Brendan


    Hey Nate.

    It is kinda funny how you grew up in Wichita and now pitch for the Tigers and I grew up watching the Tigers and now live in Wichita (but unfortunatly don’t see too many games). However, I got to watch the last game against Boston and the first game against Texas (two nights in a row!).

    At any rate, my entire family thought I was nuts when I started buying some big league chew when I would follow the games via Gameday, but I got my brother on board as well with it. Best of luck the rest of the season. I have always been a proud Tigers supporter.


    Hey Nate,

    My cousin taped the last game of the series against the White Sox when Monroe hit that grand slam. I went all day without checking the score (which is a pretty big accomplishment for me) so we could watch it without knowing what happened.

    Anyway, you guys were up by 1 in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs, and some Sox player hits a fly to what looked like deep right. The ball’s in midair and Hawk Harrelson is doing his usual cheering from the press box: “Get up! Stretch!” At that moment, the tape runs out.

    I knew what I had to do. Reached in my pocket and pulled out a piece of Orbit bubble. I know it’s not the real thing, but it did the trick. We checked the Internet and found out you guys won.

    I think this might be the first case you’ve had where chewing gum retroactively influenced the outcome of the game.

    See you September 20th in Chicago! You’ll have fans down the right field line.


    When I look back at that Red Sox “Idiots” 2004 team, they were just a bunch of guys having fun, winning games. And now that is you and the Tigers, one game at a time, staying loose and having fun. That really is what the game is all about. Keep up the great attitude and always be a believer, I know I am.

    – Eric


    My friend and I went to go see you pitch last week against the twins. To get the ralley call out we decided to paint our bodies one of us had painted “gum” with a “2” below it and the other with “time” and a “9” below it. By the end of the night we had everyone in our section throwing in the gum. Also the Tuesday game in boston, my dad and i drove cross country to see you guys. I too had the gum in during the 7th and also threw it in during the 9th. Boston fans just looked at me disgusted, but hey we won and thats all that matters. Ill be at the next 3 of 5 games with gum. I’ve waited 18 years for this season…THANK YOU!!!!


    I fully support this Gum Time. Can’t wait to see your picture on a package of Big Leauge Chew. Way to pitch the way you did in Boston! Loved the way you attacked Big Papi with that inside fastball right away. I really wanted the sweep at Fenway, but you can’t always get what you want. I’d like to hear your thoughts on Brent Clevlen. I think the kid has enormous talent. Been to about 10 games at CoPa this season, and lovin em all. Hope to see you guys deep into October.


    Dearborn, MI


    My softball team was down 6 runs going into the bottom of the 7th in a playoff game. Everyone threw in wads of Big Leauge Chew. We scored 7 runs that inning to win the game!!!




    Nate, love the f-ing gum time! I make shirts every year for me and my buddies for opening day and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make these big league chew shirts two months ago, I have been wanting to get one to you here soon, not that you would sport it, but its more funny than anything I think. The craze for gum time is out of control, but I love it, all the bandwagoners are ponying up!! check out the shirt, I have a partial season ticket package and your pitching on Saturday, so next Wednesday I will try to find you before the game and get you one.

    close up of logo:

    if anyone wants one to support gum time, let me know! GO TIGERS

    -Cory – Sterling Heights


    Speaking of being everywhere, I’m looking for Tigers fans out here in enemy territory of Chicago. Does anyone hang out anywhere besides the Gin Mill?


    I cannot believe the offense did it to you again last night!! This is very frustrating for me as a fan so I can imagine how disheartened it must leave you feeling. On the postitive side though, Mark Teixeira had some pretty complimentary things to say about you in today’s paper! At least your peers are finally giving you the recognition you deserve!!
    I know a “W” would have been more rewarding but there is always next time!

    Until then….thank you for your effort.



    Just watched the Internet Highlights of your behind the back snag.

    Nice play

    LM 27

    chew ’em up Tigers


    I would just like to add that I love gum time because it’s very attractive. Expecally J.V. he is a hottie. Is he single?


