I’ve been really having fun seeing where all these people have been writing in from. One guy says he’s down here in Covington, La. And then there’s Houston, Texas; Atlanta, Ga.; Lawrence, Kan.; southern Illinois. It reminds me of that Johnny Cash song, "I’ve Been Everywhere," when he starts running off all the cities. If you want to continue writing in response, just let me know where you’re writing from, whether you’re out of state or wherever, and then also share some of your stories — not so much personal, like what’s going on with your Little League team and whatever else, but moreso tell me stories of when you actually put in a rally chew, whether you were at a game or watching a game or listening to a game. I’ve been getting a few of those, but it’s fun to hear when that actually worked for you.

I don’t know if you realize this, but we’ve made ESPN a couple times now — not just the clippings of it but the actual Gum Time drops. Verlander was watching the other night in Tampa Bay, and they had a little drop. And I actually had someone write into the blog saying they dropped Gum Time either on Baseball Tonight or Sportscenter. I haven’t seen it personally, but we’re nationwide now.

The thing is the guys that are real diehard with it, our starting pitchers, we have a little more time to sit around the bench, but we pick and choose our times. This isn’t just something we do every inning and hope it works. Friday night, sixth inning we did it, got a couple runs. In Tampa Bay, when we were down in the seven or eighth inning, we ended up scoring a five spot to go ahead. After it works, we’ll just let whoever else wants to pick it up for the other innings.

Another pretty funny drop was Mickey York of FSN Friday night. Right after the game was over, the camera shot went right to him, he had a big ol’ wad in his jaw. That was pretty funny, so there’s a shout out to Mickey. Good job, buddy.

I have a buddy that I played Minor League baseball with when I was in the Marlins organization. He now works with the Andretti Green racing team. They just had the race out there at Michigan International Speedway, and he blogged in to me and said he was going to take himself some of the gum to the race and see if it worked. I haven’t seen the results of that, so he has to get back to me and let me know if it works. But we’re not just into the game of baseball. We’re going into racing now, too.

I just want to respond to section 104, let them know that I read their entry and I will be looking for them. They have a little section out there. Of course, I don’t think there’s just any one section that’s big on this anymore but they sound like they’ve been one of the loyal ones. From what I’ve retrieved, they’re actually bringing their binoculars out looking, scanning the dugout to see when we start. When they see us start, they roll with it, too.

And then obviously, all the big swings we’ve been getting lately. That’s who the props really go to. We’ve had some big-time clutch hits from guys. Craig’s been amazing in big situations. Guillen, Maggs, Pudge, you can go down the whole list. They just so happen to do something big when we need it most. It’s a contagious feeling. Gum aside, this team is just good. With the atmosphere that we have and I think the fans and the feedback we’ve been getting on this site, we feel like there’s a belief that no matter what it is and when it is in a game, we feel we can win. And that separates a championship team from the teams that are just kind of there. So we have something special going on here. Let’s keep it going.

Like I said, if you just want to write back and let me know some or your stories and where you’re writing from, it would be kind of cool. Let’s see if we can cover the country. We have to have at least one Tiger fan in each state that’s following along with this thing. When we came back home this week, that was the most Big League Chew signing requests in the mail that I actually went through. People send in this gum, most of the time to sign, but some of them are sending because they think that’s the special pack that’s going to give us a win.

We let in our new first baseman, Sean Casey, on Gum Time in Tampa. Me and Bondo, Verlander and Kenny, we all threw it in and had to explain it to him. I kind of started to explain it to him when Grilli had just come off the field in the seventh. This is what typically happens when these guys do this. Sure enough, we put a five-spot up, and I said, "Welcome to the whole Gum Time thing." He said, "I love it." And then I told him the other night that in the sixth inning when we put it in, we only do it one time a game. We pick a time, and the inning that he went up there and doubled. And he was like, "Let’s roll, man." Obviously it was a huge double that got us right back into things, and he loves it. I’ll tell you what, he’s a great addition. He has fun. I mean, Sean’s 32 years old, and he’s like a little kid. Just another little sideshow.

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  1. Dan

    Nate, I caught both the Friday and Saturday games against the Indians. Amazing! Saturday’s game might be the most dramatic I’ve ever attended. I came from Cooperstown, NY, and watched with friends and family who came from southern MI. I love the Gum Time phenomenon. I was at Henry Ford Museum on Saturday morning for the Mayo Smith Society annual gathering, and Dave Dombroski and Todd Jones spoke. Todd said it’s the best clubhouse he’s ever been in and that you were trying to “go national” with the gum time thing. Keep it up and we’ll be watching you in October in the playoffs.


    Nate, We are long time Tiger fans and my kids are huge fans of Gum Time. As soon as my 7 year old son sees you guys chewin’ he throws his in. Both of my kids (7 year old son & 11 year old daughter) have “It’s GUM TIME” shirts with Robertson 29 on the back. They wear them proudly! I wanted to thank you for autographing two packs of Big League Chew for us. We made it out to Comerica Park on July 16th and you were signing autographs by the Tiger dugout before the game. My daughter made her way down to the front and as soon as you saw the packs of gum you autographed them. Thanks…it meant a lot to my kids. They both LOVE the Tigers and we watch every game. Great series against the Indians. You guys just won’t let us turn the TV off before the END of the 9th inning! Keep up the great work and we can’t wait for the playoffs.

    The Dennis Family, Shelby Township, MI


    Hey Nate,
    I’ve been a lifelong tigers fan, and I think it’s great what you’re doing with the gum time thing. We used to do the same thing in high school with sunflower seeds. Anyway, I watch every Tigers game on mlb gameday…which is a pretty poor substitue for the real thing. I would kill for live video, but just can’t afford it. Whenever you guys are in a clutch, just know your Oregon fans(me and my friends i force to watch) are cramming it in. Only we use Orbitz. Works pretty well though. You owe some of your rallies to us…like Pudge’s walkoff homer. Anyway, to my tied favorite pitcher(other is Verlander) on my favorite team, thanks, man. You guys rock. Stick it to the man.



    P.S.-if you want to make me some honorary Pacific Northwest gumtime recruiter, I’d be down.


    5 uf us decided last night to hit wednesday’s game to see you and the rest of the guys play! you guys are so hot right now it’s nearly impossible to get seats! let’s hear it for the (pepsi)Bleacher Creatures!

    Wendy—reppin Central Michigan University


    Hey Nate! Originally from Kazoo – now living as a MI refugee here in The OC, California. I try to get to the ballpark when you play Anaheim – although this year the scheduling blew. Plus I was working 2 jobs at the time. The less said about that the better.

    In compensation, I order the MLB package from DirecTV so I get to watch an obscene number of games. It’s been a joy to watch you guys this year – not just all the winning, but Gum Time, and the fun y’all are having.



    Look forward to seeing you guys in Chicago this weekend, where I have been living for the past 10 years. It’s funny how it always used to be easy to see the Tigers when they were in town, but now tickets are hard to get. Sox fans have gotten meaner to us Tigers fans this year too, but I think it’s because they’re scared. At least we have half the town rooting for the Tigers (Cubs fans). Anyway, keep up the great work and I will see you this weekend at U.S. Cellular with my rally gum.

    -Jen – Chicago, IL (formerly Frankfort, MI)


    Hi Nate,

    Tigers fan checking in from Maine. I got you covered out here in the Pite Tree State!

    — Cathryn


    Also known as the Typo State. ‘Strue. We grow ’em right next to the pine trees.

    — Cathryn


    Big Nate!! Nice holla to me down here in Covington LA. I’m chewing my butt off with the gum. My wife thinks I’m nuts but it works. I pulled off gum time magic with Pudges walk off home run. I was hoping for a hit so I stuffed in much as I could a little at a time for that last inning. I had a wad when Pudge ended and nearly choked. By the way I saw Casey with a fairly large wad of gum in the 7th of tonight’s game against the Twins. Leading by three, ya’ll didn’t need the help but put up 4 runs anyway. By the way, it’s hard to find big league chew down here so I am forced to improvise sometimes by putting bubble gum chucks through the wife’s cheese grater but it works pretty good for awhile until it plugs it all up. lol. We will be watching and chewing gum along with you tomorrow night. Go get em Big Nate!