    I love GUM TIME! I play little leauge softball, and try and use the gum as much as possible! I live in Bad Axe, Michigan and I am 12 1/2 years old.

    I also try to pitch as good as you and make great catches like you, but it is hard keeping up with you because you are so good.

    Hopefully Placido will get better soon. Tell him to get better for me!

    Go get them Sox! I will be using gum time for this series!

    One time I used it in the ninth and C-Moe hit the game winning homer–it is awesome!

    Go Nate! Go Tigers!

    #1 Fan,



    Look at my e-mail address. Do you see the 729 on it? The number, 29, stands for your number and my softball number. I chose it also because you are my favorite pitcher! Go Get ‘Em!


    Getting ready to get a game together with some friends (one is a ChiSox fan) and had to stop by a store to pick up some gear (balls, new bat, etc). On the way out the store and what do my eyes behold, but some Big League Chew. My son and I had to pick some up to use during our game. Go Tigers!

    Born & Raised in Detroit, now living in Anchorage, Alaska. A diehard fan (amazing how many Tiger hats and shirts are popping up in Alaska).


    I am coming to the game against KC on the 30th for my bachelorette party and I will be so pumped if you are pitching! I have been a die hard fan since ’84! I was only 4 but I still sported my world series t-shirt! Good luck with the rest of the season. I will be chomping on my gum for good luck on my wedding day =)


    Beautiful nights cannot guarantee perfect games, but they sure do bring together an eclectic group of diehard fans.

    Whether it was seven year old girls displaying signs that say “Mary Me Pudge!” or the independent teens breaking their “cool” demeanor to hollar and clap the atmosphere at Wednesday night’s game was one of hope and pride.

    Big League Chew was abundant in the company I kept. My boyfriend, chewing intently and sporting his rally cap informed me of it’s “magical” effects to transform teams into “rallytime”.

    It may not have brought back the game that night, but I believe that the combination of support and dreams of the players and fans will prove to be victor’s in future go rounds!


    Before I say anything else, i have to say that i have a huge wad of gum in my mouth because my friend took it upon herself to shove it in there while I was reading. Anyhow gum time definitely works and always has. when I was playing grade school softball we used to have a huge bucket of gumballs. naturally we had an undefeated season. So yeah GO TIGERS!!!! I’ll be at the Sept 2nd game in rigth field rooting for the home team!! WHOOO HOO!!!!!


    Hey Nate, here is our GUM TIME story: Aug 4th On our way to Comerica Park from Reed City, we stop and pick up our Big League Chew. My husband Tom, my 12 year old son Codie(he’s my left handed pitcher who helped his team win their championship, in one game he faced 14 batters and struck out 12) and I pick original, but our 6 year old son Adam who dares to be different picks cotton candy! It’s the botton of the 6th and we are having a ball, but we want to see a winning game. We are down 5 to 0. We hall out the gum(we kinda forgot we brought it). My husband puts so much in he can’t even talk and I know it hurts to laugh. We got 2 runs that inning. Codie thinks we are crazy and wants to hide under his seat. 7th inning Indians get a run but we get 2. Now it’s the 8th and we are down by 2. Codie’s throwing in the chew. It’s working so he doesn’t care how crazy we look. Now with 2 men on Craig is up and jacks one out to go up by 1. Now just to be safe we keep the gum in through the Indians last bat. Codie thinks we won because he saved his gum for the 8th. Adam thinks it was the Cotton Candy flavor. Hey a win is a win no matter how we got it. Stay strong, we’ll see you on FSN.

    Nicki and family


    Hi Nate,
    I have a gum time story for Aug. 30 the night game of your double header versus the yanks!! In the top of the ninth during curtis granderson’s at bat i put in some big league chew original when it was a 3-2 count. He walked! Then i left it in and craig monroe slammed a 3 run home run!! i was so excited especially because my fave player brandon inge also scored!! Say hi to him for me!!


    Katy of Spring Lake, MI

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