    Hi Nate!!!
    The diehards of Tiger Pride are spreading the word of Gum Time here in Northern California!! Three of us are planning to come see you guys for the Sept. 1 game in Detroit–hopefully we can find some BLC by then!!


    Hi Nate!
    Guess what! The word of Gum Time just came over to Europe. I’m a huge Tigers fan living in Switzerland. I just ordered some BLC over the internet so i can feel like beeing in the dugout wathing!



    Gum Time has hit in Muncie Indiana. I put my BLC in before the ninth inning against Cleveland when Pudge hit his walk-off HR, so I’m a true believer now.



    Hey Nate,

    Huge Tigers fan from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Lucky to be living so close to Detroit and able to get to see some games. I was there thru the bad and good times. Will be going down to Cleveland at the end of the month to cheer you guys on ! Keep up the great work !


    Huntington, WV. Originally from Bay City, MI.

    Looking forward to listening (online) to another Tiger win over the Twins tonight.


    Nate, I’m checking in from Royal Oak!!
    Me and a big group are coming down Wednesday for the game, I can’t wait to see some Gum Time in action!



    I’ve been a Tiger’s fan since watching the ’68 team beat the Cards with my Dad. I’ve recently moved to Myrtle Beach, S.C. and am missing the games. just wanted to drop you a line to keep up the good work. perhaps I’ll get to watch you guys in the playoffs.

    Terry Pickett (formerly of Flint)


    So you’re looking for Tigers fans from every state? How about GLASGOW, SCOTLAND? I was born in Detroit, and lived there until I was 13. I’ve been resident in Scotland for over 30 years now, but I’ve never lost my love for baseball, or the Tigers! After so many disappointments in recent years, you guys are doing us all proud in 2006. I’m coming over to Detroit in late Sept to visit my cousin and make my first ever visit to Comerica. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that by the time I get there, I’ll be watching the 2006 AL Central Champs! Tell the rest of the guys that they have Tigers fans from ALL OVER THE WORLD holding their heads high!

    Glenn Codere

    Glasgow, Scotland

    (Chewing as I type!)


    Oh, Big League Chew must love you. Every Tiger fan is stocking up for the playoffs. Good luck agianst the Twins.
    Jill in Kalamazoo MI.



    i tried, really i did. i handed out big league chew at the bar during the game tonight but i guess it just wasn’t meant to be. or maybe it’s just because it was cotton candy flavored…..i’ll stick to original, that worked last time! good game anyway, nice pitching! my theory is: yall got the loss out of your systems so when i come tomorrow to the game i’ll get to witness an epic win. go get em!

    bring on the ROAR,

    wendy (CMU)


    Nate, you need to put up a little graphic that allows the fans to place a push pin at their location! Anyhow, I am sort of your neighbor. I live in Livonia. I was at the game last night with my “gum time” t-shirt on but of course it was to of no avail. It just seems like the team never gives you a huge cushion to work with. Does anybody keep a stat of how many runs on average the Tigers score when you pitch? It would be interesting to see that figure. You are a workhorse and last night was definately not really your loss. We need a new column for team loss.
    Peace be with you.


    Nate, you need to put up a little graphic that allows the fans to place a push pin at their location! Anyhow, I am sort of your neighbor. I live in Livonia. I was at the game last night with my “gum time” t-shirt on but of course it was to of no avail. It just seems like the team never gives you a huge cushion to work with. Does anybody keep a stat of how many runs on average the Tigers score when you pitch? It would be interesting to see that figure. You are a workhorse and last night was definately not really your loss. We need a new column for team loss.
    Peace be with you.


    Nate, first off I’d like to say that I just found your blog today and I think it’s GREAT! I’ve been a Tiger’s fan for about 10 years now and have been here all along…coming into this season, you’ve been one of my favs!

    Anyhow, I was working the other night at Hockeytown Cafe and we sell Big League Chew there. So we were losing vs Cleveland(August 4th) and I ripped open a pack of the Chew and passed it out to three of my co-workers. Sure enough, we scored a few runs. After that, the bartender came up and evenutally the whole barstaff, myself, and a few servers were all chomping along with the team. We came back and won, of course. After that, I went around to everyone that was chewing and was like, “you know I started that right?!?!” I THOUGHT IT WAS AWESOME!

    Today I have my “Gum Time” shirt on and am going to game tonight! Gonna grab some Chew and be sure to bring it to the park! Good luck boys! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

    One of your biggest fans,




    Gum Time is alive and well out in Los Angeles. I live out here with a few other friends from Michigan State, and we follow every game, either on TV or online (work can be so inconvenient sometimes). Some of us Angeleno-Michiganders have been back to the Mitten in the past month or so, and all of us have made it a point to attend multiple Tigers games.

    This is the most exciting sports story to come out of the state of Michigan since, well, 1984. More than the Bad Boys, more than the Larry Brown Pistons, more than the Lions’ only playoff win (which I attended), more than Barry’s 2,000-yard season.

    Keep it up, man. We’ve got you covered in SoCal.


    Craig Gaines


    Brandon Inge just hit a 2 run shot thanks to gum time. He hit it not 30 after the anouncer said “there’s Nate with the gum.” Then, boom! 2 runs. Verlander was also chawing on a huge wad. You guy’s have it perfected. I tried to get the gum loaded up when they mentioned you were chewing but I couldn’t even get mine in. You guy’s mojo is fat, Nate.


    Nate! It is so great be able to check you out and see how life is treating you!
    Keep “chewing them up” ha-ha!

    Next time you are in Melbourne I would love to visit with you and Kristen.


  27. Jack

    Nate, though I typically wouldn’t post anything, I felt your call for stories of when we’ve used the rally chew warrented me writing in…

    I’d been working on a project in Cleveland during the Tigers series there in July, which happened to fall when my wife was taking Michigan State Bar exam. She set me up with a few packs of Big League Chew before I left Detroit for the week, but I left it in my briefcase when I left for the game on Tuesday night.

    She felt she did well the first day of the exam, but we talked on the phone during her lunch break on the second day. She sounded pretty down on how she was doing.

    So, about an hour later, I was in the conference room with my team (conducting an audit) and I came across my BLC pouch in my briefcase…so I threw in half a pack. My audit team thought I was nuts (they also think that because I wear my away Tigers hat when I travel out of town and wear my home hat when I’m home makes me certifiable)

    Unfortunately, we won’t find out until November if she passed the exam, but if (when) she passes, we’ll know it was the rally chew at work.

    Thanks again Nate and keep pitching well. I’ve been waiting since I was 7 (19 years) for another solid playoff run in Detroit and finally got a season ticket package after some persuasive conversations with my wife (who’s since become a big tiger fan)


    Hey Nate,

    Even Orbitz peppermint gum works! That’s all the gum I had at home to chew the night that Pudge hit the game winning home run against Cleveland. My whole family was chewing it…

    Keep it up!! GO TIGERS!



    Greetings from the die-hard Tiger fans in North Dakota! I have been a Tiger fan (in Twins territory) since about age 6, when I saw Kaline and his crew beat the Yankees on national TV. I raised my kids to be just as devout as I am.

    My son, daughter and I attended the game you started at the Metrodome on July 29. The hype leading up to that series was intense, and the game was sold out. There were other groups of Tiger fans there, though – some from ND, others from Michigan, and it was so cool building a special camaraderie with them in the left field bleachers.

    I was somewhat disappointed when the Tigers built a 6-0 lead, thinking that we were going to miss an opportunity for Gum Time. However, by the end of the 7th inning, the Twins had the momentum and trailed only 6-5. My daughter decided that it was time to break out the gum, and she handed some to me and my son. My son was not a firm believer in Gum Time and was reluctant to join in until he succumbed to our stares and looks of disbelief.

    Dmitri responded with a homer into the bleachers not far from where we were seated, deflating the Metrodome and assuring our victory.

    Thanks for the great year, Nate, and for giving all of the Tiger fans across the country the ability to contribute to the magic. Through Gum Time, all of us become special pinch hitters or relief pitchers that can come through in the clutch.

    For Alyssa, Cory, and all other ND Tiger fans,



    Hey Nate!
    Back in July, I was able to catch a couple of games from the series you played at home and the one at Minneapolis. Being down in Houston, I don’t get to see a bunch of Tigers’ games, but it was really a joy to watch you in person. If I remember correctly, you pitched twice and won both times. I must be good luck!

    I’d just like to thank you for coming over to sign in Minneapolis. A lot of guys don’t bother with the fans, but I wanted to let you know that fans like me really appreciate it when you take the time. =)

    Best of luck for the rest of the season. My fingers are crossed for a World Series trophy in Detroit!


    Houston, TX.


    Hi again! My name is Katie and I am 12 years old. I live in Bad Axe, Michigan. I use gum time with you guys a lot! One time I had got a whole bunch of gum in my mouth (about as much as you!)and Craig Monroe hit the game winning homer! It was so cool, because it works almost all the time! I was so excited when he hit the winning homer, because it almost felt like I helped win (with the gum!)!

    Great game today Nate! You pitched another great game. You have been pitching so good–even though you last your last few starts before this one. The Tigers just didn’t score enough to help you out, but it looks all good from where we stand! Would you consider this your best season ever? If not, which season would be your best?

    Do practice a lot between starts? What is your practice rotine? Did you pitch this good as a kid?

    Thanks Nate! You are the best! Go #29!



    Hi Nate,
    I know you are really busy, and I understand if you don’t have time for this. My friend showed me this, and I think it shows great respect to the Tigers and it makes you proud to be a Tiger fan or Tiger player. Towards the end is the best. It lasts 8min. and 27sec.


    Nate you are Great!

    -Your #1 fan,



    Hey Nate
    First of all, the “gum time” thing is hilarious and I hope it continues to work. I have been a fan for years and am so proud of the job all of you guys have done this year. I only hope that your amount of wins starts adding up better to reflect how good you consistently pitch. I have said all along that you’re the most under-rated guy on our staff. So good luck, God bless, and see you in the playoffs!

    -Thanks, Andrew


    Hey, Nate!

    I’m checking in from Grosse Pointe, Michigan–not that exciting, since I’m only about fifteen minutes from the ballpark, but it’s allowed me to get to about thirty games so far this year.

    I’m sad to say that the only Gum Time I’ve had so far this season has been tossing in five sticks of Winterfresh once I could see y’all in the dugout with it–it worked out, though! Big League Chew is tough to find!

    I did make it to all three games of the Cubs series at Wrigley. My buddies and I managed to smuggle in about a hundred Comerica Park napkins and we were passing them out to all the (many!) Tigers fans around us. It’s no rally chew, but we tried to bring a little of the hometown magic with us into Chicago. šŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see y’all in the coming homestand and then in Cleveland in a couple weeks. We were amped up in my house about your outing in Boston tonight, too. I’ve been cheering for the Tigers, win or lose, since ’82 when I was born–but this season sure has been fun. Thanks to you and all the guys.



    Great game last night Nate!!
    Glad to see there was finally some offense behind you. I heard either Mario or Rod say that you have the third lowest run production behind you when you pitch in both leagues. With that in mind, you should be more like 15-4 at this point!! Maybe even 16-3!!



    Nice game last night. I live in New Hampshire after having lived the better part of 3 decates in Detroit, and I only get to see you guys on TV when you’re playing the red socks. It was nice to see you guys come to the Paaahk and play well.

    I’ll be in attendance for tonight’s game, my first game at Fenway. I’ll have packs of chew with me if anyone seated in RF wants to join the tradition.

    Best of luck to the team this season, and best of luck to you in your career as a Pitcher. The team this season has something special about it, something I haven’t seen in a long time.



    I’m a southwest-Ontarian living in Toronto these days, and a longtime Tiger fan. I tried to get to a game when the Tigers came here to play the Jays back in June, but was sick as a dog all weekend. I did manage to get down to Detroit for a game in the Minnesota series last week, though… it was fantastic to see the park jammed full of raucous Tiger fans, and this season of Tiger baseball has been the best I’ve ever seen. Keep up the great work, and Bless You Boys!



    From Ann Arbor here, but about to go off to college at IU. I’ll have to get the gum time going down there. Keep up the good work.


    Hey Nate,
    I’ve been a Tiger fan since 1967 and haven’t chewed so much gum since Little League. Like a lot of others here, I had a big ol’ wad going at Comerica against Cleveland August 5 when Pudge smacked that game-winner with two outs in the ninth.

    Boy, I don’t know what it is — but that Gum Time thing works! And, you’re right — it’s not all that enjoyable to chew so much gum that you look like Don Zimmer, but I’ll keep on chewing if you guys keep on winning.


    Rapidly aging Tiger fan in Saginaw

    Hey, another Tiger lefthander wore number 29 back when I was a kid — and Mickey Lolich turned out to be a pretty good one, too.

    Best wishes to all you guys! As we said way back when: “Sock It to ‘Em, Tigers!!”


    Hey Nate…just found your blog. I’m back here in Wichita, and my daughter just got home last night from talking to Josh about coming to see you in Detroit soon. She’s so excited! I’ve been following you very closely along w/ your cousins, friends and of course Jamey…but Abbie (my daughter) is still your biggest fan! šŸ˜€



    Go Tiger greetings from the U.P. here in Michigan. It has been such a long time since I have seen any Tiger hats here in Marquette, besides my own. The roar has been restored. It is fun to see 30, 40 50, year old contractors come in to my store sporting Tiger gear and chewing the gum. The other day I was having a bad day and one guy came in threw some Big League Chew on my desk and said “It’s gum time” we both laughed. Tell the guys good luck and keep clawing through the league.



    Huge fan from Ottawa, Canada here, went to see the boys down in Toronto and just waiting to get some tickets for the playoffs. I hope you do well tonite, we need a big victory to keep a decent lead going into the pivotal series against Chicago, the biggest of the season. I cant wait to see the fans at that series, I wish I could go. Congrats on your progression, I am very proud of you and hope you can stay with the Cats for a while. See you in October brother!!


    Have only missed one Tigers game this year. You guys rock. My 6 year old is such a huge fan that he is requesting to do an all Tigers themed bedroom. (He’s also requesting Big League Chew on a weekly basis.) Noticed your birthday was the same as mine and my husband’s too. Here’s an early happy birthday greeting and hopefully a win as well.

    Tell Placido that we hope he gets better soon. The two of you are “my Tigers!!” Didn’t think anything could pull me away from “24” or “Lost” but the VCR will be cued up for those shows as my family watches you boys in October.

    Best of luck!


    I’m from Las Vegas via Dearborn Hts. I grew up idolizing the ’68 Tigers. I sat in “Kaline’s Corner” and watched him throw two men out at home in a single game. I missed out on the ’84 Tigers (moved to Vegas during the season) but at least I got a chance to watch the development of Trammell, Whitaker, Morris, and Parrish. And have high hopes for the ’06 Tigers. Before you’re through, you may outshine them all!

    I’m having a blast watching you guys on It’s amazing, I’ve never been to a game at Comerica, but the energy and enthusiasm coming from you guys is so contageous that it’s hard not to feel like I’m part of it all. Oh, and I’ve got my package of BLC right by the keyboard ready for game time–so I’m ready to do my part if needed.

    Good luck from now through OCTOBER! Thanks for all the thrills. Watching you guys has been phenomenal!


    I’m sure we are all over Ohio…I’m in Port Clinton, OH and everyone in my family is a Cleveland fan. (I’m the really loud Tigers fan at Jacobs Field who always yells extra loud for Brandon. Yeah, I know you all can hear me. I also think managers listen to me from my spot in front of the tv (laugh).

    Anyways my husband and I have a party on opening day every year, hot dogs, huge bags of peanuts, cracker jacks for the kids, the whole shabang. This year we had it 2 days in a row so I could honor my Tigers with an opening day party too. Anyways I’ll be adding gum to the tradition next season!

    Thanks for such a great season! Now all my Tigers tears are happy ones!


    Nate, I am from metro Detroit working out here in KC for six months. I just purchased my tickets for the series here on Sept 22 thru the 24th.
    My wife will be flying in before the game and we will be right behind the Tigers dugout. I am ordering our Gum Time T’s so the great city of Kansas City can see what kind of monster you have created…

    I will have my Big League Chew pouch and a sharpie so I will be looking for you.

    We have season tickets with a group of 15 back in Detroit so my wife will be attending the playoff ticket lottery draft party Friday night… Good luck and keep rolling on’

    Michael Nichols

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